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12:23 AM
Q: How to configure CONFIG_DEFAULT_RELATIME to disable relatime

user5528Since linux 2.6.30 filesystems are mounted with "relatime" by default. In this discussion, Ingo molnar says he has added the CONFIG_DEFAULT_RELATIME kernel option, which, i quote: "makes "norelatime" the default for all mounts without an extra kernel boot option." I don't really get it, i wonder...

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2:14 AM
Q: linux mp3 support workarounds for ffmpeg and mp3info

Mark HudsonHere are my 2 Linux audio MP3 puzzles: how to trim the beginning off an MP3 audio? (I can't get ffmpeg -ss to work) how to add mp3 tags readable by (of all things) Android? (mp3info doesn't seem to set the fields in a way readable by Android music players) So far, to do what I want, I am in t...

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3:54 AM
Q: mounting volume protected against user access

Maciej PiechotkaI need to mount a directory in a way that prevents user accessing it. However I need to have access to all attributes (including permission) from root. Is following method safe or is there a way around it: mkdir /mnt/protect chmod 700 /mnt/protect mkdir /mnt/protect/some_dir mount /dev/sdXn /mnt...

4:17 AM
Does it bother anyone else that the zero in the title of this thread looks like a lower case o? unix.stackexchange.com/questions/17436/…
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6:07 AM
Q: Setting /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches to clear cache

Faheem MithaAs part of doing some cold cache timings, I'm trying to free the OS cache. The kernel documentation at http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt says drop_caches Writing to this will cause the kernel to drop clean caches, dentries and inodes from memory, causing that memory to becom...

Q: is there any way how to improve Putty on slow connections

nCdyI'm working with putty but got slow connection to the server. It's not slow everywhere and I don't need to get it faster. Just a keyboard typing trouble. Because I want to see what I type without delay. So the correct question : How to work with putty without delay in typing.

6:58 AM
Q: How does a shell (bash, for example) expand regular expressions?

harithskiAssume that a directory has 100 files starting with the letter 'a'. If I do a grep <some string> a* from the terminal, how will the shell handle this? Will it expand the regular expression, get a list of all files starting with a and grep on each one of those sequentially? Or is there som...

7:32 AM
Q: Taking output of /dev/tty into a variable

dpacmittalI created a two backup scripts - one for files (filebackup.sh) and another for database (dbbackup.sh). filebackup.sh calls dbbackup.sh and stores the output in a variable. The output returned by dbbackup.sh is the tar filename in which the script has stored all the backed up databases. The scrip...

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9:11 AM
Q: Difference between grep vs egrep vs fgrep?

mr_eclaircan any one tell me with suitable example and meaningful info the technical difference between grep vs egrep vs fgrep ? and when i need to use grep over egrep and vice versa? hoping for quick and positive response.

9:58 AM
@jasonwryan Yes it does! I noticed that before and was going to mention the font issue on meta and then forgot.
Q: How to find human-readable information about file types recognized by `file`?

Alois MahdalSearching, googling, I could not find any information about file types recognized by file. For example, an *.mp4 file is identified as "ISO Media" (while being able to play with VLC normally). This is not 100% clear, it somehow leaves me to wonder whether it's a correct detection or the file i...

Q: Facing problem with Regex Inside Sed Command

nvarunSuppose, I run the following commands; export STR="abcdef.ghijkl.mnopqr.stuvwy.log" echo $STR | sed 's/\.[^.]*$//' I am getting the following result; abcdef.ghijkl.mnopqr.stuvwy Please help me understand the above result. Thanks, Varun

@Caleb Is that how we go about changing it? It seems odd for a geek site that zeros are rendered like that...
@jasonwryan The first thing to do is find some more example questions where that fonts glyphs are awkward in the context of Unix questions. Then open a question on the meta site that explains the issue. SE staff monitors that pretty closely and if we get some momentum behind it (particularly if we can suggest a better alternative) I'm sure they will change it.
@Caleb Cool: once I have gathered a couple three examples, I'll open a thread. Cheers.
10:19 AM
OK: this may be harder than I thought - it looks to be a real corner case: other titles with zeros are not as ambiguous unix.stackexchange.com/questions/17881/…
Q: What OS should I install on old Sun Blade 1000 / Sun Blade 2000 workstations, and how should I do it?

jstarekI was given some nice old Sun UNIX workstations, Sun Blade 1000 and Sun Blade 2000. These are UltraSparc machines running Solaris 8 (which, with regard to all questions below, is useless because the former owner could not provide me with any passwords). I'd like to get them running again, and be...

