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12:02 AM
@AnnonomusPerson ... I would say yeah, it's more of an SR question. It's not really Arduino specific. (cc @Undo)
@Undo migrate maybe to SR?
Hmm... I'm not saying this is true, but it looks like the OP posted this for reputation... no idea. Or maybe just to share a good tool...
Ah, new UTC day.
Yeah, I got a silver badge today!
You know, every time I'm on Earth Science, I think I'm on Spanish (espanol). :P
I keep forgetting I'm UTC+3 now...
stupid DST
12:08 AM
@AnnonomusPerson What one?
Ironically, I got it on meta before on main on Arduino!!!
I visit every day in my time zone, but it seems like I skip a day sometimes with UTC
Ah. I've gotten two Fanatics. Shows how much time I spend on SE. :P
Did you know it's impossible to get every badge on any SE site?
You lie! :P
No I don't. I can prove it.
No one has gotten every badge on SO. Let me show you!
12:13 AM
Yeah, you can really get every badge except for the tag badges.
There are few people who even have the chance to get all badges (excluding all tag badges ofc)
No you can not.
@AnnonomusPerson y?
I can't get all badges because I can't get analytical
@3ventic I got it!
12:14 AM
I joined after it retired
I don't have it either.
@hichris The one above clashes with Marshall. It's impossible to be on the pro team and flag 500 things.
@hichris123 Haha noobs! :P
@AnnonomusPerson Not really. :P
Even though my early days of SE weren't that great....
But pro-tem mods need to be elected to stay as moderators after site graduation, no?
12:15 AM
I call them the "giv mez the codes" days*
@3ventic Yes
*They weren't that bad actually, but I wasn't an exceptional new user.
So they could serve as pro-tem for beta period, take a year off flagging things, get elected as a moderator again to get the other mod badge
Yes but who would do that? :P
Diamondyness is addictive, just like caffeine
@3ventic ... or just get kicked off as mod after 1 year by flagging everything as rofl.
that would work too I guess
@hichris123 It has to be helpful flags
12:17 AM
You can handle your own flags though?
@AnnonomusPerson You just mark them all as helpful.
@3ventic Yeah. Though there's usually no point unless you're testing something.
True, forgot that part :P
@hichris123 You could be leaving a flag for an employee to check
But you're still limited with flags as a mod.
But I guess you have better channels for that
12:18 AM
@3ventic Yeah, but then you wouldn't handle it.
@hichris123 Leave the flag > contact an employee through other means > mark it as helpful
And I know another badge no one has gotten:
Hacker's Badge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@AnnonomusPerson LIES!
in Room for Oded and hichris123 on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Jan 29 at 20:58, by Oded
Nick just said he is giving you the hacker badge
^ There. :P
Who got it?
12:20 AM
@AnnonomusPerson Me. :D
> in Room for Oded and hichris123
@AnnonomusPerson ... you can't dispute oneboxes. :P
How come it oneboxes even though the link shows 404?
Jan 29 at 23:27, by Undo
Me no get hacker badge? ;(
So where's the link to your hacker badge then?
12:22 AM
@3ventic Private room, I'm on the access list so it lets me onebox it.
@AnnonomusPerson no file s being uploaded
like I said, it's LOCAL
Saying and doing are two completely different things. I can say that you're my friend, but you're really my subject @hichris123 :P (joking!)
@3ventic ... hmm.... :P
12:22 AM
@ManishEarth Hmmm.........
1 hour ago, by ManishEarth
this is for hosting a file locally and using it for testing
^ by this I meant "locally on the devs own computer"
locally on the user's computer
we're not supposed to be there :p
so dev
devs are users too
... or are they? conspiracy theory alert!
12:24 AM
Invests in gold :D
a localhost:// URL makes no sense if it's loading the resource from the server. It's equivalent to use the external URL since localhost:// would usually have an external counterpart
I hate it when simply being called a developer causes people to treat you like something special
> his is a new answer - will it blend? This is a new answer - will it blend? This is a new answer - will it blend? This is a new answer - will it blend? This is a new answer - will it blend? This is a new answer - will it blend?
12:26 AM
I meant "Stack Exchange developer" there
^ Nope, SE devs aren't humans.
because they would host files on their local machines and tweak the css that way
When I play on my game server, almost everyone's very polite. When I check the chat logs for when I'm not playing... you get the point.
I notice the same behavior pretty much everywhere
@3ventic heh
I didn't mean it that way though :/
@3ventic You could play a good prank with that :)
12:28 AM
Yeah, just a sort of related thingy to mention
devs ARE different in the sense that they use a wider set of features
ah, k
Wait... I just realized I could change anyone's profile across all SE sites if I wanted to.....
Time to sleep as it's 3.30 in the morning
@AnnonomusPerson yes
@AnnonomusPerson Though you'd get in trouble. :P
12:30 AM
Anyone's or just those registered on your site?
@hichris123 Not if it's on April fool's day! Yeah, IK
@3ventic on Arduino, yes, but it will affect the whole network.
feature-request: mods can set the date to April Fools' any time they want.
Apr 9 at 17:12, by Undo
> Apr 9 user has been banned from review You ate a marshmallow once.
duration = 1 days by Undo
leaves for his warm bed
@3ventic [status-YES!!!]
12:31 AM
@3ventic ... that's already been requested, kinda.
Q: Allow Stack Exchange Moderators access to April Fools Day for entire April Fools Day Period

