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6:00 PM
If your first act on this site is to answer 3 questions, 2 of which very poorly and promote something which has no need for promotion, well then you're doing something wrong
In my opinion
It's probably more of a forum signature, still
I mean, even if it wasn't promoting anything we'd have removed it
@Arperum pretty
@Arperum How many?
@OrigamiRobot 30
6:03 PM
Q: Where do i find the disk needed for the computer in the gold factory, the computer is located in the house through the portal in the flying castle

LostuserThe computer is located in the house through the portal in the flying castle and i can not for the life of me find the disk needed for it!!

Might have already found a replacement car. Should cost less than insurance gives me too
@BenBrocka What did you settle for?
They haven't given a price yet, my mom's talking to 'em while I'm at work
What happened to your car?
6:17 PM
> Spriggan enchanters (the monster) and phoenixes have been removed.
Garage burnt down yesterday morning. Arson
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--- wait. "the monster" phew
shakes fist at @StrixVaria
6:18 PM
@BenBrocka Who's going to have to clean up the mess, btw?
40 is hard
bluebook value for the car should have still been pretty good, probably a bit more than the car I'm looknig at will cost
@OrigamiRobot Your definition of cheating is very flimsy
@OrigamiRobot Not cheating, it just saves you time from manually checking it out.
6:19 PM
@TimStone Actual circles don't collide. Huh
@Arperum That's why it's cheating.
@OrigamiRobot Would have been easy enough to fix that anyway (mine is also 40, for the record)
@badp Might be on us, but my dad has a few workers for the rental houses anyway. Not touching anything until insurance inspects the cars, they usually tow 'em for scrap I think
@TimStone I wasn't saying it needed to be fixed. It was just a realization.
@OrigamiRobot Because the game allows you to save yourself half a lifetime checking if some lines collide? So you can check if more lines collide.
@Arperum Yep. Cheater.
6:21 PM
(I didn't use it with my 30 circle thing, just noticed it during my forty try, and it's convenient, so yea.
Your victory is a hollow one.
Apparently the seats aren't leather but are some high quality vinyl stuff that's supposed to age better
other than that the interior actually looks better than my old car. and the covering's probably not a big deal
Leather seats get so hot :(
Is vinyl that different? I've only used...whatever the fuzzy stuff is in cheap Hondas, and leather
6:29 PM
Heck if I know, I was just lamenting.
User still needs removed.
Ah, didn't notice that
Aaaand it's gone.
Poof for reals this time
6:30 PM
I just used some cheap sun blocker things, wasn't too bad
I would have to open the trunk each time to put one of those away.
Leather seats are literally worse than Hitler.
@OrigamiRobot I just leave 'em in the back seat, I rarely have all 4 seats filled
I don't have a back seat.
Do you drive a Yugo?
6:33 PM
Oh, so THAT's why TextMsg is its own usermsg in Valve games... unlike SayText and SayText2 (which replaces the light green color with the recipient's team color), TextMsg's first argument is a Valve translation string.
@OrigamiRobot Did @spugsley ask you anyway?
@OrigamiRobot not even one of those fake ones?
@TimStone Yes. She is a notorious rule breaker.
@BenBrocka I don't know what that means.
I don't like 2 seaters. The e550 is a 2 seater
Oh, like a behind the seat space?
6:34 PM
@OrigamiRobot some 2 door cars have extremely bad rear seats or just spaces behind the seats
No, I have neither.
oh, you're doomed then
Someone explain to me why people waste money on car washes.
that's part of why I don't want a 2 seater
@Sterno because it's hard to use the hose in the winter, for me
@Sterno It's like $4.
6:35 PM
But it's just dirt.
Usually not even a lot of it
And pollen.
And there's a lot of that.
@Sterno clearly you don't do high-way driving every day in Canada
cars get nasty
@Chippies That is true.
But if I did, I'd find the car wash futile, since it would last only a day
@Sterno Cleaning the underside of your car is a pain in the ass.
especially in the slushy/snowy times, which is like 2/3rd of a year
6:36 PM
Salt can harm the paint/exposed metal
@BenBrocka Now we're finally hitting upon a valid reason!
I have never washed any of my cars and have not found the lack of washing to cause a problem.
