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12:20 AM
Q: Beamer Headline

BrianI am putting together a presentation for my Master's thesis defense with Beamer. I've tried to keep the number of sections small to consistently conserve space in the headline. However, in certain sections the number of subsections is greater and gets cutoff in the headline. Is there any way I ...

Can't reproduce problem, may want to close.
@Caramdir @MikeRenfro thanks for the Vim pointers. I actually got a file open and compiling with TeXShop as the previewer, but synching between source and input is beyond me. Oh well. I think the answer to the question is "Yes", but don't have enough 'vim' to figure it out. (Ducks.) It's a shame, since the only comments suggest using Aquamacs, which though I can agree with the sentiment, isn't very helpful.
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9:02 AM
Regarding the "unanswered" chat. Apologies for not being there; I just posted a comment/random witterings on the meta question: meta.tex.stackexchange.com/questions/1560/…
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11:06 AM
Basically, XeTeX and hyperref don't play nice.
11:25 AM
@Seamus To which specific entry are you referring? hyperref generally works just fine with XeTeX.
11:39 AM
@AndreyVihrov XeTeX and hyperref play nice together, but neither plays nicely with lots of other things.
New blog post:
@Seamus Cool! Very nice article, Seamus! Congrats!
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1:44 PM
@Seamus Nice post. The connection between packages and the site really deserves mentioning.
2:00 PM
I generally think that deleting a question is an extreme action, particularly when others have commented and thought about it, but it's now pretty clear that I didn't do enough poking around for this question: tex.stackexchange.com/q/25195/86 and at the least it should be closed as "too localised".
@Seamus: Great article indeed!
When I attempt to load a nonexistent font with fontspec, XeTeX hangs for about 15-20 seconds with full CPU usage, then fontspec prints the error. Has anyone observed similar behaviour?
@AndrewStacey But others might run in to the same problem even if it's not about xfrac but some other package? Also note that the question has 3 upvotes which might indicate that others don't find it too localized.
@NN It just means that the question doesn't look like too localized.
What if frabjous writes his comment as an answer?
I think it's a nice question.
The underlying question is probably a good question: "I've just installed TL2011 and package X that used to work no longer does. What could be causing this and how do I diagnose the problem?" Then that could be a list of common scenarios (including the one that caught me) with how to test if that's the case.
(Has that already been asked?)
2:14 PM
@AndrewStacey I don't think so. The closest one I could find is:
Q: TeXLive 2011 - what's new, what is no longer available - i.e. what should be known before upgrading

przemocAccording to http://www.tug.org/texlive/ TeXLive 2011 is almost released, so it's a good moment to initiate some early reports about it, especially: what it brings new to the table - e.g. killer features (packages?), what it takes from us - e.g. if you heavily depend on this or that, know that ...

2:28 PM
Okay, then, I've tried to redeem myself with this:
Q: How do I diagnose problems with a fresh install/update of a TeX distribution?

Andrew StaceyHere's the (hypothetical) scenario: I've updated my TeX distribution in some fashion. Now all of a sudden, a package that used to work just fine is no longer working. Of course, the list of what could have gone wrong is endless, but I would expect there to be a few common things that one should...

I've flagged for it to be CW.
@AndreyVihrov I seem to recall something like this used to happen, but now mine immediately stops with a "font-not-found" error from fontspec. (TL2011 on a Mac)
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4:30 PM
I added a (small) bounty to one of the nicer unanswered questions we came across yesterday.
Here is another interesting one:
Q: Appendix with own toc

H3llGhostI want to have two table of contents in my document. The first (main) shall only contains "Appendix A: ...", "Appendix B: ..." and so on with page numbers. In the appendix I want another table of contents which tells me, what sections are available and on which page. I have searched in the inter...

The system won't let me open two bounties at once.
5:06 PM
@Caramdir I've added one to this one.
Would anyone care to upvote this zero-voted accepted answer. tex.stackexchange.com/q/24960/2693
@AlanMunn Done. =)
@PauloCereda Thanks.
1 hour later…
6:42 PM
Yay, I'm 18 rep to reach 1k!
Leftover questions that were suggested to be closed yesterday:
Q: Natbib Harvard Style

Dachande663I have a bibligraphy file like so: @techreport{boxofficePerformanceSocMed, Author = {Sitaram Asur and Bernardo Huberman}, Date-Added = {2010-10-29 13:00:57 +0100}, Date-Modified = {2010-10-29 13:40:50 +0100}, Institution = {HP Labs}, Title = {Predicting the Future With Social Media}, Year = {201...

