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12:02 PM
@Doorknob you spying on us?
(you can do that by following the transcripts.... ;-) )
@rolfl nah, I'm finally home and my computer remembered my tabs :P
OK, well, that sort of makes sense... welcome home!
Thanks :P I was stuck at various places in Colorado when my flight got cancelled for a few days
Oh, yuck. Skiing?
@Vogel612 What's off-topic about the logging question?
12:14 PM
@rolfl Indeed.
There was a mediocre amount of snow while there, and then a huge storm when trying to leave. :O
That's about typical. We still have snow here in Ontario, crazy.
I figured there would be more in the rockies though
There was enough for skiing though
I have been skiing at easter time in Banff/Lake Louise... plenty of snow then
A suggested edit on PPCG?! This is blasphemy!
...actually it's just formatting, ok, approve
@ChrisW - not StackOverflow, but Programmersrolfl 23 mins ago
@rolfl ^ I don't understand why. It's a specific programming problem/question. SO is for "a specific programming problem" and "a software algorithm".
12:29 PM
Programmers: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic - help, I don't know how to do it right
StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic - help, I tried to do it right, but it's broken, how do I fix it
CodeReview: http://codereview.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic - now that I've done it, can it be made better
@rolfl That should really be pinned all over the three sites, and on MSO, so that people perhaps one day learn the differences of the sites.
I should update that.... hang on:
@rolfl where does PPCG fit in? "make it as bad as possible please"? :P
PCG: codegolf.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic how do I take this code and make it crap?
(it was too late to edit).
(plz no star)
12:32 PM
too late
"now that I've done it, can it be made better worse"
@ChrisW it's three dashes :P
So, here I am, procrastinating a little bit.... because, at any moment, I could cross 20K, but, damnit, I have to go to work, so I will possibly miss it :(
@rolfl Thanks. Do people enforce/respect that on SO? (I stopped being regular on SO before Programmers.SE was introduced)
12:35 PM
@rolfl LMFTFY
@ChrisW I believe so. I imagine the question you recommended for SO will be closed PDQ (pretty damn quick). There is no 'error', no 'code', and no 'trace'.
I doubt it would be migrated to programmers though, SO tends to close a lot faster than they migrate
Someone please up-vote one of @rolfl's questions so that he gets exactly 20k
hehehe ;-)
Thanks Simanta !
I've upvoted all the questions already...
20,005 ;-) too bad !
12:38 PM
Santa un-upvotes
OK, 20K since I joined 145 days ago.
@rolfl if someone could un-accept one of your answers ...
@rolfl: Congrat :)
12:42 PM
Thanks @palacsint - but, now I really have to go to work
@All, palacsint is just 7-votes from 20K as well !
@rolfl Just trying to help, that's all :)
@palacsint - I tend not to see your answers unless they are on Java questions ...
@palacsint 20k exactly
Thanks santas :)
12:46 PM
@rolfl We have only 3 unanswered java questions unfortunately - or fortunately? :)
@Doorknob - now, CR has 4 20K users ....
Yeah, and simon's is a pain... but I am still part way through an answer on that.
serially downvotes @rolfl
@rolfl Good, make sure you don't lose the answer :)
I have the code pulled from GitHub. By the way, I have a lot of missing dependencies when I do.
12:49 PM
Still only 57 2ks as opposed to our 75? ;)
You claim they are in other repositiories, so I will dig them up.
@Doorknob - right now we have only two people between 10K and 20K
We have our problems ....
See, I think a stable growth of the 2k/3k range is better than a few high-repped users. (Of course, I may be a little biased ;) )
TTGTW, really
Q: Unable to read and write using Snappy Compression

srikanthThis is code where im trying to use SnappyOutputStream and SnappyinputStream . Could you help me where i'm goin wrong ? ByteArrayOutputStream byt = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); String input = "Hello snappy-java! Snappy-java is a JNI-based wrapper of " + ...

