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12:20 AM
Q: Martial arts movie

KarlI am trying to identify a martial arts movie that I saw years ago. The hero gets into a fight with several bad guys, is defeated and one of his arms is cut off in the fight. Later he plunges his remaining hand into a jar of some potion to make his fist impossible to beat. Does anyone know this...

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5:16 AM
Q: What was the restaurant in New York shown at the end of the movie, "The Other Woman"

user9712What restaurant did the girls meet up in, in New York, at the end of the movie, The Other Woman

4 hours later…
8:47 AM
@atticae I guess in the same way how you get me to post over there (which is: none!).
9:05 AM
Godzilla was great. The subjective personal perspective served the story and atmosphere very well and like Stuckmann I'm glad the trailer didn't reveal too much about the movie (they even put a slightly different scene than the actual one into the trailer to not reveal anything).
9:44 AM
Q: Is the Janjira incident a reference to Fukushima?

Napoleon WilsonAt the beginning of Hollywood's 2014 take on Godzilla we experience a disaster in the Japanese Janjira nuclear power plant, in the wake of which Joe Brody's wife Sandra dies. This disaster, which causes the whole region around the power plant to be declared as quarantine zone, at first seems and ...

10:43 AM
Q: Is there any significance to the difference in Godzilla's roar?

Napoleon WilsonAs soon (or late, for that matter) as Godzilla appears in full size in Hollywood's 2014 take on it, he utters a giant roar that seems to a large degree similar to his original roar from the Japanese movies finished with a very deep growling sound (that is also significantly featured in the traile...

11:17 AM
Q: Where does the Green Goblin's mask come from?

Stephen_Film_GuySo, it's been years since I've actually sat down and watched Spider-Man, the Toby Maguire film, and I got to thinking... Do they ever actually show where Norman's mask comes from? I remember where he gets the suit from, but not the mask.

Q: Doc Oc's actual motivation?

Stephen_Film_GuyIn Spider-Man 2, I understand that Doctor Octopus is being controlled by his tentacles, but what is his actual motivation for rebuilding the "device?" What does he hope to achieve by doing this? Does he hope to destroy the city? Does he just want ultimate power? Is he trying to prove that he ca...

11:36 AM
Q: What is Godzilla and what does he know and want at all?

Napoleon WilsonWhile at first seeming like a giant monster crushing everything in its way for the sake of its own, the Godzilla from Hollywood's 2014 take on him was in the end only hunting and killing the MUTOs (which were in fact the real danger to human civilization). Neither has he attacked anyone or even l...

@MovieReel Phew, that was quite a productive movie, but if you keep spamming ID I have to take things into my own hands. ;-)
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12:53 PM
Q: why was she thrown down the sky well?

TheOneWhoProgramsI am not sure why he(can't remember his name at the moment) threw aunt stark(lysa?) down the well? Was it to protect songza(songsa, sansa?), or will his motives be revealed later? He was ****ing her one episode earlier, and then he killed her because she was crazy (which he already knew she was)...

1:12 PM
Q: French movie - violin, gondola type boat

drozzyCaught the latter half of this movie on TV perhaps about 6-8 years ago. It was in French so I could not understand any of the dialog. However, I distinctly remember this scene from it: at the end there is a man playing a violin and he is on a gondola type boat, slowly floating away under an (arc...

1:53 PM
@atticae: Why don't YOU ask a similar question here? We're allowed to ask and answer our own questions. If you think it's good, change it a little and write your own version here. Then we can all pitch in with good answers :D
2:04 PM
Q: Whats the movies name?

stefanWhats the name of movie, africa, ostrige eats a diamond, everyone chase for him. main character rides a three wheeled motorcycle, have axe, fall in love in a blonde, trupe UN (united states army) also chase diamond. there is a scene when he in some store pull some rope and activate cannon which s...