George StockerAs a moderator (and somewhat de facto first line of support when things go awry), it's helpful when we can reproduce issues and see what the users are seeing. With the latest April Fools Day (Unicoin, I think), we have no visibility into any changes until they happen in our timezone, causing us ...

@Undo Here?!?!
Welp, apparently Shog activated a custom-off topic reason for mSO for unicoins.
> "This question was asked in regards to the 2014 April Fools feature, "Unicoins". Since it is no longer April 1st, Unicoins are now considered off-topic." – Shog9
1:11 AM
I think Jon likes our site a lot. :D
@AnnonomusPerson yup
@Undo Got it handled already
oh, that question?
Yeah, we don't want it :P
I was wondering if you saw a way to improve.
That question I wouldn't expect anyone to accept in it's current state :)
Hey: anyone solder here?
@AnnonomusPerson no we aren't.
1:23 AM
Why does it say 25 close votes and 10 flags??? Or does it override that?
Ahh... They should remove that.
it never goes down :P
Never had to flag in my mod history, nor closed more than one question a UTC day.
1:44 AM
A: Checkbox size

Cristian LibardoThis is hard to do cross-browser. Roger Johansson has investigated this rather extensively.

65 votes and link only????
1:54 AM
not link-only
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning1 forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

2:26 AM
@ManishEarth is this repo private?
It showed up in my timeline, but 404's if I try to go to it.
6 hours later…
8:18 AM
@Undo deleted. I'd almost found a vulnerability in GH
5 hours later…
1:22 PM
@ManishEarth ah
7 hours later…
7:55 PM
8:07 PM
I have to rewrite at least half of my JS because I realized I didn't factor a certain button in :(
waits for mSE while participating on Earth Science
@Seth ... day in the life of a developer. :P
8:33 PM
@hichis On?
@AnnonomusPerson I'm around.
One minute... two chats and one question open....
It's still not answerable, because there's no definite solution. All of us mods have taked and we feel this type of "list question" that's not accpetable anywhere on SE should be allowed here. Rewording the title and a setence doesn't make it a good question for our site. If you can make it more specific (i.e. add all of your requirements), it might be a better fit. //cc: @JRobert — Annonomus Person ♦ 2 mins ago
@hichris123 Fixed it myself...
I've gotten 137 rep on ES today.
in Earth Science, 11 mins ago, by Jon Ericson
@hichris123 Don't tell anyone, but people on our team are already napping so that they will be prepared for problems later in wee hours of the night.
8:52 PM
@hichris For ES, would this be a good question?:
> Why is my hammer so durable, but it can burn?
I'm tempted to ask it :P
You would need to explain what the hammer was made of.
Other than that, it's fine. (I think) :P
Okay... opens new tab
@hichris123 That's just the title to intrigue people ;)
> interested in the geology, meteorology, oceanography, and environmental sciences.
^ Would it fall under that?
8:54 PM
Someone tell me why I should join ES and I will :P
(a wild doorknob appeared!)
@Doorknob ... because I love it?
@Doorknob To vote for @hichris for ♦!
in Earth Science, 39 mins ago, by hichris123
So... I'm spending my time answering/asking questions here while waiting for Meta Stack Exchange. :D
How about I join that if you agree to join Code Golf? :P
8:55 PM
@hichris123 Well it has to do with moderational purposes so should I post it in meta?!?! Does it really fall into the scope?
@Doorknob ... I already have an account.
@hichris123 Fine, participate on Code Golf. :P
@AnnonomusPerson Hmm... there was this meta question, but it's not quite what you were talking about...
@Doorknob Okay.
Alright then, I'm signing up there :P