@rolfl The AI Scorers code doesn't have any external dependencies. But the Ultimate TTT code has dependencies.
1:00 PM
I can't care to read all back :D
"There are local files that need to solved before commit." <- Well, I just did that Netbeans, why do you give me the message again?!
I think that once you solve the conflict, you should add the file to the git-index again, and then make a commit.
At least that's what I had to do.
I needed to click Resolve conflicts manually appereantly
Now Android fun
Let's see how this Places API works
off topic
Q: Convert user-defined function to C#

user840718I have these two user-defined functions: CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[EncDecRc4] ( @Pwd VARCHAR(256), @Text VARCHAR(100) ) RETURNS VARCHAR(100) AS BEGIN DECLARE @Box TABLE (i TINYINT, v TINYINT) INSERT @Box ( i, v ) SELECT i, v FROM dbo.InitRc4(@Pwd) DECLARE @Index ...

1:24 PM
Q: Convert user-defined function to C#

user840718I have these two user-defined functions: CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[EncDecRc4] ( @Pwd VARCHAR(256), @Text VARCHAR(100) ) RETURNS VARCHAR(100) AS BEGIN DECLARE @Box TABLE (i TINYINT, v TINYINT) INSERT @Box ( i, v ) SELECT i, v FROM dbo.InitRc4(@Pwd) DECLARE @Index ...

Q: Why is my Bubblesort implementation faster than my Quicksort code?

bodycountPPHere is my Bubblesort code: public static List<int> BubbleSort(List<int> _digitList) { List<int> digitList = _digitList; bool didSwap = true; while (didSwap) { didSwap = false; for (int i = 0; i < digitList....

Q: MySql Connection Pool

Johnny MoppI have a multi-threaded app (WCF) that writes to a MySql db. I want to use MySql's built in connection pooling abilities. As far as I can tell, to do that, I should set MySqlConnectionStringBuilder.MinimumPoolSize to some value approximately equal to the number of threads I connect. Then Open/Clo...

1:48 PM
blQuad will never be -1
Q: Good HTML email template?

HoytmanBased on several different sources, I have compiles the following as my basic HTML email template. Please let me know if I have missed anything important. I am not sure if I am using the \n and \r\n correctly: $semi_rand = md5(time()); $mime_boundary = "==MULTIPART_BOUNDARY_$semi_rand"; $mime_...

@rolfl Sorry, you're right. The original version of the OP's code implied that a point might not be in any of the quadrants, such that your getPointIndex ought to be able to return -1.
Q: Migrating to Programmers v2

ChrisWInspired by this off-topic question as an example, this is a follow-up question to this answer. If it's true that that we won't (can but won't) ask for another close reason, should we modify this answer ... Questions asking for code to be written to solve a specific problem are off-topic her...

Wow, I just created a Google API Browser key, and I get the error message that is has expired
Checked the clock on your PC?
1:56 PM
Second one works
Q: Why is my Bubblesort implementation faster than my Quicksort code?

bodycountPPHere is my Bubblesort code: public static List<int> BubbleSort(List<int> _digitList) { List<int> digitList = _digitList; bool didSwap = true; while (didSwap) { didSwap = false; for (int i = 0; i < digitList....

Hi @Mat'sMug
I think the bubble vs quick question is on-topic, even though it doesn't necessarily ask for a review specifically.
Trouble-shooting, debugging, or understanding code snippets
I think we're getting softer and softer. We're blurring the off-topic line with these questions remaining on.
The answer given, does answer the question... and it's nowhere near a code review answer.
we're shooting ourselves in the foot, just sayin'
This question spawned similar answers:
Q: Why is my C# program slower than my Python program?

bobpalI made a program on python, and wanted it to be faster, so I wrote it on C#, because it's compiled. To my surprise, the python program is much faster. I guess there is something wrong with my C# code, but it is pretty simple and straightforward so I don't know. They are structured about the same ...

A: Why is my C# program slower than my Python program?

valsIf you want performance, don't create objects in the inner loop: static string generate(int len) { Random rnd = new Random(); // creating a new object string alpha = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"; int letterInt; StringBuilder sb = new Str...

