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12:01 AM
[Blaze] test
[Blaze] again
[Blaze] again
[Blaze] again
@Blaze Hi!
[Blaze] hi!
12:04 AM
@Blaze Is @Undo behind you?
[Blaze] yeah
@Blaze... awwh I thought you would repeat things. Then I would say "I hate my owner!"
But it didn't capitalize the "Hi!"
So @Blaze what does the chatbot do exactly?
It feels hot in this room... :P
ask @hichris123 :P
12:08 AM
@HiChris What exactly does the chatbot do?
I've seen the website...
[Blaze] test
[Blaze] test
@Undo What's yay about? It's been saying that for a long time :P
Not really useful.
but it's saying it in different ways
Oh the logo is based off the Glymphicon?
12:11 AM
@Undo You're using different [ENTER] keys? :P
the last one was from Apache
Can't find a G. icon for logout... :(
[Blaze] answer flagged as horrific: test
@hichris123 ^ Getting closer!
12:15 AM
Cool... but did it really flag it?
well no
that's our job
you flag it on Blaze and Blaze posts it here
I see...
12:38 AM
@AnnonomusPerson It should post comments/answers/questions to flag.
@Undo Yay!
@Undo So what's left to finish?
12:54 AM
@Undo Did some work... commit
@hichris Do you have a dev. server for this?
@AnnonomusPerson Nope... I can locally host it, or I can host it on my server though...
And use the server's DB?
It doesn't need one.
php.net/password-hash Lol it recommends you let the function automatically generate a salt... the only problem is that you don't know the salt and you can't verify it with a password XD
The salt always changes :P
1:04 AM
@AnnonomusPerson I have a dev environment, but I'm kinda doing this kind of stuff for moneys :P
@hichris123 oh. I already made the flag button in HTML, let's see who's looks better :D
@Undo rotfl I thought it said "monkeys" at first... but how can you profit from a flagging site (unless @HiChris pays you and you throw in a diamond in the detail)
@Undo Wouldn't they look the same with bootstrap?
@AnnonomusPerson no, for other projects that pay moneys
so I have it so I might as well use it for these kinds of projects
@AnnonomusPerson well placement and such might make a difference.
@Undo Like what? Selling designs or do you have other sites?
@AnnonomusPerson I do consulting.
@Undo True. You did only say button.
@Undo What kind? Security?
1:07 AM
meh, anything
Mostly new stuff
a lot of Ruby
@Undo Grr! :P
Bah typo...
@hichris123 Have a screenshot of yours?
1:07 AM
@Undo Noo... :P
@Undo You sometimes need it, too! :P
I'll judge it.
^ mine
Hmm... will it work locally?
Let's see:
1:08 AM
@hichris123 In theory
let's pull yours to main
Okay, that's easier. :P
@Undo Mine needs to be red.
Can't you just post a screenshot?
I like that part of yours. :P
you broke the JS :P
uh... yeah. :P
1:10 AM
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :
I shall fix it
This line:
data: argString,
Oh, the comment. :P
it's because of that comment
... you're a little late. :P
Pull plz?
1:11 AM
I messed it up again. :P
me fixy
You got there before I did. :(
> Undo1 has committed since you started editing. See what changed
oooh me likes yours
@Undo Screenshot plz?
Never mind.
1:14 AM
@Undo Make it the red you had.
The grey blends in too much... and I like the red. :P
I think it's bold too... right?
Hrmph.. By jumbotrons don't have rounded edges and I can't figure out why.. :-/
@Seth Change CSS:
jumbotron {border-radius:3px;}
1:18 AM
hm, I'm using the minified CSS. I'll see if I can though. It said if I put a .container withing the jumbotron it would get the rounded edges though.. (on a related not, jumbotron is way harder to say than hero box/unit)
I wait, I read the documentation wrong.
@hichris123 Red applied
It's actually the color of the undelete button :D
@Seth I don't get it with the standard CSS either...
Just do the CSS.
@Undo I like it. :D
oh and I was using the CDN. Guess I'll have to download it now :P
@Undo You have a main URL or are you just using erwaysoftware.com?
1:23 AM
just use erwaysoftware.com, yeah
Does that look good on retina @Undo?
@Undo Pull plz?
@AnnonomusPerson no idea
@Undo Didn't you have a Mac with retina? @HiChris was asking you other images looked good on retina...
Tell me when pulled @Undo.
1:25 AM
Ohh never mind :P
Feb 19 at 21:24, by Undo
@hichris123 no, my laptop isn't Retina
My iPad is
which is currently sitting beside me and I'm too lazy to go to this room
@Undo :)
@Undo Pulled?
I just barely added my config file, though
Drat. No worky.
1:28 AM
@AnnonomusPerson Didn't work :-/
@Seth Let me double check my code...
Are you sure that it's not there and that it isn't there but just not visible?
I take that back, it sorta worked (I had my CSS files in the wrong order)
Doesn't look like the jumbotron in the example though. I never had this problem before.
@Seth That makes a huge difference. If you want to, add !important.
Did SE just glitch?
@AnnonomusPerson Yeah I have it set to important too..
@Seth I think
I got logged off.
Ummm how does it look different?
1:33 AM
just a minute. Let me make my box bigger and compare it with the one on the bootstrap site.
hm, not quite as rounded as the example.
I thought it was supposed to be rounded by default though.
@Seth Is that all? Just change it to a higher number (try 6px)
8 looks okay.
Thanks @AnnonomusPerson. My CSS needs honing :)
Does it look right now?
Ok never mind :P NP
@Seth Glad I could help.
Going to leave soon everybody... bye!
1:43 AM
@Undo Around?
doing school
@Undo Well, could you just check if you're getting any errors in the logs?
not atm
give me about half an hour
maybe fifteen minutes
k, whenever you have time.
2:30 AM
> Can you ping people in blockquotes? @hichris123
Apparently not.
> @hichris123 test
> @Seth test
I can't ping myself so..
@Seth Oh, it does work.
14 hours later…
4:56 PM
I need someone with a Mac to test something... and maybe write a more comprehensive answer. I'll give them a bounty :D
or if you could find an easier way.
3 hours later…
7:34 PM
[Blaze] answer flagged as horrific:
[Blaze] answer flagged as horrific:
[Blaze] answer flagged as horrific:
^ that one isn't horrific, but whatever :P
@hichris123 ^ It worky!
@Blaze eh?
@Braiam I'm just testing it
so it's probably wrong :P
7:59 PM
might as well :D
Yay! It worked! :D
@hichris123 You're back! :D
What was moved to the trashcan?
@Undo Yeah. :D
@hichris123 Me cleaning up a bunch of test messages from Blaze
This is kinda nice :D
checks code to see how you got it to work
@hichris123 Essentially some JS magic and... um... installing the right python things on the server :D
8:06 PM
@Undo Do you want to change this to work with questions & comments, too?
@hichris123 we can, yeah
but answers are more urgent
A: Java: split text