And it's not Code Golf, it's P&CG.
8:57 PM
@hichris123 Same difference!
@hichris123 Puzzles & Code Golf? And anyway, the URL is codegolf
Doorknob, Texas
@Doorknob Okay, PP&CG. But that's just weird.
@hichris123 There's nothing like a good borderline off topic question in beta to really bring focus to a problem in the scope.... it's related IMO but that's more of the scientific portion (chemical changes) where ES seems to be more nature and weather.
@hichris123 Usually we call it PPCG or just CG.
@AnnonomusPerson That seems to be on topic, yup, try asking it.
Jan 20 at 21:43, by Undo
> Hi, I'm a random guy on the interwebs. I would like to get a diamond so that I can burn comments faster and with less supervision. Plz vote for me!
^ That's the best one. :D
It worked!
9:07 PM
@hichris123 I have no idea what to ask or answer on ES though! :P
@Doorknob Come up with something, then! :P
But I'm clueless about all that rock and dirt stuff :P
@Doorknob Silly doorknob, you should know humans are better at finding duplicates than door(knob)s! :P — hichris123 26 secs ago
lol :D
@hichris What should I tag it?
For those confused about the title, there's a joke that every moderator has a "diamond hammer" (diamond from the little `♦` by the username). In a [chat discussion](http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/11540?m=14796232#14796232), it was brought to my attention that a diamond *can* burn (which makes total sense because it's pure carbon) after I got a notification in orange in the topbar of SE.

Anyway my question is **why can something so durable be able to burn?** I would imagine that there would be a relationship between flammability and durability, especially since metal cannot burn.*
@AnnonomusPerson Geology... hmm...
Q: Why is my ♦ hammer (i.e. diamond) so durable, but it can burn?

Annonomus PersonFor those confused about the title, there's a joke that every moderator has a "diamond hammer" (diamond from the little ♦ by the username). In a chat discussion, it was brought to my attention that a diamond can burn (which makes total sense because it's pure carbon) after I got a notification in...

9:13 PM
-1: we're often compared to Wikipedia. I'm not saying that it's perfect, but, like SE, it usually works out. Also, most WP info is sourced, so you can verify that information. If an expert here sees something wrong, they can comment. Also, it it's a common knowledge thing, why should you have to spend ten minutes digging up a source for a one minute answer? — Annonomus Person 33 secs ago
private beta, can't see :(
A: Why is my ♦ hammer (i.e. diamond) so durable, but it can burn?

Doorknob It is bond strength, not hardness, that determines how easily oxygen can attack and burn a material, allowing me to burn a diamond in a pool of liquid oxygen resting in a block of graphite. Diamond is hard because its bonds form an inflexible, three-dimensional lattice. However, the stre...

First answer?
@hichris ^ There, now I posted on ES. You're obligated to post on Code Golf now :P
Aww. :(
9:22 PM
in Earth Science, 53 mins ago, by Jon Ericson
@hichris123 Don't tell anyone, but people on our team are already napping so that they will be prepared for problems later in wee hours of the night.
You keep telling everyone, you've posted that three times! :)
... no, only twice. :P
Close enough.
Is there a teaching SE site @hichris?
@AnnonomusPerson Well, there's Academia...
9:27 PM
Q: Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014

Tim PostNot all of them mind you, just Meta Stack Overflow into Meta Stack Exchange. I'll have you know, factually, that we really did believe this would take place in six-to-eight weeks when it was originally announced, but we've finally got a tentative date established. If things go according to plan...