Where do you live again @Sterno?
Are there no trees there?
There are trees.
Sometimes even in groups of two or three.
6:38 PM
Do you not salt your roads?
Rarely, but they do it
Depending on the winter (this was the worst on record) we get tons and tons of salt buildup
Usually sand
@OrigamiRobot Wow. I have never seen that.
6:39 PM
Yeah sand is less of an issue. It also doesn't help very much...but it doesn't hurt as much
That's what it can get like here.
pollen applied an Instagram filter to your car?! dastardly
@BenBrocka The way DOT budgeting works for road salt is terrible.
I've never had pollen build up. Then again I usually parked in the garage
To make sure they used it all this winter I saw trucks resalting roads that had way too much on them to begin with.
Then winter decided to, you know, not go away, and they ran out and had to use sand.
6:40 PM
We needed a ton of salt this year though I still think they went a bit overboard
I was worried it'd harm the paint. Guess it doesn't matter now
@OrigamiRobot That looks like that Season 1 X-Files episodes where the bugs come out and night and cocoon them
If that was in my car, yeah, I'd probably wash it.
@OrigamiRobot that looks nasty, I've never seen that
@BenBrocka Yeah, I'm really sorry to hear about it by the way. Hopefully they get the person responsible, maybe someone will catch 'em in the act next time.
Hooray for the south!
@TimStone this apparently isn't the persons first fire, though most of them were nuisance fires. It's bulky waste pickup week and they got a bunch of random stuff left out. Won't be putting that neat the garage again if we get one rebuilt
6:43 PM
Ahh, damn :/
@Chippies Final Rush
@BenBrocka I missed some context. Did someone firebomb your car or something?
@Sterno His garage got burned down.
That does not sound fun.
Christ http://t.co/1ZHjgBLcER
6:45 PM
Not 100% sure what happened since it was 3am, but a bunch of people's bulky waste was set on fire. Some was behind my garage, and the whole garage went too
They couldn't even get water out of the hydrant
Was woken up by 20ft flames outside my bedroom window at 3 AM
@BenBrocka That's pretty damn scary.
1 min ago, by Arperum
@Sterno His garage got burned down.
yeah. house is fine, I'm fine, parker's fine. Garage and 2 cars are gone, but insured
That is something I didn't see coming.
6:52 PM
Random note: controller on Super meat boy is soooo much easier. Even as someone who barely ever used a controller...
it's that way for many platformers, especially depending on precision
...unless you're using an Xbox dpad, of course
Apparently Microsoft is adding Cordova support to Visual Studio
something with windows phone?
@3ventic Cordova is for designing iOS and Android apps.
6:55 PM
Moreso Android than iOS or so I understand.
Still can't actually deploy to iOS without a mac, right?
I wonder if this comes as a surprise to the Xamarin devs, though.
@Fluttershy Catapult in The Stomping Land
Oh wait, Cordova is still just HTML + JavaScript + CSS.
...which makes me wonder why it needs special support.
I guess Xamarin is still necessary to write native iOS/Android apps in .NET.
7:00 PM
@Powerlord parameter suggestions for functions and value suggestions for CSS I guess
@GnomeSlice are you getting The Stomping Land
@GnomeSlice That's totally unreadable
@OrigamiRobot I plan to, yes. Eventually. Probably after it stops being cool. =[
@3ventic It's encrypted...
I meant Early Access
7:02 PM
@GnomeSlice (removed)
@OrigamiRobot Depends how much it is, I guess. I still don't have a job... I'm applying to places like crazy, but it's not a good time of year to get a job...
@GnomeSlice neat, no browser sessions can listen in then, huh?
It will be $25
@Braiam aw yiss looks at lack of badges aww theoretical yiss
7:03 PM
@BenBrocka If both people are using it, then no.
@GnomeSlice Yeah. How are you supposed to read it?
@3ventic Through cryptocat.
It acts as the chat client.
Pretty cool actually.
Good point
checks browser cache
7:05 PM
replacement looks pretty good
meanwhile I've beaten SR3
@BenBrocka Can you get one with less snow?
is the final mission good enough to go through it twice?
eternal winter is a feature
7:06 PM
It better get good gas mileage then
interior looks better too, black with brown wood trim stuff, my old one was grey and silver wood trim that looked kinda off
Q: Is there a minesweeper leader board?

