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A: 2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

gnatHow would you approach handling NAA and VLQ flags? How would you enforce Back It Up and Don't Repeat Others rules? How do you plan to moderate hot questions?

-1: C'mon gnat! You can do better. ;) — Jim G. 4 mins ago
^^^ rare case when I can answer only WTF
a more accurate analysis of the issue: Auto-protect questions that get more than N answers from new users in a 24-hour period. Supplementary reading for those interested to understand specifics of how hot questions are perceived by a typical SO regular: “SO questions are penalized” in the hot list - how does that work, can it be done for other site(s)? and cultural clashgnat 49 secs ago
Feb 28 at 6:36, by gnat
whenever I read what these guys write it just screams: educate me
3:10 AM
Hi All
I would like to post below question to WPSE. I need your valuable opinion to know how constructive my question is
How come I know whether I am going right direction or not?

I have joined new organization with new Job. I started as usual with apprehensive nature etc.. How ever slowly I have performed better and delivered very good results. Management is happy and proposed bigger role for me. Everything is happy. BUT one part of my mind is reminding some famous law, which is “if everything is going right Then there is something is wrong.”. Hence I am now suspecting whether I am going in right direction or not. Or is there any thing wrong going. Now My specific questions are
Please help me by letting me know your valuable opinion on the above question. Thanks in advance
Q: "My manager hopelessly sucks, what do I do?" - "Just quit."

gnatHere's the question (partial quote): How do I handle a manager who lacks leadership skills? I am a software engineer with considerable qualifications. My manager is a high school drop out, who is, despite that, quite qualified technically and very intelligent. However, on more than a few...

5 hours later…
8:10 AM
Q: Layout (z-order?) bug when flagging questions

Jan DoggenThe default bottom part of the site overlaps the flagging reasons dialog

4 hours later…
12:13 PM
@BVR going in right direction as far as what goes? life goals? work goals?
12:57 PM
Q: career advice in software industry

user17853. Everyone. . I have one year experience in I.T. industry. . . I have been in two technologies in this one year. Five months experience in Java and 8 months experience in mainframes. I want to pursue my career in Java. My current employer is not allowing me to pursue my career in Java. Is it poss...

Need I to say anything? :P
voted to close
Thanks ender
I'm having little time, but I think I'll try to keep a eye on our elections
Let's keep the workplace clean. Now back to work... bye!
1:17 PM
Hello @AlexM.
Q: Is my boss trying to take my skills

user3439417Recently my manager has had an interest in doing what I do, software development. He has started to do his own learning but now has asked me to teach him and even started a project that was meant for me. Is this a bad sign?

it was always hard for me to take people who are not working in programming related areas saying they wanted to learn programming to also do my job seriously
it's especially funny if they're graphics designers and give up the moment they reach the first difficult problem
it's a dup anyways
should it have been migrated in that case?
technically, the one that is supposed to be the original was posted after this one
I guess migration made sense though
it's not programmers.se who's supposed to know about duplicates on workplace.se
1:37 PM
yeah idk. that question is marginal
2:01 PM
grr I hate when legacy questions/answers end up in the review cue and I flag them before I realize it
@Chad yeah I noticed that yesterday when I went through about 20 questions there
I really hope that a certian user posts a few questions so that I can answer them with rambling of topic anecdotes that are only tangetally related to the question.
2:22 PM
Is Rhys still coming here?
@AlexM. Exactly my thought
So it appears we have a demand for good mods but lack the supply
in other news
the design of the site is still broken
and it's been this way for a fucking long time
without any activity on meta to suggest it's going to get fixed
last time I wanted to flag something with a custom reason I had to edit the HTML myself to bring the flag button in view so I can click it
@AlexM. Is there a meta question about it?
Q: Layout (z-order?) bug when flagging questions

Jan DoggenThe default bottom part of the site overlaps the flagging reasons dialog

and mine
Q: Issue with how the site displays on Chrome

Alex M.Attached screenshot of the review queue, under the Windows version of Chrome. I'm unable to see the bottom stuff in the panel. If I scroll down/up, I see more of it, but never the whole thing.

they closed the older question... as a dup of the newer one
sorry, the one that my question was closed because is this one:
Q: Z-Index Issues in the 10k Tools Flag Queue

jmacIt looks like there's another issue with flagging in the 10k user tools. Here is what it looks like: As you can see, the container for the content seems to be the cutoff for where I can see the dialog. The background of the site seems to be above the flag dialog (which is bad). Unlike the...

