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12:44 AM
@MichaelT Cooking posts? Do share, I always enjoy some good cooking ideas.
I used to do a fair bit of cooking for myself. I'm going to say my former employer made that difficult (the stress of get home -> I don't even want to think, much less think about cooking).
And I've gotta redo the kitchen some day - the workflow for the stations isn't right.
@MichaelT I know exactly how that goes. My wife and I both cook quite a bit but sometimes it's just too much work or stress if we're moving or when the kid was younger etc. We've been doing a lot more cooking again lately though.
Current layout of the kitchen:
12:48 AM
|frid   |      | sink |        micro|
|       |      |      |        wave |
|                                   |
|                                   |
|                                   |
|        +–––––+                    |
|        |stove|                    |
|        |     |                    |
@MichaelT Yeah - this is key, I learned after having one or two apartments that just didn't have enough counter space that I'll never cook because the amount of effort if I don't make sure everywhere I live has enough space
Stove has no counters next to it.
@MichaelT yeah, need more counters. that right there is nowhere near enough
The stove should be where the microwave is. And if you look at the house, it was there originally.
need an island
12:48 AM
Too small for an island.
ah, yeah that makes it tricky
There's a vent + fan above the microwave to the outside.
With a gas hookup below... and a water hookup for the ice maker below the stove.
@MichaelT RE: Sauteed Chicken - just missing butter + lemon juice + garlic salt
Former owner, when they put the dishwasher in put it under where the microwave is for some reason - and moved the stove.
12:50 AM
I did a lot of cooking with tin-foil for awhile.
2:43 AM
posted on April 20, 2014

At the conclusion of a presentation, Jinyu was approached by several of her abbots. One said, “In your talk you mentioned the Four Types of Meeting Attendee. What are these?” Jinyu counted off on her fingers: “Those who come to inform, those who come to learn, those who come to be dutiful, and those who come to be noticed.” A second abbot nodded his head, sa

