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1:00 PM
One close vote now (not mine). A dupe of Robusto's Marvellous Tense Timeline?
Q: How do the tenses in English correspond temporally to one another?

RobustoNon-native speakers often get confused about what the tenses in English mean. With input from some of the folk here I've put together a diagram that I hope will provide some clarity on the matter. I offer it as the first answer to this question. Consider it a living document. Input is welcome, ...

That's a good link for it, anyway.
Hee, I'm excited, there's a minor cockroach infestation in our building ♪
I can't parse "minor" and "cockroach infestation" in the same sentence.
@GraceNote You're going to call them "cute", aren't you?
@Rhodri I was going to think it without actually stating it, since I figured my giddiness and glee made my opinion of them very implicit.
1:13 PM
@RegDwight Technically, only 3 have been spotted (I almost fell right on a poor one on the way down the stairs, didn't see the critter), but it's generally a sign that so many seen in so short a time means more.
@RegDwight Wow, Pacerier's running a number on English as well?
> Maybe the least offensive thing to do would be to not chastise people (yourself or otherwise) on the basis of their perceived mental adeptness. Sugarcoating an offensive idea doesn't make the idea of it less offensive. – nohat♦ Aug 12 '10 at 23:02
3? That sounds like a serious infestation. Kakerlaken, euch.
Actually, I'm not going to wait for close votes or comments.
@z7sg Kakerlaken?
1:16 PM
German for cockroaches?
German for Gummi bears.
(Zvensg is German?)
I doubt he is, because "Kakerlaken, euch" doesn't really make sense.
He plans to move to NRW though.
You were around when we discussed that.
No it's Dschömmen for lakes of poo.
@GraceNote — If you see even one, you are infested.
1:18 PM
@RegDwight I thought we were talking about Pekka
yesterday, by RegDwight
I see. Pekka out, z7sg in.
@Robusto Sometimes you get the rare and adorable lone rogue.
@RegDwight Dropped it off the front page.
We only started talking about Pekka after that.
@GraceNote — I am impressed by your imagination or your sang froid ... can't decide which is greater.
1:19 PM
@RegDwight Suddenly that message makes more context now than it did when I read it yesterday.
Q: what's the antonym for abbreviation?

Pacerierwhat's a better word to say than "long-form" ? unabbreviated ain't a word at all: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/unabbreviation

