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12:23 AM
@bobthechemist Looks very cool !
1 hour later…
1:43 AM
@bobthechemist I think I'm almost done assembling a Joomla plugin which can be set up in one click and turns on syntax highlighting like here on my site
2:08 AM
@bobthechemist I have created a GitHub repo since the original site for JPrettify is no longer available. I have tested this with Joomla 2.5. First, you save the plg_system_jprettify1.0.zip from the repository. Then you log into your Joomla site as admin and go to Extensions -> Extension Manager. Go to Manage and see whether you have an old installation of JPrettify. If yes, mark it and click on Uninstall in the upper right corner.
Then you go to the Install tab and press the Choose File button under Upload Package File. Select the zip file you have downloaded and press Upload and Install. (Alternatively, you can make an Install from URL by giving the raw link to the zip in the repository). After the installation, you should see some general information about the plugin.
Now you go again to Manage and change the status of the JPrettify plugin to Enabled by clicking on the red point. After that, everything should be set up. Go to some article and edit it. To make a highlighted code section, you need to switch to edit the raw html code. In the JCE editor I'm using, there is a button for this named: Source Code Editor. In the pure html view, you insert something like the following:
<pre class="prettyprint lang-mma">
hexToRGB[s_String] :=  RGBColor @@ (IntegerDigits[FromDigits[StringTake[s, -6], 16], 256, 3]/255.);
That's it. Now the code should be highlighted properly. When everything is set up correctly, the s_String must be green!
@bobthechemist Some additional notes: The current colors are exactly the same as we use here on SE. I simply copied the appropriate section from the css file and inserted it in the prettify.css at line 111. If you want to change colors, do it there. To create a new, install-able plugin, just zip the complete plg_system_jprettify folder after you have finished your edits.
If you want to change the used font, then you have to do this in the main css file of the Joomla template you are using. Mine contains the line
pre { font-size:12px; font-family: 'Droid Sans Mono', Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, 'Lucida Console', 'Liberation Mono', 'DejaVu Sans Mono', 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', 'Courier New', monospace, serif; line-height:19.600000381469727px;}
which is again just copied from SE to match the style (and no, I have no idea who came up with such a line-height).
3:07 AM
@halirutan Very nice work - I'll need a day or two to try it out and will let you know how things turn out.
@bobthechemist If you run into problems, let me know.
@halirutan No problems installing, but it still doesn't seem to color my mma code: see here
@bobthechemist Hmm, the java-scripts are loaded and the everything is set up..
I'm wondering if there is something about Joomla v3 and/or my current theme that is overriding jprettify
3:25 AM
@bobthechemist What you could try is the following:
@bobthechemist Go to Extensions -> Template Manager
and click on the template you are using in the Template column!
Then you select "Edit main page template" and the only thing you add to the <body ... tag is:
It should then look like
<body .... onload="prettyPrint()">
@halirutan Nice! Looks like that did the trick.
@bobthechemist Yep. Then the problem is the following 2 lines of code:
$html = "\nwindow.addEvent('domready', function() { prettyPrint();});\n";
this is from the main plugin file and the only thing which should happen here is that the function prettyPrint() should be called when the page is loaded.
@bobthechemist This doesn't seem to work in Joomla 3 any more.
@bobthechemist When you look at the source with e.g. the Chrome dev tools you see that the code is successfully injected into the head of your html page.
It seems it just doesn't have any effect.
I wonder if this is going to be a problem with other (old) plugins for J3.3 users...
@halirutan After getting some sleep, I'll head on over to Joomla.SE and ask this question - you'll be able to get your rep over 200 :-)
3:42 AM
@bobthechemist Hehe.. I need some sleep too. It's already 5:41 in the morning.
@halirutan burning the midnight oil I see. Thanks for the help.
@bobthechemist No problem.
3:56 AM
@bobthechemist It seems to be well documented that window.addEvent breaks things in Joomla. OK, good night for now.
6 hours later…
10:02 AM
I think this is very poor design,

works fast:

Slider[Dynamic@x, {0, 100}]
Dynamic@BarChart[{x}, PlotRange -> 100]

works slow

Slider[Dynamic@x, {0, 100}]
Dynamic@BarChart[{x}, PlotRange -> 100, ChartLegends->Automatic]
so at the end one has to create static SwatchLegend and keep pure Dynamic barChart next to it.
10:26 AM
@Öskå not to worry, that was a classic case of RTFM.
10:52 AM
@YvesKlett Don't worry, I'm not worried at all :) But doh, is it that hard to see how to compute a cosinus..
@Öskå d´oh indeed.
But eh, the OP posted a (silly) question and had his answer.., it's all good for it :)
11:55 AM
I want both GreaterEqual and LessEqual condition for vars1. How can I do it? vars1 = Array[x, {4}];
And @@ Thread[GreaterEqual[vars1, 0]]
@brama what is desired result?
0<=x[1]<=10&&0<=x[2]<=10..and so on
@Kuba 0<=x[1]<=10&&0<=x[2]<=10..and so on

Array[LessEqual[0, x[#], 10] &, 4]
Thread@LessEqual[0, Array[x, 4], 10]
LessEqual[0, #, 10] & /@ Array[x, 4]
add And ofc.
12:14 PM
@Kuba That is awesome Kuba!!
2 hours later…
2:04 PM
@Kuba Do you remember the post where you commented with a link to some fractal flames generator?
2:53 PM
@halirutan This one: 48963?
@Kuba Exactly. Thanks.
@halirutan You're welcome :)
3:15 PM
@halirutan What do you use to develop js plugins for SE?
@rm-rf You mean the user-scripts?
@halirutan yes
@rm-rf I used the trial version of WebStorm.
@rm-rf But I would be glad if you tried Cloud 9 and explain when you have understood everything how
you can set up an environment where you can really test user-scripts on the fly.
@halirutan I was going to try cloud 9 actually, but I couldn't figure out how to test the script on a particular url.
Do you edit the html locally (in browser) to inject your script or does WS/other IDE take care of that?
3:31 PM
@rm-rf Maybe I misunderstand you here, because I have no experience myself, but the general flow is as follows:
You write the userscript and it needs to be installed in your browser. In the beginning of the script, you define the URLs on which the script should work. The only thing you have to do is to navigate to an url and the script kicks in.
@halirutan Ah, crap! Yes. I forgot to install it in the browser :D
@rm-rf But exactly this workflow is to slow for me. There must be a way around the problem that you always need to install it first. In Chrome, you can edit it on the fly, but you have to do it with the Chrome dev tools and not your IDE of choice.
3:56 PM
@halirutan Thanks, the setup is working now. Still have to figure out cloud9
4:27 PM
@bobthechemist Would is be possible to, instead of adding more leds, use white light and a grating to divvy up the lightwaves and then use a CCD to capture all wavelength components at once? I suggested your spectrophotometer to someone who is in high school for an approx. 100 hours long school project and I'm wondering if there are easy ways to generalize it. Capturing several wavelengths would possibly open up other interesting applications.
btw. great job. I would never have recommended it if I didn't think it was cool :)
5:14 PM
@Pickett Yes, I've done this with the camera module that you can buy for the RPi and a fragment of a CD as the diffraction grating. It works reasonably well. I ran in to some website difficulties so the article describing how to set up the spectrometer needs to be re-posted.
@bobthechemist OK neat, I will keep a look out on the website then. Do you think it's possible to get reasonable results from flame emissions spectroscopy using this method and maybe, idk, a lighter?
@Pickett I'm not sure if a lighter or alcohol lamp would be hot enough to get decent emission; however the concept, in principle, should work. I'll work on getting the article back on line, but essentially the LED light was condensed with a 10x lens and diffracted with the CD. I used MMA to both capture the image and process into a rudimentary spectrum. There are some practical considerations (bright enough flame and an enclosure that won't set on fire) but I could see this as a DIY FES.
@bobthechemist ok, thanks.
5:29 PM
@bobthechemist I'm currently transferring the IDEA Plugin page to its own Joomla installation which uses version 3. I guess you have seen my question here. I will work the solution into the plugin and test myself with the new page.
6:16 PM