11 hours later…
1:52 PM
> “Those who come to inform,
those who come to learn,
those who come to be dutiful,
and those who come to be noticed.”
2:04 PM
Btw, one more 10k vote to delete on programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/180339 please (its a leslar (Andy alias) post).
@MichaelT ...and those who come to sleep
@MichaelT I have no idea who that is (being not really on your site), but man that is a weird little ramble that person went on
@gnat Sleep. I could use sleep right now.
2:20 PM
@AshleyNunn An earlier incarnation of our resident troll.
@MichaelT poof
I can't believe this is in the reopen queue.
But since it already had 2 reopen votes, I went ahead and edited out some of the crud within it
But where did the 2nd vote come from? :-)
2:25 PM
Note that gnat and I are in the first round on that... if it goes through you'll need to start the close votes... though that said, if we can muster the delete votes on it in a day...
@MichaelT oh, lovely.
Yay! I kicked it out of the queue. And I edited prior to voting so my edit shouldn't return it to the queue
This is the one that gotta watch. I don't want to delete it because its not that bad... programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/160048/… but 3 reopen votes on it... and I am sure I know of two of them.
If I ignored the OP on that question, I could see it as a marginal / meh newbie type question. But the comment history has been purged, and that's when he played his "gotcha" games
2:29 PM
Might be a good candidate to lock. I saw the 2 delete votes on that a while back. It's not delete worthy
Btw - any other 10ks want to snipe some closes at programmers.stackexchange.com/… (look at most votes)
@GlenH7 Good point. Flagged.
2:52 PM
Still growing:
Over a week to smooth out the per day variation.
That's a better way of looking at it
2:57 PM
I wonder what hot questions triggered those one day spikes
One trend that you see there is a ramp up in fall, a peak in January and then a bit of a slide in the spring and summer.
That appears to be a recurring seasonal trend.
I noticed that too. Looks like we have started our spring slide
Also that this year's spring slide still appears to be greater than last year's peak.
3:00 PM
That's a good point - shows that the site is retaining traffic even with seasonal slides.
One other bit with the week is that it makes that first spike less extreme.
The public open was the all time highest activity for one day - but that week is lower activity than 2013's peak week.
Must've been one hella question... And it's probably deleted by now
That was the "new site - everyone look here"
But despite being super active that day, it didn't retain much of anyone at all.
3:04 PM
Its also worth noting (though more a .SE thing) is that mobile is a not insignificant portion of total traffic.
I want to twist that into an argument of NPR was doomed from the start.
For comparison with SO:
Note that they also have the 'spring slide' and 'fall ramp up'
The ebb and flow of students asking questions
3:06 PM
Mobil is a higher percent of our activity than SO.
Probably because you can read and browse P.SE from a phone / tablet more easily... there are things you just want to read rather than solving a problem.
That's what I was pondering as well
3:21 PM
What does the dark blue mean? Are those regulars?
@RobertHarvey mobile is in dark blue
3:37 PM
Are "how to structure" VS solutions with respect to 3rd party add-ons (from nuget) on-topic on Main or better suited for SO?
Borderline. Could be either site. I think I've answered maven structure questions here in the past that I didn't feel were off topic.
thanks. I'm checking to see what's already answered on main before I ask mine.
We need to restructure our solutions. We're currently checking in the nuget packages to source control, but that's creating other issues if people have the package manager set to automatically update.
Not being a C# dev, dunno about the package manager or nuget...
nuget is a pretty slick package manager. OTOH, TFS and Visual Studio are pretty archaic when it comes to managing separate projects & solutions.
3:47 PM
TFS appears to have some new contructs to better support things, but if I become too knowledgeable then I run the risk of become a configuration / build manager.
That's not necessarily bad, just not where I want to play
(Hey | Hi) @KarlBielefeldt.
Howdy. I have a question for the web developers in the room. Anyone know of a reactive framework that goes all the way up the stack. For example, I check a checkbox, it notifies the backend, which stores the value in the database and transmits the new value to all clients which are displaying that checkbox, and those clients automatically check that checkbox.
Most of what I've found only does the reactive part within the one page on the client.
breeze + angular are what you want
I haven't heard of any that go all the way up the stack as you asked
3:52 PM