11:24 AM
Q: Bash: keybinding/trap issue

dogbaneMy .bashrc has the following: # Alt+L lists current directory bind -x "\"\el\":ls -ltrF --color=auto;" # trap commands and echo them to xterm titlebar. trap 'echo -ne "\033]0;$BASH_COMMAND - $USER@${HOSTNAME}>$(pwd)\007"' DEBUG Demo of the problem: bash-4.2$ [Alt+L] #works total 0 -rw-rw-...

Q: swap space full problem

bvishal4uI have MySQL Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.45 server running on Multiflex Intel Blade having 8G of RAM & 8 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5410 @ 2.33GHz. The problem i have facing is :- 1) Since last 3-4 days my 2G swap space is getting full & the server goes into hangged state due to that i need to ...

11:34 AM
@MichaelMrozek: If it's going to stick around, I'm thinking about editing the cal 9 1752 post to read something like "What is the real story behind this anomaly?" Thoughts?
11:57 AM
Q: Add carriage return after grep output while using tail

user9563Im looking to refactor the following command tail -f production.log | grep -e "Processing " -e "compatible;" -e "Completed in " -e This is the output of the command Processing BasketController#cross_sell_product (for 85.189.237.x at 2011-08-03 12:46:07) [POST] "RequestLog","2011-08-03 12...

So you're sleeping :)
If anybody thinks this change was a bad idea feel free to revert it:
Q: Is `cal` broken? What happened in September 1752?

LanceBaynesIf you look at the output of cal 9 1752 you will see this strange output: September 1752 S M Tu W Th F S 1 2 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 The following story titled "cal 9 1752 explained"" was copied off of a newslist in the early 90's and archived under C...

12:45 PM
Q: dual-head with NVidia Quadro FX3450/4000 on Centos 6.2

eudoxosI am having troubles setting up dualhead with an NVidia Quadro FX3450/4000 card with Centos 6.2. The driver is installed from ELRepo. I set up twinview with nvidia-settings (and check /etc/X11/xorg.conf), and both monitors are recognized and properly set up (desktop spans both of them, for insta...

1:03 PM
Q: Is there a Linux distro compiled with clang/llvm?

Is there a Linux distro compiled with clang/llvm? Looks like as of late 2010 the kernel was working. If not, would it be more likely to be a technical or licensing issue?

Q: How to tell when a computer is idle?

Jeff WellingI have a computer that is only used some of the time, and I was was wondering if there was a way to have it turn itself off after a period of inactivity. Here's the tricky part, if I was just thinking about having it turn itself off when the GUI is idle then I think it would be significantly eas...

1:36 PM
Q: How to extend an FS under SunOS?

JeremyDThomasI can see that one of the FS is full, but how can I extend the FS? How can I find out what ""LVM like"" volume manager is being used on it? SunOS 5.10

2:32 PM
It's a boring day on the interwebs when a grep vs egrep shows up on the top 5 on the SE Multiite-Collider.
2:42 PM
Q: Combine two commands in .bash_profile

Stephan KeeneIn my .bash_profile file, I'd like to setup a single command alias that is two commands that execute one after another. The first command takes an argument from the command line and the second is actually script (located in ~/bin with exec perms). My profile file has this: alias pd='function p...

Q: Easy way to restore your MANPATH

kikumbobI was attempting to add the man pages for my texlive distribution today when I accidentally did this: >MANPATH=MANPATH:/usr/local/texlive/2011/texmf/doc/man >export MANPATH when I meant this: >MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/local/texlive/2011/texmf/doc/man >export MANPATH The result is t...

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4:11 PM
@jamessnelling I left a comment on your migrated post; I'm not sure if you'll be notified since you're not the owner anymore, so I pinged you here as well
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5:28 PM
Q: How to recover saved (stored) emails after damage to KMail configuration?

Jakub NarębskiRecently my computer had to be hard-reset, and fsck ran on /home filesystem, producing lots of errors (old HDD drive). After reset I don't see all my saved emails in KMail (KDE 3.5.3), at least those that were present in folder that was opened when computer crashed. The files are there physical...

