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12:51 AM
I'm going to be playing around with Hasselblad H4D-200MS sample images, and I'm wondering how much processing power I'll need to process these images. In particular, how much RAM will I need?
@DragonLord 2 TB
@rfusca: no, seriously. How much.
1. depends on expectations 2. depends on what 'playing around with' means
Image will be run through RawTherapee, which itself has high memory requirements because of its 96-bpp (32 bits per channel) pipeline
For reference: the computer has 24 GB memory installed.
eek, I couldn't begin to estimate with a RawTherapee workflow
why RawTherapee
1:03 AM
@rfusca: why not?
It's the software I rely on to process my images
@DragonLord I just didn't care of it any of the muliple times I checked it out
windows, linux or mac?
Windows 8.1 Pro.
well, I know many folks find that working with the D800 36MP files is good at 16GB for Lightroom. So if RawTherapee's memory requirements aren't too much more crazy than LR, I'd expect 24GB to be around the minimum good for 50MP files
Sorry, but I'll be AFK for some time and will be back in about 30 minutes, maybe an hour.
1:23 AM
Q: How to make a 3D animated video appear realistic?

James CI would like to create realistic looking videos based on a 3D animated video. Usually it is not possible to achieve a good effect in 3D even with a lot of effort, and object textures and human skin will always look too "cartoony". Is there any automated tool that can improve the appearance of an ...

why oh why can I not even comment with simply "No."
@DragonLord I certainly hope that is enough
even an 80MP image is only going to be around a few hundred meg at most
@AJHenderson how goes it
@rfusca alright
@AJHenderson I got to do a production training session yesterday at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL. Its like the 4th'ish largest church in the nation. The stuff they have there is insane
1:38 AM
Their live production room looks like something a network tv station would have. Walls of monitors, rows of computers
when you get to a certain point I start questioning how necessary that really is though
would I like to play with it, sure, is it a good investment of resources.... that I'm not so sure on
there's no reason to need more than 8 cameras for a church service... ever...
well, they're playing at a different level. That broadcast goes out to thousands of people across multiple campuses - live
and that's being rather generous
are they doing back feeds from the other campuses?
that makes the walls of other monitors more neccessary
@AJHenderson If I had to guess, i'd say they probably have 7-8 cameras. 3 stationary, 1 on jibs on each side (2 total) and 2 or 3 mobile
@AJHenderson yes, at least one feed from each
2:25 AM
@rfusca alright that's better then
doing remote shooting stuff is a pain
and you need extra cameras then
because you need to know what is actually going on in the room
since you can't see it
they've got one dedicated 'eye in the sky' cam
Wide angle of the room from up above
I've done multi-location stuff before, it is a challenge
we did satallite based stuff with distance ed
@AJHenderson very cool
Back to the memory discussion: The problem is that RawTherapee uses close to 2 GB of RAM to process 16-megapixel RAW data from my Pentax K-5.
I don't know if memory usage scales a bit less than linearly with larger files, but I suspect I might not be able to handle 200-megapixel H5D-200MS output...
oh, odd, I didn't realize that was 200MP
because B&H lists it as 50MP
2:35 AM
I should be able to process files up to about 160 megapixels, but that's probably it.
The sensor is 50MP but the H5D-200MS has a multi-shot mode which combines 6 shots with microalignment to generate a 200MP file (hence the 200MS).
oh, it does the multi-shot thing to combine multiple images into a '200MP' image
600MB images
That's just the TIFF output. 3FR raw output exceeds 1 GB in size.
apparently, they list 8GB RAM as the mimimum spec
That's if you process the data through Phocus. As I've previously stated, RawTherapee uses much more memory because of its 32-bpc, 96-bpp floating-point pipeline (normally only used for video and HDR).
well, i don't think anybody is going to have an answer for you. The number of folks processing images from a $40k+ camera through RawTherapee is probably close to zero
2:58 AM
Maybe, when the Pentax 645Z comes out, I'll play around with the DNG raw files it generates and see how much memory it takes to process them.
5 hours later…
7:45 AM
@MichaelClark: Actually, in case of that photo my red-green blindness might have something to do with me not noticing the chrom noise... :P
Some speculate it's aimed against trolls and Amazon has no intention of actually enforcing it
but you never know
Patent trolls
entities that collect patents and then litigate just for the money, without any intention to actually create any products based on the patents
8:54 AM
Hang on... Do I understand well... Amazon got a Patent for the exclusivity of photographying stuff in front of a white wall ? Like they "could" ask a photograph for money because he "reproduced" Amazon's technic to photograph a family in front of a white wall ??
the technique is more specific than that.
But what if he reproduced this technique ?
Well, then Amazon could in theory resort to legal means, yes
All right, thank you...
but as I said, it's possible/probable that they aren't going to do it
and are just defending themselves from a patent troll acquiring a similar patent and suing them
8:58 AM
I got it now
the whole system is currently deeply rotten
Yeah Amazon's attitude is a kind of consequence of this system
It's just a preventive act
That's quite amazing they allow that... It's like acquiring a patent for car wash with a sponge, wearing red pants on a saturday afternoon, because you don't want your neighbour to take it first :)
"don't hate the player, hate the game" - of course that's not a completely valid defense; the ethical course of action would be actually trying to change the game
5 hours later…
1:47 PM
@DragonLord keep in mind that that 2GB may not be primarily for the image
the program has to be loaded in memory too
I wouldn't expect a linear scale
unless you subtract out a good chunk of that for the program doing it's thing
@MichaelNielsen wtf!?!
maybe they are looking for something to protect themselves against Apple
because pretty much every Apple ad ever is in violation
welcome to first to file though :/
@JohannesD there is no rule you can't do both
but I imagine if you started pushing for patent reform, you'd quickly become a target of every patent troll out there
and the cynic in me suspects you'd suddenly start finding patent applications like this denied so you couldn't build your warchest for defense anymore
it isn't a coincidence that the system is where it is. The patent wars are great for the US patent office
business is booming, why would you want to stop that
who cares if it is trashing the economy, we have patents to sell
2:26 PM
@JohnCavan is
Q: What's the technical explanation for custom bokeh shapes?