You'd be keeping open connections to all of the clients running.
I'm already planning to keep an open comet connection.
I don't know of any framework that does all of client and server, but if it existed it would be nodeish.
Most frameworks tend to have a strong client / server separation so that one can use them with different back or front ends.
breeze can handle local data caching + notifying the server of changes. I forget where the hook is for the rebroadcast is out to other systems. One of those two I mentioned has signalR added to enable that
I think it's angular that has the signalR components to enable binding & notifications
3:55 PM
breeze makes local caching + object manipulation easier
Makes sense. I can implement the backend part myself. I just didn't want to reinvent the wheel if I didn't have to.
In the past, when I've gotten to that level of interactivity (client / server tightly bound) I've started to look at non-web clients.
angular utilizes MVVM / MVC patterns. And you can hook it into a couple of different service types. ASP.NET or regular REST service calls are both options
@MichaelT Do you mean like RPC?
The statelessness of the web works against this - you're going to be fighting it all the way through the stack... and more than just keeping a session.
3:58 PM
@KarlBielefeldt Some form of it.
@KarlBielefeldt - also have a look at bootstrap to simplify the CSS handling if you need to support multiple screen sizes / configurations
Stand alone app, keeps its own port open for server to client to messages. Registers itself with the server when it launches.
If your'e in a Java world and want to get 'fancy' (not fancy, just not things people normally do with Java): docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/lang/reflect/Proxy.html
And your model is only and always on the Server. Everything else just maintains a proxy to it.
The danger of the web with the other approach is that the client (web browser) is going to hold a copy of the model, and the server is too... and you're not guaranteed that anything will update when something happens (client model changes or server model changes).
4:03 PM
Cool. Thanks for the input guys.
@KarlBielefeldt yw
@KarlBielefeldt You may look at fitting a pub/sub tech in there for that. I've used ActiveMQ's websocket STOMP connector to send messages from services that all web browsers on a certain page get updated with. ActiveMQ is just one example, but you can surely use others, probably MongoDB could be used for such fashion as well as Redis has pub/sub and other MQ's may well have websocket connectors like ActiveMQ does
@JimmyHoffa signalr via angular takes care of that
@GlenH7 Fuck SignalR.
Tell us how you really feel... :-)
4:05 PM
I'm tired of hearing people blab on about signal R, it's all hype
haskellforall.com/2014/04/… (note: not about haskell)
it's just a complex abstraction over a host of things that doesn't let you get your hands into it very well, like WCF if WCF was doing stuff that you could easily do without a framework.
Everything I have seen with it is solid. Granted, you need to be running modern browsers (no IE8), but it does what it advertises to do from what I've seen
The last point I made there is the thing that annoys me about SignalR. People talk it up so much, but doing the things it does without it is easier than with it...
> Scenario 1: You write a useful library or programming language, but it is incredibly buggy and problematic. This generates several scathing blog posts criticizing your work, prompting others to clarify in response how to work around those issues. Don't forget to check Stack Overflow, which is full of people asking for help regarding how to use your project. Did you know that people measure popularity in terms of Stack Overflow questions?
4:07 PM
The only thing it does is the fallback-to-polling stuff, woopty doo, there are libraries that have been around for ages that do that for you without the huge complexity of SignalR
plus SignalR ties you to .NET which is shit. You should never tie your client side of a web app to a specific server side tech.
13 mins ago, by MichaelT
Most frameworks tend to have a strong client / server separation so that one can use them with different back or front ends.
@JimmyHoffa I need to verify, but I'm not certain that's true. But I need to see what angular is using for the equivalent notification component
@GlenH7 SignalR is a client and server tech, and they are both dependant on eachother; you can't use one without the other (or an emulator of the other - for instance Node.JS has emulators of the SignalR client just so they can access your SignalR server - because SignalR servers are not easy to access like normal web sockets or rest URLs)
@MichaelT SignalR is not that way. If only...
...looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays....
> Those moderators on Programmers don't delete enough questions
Q: New Custom Close Reason: Specific Only To A Certain Site