SARI just hit level 501 as well. 1,650,937,445 in gold. is there a site or blog w/ a leader board? thanks

@Lazers There are literally hundreds of minesweeper games on mobile.
If it's not windows preinstalled bloatware it's hardly proper minesweeper
7:10 PM
Windows doesn't install minesweeper anymore :(
> In our current design, Cryptocat connects to Facebook in the most minimal way possible: as a regular XMPP client over Cryptocat’s outbound BOSH relay. Not a single line of code from Facebook is ever loaded or executed in Cryptocat. Even the Facebook login process happens in a completely separate, sandboxed window.
Now if only I used facebook
@3ventic I should stab you for messing up my joke before I posted it.
@3ventic what?! it'd be perfect to show off their Surface's pen!
I WAS going to reply to @GnomeSlice and mention that the biggest problem with this is that you need a Facebook account in the first place.
7:13 PM
@Powerlord That's pretty much implied in 'encrypted Facebook chats'.
@BenBrocka There is "Microsoft Minesweeper" in the store for free, published by Microsoft Studios
BTW, Cryptocat is looking for Android developers to contribute to the project. github.com/cryptocat/cryptocat-android
If anybody is interested.
@GnomeSlice I'm surprised that anyone who actually uses Facebook would be concerned with privacy... because if you were, why would you be using Facebook?
Just because people can see photos and shit doesn't mean you don't want to keep your private conversations private.
@OrigamiRobot That's what I figured. When I get a job...
kicks app Stop saying you successfully updated something when you didn't actually make any DB changes
7:20 PM
@GnomeSlice It's not about privacy from other people using Facebook, it's about privacy from Facebook.
been playing some poker night 2 this past weekend. GlaDOS as the dealer is inspired.
@OrigamiRobot That's what I meant.
I also like brock and claptrap
sam and ash I could take or leave.
I think I went through my S&M phase in the 80's, just doesn't do it for me anymore.
> If both you and your Facebook friend use Cryptocat, your chats will be OTR-encrypted end-to-end and can’t be viewed by Facebook (or Cryptocat’s network.)
and I wasn't that huge of a fan of army of darkness. it's funny, but not something I watch religiously or anything.
7:21 PM
> While Cryptocat over Facebook Chat will encrypt your conversations, it’s important to note that Facebook will still be able to access metadata such as the times during which you exchanged messages, or which Facebook friends you had an encrypted conversation with.
Q: Is Plantera in console Terraria?

MinekingIs Plantera actually in the console version of terraria? I have defeated all 3 mechanical bosses and Ocram (just in case), with the same character dealing the killing blow, the message does appear on the first win. Me and 3 others have been digging for the underground jungle for 2 weeks and have ...

@agent86 Your S&M phase, eh?
@badp yeah. oh...
ahem. well, that would look bad taken out of context. glad nobody noticed.
I don't think that's how "75% off" works
it's the new math
7:24 PM
I'll only ever buy into new math once they accept six-to-eight as its own digit
@badp wat
the new percentage is even weirder
$25 -> $1.50 is 75% off
It's probably dummy text that failed to be dummy enough
75% off just means "it's a lot cheaper than normal"
Oh! That's new english.
That explains it
7:28 PM
Q: Diggy Diggy Hole

BatophobiaAfter digging to the training building, I found that I can dig into the wall. The game says: You are currently digging Time left: 30 minute(s) remaining It gives the option to close the window as well. Can I close the window and do other things or will that interrupt the digging? If it...

Q: How can I change the window size of Cave Story+?

John the GreenI'd like to play Cave Story in a small-ish window taking up about 1/4-1/2 of my screen. In the options I set it to window, and the screen scaling to "sharp" which appears to give me the approximate play size I want. Only one problem: the window is still taking up the whole screen, just now it's...

I wonder when new chat is released
In new chat, when you submit a message you are automatically banned instead
It's like snapchat but many-to-many and all the messages are set to expire after 0 seconds
6to8 weeks.
Staples' site is fuct
Q: How would you change this Mage deck?

Christofer OlssonI don't have a whole lot of rares, but I assume there is plenty of worthwhile critique to be made, even assuming I have no rares at all: 1x Arcane Missiles (1) 2x Mirror Image (1) 2x Mana Wyrm (1) 1x Arcane Explosion (2) 1x Bloodmage Thalnos (2) 1x Frostwolf Grunt (2) 1x Ironbeak Owl (1) 2x Sorc...

7:36 PM
@GnomeSlice is it supposed to imply that it's some random stranger texting? If so, why is there a name saved for the number?
I got that kik message like 20 minutes ago.
kik is the messaging app, you have a name and shit
@GnomeSlice oh okay
7:52 PM
best hamstare font ever
Cryptocat best chat.
> This app is incompatible with all of your devices.
It needs the NVidia Shield.
Both of them.
Is that a specific tablet or something?
> Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD
7:58 PM
@StrixVaria ALL OF THEM
That's dumb why would someone have that?
...wait... what... no... what is... what...
@StrixVaria Same reason somebody would have a DS I presume.
You guys haven't heard of this thing?
7:59 PM
But the DS isn't dumb.
nice combo
It was thought to be a contender in the Android microconsoles thing.
But not really.
I've heard of this thing, it advertises itself every time I update my drivers.
@StrixVaria What's dumb about the shield?
You haven't even heard of it until just now.
How do you know it's dumb.
7:59 PM
@GnomeSlice I looked at it and it was pretty obvious that it's dumb.
It can stream from PC apparently too.
I, for one, think it looks dumb.
Which sounds weird.
@Chippies Wow

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