^^ yay many votes... and if new users take this as an indicator of what the site's all about, we have a problem.
isn't there a way to close topics but keep them for historical purposes?
2:08 PM
that's called a lock - moderators can do that.
and there's a bunch of conditions to meet for a lock, not sure any of these two questions meet them
Up-votes to comment expected:
Code Review is about making any code better that is already doing what it is supposed to do. Putting any line on when code is "ok enough" to be on topic on CR would just create more confusion. Our requirement on CR is that it should be working. — Simon André Forsberg 38 secs ago
@Mat'sMug I think that we might shoot ourselves in the foot by closing too many off them. Some questions can be on-topic on both SO and CR, I think this one is one of them.
@Mat'sMug The answers to the six questions for the quick vs bubble would be: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, although not explicitly said - I assume yes.
Where's @kleinfreund? I think I'm going to do some HTML layouting stuff quite soon.
@kleinfeund been a few weeks.... (will this work? )
2:24 PM
I don't think it will, probably too long time since he was here.
Maybe, but it may just add a notification to his taskbar ;-)
> seen 17 hours ago
Yeah, he's still around... he's just not here
Not sure if this answer is enough to protect a question, but I did so anyway
A: Finding repeating numbers in an array

Shilanalmost easiest way! hashset returns false whenever a duplicate number is added to it private static void findDuplicateNumber() { Set<Integer> hashSet = new HashSet<Integer>(); for(int i=0; i < arr.length; i++){ boolean unique = hashSet.add(arr[i]); if(unique == false) ...

If anyone disagrees, I can unprotect it.
heh... I disagree... that answer is brilliant.
it is why the questions should not be protected.
new user, good answer, old question.
@rolfl Isn't it a bit of a duplicate answer to some of the other answers?
Doesn't protecting have to do with rep requirement to answer?
2:36 PM
Either way, I'm unprotecting
@skiwi Yes, on a protected question users with less than 10 reputation cannot answer.
And I've edited. :-P
@Jamal Everything's normal, then.
10 rep seems legit enoug
@SimonAndréForsberg Not a duplicate at all. The key to the new answer is to use the return-value of Set.add()....
But I think it's only worth protecting if a question has shown to attract nonsense answers
2:38 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg lol
none of the other answers recommend that.
@rolfl I see, +1 then
@skiwi True, at first I considered this a 'nonsense' answer in that it was likely a duplicate, but apparently it isn't as much of a duplicate as it at first appeared to be
The type must implement the inherited abstract method Comparator<...>.thenComparing(Function<? super ...,? extends U>)
Java 8?! Where?
^^ Why, Eclipse, why? This is Java 6 code!!
Maybe your project settings are not correct atm?
2:41 PM
Have you set the right Java compiler on the project build-path?
Also, FWIW, I tend to have multiple ecplise installs, etc. I have an eclipse installed specifically for Java8.
Not enough to just have different workspaces.
Is that really neccessary to avoid issues?
I haven't seen issues in Netbeans regarding that
@rolfl Ah, the build path was the problem.
@skiwi I do it for a number of reasons... one of them is that I have different plugins installed on different eclipses.
Plugins could lead to issues yea
I have the same workspace and the same Eclipse install.
2:43 PM
And, for different things, I have different plugins.
I discovered that it was really easy to copy plugins from one Eclipse install to another. File -> Import -> Install -> From Existing Installation
I tend to set up an eclipse for a purpose, and then never change it .... I hate upgrade bugs.
Helped me a lot when I installed Kepler two days ago.
Hmm I want Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion, but I bought the original game two weeks ago for 20 euro, and the expansion costs 30 euro... Dilemma.
For example, I have an eclipse specifically for CR.
Another one for JDOM.
2:45 PM
And one Eclipse specifically for work I guess?
Actually, I have four active ones at work.
(a CR one too).
Now I feel amateuristic with just having one install of my favorite IDE.
@skiwi I bought the original game when it was new, I have currently no plans to buy the expansion. My suggestion: Play the game until you're tired of it, then you don't want to buy the expansion any more :)
Watson has some custom plugins that do not share very well... and is on an old eclipse version.
@skiwi Is it even possible to have multiple NetBeans installs?
2:46 PM
I have a Java8, a CR, and a couple of others.
Yeah @SimonAndréForsberg
I have a Netbeans 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.4 Beta, 8.0 Beta and 8.0 install, because I am too lazy to uninstall the old ones.
And they all still run
I have had a mostly dormant twitter account for years... I think I am going to start tweeting my RUTR attempts..... (Roll Up The Rim): Please play again
Much better.
The problem is that I cannot set myself to pay more for an expansion than for the base game...
@skiwi - no doubt. The only games I have ever bought for myself are 'Civilization II', 'Civilization II for linux', 'Civilization III', 'Civilization IV' and I heard that Civilization V was crap, so I don't have it ..... spot a trend?
The spotted trend is that the version numbers are rising...
I'm sorry, but I really don't see what you mean there :p
2:54 PM
Just what if there was a direct migration route to CR? Migration wouldn't require a custom flag anymore, and this wouldn't be happening. Is it time for CR's graduation? — retailcoder 7 secs ago
Talking of migration, a python question just got migrated... go get em, python folk:
Q: How do I avoid deep nesting in this Python code?