Tim PostPart of the promise we made when we split MSE away from MSO is that users of MSE would keep most of their reputation and privileges. In order to make sure this happens, we must curtail migration of questions that are Stack Overflow specific to an essential minimum - reputation is lost on migrated...

love this example!
4:55 PM
needz moar monkeys with guns in there hands.
@RobertHarvey That would be an interesting question...
Why do people keep bumping those old education questions today?
Q: Why must we learn Procedural programming before we learn Object-oriented programming

LongTTHI'm in the 4th year at an IT university now, and when I talk with my professor about this topic he rejects my opinion and gives me a very heavy criticism (in my university, we were being taught C (ANSI) (in Procedural Programming class - in the 1st year at university ) before C++ (in OOP class in...

4:58 PM
I mean sure... its nice that they're alerting me to the opinion questions... but I'm almost out of close votes (I am out of regular votes).
Heh, yeah, that one seems to significantly misunderstand OOP and procedural programming...
What do you write your method bodies with? Fairy dust?
Would be nice if the edits were actually good ones.
This is a professional website, not an Internet Forum. We expect a nominal amount of effort from our users to post actual English sentences. We don't believe that requirement is unduly onerous. — Robert Harvey ♦ 47 secs ago
@RobertHarvey And British even... respect the Queen's English.
@RobertHarvey hah, that's the long and the short of it, at least your problems are abstract afterwards
@RobertHarvey It's worse because he was on a laptop....so it's not like he couldn't take the time.
5:09 PM
What about learning disabilities like dyslexia?
hooray for the maybe monad
ugh... trying to encode the maybe monad with .NET's Expression Trees... I'll figure it out but these expression trees are damned ungainly
at least the resultant API is decent
@Zeroth People with dyslexia say "I have dyslexia." He doesn't have dyslexia.
dyslexia is no excuse for 'i'.
A: Are the Downvoting police too active?