Q: How to suppress references to appear in top navigation bar?

berkayIn my beamer template, I cannot see the references section in the table of contents, but it automatically inserts that element in the top bar, with the command \insertsectionnavigationhorizontal. As shown it does not fit to the top bar so I just want to suppress it. I use natbib package and m...

Q: Drawing using LaTeX commands

JELANCan anyone explain to me how to draw using LaTeX? (Since new users are not allowed to post an image, I'll try to explain in words what I want.) I want to draw the following relationships but I don't know how. I'm sorry, I know this question of mine is confusing, but help me if you can figure out ...

Q: Adding a BibTeX entry to the database which is not referenced in the tex-file will lead to fatal compiling errors if nocite{*} is used

Martin T.If a corresponding reference in the tex-file is added, everything works fine. Also compiling works if the \nocite{*} command is not used. There are many more non-referenced entries in the BibTeX database which don't trouble at all. But apparently I just can't add any new entries which are not ref...

7:03 PM
@AlanMunn: my dad is stuck with Word 2003. I tried to convince him of an upgrade, but no luck.
@PauloCereda Well depending on what his needs are, upgrading is not always necessary. Microsoft Excel 2008 for the Mac was effectively a downgrade from Excel 2004. There are lots of things you can no longer do in the new version, which is really annoying.
@AlanMunn TBH, one of the major issues of having the 2003 version still on production is the damn x format introduced in the newer versions. There's no backward compatibility besides saving in the old format (which is bad, because you lose all the new features). Sometimes, he receives documents written on newer versions and the docx -> doc conversion doesn't work quite well.
BTW, I was eager to install Office for the Mac, but I got iWork and decided to give it a try. Pages is very very good!
@PauloCereda Given my interactions with colleagues and administrators that all use Office, I'm pretty much forced to use Office for many things. Most of the iWork stuff seems just one level below ready for heavy duty professional use. And for posters I use InDesign which is excellent (although relatively expensive).
@AlanMunn InDesign is awesome! It's probably one of my favorite apps of all times!
Back in the PageMaker era. =)
Yay, I reached 1,002 rep!
7:36 PM
A very odd reputation display: I have 0 displayed for an answer that has 3 upvotes and no downvotes. When I recalculated my rep it went down (perhaps for other reasons.) but no change in the 0 display for the answer.
Maybe I got 3 quick downvotes that were then rescinded when I fixed the answer?
tex.stackexchange.com/reputation can give you any details?
Looking at it again, yes. I think I just reached the reputation cap. Problem explained.
Oh. =)
8:03 PM
There was a question on reversing the order of pages in the pdf produced by pdflatex. I found an answer (doing everything from within the pdftex run) that preserves links. Do you think that it is worth making a package out of it (given that there are command-line tools for that, such as pdfnup)? Should it allow some more crazy page reorganization?
@BrunoLeFloch I thought your answer was very neat, but I couldn't possibly think of a use for it. But maybe there's a use for it out there.
8:29 PM
Could anybody give me some tips on how to write an accounting balance sheet in LaTeX? Not sure if the normal tabular will do the trick.
8:57 PM
@AlanMunn :) I'm afraid that you're right.
@PauloCereda There was a question on tabularx and the fp package at some point, with a very neat MWE.
@BrunoLeFloch Really? Wow, thanks Bruno! I'm gonna take a look!
perhaps it was supertabular. Not sure. I'll try to search for it. The problem was that whichever tabular-like environment was used was typesetting the stuff several times, hence the prices were added several times. But the question got answered so it should help.
Q: Strange expansion of a macro inside an environment

samI'm, I should confess, a total newbie. I'm trying to generate invoices with LaTeX, so I'm using the fp package. But the strange thing is that calculations occur many times when they should only occur once per product. Here's my LaTeX file, below, can you please help me understand why it's behav...

@PauloCereda If you find that example useful, you may want to thank the guy directly. I'm coding something else, so I can't be bothered to write a detailed answer to his last comment on Yiannis' answer.
@BrunoLeFloch That example was pretty nice! I'll probably hack that solution to my needs. =)

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