BlueFlameSimply putting a heart shaped cut-out in front of the lens turns this into this How does that happen? What's the optics behind this phenomenon?

really a dupe?
one is concerned with aperture, the other is concerned with a front mask
they are the same basic principal and certainly related, but nothing in the answer of the "dupe" answers the question
2:38 PM
@DragonLord RAWTherapee wastes memory on the thumbnail view. They recommend to keep the number of photos per folder low. Only 100 photos per album or preferably less. There may happen memory related crashes even when you are in the middle of editing a photo due to a too "heavy" photo folder.
^^ that's all invalid, if they have released a new version of RAWTherapee recently, and the problem has been fixed.
@EsaPaulasto I haven't had any crashes caused by this because I work one image at a time.
They say it does not matter if you work on one image at a time, if that one image came from a folder consisting of 500 images.
I had a few experiments with Rawtherapee, but soon grew weary of cleaning up the image folders before I dare to dive in with Rawtherapee..
3:03 PM
@AJHenderson The physics are the same so I agree with the rest I have to admit. It's still an aperture, a path through which the light travels, and if it was a mask then the image itself would be shaped.
1 hour later…
4:06 PM
Isn't it both at the same time? It's a mask to a degree, just a very, very, out of focus one, but it still causes vignetting vaguely in the shape of the aperture
@JohnCavan yeah, I can certainly see the relationship, I guess we'll see how the reopen vote fairs. Either way, my comments should provide sufficient detail for the higher level of detail in the dupe post to provide him with what he needs
it's certainly borderline
it's a little different I think since it is in front of the optics instead of in the middle of it
so it isn't exactly an aperture, it is an obstruction of the front element
but it practically behaves as an aperture
2 hours later…
6:08 PM
hmm, @inkista seems to be rising up pretty fast. 90 answers in 25 days. Looks like he may give me a run for my money in volume of answers
3 hours later…
9:16 PM
is there no way to tell if a photo has been exported or not in adobe lightroom, unless you use the published services panel and publish to the hard drive?
i wish there was a badge (those tiny little icons) that tells you when a photo has been exported
just like there are badges to indicate photos with develop adjustments

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