@GraceNote In hot countries, maybe yes, they do venture inside in search of moisture. But in temperate regions you can usually bet safely they are not alone.
I wonder if I should issue one last warning or just get rid of him.
@z7sg My usual experience with cockroaches (of quite the larger variety) is in Taiwan, so I guess that lends credence to that impression.
@RegDwight — What's the S/N ratio on him like?
1:20 PM
@Robusto I'm not sure which of those applies here, honestly
@Robusto S/N? Too lazy to google.
@RegDwight I'm asking the other moderators about their experience to see if they can give some advice - Pacerier has been bothersome elsewhere as well.
@RegDwight Signal-to-noise
Truth be told, I checked just yesterday and was actually impressed by the amount of signal.
The first pageful of his questions has only 2 with votes > 0. That's not good.
@RegDwight — And when were you ever too lazy to Google? Let me go outside and check if the sky is falling.
@Robusto Today. And yes.
@Rhodri Are you looking at the same user?
Yeah, I figured that the second I posted the image.
And that's what I was going to say anyhow.
@RegDwight As @Grace said. I forgot I had "Newest" selected
1:24 PM
My next question will be "Is there a term for a black, left-handed, gay a capella group?" And the only answer I will accept will be: "Yes. It's called a vocal minority."
Vote to close as "not a single word"
As in, "I checked just yesterday and was actually impressed by the amount of signal, BUT recently it has been deteriorating".
@Rhodri — D'oh!
Wow, another CHAOS member.
Hi @AarthiDevanathan
1:25 PM
We're being invaded by pitchforks! Aiii! :-)
wow, Jeff's getting his homies on ELU
Chaosian. Chaosite. Chaostity.
just popping in -- i was wondering what one would call a "black, left-handed, gay a capella group"
Looks like the peter-meter just went off somewhere. A two-alarm fire.
prepare for pitchfork pokage
1:26 PM
@GraceNote You misspelled Chomsky.
i shall brandish mine with fervor!
Right, and hi @AbbyTMiller
@RegDwight Chaosky. Brilliant!
That's how you roll.
@RegDwight hi!
1:26 PM
@GraceNote — Chaomsky is better.
morning @all
Wow, four chaomskyites and the evangelical linguist. I can't handle that.
'lo, @JSBangs and @Martha and @Abby
Holy Frigga, it's an invasion!
@Reg who are you calling an evangelical?
1:27 PM
you might call us a mob.
Flesh flash mob.
we have the pitchforks already
@JSBangs You wanted to have it on a plaque.
a very small mob, but at least we have pitchforks.
We should form a phalanx
1:27 PM
holy cow, we have a lot of chaomskies here
any particular reason, or are we just the funnest chat room?
What's going on here? im scared
Jul 1 at 14:57, by RegDwight
Basically we're all on the same page here, but only the evangelical linguist is eloquent enough.
Jul 1 at 14:58, by JSBangs
@RegDwight can i get that on a plaque here?
boobs, tits.
@Kit Kit! ::looks around for @Martha::
Well, we are pretty awesome.
1:28 PM
@Jez totally
Are these folks the unicorn hunters I've heard talk of?
@Rhodri You rang?
I'm really disappointed that nobody gave me even a lazy thwack for "vocal minority" ...
@z7sg Yes. I have four horns already.
@Robusto thwack whatever
1:29 PM
@Martha Yes. We are getting invaded. We need your mad Hungarian Defense.
@RegDwight well, ok, you can call me eloquent, but don't call me an evangelical
@Martha Thwackage required, m'lady. Kit is being Kit :-)
please don't conflate "christian" with "evangelical", no matter how much the evangelicals would like you to
@Rhodri Wait, what?
@RegDwight (1) Why the hate, and (2) I'm almost certain this is a dupe, but I can't find it.
1:29 PM
@JSBangs I am not quoting myself about not linking to that Wikipedia article on joke again again.
@Martha: Oh, look ...
5 mins ago, by Robusto
My next question will be "Is there a term for a black, left-handed, gay a capella group?" And the only answer I will accept will be: "Yes. It's called a vocal minority."
@AarthiDevanathanΨ Waaa keep your pitchforks away from me! I'm outta here guys!
@RegDwight understood
@AarthiDevanathan @AbbyTMiller Welcome! I don't recognize you.
2 mins ago, by Kit
Flesh flash mob.
1:30 PM
We're pitchforks. (Chaomskys?)
You can look innocent all you like, oh fennec :-)
@Martha I am not hating on that particular one. I haven't even downvoted it. You gotta catch up, though.
@Rhodri Come on. That's not even funny.
Ok. This is getting out of hand. THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK. There. I think I got everybody.
1:31 PM
@Rhodri Fennec to you, Mr. Fancypants McGee!
@Martha — I need to be singled out for special thwackage.
@RegDwight Speaking of which... this is my one-a-day reminder of our chat. :)
@Kit Oops. ::sweeps evidence under carpet, whistling quietly::
@Robusto Hold on, I'm still trying to catch up. But here, have a THWACK to tide you over.
@MrHen Yes, yes, and I suppose this is my "I am awfully sorry" of the day.
1:32 PM
All right, I'm out. I just wanted to know the single-word response for a "black, left-handed, gay a capella group" since I did (show/madrigal) choir for years and years.
¡Vaya con dios, todos!
@RegDwight No worries :) I feel compelled to bring it up at least once just because I'll forget about it myself, otherwise.
Have fun, Aarthi.
Glad we could help.
@RegDwight Let's look at it this way: 54 questions, no answers.
@AarthiDevanathanΨ — You may feel free to quote me. But if you use the name in an actual a capella group, I will need some royalties, I think. Or at least comp tickets for the performances.
@AarthiDevanathanΨ Hmm... now I am curious... are there black, left-handed, gay a capella groups?
1:34 PM
@Kit Frankly, that's actually a huge plus in my book.
@MrHen I'm pretty sure I know a group that includes at least one of each of those categories but not one that is comprised entirely of.
@Kit this wouldn't be a problem, except that his questions are so dumb
There are people who should not be in the business of answering questions on this site.
Of the ten most recent, four are closed, and of the remaining open questions, two are in the negative.
Yoichi has never answered anything, for example, but he's not a problem
1:35 PM
@Kit That's not illegal, though. If he doesn't feel capable of answering questions, he shouldn't answer questions.
@RegDwight Like me!
@RegDwight @JSB @Martha I'm not done yet!
@GraceNote You always drag yourself into the focus like that.
@GraceNote So... then we are working with band. Got it.
@RegDwight You keep trying to get me to post answers!
1:35 PM
So then
@GraceNote Of course.
50 secs ago, by Kit
Of the ten most recent, four are closed, and of the remaining open questions, two are in the negative.
@Kit Yeah, so? You mean we're not supposed to jump all over you? Since when?
@Kit heh. don't you hate it when the room moves too fast for you to finish your thought?
@RegDwight Yeah, can you imagine what the answers would look like?
1:36 PM
@Kit! @Kit! @Kit! I have something to say!!! I dunno what it is but it is at you! @Kit!!!
@MrHen I don't even want to begin to imagine that.
It is also telling that this name came up during the drama-fest and all of the visiting blues went, "Oh, that guy."
Seriously though. I did comment on one of his questions earlier today.
He went on to post the fucker question.
Q: What does it mean to say that "speed is bias towards utilitarian"

PacerierWhat does it mean to say that "speed is bias towards utilitarian" ? source: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/03/mf_larrypage/all/1

Compare to his first ten questions, only two are closed.
So he's been declining rather than improving.
@MrHen I mentioned that I'm trying to get some comment from the others on his actions on other sites. His name still comes up.
Didn't we have a canonical wax question somewhere?
Q: what does " waxed rhapsodic about the" mean

FedorSee context below: Bloomberg is well known for his malapropisms and mispronunciations: he's introduced former Yankee manager Joe Torre as "Joe Torres," waxed rhapsodic about the famous singing duo "Simon and Garfinkle," and referred to Shania Twain as "Shun-agua Twain" and Tim McGraw as...

