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9:15 AM
buna ziua
i'm going to try to change my profile picture... wish me luck...
let's see if that worked...
yep that was definitely off topic whether or not a proposed SE would cover it
2 hours later…
11:36 AM
Is it some ornament from Middle East?
Q: Travel planning web sites

DamienI am currently planning a 2 month trip through China an I wanted to know what are the best online options to plan a trip. What I am expecting from such a website is: Adding locations (cities) and a date at which I am expecting to be there. Adding place to see at each of theses locations. N...

What do you think about this question?
well if i think of myself as a cop enforcing the letter of SE's rules it's bad
but i don't like to think of myself as a SE cop so i think i just didn't vote on it
i did retag it though
@VMAtm: sorry what was that about the middle east?
3 hours later…
3:13 PM
@hippietrail Hey, I found out why people collect receipts from shopping in Taiwan. Apparently, all receipts are printed on government-approved paper and there's a monthly lottery. It's a way here to encourage people to ask for receipts when buying goods -> ensures that sales are taxed and reported to the government. In fact, people give beggars shopping receipts instead of money here, there are donation boxes for charities where people 'donate' receipts. Pretty ingenious, I must say!
1 hour later…
4:24 PM
Q: Gift for Home Stay Family in Turkey?

forestplayIn September, we are traveling to Turkey. Part of the trip is a family home stay. We will be staying with a local family who will feed and house us for the night. We want to thank the the family a gift. We would like it to be somewhat representative of where we live, the SF bay area, but that's n...

Do you guys think this is off-topic?
2 hours later…
6:10 PM
@AnkurBanerjee I would have said it was on-topic. I came back to the site specifically to check on it and was surprised to find it closed.
If it was to be off-topic it would be on the grounds that it was a cultural question not because of it being shopping related.
Question: Would a question about tipping traditions at hostels in Asia have been off-topic? Because that's what this question is at heart.
1 hour later…
7:24 PM
What to do if there is more then 1 good answer to my question?
I don't know which to accept. Maybe it could be set to CW.
@MK Pick the most effort / most applicable. If they are identical pick the earliest posted.
If they are really different and both right, maybe your question wasn't specific enough :)
Q: What food to take on a 3-4 day long hiking trip?

karinqeIt should be easy to prepare, light and shouldn't go bad after few days in the heat. How much would it approximately weight? Lets say there won't be any groceries stores along the way (there will be, but I want to get used to this, so we can travel in more desolate places in the future). Details...

Wow you did get a lot of good answers.
Maybe pick the one you personally learned the most from. If an answer already had things you knew, pick one that was the most informative to you.
Remember other people still get rewarded by votes, the checkmark is relative to you not necessarily the rest of the world.
It doesn't seem fair to the other good answers :/
Just as long as you don't pick the one that suggested eating leather boots, I think you're ok. @Dori's comment is hilarious.
7:30 PM
Can I change my mind later? If somebody post a new and very good answer?
Actually I'm pretty sure you can. I don't know what the rules are on that but I know I've had people mark my answers as right and then had it change later. If you are concerned about that I'd hold off for a little while though. I don't mind somebody elses answer being better than mine but having mine picked to be right and then having that taken away feels pretty weird.
Hm, I'll give it another week.
If you are still getting input, it's ok to hold off. Somebody might edit their answer to improve it, add things they forgot, etc. That might help ... that extra effort is something to reward.
I think it hasn't changed for a week or so.
It may keep changing for years. As new questions come along they might link to it, or get marked as duplicates with this, etc. Don't stress too much about it.

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