ThorUnlike Perl, you can't to my knowledge match a regular expression inside an if statement in Python and assign the result to a varaible at the same moment. This leads to typical constructs like this: match = re.search(REGEX, STRING) if match: # do something So far, so Python. But what if I ...

Q: How do I avoid deep nesting in this Python code?

ThorUnlike Perl, you can't to my knowledge match a regular expression inside an if statement in Python and assign the result to a varaible at the same moment. This leads to typical constructs like this: match = re.search(REGEX, STRING) if match: # do something So far, so Python. But what if I ...

heh, beat ya @StackExchange
@rolfl like that's anywhere near a hard thing ;)
3:07 PM
@Morwenn have I ever introduced you to 'Die Antwoord'?
@rolfl I don't think so, but I already know some of their songs.
(BTW, that was beautiful)
OK, well, that was not them.... ;-)
'Die Antwoord' sounds like broken Dutch
it is Afrikaans.
I have some songs that are interesting, but they are NSFW.... headphones required, etc.
I don't understand South-African English at all.
3:09 PM
@Morwenn - Die Antwoord is a mix of English and Afrikaans..... which is becoming more common now.
it is certianly not supposed to be considered to be English....
@rolfl The music I just shared is part of the soundtrack of The King and the Mockingbird. Probably the best French animated film of all times :)
@rolfl Well, I'm in a project room full of students.
Students are OK, bosses, not so much
@skiwi - when you have a moment: Die Antwoord 'channel' on youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw&list=RDHCLzzU5ZU97m0
I'll listen it later
I do not listen to this music routinely.... BTW.... ;-) But, when I need a good laugh, I have been known to indulge ....
3:15 PM
I just realized that the music from The King and the Mockinbeard was very similar to the beginning of Stairway to Heaven o___o
Q: Improving the efficiency of my 'Write a function to find the first non-repeated character in a string' Algorithm

HelloWorldHere is a practice question I am solving: Write a function to find the first non-repeated character in a string. For instance, the first non-repeated character in 'total' is 'o' and the first non-repeated character in 'teeter' is 'r'. Here is my code: function repeater(string){ var charCo...

Q: UnitOfWork as Repository object factory

matsoorI have done some research about intentions of UnitOfWork pattern. In short, what I understood is that UoW is needed for transactions. But I saw some code examples where people use UoW as factory for Repository objects as well, one example is DbContext from EF. My first thought about it doesn't it...

I just realized that if you'd want an abbreviation for "You At Work Now?" it'd be "YAWN" - coincidence?
@Simon definitely not..
just yawned..
@rolfl BTW.Normal?
Why must 'Java' always be added in titles of java questions on SO?! Gives me some free edits though.
3:32 PM
@skiwi not that it would generate rep for you anymore..
also no one needs a stacktrace in all the Java-questions on exceptions...
A: Is this question off-topic / should it be migrated?