1:40 PM
He appears to be designing a cut-rate dating site and wants us to do all the word-work, from naming the damn thing to coming up with a catchy slogan.
@Kit reminds me of the Ukrainian Butcher.
Jul 5 at 18:53, by RegDwight
But now he's back to using us as a proof-reading service for stuff he posts on the dating subreddit.
Q: Is there any other way you can "wax" as you do when you "wax philosophical"?

BillareThe wax in the phrase "wax philosophical" is a pretty strange bird. Its wax is obviously not the ordinary definition of wax, which my dictionary summarizes as an "oily, water-resistant substance", a definition which also serves as a fair summary of other, closely related "waxes", as in earwax or...

Not as a dupe, that is, but just as waxing in general
@GraceNote Yeah, that is probably the one
@GraceNote — Well, I can think of some: Hollywood, Brazilian ...
Landing strip ...
@RegDwight the idiom to wax rhapsodic is arguably different from general waxing
and i've answered along those lines
1:42 PM
@RegDwight Yeah, totally.
Mar 16 at 21:35, by RegDwight
OMG, I so resisted making that stoopid joke, but sure enough, Robusto goes for it.
Q: Apostrophe vs. Single Quote

Saeed NeamatiWhat is the semantic difference between apostrophe and single quote? I see people use both of them interchangeably, but we people never create two words to denote one concept. There should be a difference.

@RegDwight — You are admirable in your restraint, once again. Here, have a cookie.
check out my comment and reply from Saeed
Somebody needs to post some good questions. Our front page is getting pretty polluted.
1:44 PM
i can't even understand what he's trying to say
@JSBangs Selbst schuld. You should know better than run into a knife like that.
@Kit I'd say "At least you're not getting this stuff", but... then Pacerier had that one question.
@JSBangs Duh. Synonyms are interchangeable. They are not the exact same thing!
@GraceNote I'm getting plenty of that stuff.
this is such a whorehouse
@Kit I'm a fool for just checking the front page right now as if to confirm that, aren't I?
1:47 PM
@JSBangs Seriously though, I think he must mean "Why are there two names for the same punctuation mark?" In other words, it would be like calling the letter A "A" and "Rufus."
@JSBangs — I gave you some props for that one.
@Kit that question was well answered by drm
@JSBangs He did a good job guessing what the poster was asking.
@Kit i <3 drm
he's one of the best new users we've gotten
drm is freaky. has the same initials as my dad.
1:50 PM
His question is kind of like "What is it when you put four things and do it five many times?" And drm answered "20" like he's psychic or something.
@Jez and an unpopular system for protecting digital media!
@Jez — And "digital rights management" as well.
@Robusto jinx
here's your non-meta coke
1:50 PM
You're too late. Where's me coke?
Drm nominally resembles a Drm I know, which was an abbreviation for Dream, which means that @Robusto is at fault.
@GraceNote — What's with the dropped vowels? We ain't speakin' Hebrew here, pal.
that should be someone's nick, metajinx
@Robusto Hejudas if I know, I ain't the one who called hisself DrmChsr
@Robusto maybe you aren't speaking hebrew
1:52 PM
Noöne is not speaking Hebrew here.
@GraceNote — Nor am I. I don't chase dreams, I become them.
@RegDwight but someone's using nonstandard accents
Tremas, Jez.
@RegDwight — Noöne ... is that a Hebrew name? Wait, you mean Nn (pronounced nu).
He was actually from Singapore, if I think about it.
1:53 PM
Tremas is a mediocre film
about giant worms
@GraceNote — If you don't think about it does he have to go back to Singapore?
@Jez Thwack!
did i mention this office smells like manure?
You did.
1:56 PM
@JSBangs — My Hebrew vocabulary is limited to a very few words: shalom aleichem, bris, mitzvah, mezuzzah, yarmulke ... plus holidays and various foods.
All I know about Hebrew I learned from Uri Geller.
Echad, schtaim, schalosch!
You are working on our minds then, spoonbender.
the power of Jehova can bend spoons
@Robusto i am always secretly speaking hebrew, or else the secret Enochian tongue that infidels cannot be allowed to hear. i just translate it to English when i type
@Jez owes me a coke.
1:57 PM
You can't handle that much coke, Rob. Slow down.
@JSBangs — I thought hard-core Hassidim only spoke in numerology.
@RegDwight — Hey, I make Charlie Sheen look like Little Bo Peep. Don't tell me I can't bang 14-gram rocks!
You can bang them, but only once.

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