2:34 PM
I like how the guy who did the website stayed here even on chat for the first few days starting the site's graduation
but now he's nowhere to be found
@AlexM. I upvoted them both...
thanks, hopefully it gets fixed soon
@AlexM. Well he has other work to do. We pinged him and will say something to shog next time I see him in chat
I hate having to meddle with the page's source when reviewing stuff
2:53 PM
I just don't bother. maybe that makes me a slacker
@enderland Your being a slacker is what makes you a slacker :p
no u
@AlexM. relevant SE employees (devs for bugs, designers for design issues) monitor per-site metas, but there are a lot of sites & only a few employees so they can't be active in everybody's chat rooms all the time. I believe they monitor via tags, so using them correctly is important (e.g. use "design" for design issues). All that said, for things that are more urgent mods can escalate. The z-order bug is pretty critical and is hard to work around, so I hope it gets some love.
3:20 PM
A: How do I handle a manager who lacks leadership skills?

Vietnhi PhuvanChange to another employer. The reason I make this recommendation is that we can infer, based on the original information that you provided in your post and in the additional information that you provided in your follow-ups to your post, that the manager's actions and behavior have been consi...

this had a good edit from a "just quit" answer
3:35 PM
@MonicaCellio but I've not worked long enough to probably get much if that would happen? idk. lots of factors there I guess
@enderland from what I understand, in the US at least, if there's severance the amount tends to depend on how long you worked there.
yeah I think so
depends on a variety of things I guess
@CMW Any interest in being a mod?
if it's voluntary vs involuntary, too
VLQ flags for free:
A: Maternity leave benefits and two-weeks notice?


3:40 PM
I liked the answer
Gonna upvote it.... lol
@Chad Absolutely. Didn't have time to put my name on the list yet. busy day
Yesterday has even been so busy, I missed my day 80 of 100 consecutive sadface
@CMW :(
I think you are missing a comma in ther esomewhere. — Chad 4 mins ago
Nice one @Chad. :-)
@CMW bummer. :-(
@CMW that sucks
happened to me once at ~90, while on holiday
currently my record (not on the workplace) is visited 469 days, 227 consecutive
I'm trying to get to 1000 consecutive for the heck of it lol
wrong chatroom
3:51 PM
At least I'm happy to pose with the fact that there's like a total of 20-ish days that I wasn't online since sign-up
4:06 PM
@Chad done.
@MonicaCellio thanks
@Chad note that it showed up in its chronological place, not at the current bottom of the transcript.
@gnat mensa is that thing where people with ultra high IQ gather and stuff
it's some sort of association or wtv
why does that only have two downvotes? that's weird to me
@AlexM. I asked expecting it to be edited into a question. Don't want future readers to guess like me :)
4:11 PM
Q: Current moderators: please tell us about the job

Monica CellioAs experienced job-seekers (and regular readers at The Workplace) know, an interview is a two-way street. Just as it's important for the community to ask questions of candidates, it's also important for those candidates to have answers about key parts of the job. Sometimes the best answers come...

@gnat for an edit, I think it would be best to remove the Mensa part altogether
and redirect the question to ask something like "Is it a good idea to mention that I'm part of an association/a project known to be exclusive to very intelligent people" or something like that
@enderland PRobably because its a no rep user already a flag is enough
Did someone go and vote up everything I ever posted in SO? looks at all you guys
@AlexM. oh, that would probably be even better
I'll try to edit it
I don't think it's a very bad question imo
4:14 PM
@AlexM. I think that MENSA is kind of like Phi Beta Kapa - Its a specific group but well known and carries a specific prestige with it
don't you have to have an IQ of over some value to get into Mensa?
with that condition set, it's more than prestige, membership there sort of attests you're intelligent
@AlexM. There is more to it than just having a High IQ...
I've not done that much research, though OP definitely seems concerned about the intelligence part
@AlexM. I would keep the mention of Mensa; it's likely to be search-fodder and while there are a number of such clubs, they're the most famous one.
I did keep it, yes
4:22 PM
@AlexM. don't confuse IQ with intelligence. :-)
isn't IQ meant to measure one's intelligence?
@AlexM. IQ is actually meant to be the measure of how well you solve IQ tests
That's the theory, but "what is intelligence?" is a controversial question in cog psych.
that might be going to deep considering OP's concerns
or did you mean this as something just branching out from OP's question?
And "how can intelligence be measured objectively?" is another, very controversial topic, even if people agreed on what intelligence were.
4:23 PM
Q: What's the proper/professional way to interview for a new job while currently employed?