David ConradYes, there is a way to do this.

I have no sympathy for a 2ker doing that.
Downvoted & flagged.
8:08 PM
we need a duplicate preventer gizmo
Oh and @hichris123 you know all those robo-reviewers?
I think we can build a thing to help with that too.
@Undo How? SEDE?
well eventually
but at first it can just be a list of people to keep track of.
Okay, good idea.
^ Made this while offline
... how did I dismiss it? :P
8:11 PM
Essentially we let people submit things and we have a 'dismissal' process.
@hichris123 Dummy data :P
Gah, I really do need to get that home local server up...
Hey, it works! :D (that's actually a bad answer)
Hmm... maybe we should add a small bit of the body?
Or not...
I dunno.
8:14 PM
yeah, that's what I was thinking
but I dunno either
yeah, we need that duplicate stopper.
I already did most of these :P
[Blaze] answer flagged:
^ :(
messes with stuff
8:15 PM
it has a huge security flaw, we'll have to ask @ManishEarth about how to fix it
several, actually
looks at SR flag queue in dismay
I can handle flags until there's one left, at which point I can only stare at it and wonder what I'm supposed to do.
[Blaze] answer flagged: I hate @Undo
You have found one of the flaws :P
Yep. :D
Okay, I admit I'm being snarky, but the OP needs to show some code of what he's tried, otherwise this is just "Please write my code for me". — David Conrad 9 mins ago
prepare for downvote flood.
looks through his other answers
@Undo I posted it in the Tavern. :P
I posted it somewhere else.
8:23 PM
... and there it goes. :P
@Undo ... really? :P
You TL folk. :P
I attribute its sudden disappearance to that.
@hichris123 heh, the poor guy gets to be under the microscope now?
8:26 PM
@Undo Pretty much. :P No robo-reviews as far as I can tell...
I need like a findanyproblemswiththisuser.rb script or something :P
organizes star board
Someone I know thought PHP was horrible... :P
@bradlarson Hi Brad. I totally agree with your deleting that answer of mine on SO. I was just about to delete it, myself. Cheers.
^ Scores him a few points
Vote for me for Stack Overflow mod so I don't have to bother you anymore with flags and close votes and delete votes!
^ That should totally be my slogan. :P
8:44 PM
> Anders Forsgren has approved 109 edit suggestions and rejected 2 edit suggestions
Woah there.
> User is a roboreviewer. Caught them here: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4414552. I think that "Anders Forsgren has approved 109 edit suggestions and rejected 2 edit suggestions" says everything here.
@Undo ?
@ManishEarth So I'm using exec in PHP to run the Python chat poster gizmo. That's known as not secure, right?
seems ok
8:50 PM
why would it not be secure?
Though if you are running a web host it is a good idea to disable shell_exec entirely
Well because someone could type something bad in it and it gets put in as a python argument, @3ventic
like an injection
Well, of course you need to sanitize the input first :p
does escapeshellarg do that?
idk, escapeshellarg broke my scripts that used exec completely and I had to write my own function for it
8:53 PM
@Undo oh yes
@Undo what are you feeding to it?
yes, exec injection exists
[Blaze] answer flagged: Hi!
oh, like that
That too.
@ManishEarth URL via a POST.
Q: Best way to sanitize exec command with user inserted variables

The Digital NinjaI'm coding a web interface to a horrible piece of propitiatory software our company uses. the software has no real UI and requires us giving putty access to our system for our clients to even pull data. My web interface has to run an exec(); function and it has to pass a few variables the user in...

8:54 PM
@ManishEarth well ideally only URLs. But in reality anything anyone that knows the POST wants :P
So use the escapeshell thing
Or be a good boy and run the entire server side thing as a Flask app ;p
gotta run, cya
No!!! Then you cut off my access. :(
thanks, @ManishEarth :D
9:00 PM
9:27 PM
@3ventic How did you make the i.3ventic work?
@hichris123 Eh?
@Undo 3ventic has a i.3ventic.eu set up for his images.
it's just a subdomain
IIRC you can set them up in Apache
not sure how
Grr, I'm just going to host it on i.stack.imgur. :P
9:36 PM
@Undo <virtualhost>
yeah, that's it
Q: Expose SuggestedEditVotes in the data dump

UndoI'd like to use the SuggestedEditVotes table (which is available in SEDE) to find robo-reviewers. I'm often offline without connection to SEDE, and I want to do something remotely productive during those times. I'd like to have the table locally. I could run a bunch of paged queries, downloading...

I was the first to upvote that! :P
@Undo Add the suggested edits table to it too, not just the suggested edit votes.
done, kinda
rofl, thanks? :P
9:43 PM
And a wild @Seth joins!
@hichris123 ?
@3ventic How did you set it up?
@hichris123 /me is busy.
Just got the notification
but here.
9:45 PM
Subdomain and hyperdesktop for uploading
Its an abandoned screencap software
Going to continue watching videos, see ya (no multitasking on mobile :( )
@Undo you stalking my commits?
I'll put up a blog post about this code later
long story
@ManishEarth well they show up on my GH homepage :P
so yes
10:10 PM
you probably don't see my branch commits then, otherwise you'd be flooded
@ManishEarth Apparently not - I'm only seeing ManishEarth pushed to master at bla bla bla
or wait, that's only on repos I own/follow
so I only get things in my homepage about you when you fork or create a new repo.
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