Shog9 Some of these questions were valid, though they could have been written better. But is that enough reason to mark them down? Sure. There are other reasons to downvote something, but "hard to read" is legit. This isn't some grade-school essay contest where you get points just for completing t...

Heh. That's a drive-by meta-post; the OP was just venting, and never came back to follow-up on his meta post. Although, to be fair, all of the activity except for the most recent edit happened on March 31.
5:20 PM
The C# compiler has awesome sugar for automatically digesting code into expression trees, but you can't guarantee everything will get bound into the environment in a way that guarantees serializability unless you manually construct them, C#'s automatic code digester will just pull complex objects from scope into an arbitrary binding environment with a pointer, but that binding environment won't exist on remote systems so you can't send the expression for execution to another machine
So I have to hand-weave these trees which is fugly
@JimmyHoffa If the problem is serialization, there are some techniques for improving that story. Not sure if they apply to expression trees.
You could try using a DataContractSerializer, for instance.
@RobertHarvey sort of - the problem is expression trees can pull in local scope things by pointers to a binding environment, but that binding environment wont' exist on remote machines
You mean like closures?
or captured variables?
5:23 PM
like when you write:
MyObject foo = new MyObject(42);
Action thingDoesStuff = () => foo.Bar += 22;
and foo get's quietly promoted to a member variable.
as an expression that may stuff foo onto a local binding environment that the local expression references, but serializing that expression just serializes the pointer
actually, nm.
That doesn't look exactly clean, from a functional standpoint.
@RobertHarvey Oh I wouldn't encourage such things - but I'm designing APIs, I have to account for what others may do, and few recognize why that right there is different than something referentially transparent
5:25 PM
It would be better if you passed in foo.
rather than relying on the local scoping.
@RobertHarvey Which is why I'm designing methods that manually construct the expressions to ensure that's how it must be done rather than allowing other devs to willy nilly just hand expressions to my methods, because their expressions may have those uncommunicable binding environments I refer to which will cause dereferencing upon attempts to compile or execute
Makes sense.
But that's my point, manually creating expression trees - the API is shit. You can say Expression<Action> actionExpr = () => foo.Bar += 22; and that's a nice great sugar that the C# compiler digests into a proper expression tree. But I can't allow that, I have to manually create each node in the tree
and the API for creating the trees sucks
Why can't foo simply be moved into a parameter of the expression method?
making it first-class.
Ruby on Rails is exotic?
5:30 PM
@RobertHarvey it can be, but it's up to the developer to do that himself, which he may not know if he doesn't understand about how Expression binding environments work. I've ferretted out those dereferences before for other devs because most don't understand how all that stuff works.
> It be coded in an exotic language (ie no Python, no php, no Node.js)
Ruby on rails - that's a fun language :). I'll give it a try. — VicAche 51 mins ago
I wonder if they think that a Java backend was 'exotic'.
@JimmyHoffa Seems like that could be made a guideline of the API. Not everything has to be specified by the API itself.
No API is completely safe. OSHA regulations notwithstanding, you can still burn your hand on a stove.
@RobertHarvey If it were less complex sure, but it's not something most devs are going to be able to spot in their code off hand.
@RobertHarvey I can burn your hand on a stove. Don't test me!
...sounds like somebody's having a case of the Mondays...
5:34 PM
Some efforts are not worth the trouble. This one doesn't sound like it's worth the trouble, unless it was handed to you specifically as a software requirement.
@RobertHarvey I disagree. The resultant API will be very pleasant to use - and there's no way I'd be allowed to do it if I let people use C#'s sugar because other devs would run into those dereference exceptions asap with no understanding why - they'd just say my design was faulty and wouldn't allow expressions at all then.
There is that.
I'm simply agreeing with you that it's a major pain in the ass. This is one of those edge cases that makes for good Eric Lippert blog entries.
(whee, expired close votes:
Q: Is this a design pattern?