HopelessN00bI'm in a situation now where I'm currently employed, but basically fed up with my current employer. One big issue of contention is, the schedule I work, for lack of a better term. My current employer is extremely insistent on me (and the rest of my colleagues) being at the office, between 08:00...

^^^ I think this has been asked and answered before
I joined Mensa as a teenager because of the usual teen-angst stuff, and because I was desperate for people to have deeper conversations with than I could get otherwise. (I was in an isolated, small town and this was pre-Internet.) Once I got to college the need abated for me. (But also, at the time there were almost no teens in my local group, so that was kind of weird and I don't think my parents fully approved.)
But as for getting in, all you have to do (or did at the time, anyway) is have one test score, or take their test. They had a bunch of equivalencies, so if you didn't have an IQ test but had SATs at a certain score that counted, etc. Does a high SAT score imply intelligence?
I never really cared about IQ stuff, so I never looked into Mensa. All I ever knew about it is what I said here already.
yeah the SAT equivalent thing kinda makes it look not very.. special now
submitted the edit, though after doing this I kinda get the feeling that what OP is really asking is...
"Is a membership at an association like Mensa enough to make up for my poor results in school?"
@AlexM. I think you're right. Or, at least, "can this help mitigate my poor transcript?".
@MonicaCellio how many members does Mensa have?
you make it sound like everyone can get in, even with cheating
@AlexM. I don't know, but I'll bet they have a website.
4:33 PM
@MonicaCellio which is more than just having a high iq :p
@AlexM. not my intention. But consider that some fields select for the same factors that Mensa selects for. Heck, even getting into college probably correlates with IQ somewhat. So there's filtering, so to speak.
to branch out even further, the reason I never cared much about IQ and stuff is because I was always focused on evaluating people based on their output
I just removed the [] tags from the title
basically my ideology is that your contribution to society should be used to evaluate your worth to it at all times
not sure if this appeals to everyone
it might also be just me falling back to something that is reachable by everyone, due to me always being surrounded by people considered more intelligent than me
@MonicaCellio IQ test measure how good you are at taking tests at least as much as intelligence. I am a very good test taker. My IQ Scores definately overrated my actual intelligence.
4:39 PM
came in to a close queue of 25! what!
@RhysW it was 35 yesterday
hey chad :D
@Chad and some test formats are more prone to that than others, yes.
i take a 3 day workplace leave and the queues go mental, i miss all the fun :(
4:39 PM
@RhysW hey, welcome back! We saved some close votes for you. :-)
hey all hows things been?
@RhysW we need you to nominate yourself for the mod election
like, now.
Q: What's the proper/professional way to interview for a new job while currently employed?

HopelessN00bI'm in a situation now where I'm currently employed, but basically fed up with my current employer. One big issue of contention is, the schedule I work, for lack of a better term. My current employer is extremely insistent on me (and the rest of my colleagues) being at the office, between 08:00...

how have we not had this question before
There is a mod election?
I really do miss all the fun
4:45 PM
Ah only 19 hours ago, i havent missed much
wondered why no-one had nominated jmac at first, thought it was a few days old :D
you can only self nominate
oh really?
must be pro-tem thats nominating too then
@MonicaCellio - Should I flag to have the comments cleaned up under your travel question?
@jmac if you don't nominate yourself i will be finding you in Japan somewhere! :P
@RhysW yeah or I would have nominated Gnat and Jmac :p
4:47 PM
@Chad ditto
but shog says 'go nominate'
yourself :p
so surely nominations are fine?
oh :L
@Chad I was just looking at that. The mods will get (or perhaps have already gotten) an auto-flag because of the number of comments. I was considering flagging specific ones as obsolete or too chatty; do you think that's a good approach?
@Chad I thought Gnat said before he didnt want to be a mod, if i remember rightly
i could be wrong
4:48 PM
@RhysW yes. Pro-tems are appointed by SE and they look for community input (at least for the first round); for elections, people have to declare their own intentions.
@MonicaCellio sure... I didnt want to read them all and didnt want to do a blanket flag if you were finding any value in them... I didnt figure you were based on the commentors but...
@MonicaCellio ahh this is the first /actual/ elections im around for really!
@Chad I've been getting individual inbox notifications of them, so I'm probably in the best position to nominate some for culling. There are a few valuable ones so the simple "flush 'em all" approach isn't ideal.
@RhysW ah, I hadn't realized. (Goes to look at where your diamond is.) Gotcha.
A: Approaching details which show a high level of intelligence on the CV