5:43 PM
Q: Change character position with sed

Najib-botak ChinThe file contains: dateutkfilename25012009 I want to change the position of character 16th to 17th with 18th to 19th. And then change position of character 16th to 19th with 20th to 23rd... so it will be: dateutkfilename20090125 I've tried to change position of character 16th to 17th with 1...

6:01 PM
Q: Replace all occurances of a character in a variable using korn script

BenPart of the Korn script I am writing requires that I replace all occurrences of the ' character with 2 occurrences (''). I am trying to log some sql that I am generating in this script to a column in another table but single quotes need to be replaced with 2 instances of the single quote charact...

6:26 PM
@Caleb Ha! Your search fu shames me (that and I can legitimately plead exhaustion at that point in the evening). :)
Q: Questions about interrupts

TimI am not sure if I understand the concept of hardware and software interrupts. If I understand correctly, the purpose of a hardware interrupt is to get some attention of the CPU, part of implementing CPU multitasking. Then what issues a hardware interrupt? Is it the hardware driver process? I...

Q: Running watch as a background job

JuliusWhen I run: watch 'cmd >> output.txt' & the job gets suspended by the system: 3569 Stopped (tty output) Is there a workaround?

7:23 PM
Q: Linux - LXC; deploying images with tiniest possible X11

lurscheris it currently possible to setup LXC containers with X11 capabilities? I'm looking forward for the lightest available X11 container (memory-wise), hardware acceleration a plus but not essential. If it is not currently possible, or readily available, is it known what functionality needs to be ye...

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8:29 PM
Q: Solaris service status and dependencies

noisesoloI'm creating service manifests for MySQL and a WebLogic service that depends on the MySQL service. I want all of them to use the management model "wait" (run a process in the foreground). I have some questions about this setup. First, how do I dictate the status of a service? For example, when I...

@Gilles Well, you can take some consolation from the fact that it provides a sliver of hope for the rest of us...
8:47 PM
Q: Can mouse wheel scrolling work in a /usr/bin/screen session?

kristiIs there any way to use the mouse wheel to scroll through the output of a screen session? I can use the keypad scroll through previous output in screen after pressing ctrl+a [. Is it possible to do this with the mouse wheel? Aside: To make matters worse, I'm on Windows using Putty to ssh to a ...

8:58 PM
Cross-posting :)
Q: In Linux, if I assign a profile to my minitor in Gnome Color Manager, should I also enable that profile in Gimp?

mattdmI finally got around to using dispcalGUI to profile my monitor under Linux. Now, having assigned that profile system-wide using Gnome Color Manager (or the Xfce Color settings dialog), there's a visible change in on-screen rendering (including any open Gimp windows). Having done, that, should I ...

I got a question
every time I download Linux Mint 11 Katya it wont work
In what way does it not work?
10:03 PM
@MichaelMrozek Nicely done indeed. Hit rep-cap on day 5. And it's not just a bit of luck stabbing in the dark, the answers warranted those votes. We could use a few more users like that.
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11:15 PM
Q: How can I make my entire GNOME Panel obey the background settings?

TK Kocheran With the current screen I'm using, I'm getting this really weird background issue. It appears that the background isn't setting the rest of the panel. What's weirder is that I've noticed that different themes behave differently with this. Is there a theme file I can edit which will fix this wei...

Q: What the heck is going wrong with this theme when running Eclipse?

TK KocheranPlease see this video to understand what I'm describing: Weirdness in Eclipse - YouTube. Essentially, when I use the "Ambiance Evolution" theme with Eclipse, it starts wiggling and doesn't stop, as weird as that sounds. I really like the theme, so I'd like to be able to use it, but this is kind o...

11:33 PM
Q: mp3info fails to make MP3 data fields readable by Android

Mark HudsonI have been struggling for months on how to add mp3 tags readable by (of all things) Android? (mp3info doesn't seem to set the fields in a way readable by Android music players, and neither does RhythmBox). So far, my most success has been the embarrassment of ripping the CD from a Windows machi...

Q: Linux Mint installer does not see fakeraid drive

murgatroid99I have a computer with a fakeraid 0 array (the computer came with it, and I don't want to remove my other OS to get rid of it), and I am trying to install Linux Mint. When I first boot up from the live usb, the partitions on the raid array do not show up in /dev/mapper/ and gparted does not see t...


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