LijoI have following C# code. It helped me to avoid some code repetition in a good way. The ExecuteQueryGenericApproach<T> method receives a Func generic delegate as argument. The delegated method has a parameter which receives IDataRecord as argument. That is, the ExecuteQueryGenericApproach<T> ...

@RobertHarvey You know I should actually ask about this and see if I can't get an answer from Eric Lippert about the whole scope of when those binding environments are dangerous. I don't even know exactly all the cases they become dangerous, I just know ways that are completely safe.
5:47 PM
programmers.stackexchange.com might be a better fit. I cannot tell if it will be closed if you ask it there, but at least it is better than asking here. — sawa 2 hours ago
Leads to...
Q: About Ruby on Rails

RocamondeI have been working with PHP and Python for a year and now I found Ruby. I suppose PHP didn't help me in my programming language knowledge, but truly did in my skills. In fact, like everyone said, it helped me to start. Then I took up Python and I liked it, but I found that most people prefer R...

6:01 PM
added third downvote
@MichaelT Many comments below the article arguing about how LOC is a useless metric. The article's point is not about LOC; it's about the expressivity of each language.
Yep. They kind of miss it. LOC is a poor metric for "how much work did I do", but not a bad proxy for "how expressive is the language"
(50/50 chance Kepler-186f has alien (intelligent) life)
LOC can be used for a proxy for other things and shouldn't be counted on its own. LOC -> how long it takes to write. Or LOC -> how expressive is the language being two off the top of my head.
6:34 PM
@RobertHarvey fun little trick I just used in C# that you learn from Haskell - How do you get rid of the assignment in this little block without re-executing the function that generates the value being assigned:
var someAssignment = SomeFunc();
return someAssignment == null
    ? default(FooBar)
    : SomeOtherFunc(someAssignment);
how do you get rid of the above assignment and only ever execute SomeFunc() once
By using a null coalesce?
@RobertHarvey how does that stop you from executing SomeFunc() twice? Show me the code that executes SomeFunc() once and has no assignments
By using a delegate instead of the function assignment?
@RobertHarvey bingo
The above code only calls SomeFunc() once anyway.
6:39 PM
@RobertHarvey but it has an assignment
How do you get rid of the explicit assignment and not call SomeFunc() twice
Most ways people know to get rid of the assignment would cause SomeFunc() to be called twice
Whatever that would be is almost certainly more complicated and less clear than the assignment.
@RobertHarvey perhaps, but scenarios may occur where you want to do things in a single statement - came up now as I'm trying to design the expression tree because block expressions get trickier than the alternative I'm thinking of
@JimmyHoffa I'm going to accuse you of having a solution that was looking for a problem. :-P
6:43 PM
@GlenH7 Nah, it is a problem in the expression trees there. It's also a problem when you try to write referentially transparent code.
OK, I give.
I assume you're using some sort of lambda expression?
(someAssignment =>
    someAssignment == null
        ? default(FooBar)
        : SomeOtherFunc(someAssignment))(SomeFunc())
I want an omega expression - one expression to finish them all... and in the darkness, expose their bindings.
assignment by parameter which isn't assignment at all really, but that's how you create and carry state around when you want to be declarative rather than imperative - you create scopes with inputs
Wow, that's cool. Reminiscent of pattern matching.
6:46 PM
you can say it's a solution looking for a problem, but it just exemplifies one of those things you'd never see if you don't learn declarative solutions, they're so foreign from imperative ones
I'm having trouble parsing
@RobertHarvey one of those parens closes the lambda
then it executes the lambda with the parameter of SomeFunc()
How does SomeFunc() get bound back to someAssignment?
@RobertHarvey it's handed in as the parameter to the lambda
6:47 PM
(someAssignment => ... : SomeOtherFunc(someAssignment)) (someFunc())
Ah, now I get it. It's just one big function body, declared on the fly.
just used that form for an expression tree to avoid using the Expression.Block and Expression.Assign because they don't seem to behave as I'd like and require more setup than simple lambds and invokes
That looks like it might solve some of your scoping problems.
@JimmyHoffa I've been out for a bit, so you'll have to forgive me for being rusty in finding potshots to take.
@GlenH7 fair enough, here: Just say it's not monadic and I got nothing... :)
6:51 PM
@JimmyHoffa So what are your returning? That whole thing?
@GlenH7 Do some delete vote therapy programmers.stackexchange.com/… and you'll be fine.
@RobertHarvey - you'll laugh at this one: programmers.stackexchange.com/q/9840/53019
Hey guys. Just popping in to say that I survived a 5k, all of the runners parties afterwards, and just spent about 3 hours photographing the marathon.
@ThomasOwens I'm most impressed by your surviving the runners parties
7:00 PM
@GlenH7 So much drinking at like 9am.
I thought engineers drank a lot.
Yeah, watch out for the hashers. They are truly nuts from that point of view
I did think that I convinced my friends to do the full medley next year. A 5k in April, a 10k in June-ish, and a Half Marathon in the early fall. I've found some 12 week half-marathon training programs, so I figure we can do it in 52 weeks.
That reminds me, we should ask @Ampt how his marathon training is coming along.
@ThomasOwens I have never been much of a runner, so more power to you. I'm gonna claim I'm big boned and therefore not suited to being a runner. :-)
@GlenH7 Starring that one for future lols.
7:06 PM
@ThomasOwens What lens did you use the most?
@MichaelT yeah, I got a good laugh out of it while rolling through delete therapy.
@ThomasOwens Need to get 'em to go to Bay to Breakers in SF.
@MichaelT The new 85mm f/1.8 for runners. My 35DX or 50 f/1.8 FX for crowd shots.
Primes FTW.
@GlenH7 I got 5 regular votes back!
7:09 PM
I hit the 30day view under the assumption that some of them might be getting close to rolling off the views
@GlenH7 Data.SE can always find 'em again.
That's true. And it's not like the query is that many clicks away...
stackoverflow.com/revisions/23201723/2 "Added Capitals To Please Grammar Nazis"
@RobertHarvey I was tempted to go get a dozen rep from suggested edits to fix the caps in all his posts...
@RobertHarvey Could ya have fixed the wall 'o text while you were at it too?
7:18 PM
@MichaelT I'll approve them all, if you bother going through the trouble.
Fighting JPA currently...
I just don't understand why people under the age of 25 think that writing sentences without capital letters is OK.
Reminds me of the Ebonics debates.
@RobertHarvey People under 25 have never heard of the Ebonics debates...
@RobertHarvey How dare you oppress my innate right to be lazy!
7:20 PM
@RobertHarvey That's a referee doing 'field goal good' ... right?
Yo, bro.
The Village People were playing at Epcot in Orlando 2 weekends back. The boat driver was trying to drum up interest for them by announcing the schedule over the PA system. I totally trolled him by deadpanning "Village People? Who's that? I've never heard of them."
@GlenH7 Thats a modern group that is composed of musicians from rural Africa.... I heard they got over here by joining the navy and now stay at the YMCA.
Side bit... I hope it wasn't the original band... I'm not sure, but the biker guy without a shirt and... 70? could be disturbing.
@MichaelT He started to list a few of their songs, saw me smiling, and realized he had been played.
7:24 PM
@MichaelT I didn't head over to that side of World Showcase when they were playing, but my understanding is that it's as many of the original band members as possible. Dunno if they kept to their original costumes though...
7:56 PM
SO makes me sad sometimes.
Q: maven cargo deploy to war file to tomcat8 works on windows machine

NimChimpskyHowever on deployment to linux machine, get the following error : the container configuration directory "/BuildAgent/work/68d4a71c8dc5cfd9/target/cargo/configurations/tomcat8x" does not exist. Please configure the container before attempting to perform any local deployment. The releva...