Spehro PefhanyI can tell you that, for me, having Mensa on a resume would act as somewhat of a negative from a hiring point of view. I deal with and hire highly educated and highly capable people almost exclusively (post doc to masters), and this would not be a good indicator of a team player in my estimation....

hehe yeah just a pro tem :)
4:50 PM
there's an answer I like
I will probably not be running for these elections though
lol. none of the active chat folks are going to run? lol
@AlexM. I dont think that is a bad edit... But Mensa has a both a prestige and a baggage that goes with it that most of the other high achiever groups dont have.
I think that gets lost when you remove it
@RhysW No time?
@Chad might be, as I said, I don't know much about Mensa
If you like I can make a phone call to your employer, and help you get some more free time :p
4:55 PM
@Chad I think it's unlikely that the SO gods would allow it with me being newly appointed astro pro-tem
if you feel the old state is better, feel free to revert it :)
I think getting more of the high achiever groups in could make it more relevant to future visitors
like, users asking "This thing says I'm hyper intelligent. Is it a good idea to add it to my CV?"
@AlexM. I find it ironic how many intelligent poeple place their faith in their intelligence into these tests
@RhysW We need you here more :p
is Astro more active now?
@RhysW yup, see also what I said about it earlier in chat
@Chad Dont get me wrong, i'd love to mod here, you guys n gals are awesome, i just think it unlikely itd be allowed
@Chad Astro still mostly quiet, small and slowly growing community
4:59 PM
@RhysW I am sure you would change your mind about that after a few days being mod here :p
then I dont think it will be a problem
You would not be the first mod of multiple places.
Jmort is Project Management Mod too.
Still a very green mod of two places though
If you want it you should ask in the mod chat room
@RhysW I wouldn't worry about being a green mod, if anything, worry about the time committment
...i forget so many times that i can even get to that place :L
I think that you would have pretty much unanimous support from the users here
5:07 PM
@RhysW I'm not so sure of that. I think SE will allow any user in good standing to be elected if that's what the community wants. You may get questions about whether you have time, but that doesn't mean you can't run.
And something like 10% of the mods across the network are mods on more than one site. So multiples are just fine.
@Chad :) Thanks
@MonicaCellio Perhaps I should think a little more then, thanks for the words of wisdom!
Anyone gotten an email about the SWAG yet?
@Chad I still haven't claimed my mod hat yet, there is more swag!? awesome
@RhysW you're welcome, and please do!
Right, time for me to head home, catch you guys in about an hour!
5:24 PM
@RhysW Yep and you are on page one so you should get stickers and a stapler
Poor gnat is going to miss by 3 users :(
@Chad and a t-shirt!
@enderland I wasnt going to tell him about the T-Shirt and pay his post man to intercept it and redirect it to me
A: Workplace Stack Exchange - Top User Swag (With A Surprise!)

HLGEMI thnk our top person should get something extra in her packet. @bethlakshmi really deserves it.

why not make it top 5 users haha
5:42 PM
@Chad oh, so recent flurry of upvotes in my direction was an attempt to push me back to page 2. Thank you anonymous friends! :) Actually, at the moment of posting the announcement, I was there, right at the last position in page 2. Back then I thought it would be interesting to find out how they're going to handle someone like me slipping out of it
Not that I would be a part of something like that ... but you do deserve to be up there
6:14 PM
Q: How do I handle a manager who lacks leadership skills?

MalfistI am a software engineer with considerable qualifications. My manager is a high school drop out, who is, despite that, quite qualified technically and very intelligent. However, on more than a few issues he is a terrible leader, due to his lack of training as a leader and lack of knowledge as a p...

^^^ this appears to be collecting lemming answers
would somebody care to protect? @Chad @enderland - could you please guys do?
what shog plans to do anyway in the 6-8 weeks
Q: Auto-protect questions that get more than N answers from new users in a 24-hour period

Shog9Expanding the criteria for auto-protection has been discussed in the past: Should we automatically protect all questions with more than N answers? But I think that discussion addresses the wrong problem: Protecting a question with a large number of answers doesn't do anything to fix the probl...