^ Watch the vote count.
I know, they're talking about this in Tavern
@Doorknob ... I was talking to Annon. :P
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 26 secs ago, by hichris123
@3ventic Should I play with the vote buttons for you? :P
needs to repcap on ES
9:32 PM
A: Is Earth Science education off topic?

Annonomus PersonIt really depends on the question. If it's just coincidentally related to school, then it's fine. Examples: My student asked me this question: [insert question]. Good! My student is failing the class, how can I help him succeed? Not really... Where should we go on a feild trip? Too localized. ...

The first two days we should produce a lot of questions, then ask more questions, but focus on good answers. No answer is better than bunch of bad answers on the release of public beta. Robert said himself that we should not focus on quantity, but quality. We don't want to manufacture hospital food in large batches, we want a little culinary perfection to share with the world and demonstrate to new users how they should answer and ask. — Annonomus Person 6 secs ago
FIRST COMMENT!!!! — Doorknob 1 min ago
(for @Annon) Evan Carroll is... a troll.
waits for him to come in here
@hichris123 Why?
A: Should negative reputation be discouraged?

ire_and_cursesEvan Carroll is a special case. He's not your average troll. He has thousands of points on Stack Overflow. Clearly, he 'gets' the system, and is in fact a valuable contributor. This strengthens the case that he is deliberately trolling Meta, and not just being completely clueless time after time....

9:37 PM
Oh a bot?
Many meta posts mention him. :P
And... he has a Wiki page that's... strange.
@AnnonomusPerson Nah, an actual human.
How do you know he's coming?
Should I leave :)?
@AnnonomusPerson He might. :P
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Apr 12 at 1:57, by Evan Carroll
@hichris123 I AM EVAN CARROLL!!!
A note: if you can't get a user to join right away, see if you can find something that they want to know, post it here, and after it receives a lot of attention point them to here. This works with almost anyone, really. — Annonomus Person 20 secs ago
Ahh wasted a hour on ES Meta
9:41 PM
Not exactly happy as I need to work on a project and finish by next Friday....
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 33 secs ago, by Tim Post
Just kidding all, we're not really splitting. This was the most elaborate hoax for a rep-cap EVAR.
9:55 PM
Nooo, I have to leave now! I'll miss the split :-P
hopes it is postponed an hour
@Undo where are you? It's the split party!
10:06 PM
Hmm @Hichris not up yet...
Yep. goes to answer ES question in the mean time
Oh, @Annon join us!
@hichris123 It's a party?
@hichris In both rooms :)
What do you think the contest will be? Unicorn drawing?
Code related?
Emptying queues? :D
Who knows.
10:14 PM
Tim does!
Yay, I'll have 2k on mSE! And 3k on mSO!
@hichris123 He's only migrating like 100 or so questions to mSO to start IIRC.
@AnnonomusPerson Yeah, I know. But mSO will be a normal child meta, so I'll have 3k from SO.
Ahh I see.
And now the dev team is talking about... stuff :)
A: Does a green or yellow sky actually indicate a tornado?

hichris123You know, there hasn't been too much research into this... but there has been some. For the most part, it's been proven that a green sky most likely means that a thunderstorm is coming. According to a researcher: Green is significant, but not proof that a tornado is on the way. A green clou...

A: Is fracking likely to produce earthquakes?

hichris123It's not too too likely, but it can happen. A few earthquakes have either been attributed to fracking, or the wastewater produced from fracking. According to the USGS (for more information, visit that page): Many questions have been raised about whether hydraulic fracturing — commonly know...

1 hour later…
11:51 PM
room topic changed to Charcoal HQ: Emergency fallout shelter for mSE split. Usually where comments are flagged and SE is hacked. Handy links: erwaysoftware.com/charcoal & erwaysoftware.com/charcoaldev (no tags)
Yay, badp is cyan again
I've got the powah
following the leader the leader the leader, we're following the leader wherever he may go...
hmmm... this isn't quite right though
Should we make a whole new room?
11:55 PM
room parent site changed to meta.stackoverflow.com
now we're talkin'
Oh, nice familiar theme :D
Except that now I don't have full modly powaz over the room :(

 Panic Room

Help! The Meta is exploding!

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