That title is awful
8:07 PM
8:32 PM
@RobertHarvey you can read that block as (functionParam => functionBody)(actualParam) which is simply doing three things in one statement: Declare function, instantiate function, execute function (with given parameter)
9:02 PM
@RobertHarvey ahh... shuffling.
shuffle shuffle shuffle
I have an animal gif here
some kind of adorable rodent that shuffles up to the camera
9:20 PM
Ugh, cleanup needed on Aisle "Opinionated opinions seeking validation": programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/236551/…
I really don't appreciate the casual slur in there either.
@Zeroth Blam (oded)
And a speedy delete on it.
(the real answer is, of course, he's never been exposed to php programmers...)
9:24 PM
I forgot I could edit it myself.
@MichaelT the real answer is, of course, he should go get his CPA and leave our industry alone
I would say they're likely fairly young, that or overcompensating for a lack of skill with overconfidence and aggression
> Yes, yes; I see you.
9:28 PM
how would I ensure a method only runs on load of a form, without using a boolean state var?
@Zeroth Javascript?
no, c++/delphi
its a method that can be called when recalculating data
but I only want it called the once.
I will think.
Ahh, stand alone then... dunno.
eh, it wouldn't be so important if this entire section wasn't so goddamn arcane.
side-effects everywhere
@GlenH7 It was going pretty well til I got diagnosed with an ear infection on thursday. Definitely put me behind on the schedule, but I think I'll be able to do the whole thing in <60 minutes
9:51 PM
Nice, content-free answer.
A: What to do as an intermediate programmer?

JB KingFirst of all, do you acknowledge the contradiction between being a "complete noob" and being able to solve a problem if given one? I wonder how well do you own your past of what you've done and that you have learned some of the basics. As for the "what now" part of the question, have you conside...

I'm out of close votes - can't get that 5th on there.
10:40 PM
@Zeroth the value is null or has your value. no bool needed.
oh method running
yeah, you need a state flag if you want to guard, otherwise just be sure you only ever fire the method once.
yeah its going to be necessary :/
@Zeroth What's wrong with having some state to ensure you don't re-execute the code?
The code I'm working in is 11 years old
Personally I'd cache the method result rather than having a bool check and the method on entrance just returns that value ?? execute
Its about the most complicated and obtuse piece of code in the application
10:50 PM
@Zeroth why is code so commonly obtuse, but never acute?
one(of the five main code files) is 8000 lines
there's complex inheritance issues, years of crufty design, no refactoring
@Zeroth the source control server could have a terrible mishap.
Our current dev goals are to A) not add to cruft where possible and B) clean up cruft we're directly dealing with if risk is low or time is available
so adding a state variable is adding cruft, and I wanted to find a way to avoid it.
@JimmyHoffa Basically, I'm adding extra state information to a bunch of objects, and that state information can range from 0 objects to more than 1.
@Zeroth why not add state to one object which holds the flags in a dictionary so each new object just has to reference it's slot in the dictionary to see if it should/shouldn't fire the method
then all those objects don't need state added to them, but just referencing state maintained centrally where you may centralize and DRY up any logic about that decision
Hmm, interesting, but doesn't work. Oh well. :) I might have an idea overnight.
10:58 PM
@Zeroth Good luck with that, 11 year old code is never so cut and dry, I know how that goes.
I deal in scheduling software.
Basically, its a whole series of might-be-aligned might-be-overlapped time blocks with different data in them
offs, ons, reliefs, empty shifts, etc
@Zeroth hah yeah, discrete event processing is always colorful; I had to do a lot of that with some medical device software I worked on, two uploads may have duplicates, or overlaps in various ways of discrete events previously uploaded and we'd have to merge the events etc so lots of discrete event boundary comparison shit
New feature, which means new state, and said feature offers a... fourth list of time blocks
wonderful :D
@Zeroth I found drawing timelines on the whiteboard constantly a necessity when I was messing with that code
Yep. Luckily, most of that isn't needed here, or there are code base helper methods to do the work for me.
actually, I am going to steal some of that, cache the results
if the cache has items, don't call the method, otherwise call method that fills cache.
and caching the results helps solve an algorithmic validation I had to do. Thanks!
aaaaand IDE dies.

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