4 messages moved from Workplace 2014 Election
I hope I did that right :P
@Undo absolutely! thanks!
no problem.
this does not seem to add anything substantial over what was already posted in prior 10 answers — gnat 5 mins ago
I always jump on any chance to use shiny buttons
6:19 PM
this does not seem to add anything substantial over what was already posted in prior 11 answers — gnat 49 secs ago
This moving stuff around is so confusilating
BTW, @gnat, how in the world do people write custom messages in chatflags?
@gnat I'm jumping onto the band wagon
I've been trying to figure that out for quite a while now
Hi John, welcome to The Workplace. While we appreciate all answers that try to help, please be sure to make your answer distinct from others in this thread as we have a don't repeat others policy and this answer mostly re-states what scaaahu suggested hereCMW 20 mins ago
6:21 PM
Oh, and congrats on graduating!
And election-ing
never noticed that :P
@Undo it's totally counterintuitive
native-to-englishers: is 'working knowledge' actually a defined term for level of competency?
@CMW I'd say so, yeah, it's pretty well known imo
6:29 PM
To me what you expect working knowledge to be feels more like a personal opinion thing.
that's close to what I'd say
The term itself, sure, but the level of competency that warrents it?
can I interest you in putting that into an answer? :D
Q: "Working knowledge" - what level of competency does the term describe?

user17886I started looking for jobs today and I encountered the term "working knowledge". I do not really understand what the term means and I am wondering what kind of tasks I would be expected to do with "working knowledge" of given software/language. Specifically, the job post i saw asked for "working...

familiar enough that you can start with it
but not "I'm expert"
but also not "I'm a noob"
A: "Working knowledge" - what level of competency does the term describe?

Zibbobz"Working Knowledge" reflects a low-level competency in an area - you will be expected to work with the tool, but not necessarily to be an expert in that tool. If you don't feel like you would be able to build a full product with the tool, BUT you feel like you could, with a little trial-and-er...

that's basically what I'd say
oh, there are answers already :D
I stared at that question for a really long time...
This more or less is going to be opinions based on what people feel is appropriate. Right now it's soliciting, "what do people think about what I should do?" rather than having a practical question. — enderland 17 secs ago
@Chad this is a question I VTC as opinion based
6:40 PM
7:11 PM
@Undo oh god who let undo have buttons! ;)
@Undo congrats on modhood by the way!
7:29 PM
Q: What job titles should I be searching for if I want to do development without design?

NectarSoftI am recently returning to system development after more than a decade in other things. I live in Peru but would like to find work with a company in the UK that allows developers to work remotely. Can anyone give me some advice on job searching? I have a general description of the type of job o...

did someone approve that being migrated here?
or do we need to give someone on programmers a purple nurple
@Chad no
it started here
was going to be migrated there and I dropped a link and they swarmed it with "don't migrate to P.SE"
8:04 PM
@RhysW Thanks! ;)
Q: How do I coordinate the process of pursuing multiple job opportunities at the same time?

atconwayIn the hot field of software engineering, a competent programmer wanting to switch jobs will be able to apply and interview easily for at least a half dozen jobs. However, coordinating the speed at which the interview and eventually offer process occurs can be a nightmare. For example, I intervi...

is that the same as
Q: How to get more time to wait for other job offer ?

MarcoI had an interview with company A (4 days ago). The manager called me yesterday to go back today to talk about the paid. But I had an interview today, so I told him that I need to see a doctor. For sure, any person would know the truth, but I don't like the job. I had an interview with company ...

@Gnat from the hot question list: This question has been arbitrarily awarded 73.794 hotness points
So I am wondering if they do not understand what they are saying there of if they are literally assigning random hotness points to random questions
can you get us some priority on fixing that one. Its a pretty easy fix and its a painful bug
@Undo How come i didnt know of this til now! you didnt come tell me :(
@Chad i'll pass it on
@Shog9 Thank you
8:23 PM
So had a little think, guess I best start writing my self nomination, time to excersize my big-headed-ness :P
8:35 PM
@RhysW Because I couldn't find you :P
and I was busy learning which buttons not to press.
@Undo :D you see that giant red one? dont push that
that was the first thing I pushed
actually the main one i learnt not to press is the screenshot button
8:50 PM
Q: How do I secure an interview with another company during the day, when I have no vacation time at my current job?

kevingreenI've seen this slightly answered here but I the circumstances are different. I'm not a part time college student, but a full time employee of three years. I don't have any vacation time left for the year, I have 10 sick/vacation days in total this year, and what I haven't used is earmarked for ...

didn't we JUST have this?
Top Reviewers today:





Damn crazy close queue!
I hit 20 yesterday
yeah i have my 20 both days and a few left in the que
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