MalachiVote for Migration to Code Review

@Vogel612 Maybe some day a badge for edits
@Mat'sMug see how many votes that gets......
@Malachi probably you catch some downvotes with that..
@Vogel612 that is what I figure. but still it is a good answer. it is a good fit for Code Review and not for SO
3:35 PM
i'd be in there too...
@Malachi I understand the comments about it being too late for the question to be migrated. And essentially, my answer also states that it should be migrated.
doesn't need to be for a moderator to migrate it there — Malachi 15 secs ago
you were faster..
@Yannis then flag for diamond attention and give: "requesting migration to CodeReview" as reason... — Vogel612 26 secs ago
@Malachi Your answer doesn't really add much, especially not since you don't give any arguments on why it should be migrated.
@SimonAndréForsberg I agree
3:37 PM
That's probably the sanest solution @retailcoder, however CR needs to graduate first. And I'm not sure that will happen anytime soon (although I sincerely hope it does, the site is awesome). — Yannis 48 secs ago
(Talk to you later, quitting university)
Graduate for Sanity's sake!
Leaving would be more appropiate tho, as I'll be back on uni tomorrow
so maybe we need to extend the time that migration can happen in, @Yannis ? — Malachi 1 min ago
@Mat'sMug PIN IT!
@Malachi maybe you could provide a Link to a question here on CR to prove your point.
3:45 PM
@Gilles, all the people that like this question and the answer string should find themselves on Code Review. we would Graduate in no time, if this question got that much attention here, then those people would love Code Review! — Malachi 1 min ago
@Vogel612 brb going to search
@Vogel612 done
I used this one ▼▼▼▼
Q: Can you replace a REPLACE statement, or 9?

MalachiI would really like something to replace all of these REPLACE Statements. SELECT DISTINCT CAH.CaseNbr , REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE( (SELECT table1.Degree FROM SDUJS.dbo.fnWorstDegreeCharge(CB.CaseID) AS table1), 'F1', 'F')...

this one might be even better:
A: Genericizing PropertyValues

Jesse C. SlicerFirst: if (pair.Key.ToLower() == "datetime") { return GetDateTimeFromDmtf(pair.Value); } if (pair.Key.ToLower() == "string") { return GetString(pair.Value); } if (pair.Key.ToLower() == "ulong") { return GetUnsignedInt64(pair.Value); } if (p...

ok I have to get BTW.Work
@Malachi No, definitely not. This is a very easy question compared to most CR.SE questions. If this question was migrated, it would become a poster for CR.SE, but it's atypical, and all the attention you'd get would be people looking for similar easy pickings and leaving the interesting ones untouched. Furthermore, having such atypical questions as your poster child would discourage the people who you really want, who are interested in the run-of-the-mill CR questions. — Gilles 45 secs ago
I saw that. looks like that person spends more time on Meta Arguing with people than actually helping the SO community though.
but he's got a point..
3:54 PM
@Vogel612 yes and no
it's not like we want tons of these questions here...
But on the other hand it's not like these questions are actually off-topic
not all of the users are rep whores.
even though you are one??ß^^
the point is that the question is off-topic for stackoverflow and on topic for codereview
@Servy we already have more high-rep active users than several graduated sites already. I'm starting to think all that's holding CR back is it's format, which is arguably less "Q&A" than the rest of SE sites. — retailcoder 7 secs ago
3:57 PM
I just realized...
we got our 4 / 4 20k users.
@Mat'sMug you might want to update the meta-question on the race between CR and PCG
Q: The race has started. Are you running?

Mat's MugPCG.SE is going on a mission. And so the race begins. For Code Review!! -- syb0rg 2 days ago Let's see: Programming Puzzles and Code Golf Voting & Activity PCG.SE Voting and Activity Chart Compare to: Code Review Voting & Activity CR.SE Voting and Activity Chart ...