@halirutan As an absolute complete (and snarky) tangent, was beta mma.se as stingy with upvoting questions?
6:47 PM
@bobthechemist On the contrary! There was heavy upvoting activity all around and overall quality was also much higher.
@rm-rf That's reassuring. I've participated in 3 betas so far, and all of them have very mediocre voting activity. I guess the only conclusion to draw is that mathematica users are inherently friendly people.
7:02 PM
@bobthechemist those were the days...
@bobthechemist do you have the feeling that MMA.SE is stingy as it is?
7:20 PM
@YvesKlett on the contrary, I've used mma.se as an example of a healthy SE site. I get the feeling that we tend to upvote questions from new users that show some thought and are well-written, even if they turn out to be dupes or will be closed for some other reason.
7:44 PM
OK what tags should this have?
And is it worth keeping open?
@bobthechemist That's one reason I don't like asking on other SE sites. You barely get an upvote even for detailed questions.
1 hour later…
9:10 PM
Do ya'll have the unsung hero badge on other SE sites too? It is much more fun here.
@Pickett I haven't checked :-)
1 hour later…
10:30 PM
@Pickett I have Tumbleweed on stats.
Does anyone know what happened to cormullion? He hasn't visited since February.
10:59 PM
@Szabolcs Last seen in April on SO... perhaps he's just busy or something (or bored?)
@rm-rf Would you mind to read over the intro page again and check whether the text is OK?
(@Szabolcs btw, I'm still writing on the list, but did you already see my update on the feature explanation (esp the last one))?
11:30 PM
@halirutan That's a bass you are playing, right ?
@Sektor Aehm, what?
@halirutan @Yoursort
@Sektor Nope, my bro.
I'm either guitar or drums. Depends on the year.
hi all, i found an answer re memoization that helped me with another issue; i managed to solve it so a question is no longer relevant; however, i would like to share it with the community; what's the best way to do it? tnx in advance
@halirutan niiice :D
11:34 PM
@halirutan Yes, I have seen it. I was looking for it. When I looked at it last it was less complete.
@caya Any relevants/duplicates ?
nope, i wanted to get all memoizated values to gather statistics about them...
@halirutan You have any EPs ? Or LPs ? Or anything published ?
@Sektor Nothing of quality, but you can check my youtube channel.
@halirutan I already did :D :D
@halirutan That's the reason I started asking questions in the first place :D
11:40 PM
@Sektor We have recorded an LP million years ago. Nothing which would compare to what you find nowadays.
the plans are to record something this year.
@halirutan So, there's no way to support you if I am not in Germany right now ? Dang :D
@Sektor You can like us on facebook. This seems incredible important these days :P
@halirutan :D :D :D Gotcha :D
@halirutan You ordered those cuts somewhere or they are hand-made ?
I am referring to the last picture of Lars
@Sektor You mean the sticker on the jacket?
@halirutan Well, generally speaking yeah
@halirutan I guess you don't offer gear, or am I wrong ?
11:47 PM
found my answer in meta :) cheers, bye
@Sektor You mean something like this?
@halirutan genau
@halirutan yoursort.spreadshirt.de/klebchen-A9490929/customize/color/0 now that's something I would proudly present :D :D
@Sektor Can probably be interpreted the wrong way :-)
@halirutan It was meant to be this way :D :D
@halirutan I'm just kiddin :D
@halirutan I am on the right side of .. things :D
@Sektor I thought so.
11:52 PM
@halirutan You been somewhere abroad ? I mean gigs
@Sektor Hehe.. I guess no one wants to be rocked by our singer :)
@halirutan Oh my ... :D :D :D :D That was nasty :D :D
@Sektor This year is incredible busy for most of us and we played only 2 shows 2014.
@halirutan Anything scheduled ?
When everyone in the band has a life between Rock&Roll you have to make priorities.
11:54 PM
@halirutan Yeah: rock'n'roll, everything-else :D :D :D
@Sektor Currently nothing except of recording something.
@halirutan Well, good luck then :)
@halirutan Have to go back to the TeX :) Good night !
@Sektor I try to look Preditor with my wife and I need to explain every uninteresting detail.
Does someone really care about the person that should originally be rescued? No!

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