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12:12 AM
@vzn bad data :/
12:30 AM
so you think the whole thing was a mistake? did someone find it or you found it?
someone else found the mathematical error of the result, I found the program error
hmmm ok
a worthwhile direction of investigation nevertheless it seems
nothing ventured nothing gained
am thinking ought to do a blog on primes or riemann or something like that
awhile back sketched out another idea wrt factoring in SAT to explore. think it could go far toward explaining the hardness of the problem & maybe others. supported by many prior papers.
need to write up some of that too sometime...
hey are you still writing up an arxiv paper? hows that going? marzio recently published a new one that got major pro attn, did you see that?
I haven't started an arxiv paper
didnt you say you were working on a paper?
I was contributing to someone elses
12:43 AM
no kidding who?
in theory salon, yesterday, by vzn
Mario di Biasi showed Min TSP Tour co-NP-complete answering question http://bit.ly/1dsiygZ based on my blog post http://bit.ly/19V1FPQ
and contemplating writing up the answers I have on cs.SE
I am unsure if he wants me to say publicly
but not someone famous :P
marzio told me in chat the paper duplicates an earlier result (oops)
lol ok well if the paper is published it will be public soon enough...
what is the topic?
it is an NP-reduction
have you seen Vor's website?
he is way into NP-hardness reductions for games and puzzles :D
yes its a cool web site. might have commented on it dont recall
yes computational hardness of video games is a neat advanced topic. theres several papers out on it now. just saw a new one.
12:47 AM
another good blog topic, gotta cover that sometime.
I actually dreamed/designed a game that has NP-hard puzzles
a 3d game
a nice mix that takes away some of the formidable aura of TCS...
a funky factoid for you:
the chat software tracks top writers (by lines) in a chat room.
guess who's #1?
ps babibu your old friend showed up recently :\
he seems to have lost interest in TSP & is now working on sorting
with similarly stellar results :p
12:57 AM
r. spent a bit of time going over it... lol
well sorting is fun
so is TSP
either way he learning things
so thats some good news
:) gotta run l8r
1:14 AM
fondue break :)
spking of that, you defn have real teaching abilities... teaching in chat really challenging
1:25 AM
haha thanks
btw disappointed you deleted the question. think it served as useful record. now theres nothing. also went to some trouble to publicize it elsewhere eg MO, & now its just a 404 dead link.
but it is totally wrong :(
esp since you dont blog...
I don't want to keep the upvotes etc.
it serves as a useful record of a lot of decent effort.
imho you deserve the upvotes even with the mistake.
1:26 AM
nah, it was a very trivial mistake
dont like how many halfway decent questions vaporize without trace around se.
disagree "trivial"...
science advances thru this process, & its not always helpful to "airbrush away all blemishes"....
but IMO it was a non-question
aka photoshopping
1:28 AM
the question contained a mistake
2020 hindsight
just sayin.
ofc its your choice but want to let you know.
←leaves up all kinds of low-voted Q/A on se sites based on this "let it all hang out" philosophy
heck you even got upvotes. hah. whatever man.
←gets a lot of flak for it too. whatever
I am still doing R&D on this though
looking for correlations between different tests and prime-ness
let me know if you ever want to consider graph-analysis-based approaches
seems quite promising to me
1:32 AM
I can't really spend a lot of time on this
this is actually relevant to one of my projects
based on solid theory
another top secret project...?
yes :D
ah you would fit right in the "defense" industry
right there with Nakamoto :p
an awesome figure, right?
the lore
spking of that a bit, a new beta, have you heard of it
1:35 AM
nice :D
there is also something like area51 open science proposal... guess you saw that?
did you hear theres a $30K+ fund of BTC donations for dorian nakamoto? crazy world
I don't have time to spend on browsing area51 :P
me either but some topics/proposals are way cool...
1:36 AM
here is an idea
ability to upvote with bitcoin on SE :P
I wish
Open Science

Proposed Q&A site for scientists interested in openly sharing their research; for anyone interested in open access to research results; for publishers, librarians and other Open Science stakeholders.

Currently in definition.

but it is against SE policy
i.e they are against monetary tips
wow was just thinking something along those lines myself.
se needs to figure out a way to build incentives/prizes.
ah yeah I saw this @vzn
I am already following
there would be mass support for that.
1:37 AM
they have a blog post on it somewhere
er no
it was a long meta answer
they do have a program to donate $100 to charity for each mod. did you hear of that?
over $30k
no I haven't
do you have that link to the meta answer? yeah am very interested in that kind of stuff
no, but you can easily google it
here is one
but there are bigger ones
it gets asked often
yeah saw someone talking about it on tcs.se once
heres that 2013 giveback announcement
Robert Cartaino on December 23, 2013

This is a time of year of traditions and celebrations — and we have a tradition at Stack Exchange where we set this time aside each year to give back to the groups and organizations that need our help. Each year, we reach out to our moderators and offer to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each moderator for their Stack Exchange community. It’s just a small gesture of thanks for the tremendous amount of work every community has contributed to make this entire thing possible.