@MovieReel i though days has changed but you again come with ID's. Curse you.
@atticae for a chance, i raised a migration flag and as expected it got declined.
2:28 PM
Yeah that was really a long shot, I suppose.
Especially since the usual policy is not to migrate questions to beta sites.
Oh yay I reached 4k. Hello "trusted user" privilege.
@atticae And goodbye to it on graduation, muhahaha!
Yeah, now I just have to reach 20k before that happens. ;)
@ChristianRau hhhhaaahahhaa.....
Should be enough time. :P
@ChristianRau we also need to buck up...we are 5k behind.
@atticae u need to answer lots of ID's to have 20k......because non-ID's are very less.
2:37 PM
Yeah, I noticed. I think I'll pass though.
Well, the only useful thing is tag wiki editing without approval, but that's more on the useful side for the others that have to approve it. And maybe the occasional but very rare (and even more rarely successful) undelete vote.
Its not so much about the rights itself. It's just the first SE site where I got this far. So more of a personal achievement really
Ahh,....great i got my answer accepted after more then year.
"Why was she thrown down by the Moon Door?" <- is that proper English?
I would've said "Why was she thrown out of the Moon Door?"
But I'm no native speaker, so
@atticae i might have made the wrong sentence. Fell free to edit if you are confident.
2:48 PM
The question as it stands now sound to me like the moon door grabbed her and threw her down. :D
Or do we require to raise it in ELU
Not a native speaker too but out of the Moon Door? sound a bit clumsy.
Yeah as I said I am not sure myself. Let's wait for someone who speaks English. :D
I (though not being a native speaker either) am on the other hand an absolute GoT-illiterate and don't know what the question is actually asking. But if the "Moon Door" is an actual door and she was thrown down in front of it, then "by" seems fine to me.
3:00 PM
Nope, she was thrown through it.
@ChristianRau That's a Moon Door. Like a sky well
I wonder how they ever keep their castle warm with this big hole in the room. Isn't the Vale in the North? So it should be pretty cold there.^^
Ah, looks like its closeable...
Good picture btw, Ankit.
@atticae good catch.....never though that way. Even heaters can't work with that big hole ;)
3:15 PM
Q: Why is Godzilla released significantly later in Japan?

Napoleon WilsonWhen looking at the different release dates of Hollywood's 2014 take on Godzilla, it appears as quite striking that the release for Japan is signifantly later, more than 2 months to be precise, than those for the rest of the world, which are all around the middle of May. I usually don't care tha...

@MovieReel I thought we could use another one for this great movie, even if I'm usually not the biggest production enthusiast.
3:47 PM
@atticae That is the proper way
4:13 PM
meta.movies.stackexchange.com/a/1268/49 YEAH! (read Robert Cartaino's comment if you don't know what I'm talking about)
@TylerShads Prepare to kill ID asap, muhahaha! No, sorry, that joke had to be.
@ChristianRau yeahhhh, we kinda knew that :p hence why we were being dodgy about answering that
And I would LOVEEEEE to kill ID.
room topic changed to The Screening Room: Because these chat summaries aren't that good anyway. [everyone-hates-tags] [graduating-eventually] [identify-this-rage] [id-rage] [mod-rage] [nuke-from-above] [sarcasm-at-its-finest] [sardonic]
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5:38 PM
Hello all
ello guv'na
I can't believe I've been cagey about graduation for 4 months and now I'm told it isn't a state secret. I mean, how do you interpret "we don't accounce graduations this early in the process"?
Very happy its out there
Probably because they realize they're slower than molasses on a turtle travelling in Absolute Zero (0K) weather.
So they don't want the hype train to begin only for it to take years months
I wonder what we are going to call ourselves?
5:42 PM
I honestly don't know. What can be used to encompass both Movies & Television?
I know - its kind of hard
5:44 PM
I wonder what kind of creative control we'll have anyway. From what I remember being told, Jin (the lead designer) comes up with the overall scheme and we can only input small changes like badge/upvote button flair, small tweaks to colour scheme
I have more fears about the new design, but I'm probably in minority of liking the clean and simplistic beta design. I just hope it doesn't get too playful. SciFi's black background is quite annoying to me.
@iandotkelly i think you know this when we discussed other 2 mods absence.
5:47 PM
The beta design is much nicer since the revamp, but it'd be nice to see a fresh coat of paint that isn't anywhere else :D
@AnkitSharma he did
It was the first thing he brought me up to speed on.
Oscars as badges would be cool, but I guess that's a bit too filigrane.
And while I don't have my same activity levels as I used to (2 hour commute/day kinda does that) I'm fairly confident of my activity level for now
@ChristianRau Eh, I hate the oscars
@ChristianRau same here......scifi's look is the only reason which made me like M&TV more
I think maybe film reels would be better suited, Round too
@TylerShads Well, a reasonably abstracted film reel is basically just a circle anyway.
5:50 PM
@ChristianRau Right, but since badges are traditionally circles, making a film reel still gives it the appeal (see SFF w their badge logo, still different, but still round)
Film reel will be good but depend on design. Oscar will be clumsy to fit in size.
For the answers/accept stuff something more recognizable but equally stereotypical, like a good old film strip or a clapperboard might work.
Film Strips in the form of up/down arrows
Clapperboard could be the Icon/Logo
I agree about the SciFi theme - its one of the few I really don't like
5:51 PM
They did go a bit over the top w SFF. I really like their badges though :p
Apparently we will be consulted, but I'm not aware of the details of the process
@TylerShads Uh, and I stay awake till 6 in the morning for them, love the glamourous self-celebration. ;-)
@ChristianRau wel whoopdy doo :P
movie party time......
Q: Site design for Workplace.se