@Vogel612 I'll update it when SEDE refreshes, next Sunday - our 4 20Kers are not in the latest SEDE data.
sure thing ;)
"... who are interested in the run-of-the-mill CR questions." -- what exactly is meant by "run-of-the-mill"?
no clue
If I were at work now, I'd say TTQW, but as I haven't been to work today, I'm saying TFE (Time For Eclipse)
4:08 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg where this at?
@Malachi In one of the comments on the MSO question
@Malachi what was the reasoning behind this: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/201/…
+1 for the difference and the FilterIterator. Only thing that could be improved is to only check the array values. No need to run over the whole array. — kaiser 15 hours ago
@rolfl there are 3 deleted answers on the question and people trying to edit other peoples answers by changing the code.
@rolfl I haven't been looking for questions to protect, I have just been doing it when it seems necessary
@rolfl no not that. I hadn't seen that actually
I am mostly just curious... I could not figure out why a comment from a 3-year memeber of CR caused the protect....
If there was an edit attempt, that is much more reasonable...
though, protecting the question does nothing to stop that.
OK, found that, you and me both rejected the edit: codereview.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/18556
then we should probably note on the question that these types of questions are better suited for CodeReview via a protected type of message or something, would you agree @Servy? — Malachi 11 secs ago
4:16 PM
Did my part - answered a question that I would have closed for being opinion-based but didn't because I'd be setting yet another exploding bear trap:
A: UnitOfWork as Repository object factory

Mat's MugLeaky abstractions A specific implementation should not leak into an abstraction. By making IUnitOfWork extend IDisposable, that's what you're doing: public interface IUnitOfWork : IDisposable The goal of the abstraction, is to abstract implementation details away - in this case, the fact t...

@rolfl yeah I noticed that you also rejected it. I know it doesn't stop people from attempting to edit, but it doesn't let people know that we are watching and that we will not allow any shenanigans
^^^ shouldn't that be BTW.Normal BTW.Work ?
Q: Am I organising my PHP code effectively?

SomeoneI'm very new to learning PHP & MySQL (I've got past experience with Java) and I'm doubting whether my code is organised well. I've got an index page which has two forms; the first is a form to login and the second is a form to sign up a user. So far I've only completed the signing up of a user. P...

hah, @rolfl
BTW.Normal I am really going BTW.Work now, Because BTW.Web is going to get me in trouble soon....lol
4:24 PM
In case someone has not seen this comment on MSO:
@SimonAndréForsberg It might be a good idea to involve the CR mods (assuming they are they active in CR's chat room) next time you find a good CR question on SO. CR mods have a direct line to SO mods, and can speed up such migrations considerably. — Yannis 2 hours ago
@StackExchange please tell him, he should definitely at least hash his passwords.
**Respecting your own community**
As members of a community, your first loyalty should be to that community. When evaluating a question, you shouldn’t be looking to push it off on some other site; instead, ask if it could be appropriate and on-topic for you, the experts who the author decided to ask. Be a bit jealous of your site – don’t blithely turn askers away simply because their question could be asked somewhere else. Don’t hit them over the head with your scope, help them tailor their question to fit into it – and if that means your site’s scope overlaps a bit with another site’s, so
@Jamal I think this is one that I brought up here in chat isn't it?
4:28 PM
@Jamal Yup, expect incoming pings in the future
Yeah. Would be easier if the other CR mods were around in chat.
wait, there are others?
@Vogel612 You're not the first to ask that...
reminds me of german....
there's also that one mod.,...
he's everywhere.
and the two others just lurk around and work behind the stage
4:31 PM
I've reached out to the CMs numerous times already, and I've super-pinged the others in the mod room several time. Not much else I can do.
@Mat'sMug I think your answer was good, although I haven't worked with UnitOfWork or Repository pattern (at least not what I am aware of)
@Jamal we could vote them off the island and elect @Mat'sMug and @rolfl to Moderator Status
or even @200_success and @SimonAndréForsberg
We cannot elect anyone directly. SE still gets to decide.
@Malachi primarily opinion-based
@Jamal but we could start a revolt Discussion in Meta
4:34 PM
And there must be clear word that one or more of the others will not continue. That's what I'm waiting for from someone.
@Malachi monkey blushes.
just don't elect me. I shoot to fast
seriously I need to get like 25 minutes of work in before lunch now....
If you'd like to start a Meta post on this, then that may be fine. However, you would only be able to bring up public information (such as last seen activity). I cannot disclose mod stats.
just wanted to mention: Actions in activity history by mod:
Jamal: 6.4k +
codesparkle: 830+
sepp2k: 650+
Where does that come from?
4:36 PM
just take the activity tab, select all and look at the number at the top of the list
and I have stirred the Nest enough.
Meta activity is also another indication. Mods should be hanging around their Meta regularly.
@Malachi let's book it under disputed.
@Jamal looks similar:
Jamal: ~1k
codesparkle: 103
sepp2k: 78
Q: the code crashing after lingering for some time #it completes its work though