This “giving back” program actually goes waaay back to the beginning when we started with on …

1:44 AM
they used to have a stackexchange store with some swag, it got closed. too much administrative difficulty apparently.
they would occasionally award prizes from the store.
thought they would continue to scale it up but it went the exact opposite direction.
its like how as corps get bigger they take away benefits instead of adding them yaknow...
my big question for stackexchange is their so-called "exit strategy"...
do they want to go public some day? acquisition? usually staying private is not so much an option for dotcom startups with VC funds/investors chomping at the bit....
iiuc se started out as a ycombinator prj....
mmm dunno
wondering, do you have a day job?
more time for research :)
1:55 AM
anyone know sql or database
yes, but cs.SE prolly not right place for it
Hellovar sounds more like a stackoverflow thing
why does everyone say that!
1:56 AM
or that
@Hellovart cs.SE is more theoretical
not programming directly, unless it is about an idea, not an implementation
so, basically it is language agnostic
@Hellovart if your question is about databases in general, then it is appropriate
and ofc you can use sql to demonstrate the question
but if it is about SQL, then it is prolly not appropriate
anyway, doesn't hurt to ask it in chat
well it's about normalization
no one's gonna downvote you here :P
could be appropriate
i dont understand unnormalized form
users (userid, username)
the grouping of columns
1:59 AM
transactions (recipient_username, amount)
you see I used username twice
if the username every changes, I have to change it in both places
which can be error-prone, and annoying
if I had used user_id instead, it would be normalized
then, if the username changes, it requires changing it in one place
see that I get but it was the way my professor is teaching me, she is incredibly incoherent
grill the prof
you paying
if you listening and don't understand, don't let it pass
i'm paying to teach myself evidentally
2:02 AM
or paying to ask you in this case
well no problem here
I like teaching
then you should teach at my college because they hire graduate students
which is retarded
not a graduate student :/
why not
2:04 AM
too expensive
tell me about it, i had to pay an extra 250 dollars for a storytelling class,
has nothing to do with computer science
yeah, the system is insane, don't get me started
they'll lose out in the end though
like, i want to be able to get a job without having anything on my resume
is that so hard to ask
intern ?
actually my program has co op and if i keep a >= 3 gpa i might get in
2:06 AM
you make money on the job and it counts for credits
ah thats nice
child labor :P
ok so that's a table
i dont understand how to make that in UNF
clearly the projnum is the primary key
you can just make one table for UNF
I assume that means unnormalized form?
or somesuch?
yes, theres unf, 1nf 2nf and 3nf
2:08 AM
ah right
only those steps we need to know
gosh its been a long time
i failed test #2 im sure it was on normalization
got 99% on the normal sql commands
on first test
mmm yeah, I don't remember the differences between 1nf 2nf etc.
Database normalization is the process of organizing the fields and tables of a relational database to minimize redundancy and dependency. Normalization usually involves dividing large tables into smaller (and less redundant) tables and defining relationships between them. The objective is to isolate data so that additions, deletions, and modifications of a field can be made in just one table and then propagated through the rest of the database using the defined relationships. Edgar F. Codd, the inventor of the relational model, introduced the concept of normalization and what we now know a...
1nf gets rid of the multi valued dependency
from the the unf
whatever the hell that means
2:10 AM
so if you want it completely non-normalized,
you would make it one huge table
and duplicate
so the table-as-is
but, for the blank spots, you would duplicate it
yes, that's what my other examples look like
like: projectemp[projnum(pk), projname.....
apparently projects can have multiple employees
there is no need for a pk
because it has duplicates
projnum would not be pk
it would be employee-name
or num
oh wait
that is duplicated
it would have to combine several columns to make a pk
employees are used more than once in projects
so (project-num,employee-num) combination can be a pk
the professor said there needs to be at least one pk in the unf form
2:14 AM
well, you can add a unique-id column
or you can combine two columns for the key
23 mins ago, by Realz Slaw
no one's gonna downvote you here :P
lol except for all the mods & acolytes who will downvote/close it :(
here= in chat
exactly. all 3 mods hang out here & also juho, who has voted to kill quite a few of my questions :(
Hellovart: look into MOOCs. wave of the future.
2:28 AM
my point stands, you can ask in chat, without worry
oh ok
ok I g2g
Hellovart: you may be "paying" but rs is not recving...
all unpaid volunteers around here
Hellovart re your diagram. any time you have repeated rows, its like a redundancy. imagine attempting to eliminate repeated rows by creating new tables with new relationships. in other words there are relationships hidden in the given unnormalized tables. what are those relationships? find new relationships & the new tables associated with them.
the diagram is slightly misleading because it doesnt repeat the columns, it only has spaces where there are repeated columns, but imagine filling those in to see the issue.
think like a db: imagine having to store the same strings/numbers over and over. inefficient right? so normalization has some similarity to a data compression operation.
←got a software engr degree/BS yrs ago & was a bit shocked "long ago" that they didnt cover this in my edu either
btw the general topic of db normalization seems like it would be on topic for the group.
1nf, 2nf, unf, not so simple concepts even for experts
note the whole idea of normalization is that you can reconstruct (so to speak) "compressed" (normalized) fmt via joins.
so hv are you at a university?
what are you studying?
8 hours later…
11:05 AM
@Gilles Ah, sorry; I only say the "such as" which is too minor. My bad. Should have read the edit message.
Looking at the right column, I suspect someone does not understand the starring feature. O.o
7 hours later…
6:19 PM
@Raphael Regarding the question I closed on summing Big-Ohs - both questions ask "why does arithmetic with Landau notation not work?" In both cases, the answer is that it doesn't and don't do it. At least, that's the gist I got from those questions.
2 hours later…
7:56 PM
@Patrick87 I read the one you closed as "How do I analyse this algorithm? Here's what I've tried: ..." Parts of the answer are "not like this" and coincide with that other question, but that one does not answer how they analyse the code.
@Hellovart Easy. The question is: do you want to do these jobs?

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