Stéphane MartinI’m Stéphane, the new designer at Stack Exchange. First, I wanted to announce that this site is now starting the process of moving out of beta to become a fully-graduated site! Congratulations! Graduation and Your Site Design Graduation comes with a few perks. I have already begun work on your ...

Site graduated in Feb, this is prolly what we should expect
5:54 PM
Yeah - that seems to be fairly fully fledged design
Quite nicely done though
But why another name at all, Movies & TV and M & TV works quite well, I think. I don't like the ones that completely change the XXX StackExchange approach, like Arqade or Ask Ubuntu (collides with my pedantry, er, I mean love for stardards).
The URL in particular implies movies only - because that was how it started
@ChristianRau agreed
It does yes. But even Gaming got retroactively re-branded from Gaming.SE to Arqade, as well as other SE sites seem to require some kind of name to distinguish them.
And Ian's point as well.
@iandotkelly Ok, I guess that could be reworked (the url, not the TV decision, even if I was a strong opponent initially).
5:57 PM
I'm ok with Movies and TV ... unless we can come up with a better name.
Programming SE -> StackOverflow
Sysadmin.SE -> ServerFault
Gaming.SE -> Arqade

Wasn't Programmers something else as well?
Something with the word Screen I think is the way to go.
Well, the big three (or big one for me) are special anyway.
SO,SF,SU are the original 3, Gaming became part of that group too so big 4 now
@TylerShads meh, a bit too technical, I think.
6:00 PM
I am bad in naming, so i am ok with existing till we got new more exciting one.
@iandotkelly widescreen is good for movie part but not tv part
Idiotbox.stackexchnage.com ?
@AnkitSharma Hmm, tends to sound more like the Home Theatre and Audio proposal.
@AnkitSharma To derogatory and in turn emphasizes TV too much, IMHO at least.
ahhhh...agree....as i said i am bad in naming
What about logo?
@AnkitSharma Hmm, a clapperboard maybe, or frontal view of a film strip (i.e. square with holes in the sides).
Are we getting something extra like photo.stackexchange.com
moderately stylish clapperboard can work well
@AnkitSharma Don't know what for at the moment. But maybe some other technical finesse, like better IMDb or YouTube integration (though the latter has been discussed already).
6:09 PM
@ChristianRau we need to get the missing 5k first. Don't want to lose trusted user status.
@AnkitSharma Well, don't need those that urgent, rather useless powers IMHO.
I am a bit power hungry....so don't want to loose a power..even if it is lesser of use.
I am just rep-hungry so I don't need trusted user, another 100k would already suffice.
I think a Clapperboard works perfectlyb ecause both Film & TV use it to this day
We could just rename to IDThisThing.SE
6:14 PM
I was passing that around in my head as well.
6:32 PM
Finally it got name Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Just watched Stuckmann's review of Days of Future Past. Looking forward to it, probably next tuesday's theatre visit.
I just have this nagging fear that it's just going to be a lead-up to Apocalypse
@AnkitSharma Why on earth "v" instead of "vs"? Is this abbreviation really that common?
@TylerShads Is Apocalypse bad (whatever it is)?
@ChristianRau It's interchangeable
@ChristianRau The Days of Future Past sequel that was announced a few months ago
Apocalypse is good but without time travel please.
6:42 PM
@TylerShads I guessed that, but why is this a fear?
I don't expect it to be bad, I just worry that when a sequel is announced before the movie comes out, that it's going to be bad/rushed
@TylerShads Well, Stuckmann likes it very much (and he claims to be kind of an X-Men fan).
I always wanted a Apocalypse film. It could be great but Fox willl enforce again Logan in this one too.
@AnkitSharma He makes them money.
But days of future past is more about shadowcat.....why they skipped her...just for money......fox sucks.
6:45 PM
@ChristianRau Well good. I haven't been to a theatre since CA2 and before that...hell I don't even remember
Q: Did Terence Mann die?