AmiteshGuys i am not able to get down the bug associated to my code, the program ends till the last line but then lingers and crashes after some time, according to me the bug comes somewhere in the final_result function in the code, the code is about 200< line code. It is basically a generalized code fo...

you outdo them by a factor of 10...
@StackExchange OT... non-working code
4:41 PM
Every damn time.
Q: program lingers for some time and then crashes //made it short

AmiteshGuys i am not able to get down the bug associated to my code, the program ends till the last line but then lingers and crashes after some time, according to me the bug comes somewhere in the final_result function in the code, the code is about 200< line code. It is basically a generalized code fo...

@Vogel612 Not to mention I've been a mod for about five months, while they've been one for over a year.
Heh, looks like someone doesn't answer much around here.... codereview.stackexchange.com/users/128/…
@Jamal At least I've got an email from them last week which contains the following "I am in the process of selecting new temporary moderators and was wondering if you would like to be considered for the position." (I said no.)
@palacsint Yeah, I remember you telling me that you had your reasons for not taking the position.
@Jamal Yes, but that was a few years earlier, this was a second attempt last week.
Wut, our mods are pulling out?
4:47 PM
@Mat'sMug I have no idea. I have not heard from them lately, but a CM has told me that they're aware of this.
Are other communities more successful about that?
@haccks Thank you for reading CR's on-topic page and actually verifying that a question would be on-topic on the target site before suggesting migration or cross-posting, it's appreciated. — retailcoder 6 secs ago
no CR account
wow @Mat'sMug we make a great team ;)
This is concerning me. One mod should not run a site, and if I end up making bad decisions (moderation-specific ones), no one will be there to stop me.
4:49 PM
This comment really deserves more upvotes:
Code review isn't really for code that crashes... — Wooble 2 hours ago
@Simon already applied..
@Jamal you got the vaccum cleaner under control still?
@SimonAndréForsberg ditto
@Jamal we're still here... We can always report you to the SE-Team if you are becoming unresponsive ;))
@Mat'sMug Yes, but there should still be a safeguard (other mods). We can reverse each other's actions if needed.
@Jamal You got a chatroom full of people willing to stop you, although we cannot help you entirely with the secret stuff I guess.
4:52 PM
Yeah, you can't. You can only observe from the outside, and even then, email is the only direct form of communication.
The importance of just a few friendly words:
@Simon i'll come soon after fixing it :-D — Amitesh 3 mins ago
^^ WTF? o.O
@Mat'sMug interpunction might help.. also @Malachi really likes that acronym ;)
4:54 PM
@palacsint At least they asked someone... I wonder who else they asked? checks inbox
nope, not me.
@Vogel612 still clueless..
STAR. Out of stars? Shit! TS
oh, of course!
@Vogel612 @retailcoder; OK. I will take care of next time :) — haccks 58 secs ago
nice! one at a time guys, one at a time - we'll get there
4:57 PM
@Vogel612 we should ask for a downvote comment feature
@Malachi naaaah. that makes no sense..
you can always flag it, but if you don't need to, it's also not worth of a downvote.
3 people have no idea what code review is, they upvoted that guy saying let's send it to CR
@Malachi upvote the comments that say the opposite ;)

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