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12:45 AM
@Mr.Wizard. I'm available.
12:56 AM
@Mr.Wizard. Seems I've missed you again. We seem to be significantly out of phase. Have to leave now. Will be back at about 22:00 EDT.
2 hours later…
2:26 AM
@Mr.Wizard. Available again.
2:52 AM
@m_goldberg I feel bad now for bothering you over a truly trivial matter. I simply wanted to comment one of the posts you flagged.
@Mr.Wizard. Go ahead.
I try to be "blind" to user names when handling flags, but I noticed that I was dismissing one of your flags and that doesn't happen too often.
Regarding this post:
A: Parallel evaluation and memory use

user13718On a regular basis i have subkernels eating up my Memory. Still have not a great solution however if finished anyway (Or between two ParallelTables) I handle this problem via: CloseKernels[];LaunchKernels[]; This frees the memory of the subkernels.

Flags are intended to bring issues to a moderator's attention for action. I don't see what action I could or should take in this case.
It is not a non-answer (and you did not flag it as such) so I wouldn't delete it. What then?
I am asking these questions earnestly. Perhaps I don't understand my job, or the reason you flagged this.
@m_goldberg Please, what do you think?
@Mr.Wizard. I flagged because it seemed to very low quality. Not clear enough to be useful to others because I couldn't understand it myself. I expected a moderator, you in this case, to pass judgement on it. I accept whatever judgement you arrive at.
OK, that's fair. Sorry if I made this into more than it should be; I just want to make sure I'm doing a good job.
@m_goldberg Please keep up the good work you do here.
@Mr.Wizard. I don't mind if my flags get rejected. That's what moderators are for. I do try to flag correctly, but my judgement is not alway spot on, so I'm glad that flags are reviewed by moderators. I'm also glad the most are accepted.not
3:04 AM
@m_goldberg Okay. :-) By the way, accepted/rejected stats are no longer public (and haven't been for years) so that people don't worry too much about a rejected flag, and that's the way it should be.
I've got to go now, but thanks for discussing it.
@Mr.Wizard. bye.
4 hours later…
6:50 AM
Hi all!
I'm searching for fuzzy regression related stuff (linear and non linear), on Mathematica. Any sources of information?
2 hours later…
9:06 AM
@kirma ugh. Renaming all the products, we can perhaps excuse as a strange and overzealous approach to marketing. But calling "a branch of basic science" after himself... well, now we know he's gone off the deep end, I suppose.
4 hours later…
1:43 PM
@kirma @OleksandrR. so so far of the deep end.
2 hours later…
3:20 PM
posted on April 16, 2014 by Wolfram Blog Team

Professor Malcolm Levitt is Head of Magnetic Resonance at the University of Southampton and a leader in the field of magnetic resonance research. In the early 2000s, he began programming SpinDynamica—a set of Mathematica packages that run spin dynamical calculations—to explore magnetic resonance concepts and develop experiments. SpinDynamica is an open-source package that Professor

3 hours later…
6:03 PM
Hey people
Anyone received an email from a guy at Uni of San Diego?
6:35 PM
7:32 PM
@Rojo You also got the janitor job opening warning?
8:18 PM
@belisarius I wish I had more mopping experience
1 hour later…
9:48 PM
I have a piece of code that compiles fine, but during run-time gives me the errors/warnings "CompiledFunction::cfse: Compiled expression {Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null} should be a machine-size real number. >>
CompiledFunction::cfex: Could not complete external evaluation at instruction 490; proceeding with uncompiled evaluation. >>
Can some one help me?
10:01 PM
@Kai can you help me?

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