LarsTechAt the end of "Field of Dreams", Terence Mann gets invited to go with the baseball players into the corn field, and presumably the after-life: Ray. Ray. Listen to me, Ray. Listen to me. There is something out there, Ray, and if I have the courage to go through with this, what a story it'll ma...

@TylerShads Then move your a-- to Godzilla, NOW!
@AnkitSharma er...wut
My friend told me it was fantastic...my movie friend and my wife has no interest
@TylerShads i mean they replaced shadowcat's role with logan....why? Why only logan everytime( except first class)
I'm not understanding. How is Shadowcat's role replaced by Logan? One is Shadowcat, the other is Wolverine. Wolverine has basically been the star of the entire franchise
6:49 PM
In comics shadowcat is the time traveller(partial) but in film its all about logan everytime.
Well look at the past of the franchise as a whole, the actress changed at least once and her only major screentime was because of a romance sub-plot in one of the most loathed movies of that franchise. Not exactly a front-runner when you're making a movie.
But they can take chance
Wait, is Shadowcat Ellen Page?
@ChristianRau yup in the last stand.
6:52 PM
Is something wrong with her?
Take a chance? What is she going to do? Phase in an out of a room? With Wolverine they're able to keep in the action and give the fans what they want, action.
Liked her very much (but that may be because I love Ellen Page), but then again I also enjoyed X-Men 3 (flag as offensive now!), even if it wasn't the best.
Ahhhh....wat....we want story tooo...not only action.
But that doesn't make Fox money ;)
That's why i hate sony and fox.....
6:55 PM
Then don't see their movies
And just revel in how awesome Guardians is going to be
Anyways still going to watch x-men, liked the blink.
More female action this time. Strom is pregnant so no action from her side.
Where is rogue in the trailer?
I think they had to cut all her parts from what I read
They have so many character this time, now want to see how they handle this
Too many characters, not done well, cloud the narrative and is just shit. See Spider-Man 3 vs Game of Thrones
I liked spider man-3 more then amazing spider man 1.
7:09 PM
But my point of a narrative that tried to cram too many characters into it vs a narrative that has a fuck-ton of characters and handles them all well.
Too many character are handled very well in The Watchmen. GoT is exception.
Q: Name this move : Man who uses blood of predecessor to protect doorways

Preston SI saw this movie as a child but have never been able to find the title. I believe its about vampires, zombies or something similar. Key scenes include: Can only kill the monsters by stabbing/shooting them in the eyes. One dies by deer antler impalement. The hero carries a magical container...

8:08 PM
Haha ScreenOverflow, I like it :D
Maybe ScreenTime or something more genre-related like The Fourth Wall
or something short and clever, like Arqade has
Fourth Wall, I kinda like that
The question is if everyone can make the connection, the name shouldn't be too ominous either, so you still know what the site is about.
8:46 PM
Behind the Scenes
CinemAsk ^^
9:19 PM
Q: Explanation of the shield repair scene in Sunshine

DisgruntledGoatAbout 40 minutes into Sunshine (2007), the crew need to fix the shield. I don't understand this scene. According to Wikipedia's description: Kaneda and Capa embark on a spacewalk to make repairs while the ship is angled away from the sun. But how can it be angled away from the sun in the fi...

@ChristianRau I very much doubt that they will change the URL in any way. It's probably bad for SEO reasons, and I remember that they did not change Arqade's when it graduated (They only put a redirect in from arqade.com)
2 hours later…
11:41 PM
Q: Need Title for an Old Movie about American Immigrants

user9723I want to know the name of movie I saw a long time ago. I just remember in the beginning part, there was a boy who just moved to America (around the industrial era). The kids at school make fun of him because he can't pronounce the "th" sound and says "tick" instead of "thick." He also spends tim...


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