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12:00 AM
In the Ubuntu chat room there were scheduled lessons for some computer topics. Maybe we can have some speakers here too.
@GraceNote That's a great idea to go on my list, except we haven't yet discussed whether or not I should be having such a list, so...
@RegDwight I think it's past your bedtime.
Jasper is the meta mod here.
@Cerberus And robusto said mayonnaise is shit, he said try hollandaise.
12:03 AM
Q: What does the joke with the punchline about Chrome and Hollandaise mean, and why is it funny?

S RedA joke goes like this: A friend at work had an unusual dental related problem recently. About a month ago he had to have a small steel plate inserted in his mouth. A week later he noticed the plate was starting to rust. The dentist asked him if he had a change in his eating or drinking habits tha...

It's on this cheerful note that I say night.
Over and out.
Right, that was not funny.
@JasperLoy His theory has merit, but... I have a jar of the finest Dutch mayon(n)aise right here. So...
8 hours later…
7:50 AM
Is this right sentence :"AndOrlogic Khan: here you have no friend who can understand your English very well.. Please write in understandable form, thanks"
@Miss it makes sense, if the writer means that what the person they are writing to has written is not understandable
Hi all, "You've got some moves man!" - definition/usage?
@Julius means "you can dance well", use it to describe good dancing.
8:29 AM
hey guys
now, the double-asterisk causes the contained text to be bold.
but, how do you actually bold an asterisk?
any ideas?
you could ** * **
oh! *
there you go. you can bold with a double underscore too
bolded asterisk *
ah :-) cheerz
no probs!
italic asterisk
8:33 AM
it'd be useful if you could see the formatting of someone else's chat msg
the input, i mean
a view source command, like in the edit history
8:46 AM
thanks @mattElen
@Miss no trouble :)
2 hours later…
10:41 AM
Q: Word for "self-fulfilling prophecy"

shinynewbikeI'm looking for a word, if one exists, to describe a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have only prediction at the moment, but it does not fit the context which is exactly that of a negative self-fulfilling prophecy, but a bit short of a curse. Usage (in negative sense): Whenever she comments about ...

I dunno what I'm missing, but it appears that the OP is looking for a word for something he already knows the word for.
I think he wants a different word.
I really don't like that answer. It's basically saying, "there is no specific word", but that doesn't seem like a proper answer so he's padded it out with irrelevant discussion.
Yeah, I'm not quite sure why the opposite expression got dragged into this at all...
@z7sg yeah, padding with an explanation of the opposite
This other user is giving me a headache.
Q: Differences between "world-view" and "ideology"

HauserThese terms have slightly different nuances in meaning and connotation. Would you use world-view in an academic discussion? What is the correct context? For example, would you say creationism is an ideology, atheism a world view? What is a simple criterion to differentiate usage?

Q: When to use "Weltanschauung" vs. "Ideologie"? Do they basically have the same meaning?

HauserIs Ideologie just a foreign word/scientific term for Weltanschauung? Where do you see nuances in meaning? Would you use Weltanschauung in an academic discussion? What is the correct context? For example, would you say leftism is a ideology, atheism a weltanschauung/world view? What is a simple c...

Cross-site peeving.
I mentioned this other pair earlier.
Q: What is an expert?

HauserThis article made me think of what im actually supposed to think of an expert for ... When can/should i introduce somebody as an expert? Definitions in dictionaries dont show much accordance to me. Professional experience, academic grades, should you use it only for academics at all? Your answe...

Yes I recall that
10:49 AM
Q: When EXACTLY can/do you start calling one an "Experte"

HauserIm pretty much annoyed by this term and its imho mis-use for many pseudo-experts. Experts for terrorism, amok, climate, babysitting... you probably all know this phenomenon of people designated in german TV interviews etc. as so-called experts. So there are different levels when everyone of us s...

But now hold tight.
Q: Is it good style to use latin phrases in english scientific literature?

HauserI don't know how much and deep actually school kids in US get in touch with Latin. In Europe you can choose it on many high schools and the use of it common in mainstream media. For some areas of studies it seems to be a prerequisite. In US literature, also scientific, it has -to my opinion- a k...

Q: Is it good style to use latin phrases?

HauserI don't know how much and deep actually school kids in Germany get in touch with Latin. For some areas of studies it seem to be a prerequisite. In US literature, also scientific, it has -to my opinion- a kind of elitist touch. I don't see Latin phrases quite often here despite a simple per se ...

I'm not sure the meaning of Weltanschauung is really captured by world-view. It's one of the few German words that occasionally crosses into English untranslated.
All three of his questions have been posted to both sites.
On GLU, he has a few more, and they are... subpar.
Q: How do you call somebody basically a "Klugscheisser" without causing offence?

HauserOften your boss/team mates seems just to know everything better despite having expertise in a specific discipline. What polite metaphor/periphrasis would you choose that states clearly and shortly thier solution for a problem is oversimplified and out of their scope without offending them in the ...

That's not really about German at all! WHy was it not closed?
I have commented.
Maybe he got kicked off programmers for posting too many "I hate my job" questions. [joke]
10:53 AM
Oops, XBlast time. Laterz!
11:07 AM
@RegDwight That user strayed over into my garden, too.
A: What do you think of our "competitor" sites?

HauserPhysics Forums has probably the highest quality, other ones i know but havent frequented regularly. Big Boards often have a very very poor quality concerning such topics and esp. boards on physics tend to attract a lot of pseudo/hobby scientists hardly trying to succeed with their self-knitted "m...

I'm simply not brave enough to start editing that one.
11:23 AM
@MrDisappointment delete it all and change it to "I don't know" ;-)
11:36 AM
"I don't know" is too eloquent. I think "Y U QUETSION" is more like it.
11:49 AM
So I had a pleasant night. Slept on the ride to work today. Sat down in my chair. And all of a sudden, my head has been blaring that blasted Narwhal song for the last 19 minutes.
@GraceNote so, an all around pleasant day so far :)
In case anybody is curious about the song
I didn't sleep so well and forgot my lunch. Luckily the canteen is good.
Anybody who hasn't heard it yet... there it is
11:52 AM
♪Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean♪
♪Causing a commotion♪
Cuz they are so awesome ♪
Pretty big and pretty #ffffff!
...this thing loops indefinitely, doesn't it?
No, it's just the chorus/verse repetition
@GraceNote My wife almost killed me yesterday when I accidentally that song.
11:55 AM
I get a jinx for that? I know I should have quoted @RegDwight but... you really are into this quoting thing aren't you?
Apr 11 at 15:06, by RegDwight
Yes, and yes.
@RegDwight This is why among other things I haven't shown this song to anyone else. I value my life.
@GraceNote She knows the song very well. It's just that after two years of not-redditing she almost managed to forget.
And then I accidentally, and now she sings for another two years.
@RegDwight You are a horrible, horrible fiend.
I am here to...
11:59 AM
Jul 1 at 17:53, by RegDwight
I am here to...
Jul 7 at 14:04, by RegDwight
I am here to be exactly right.
Jul 7 at 13:55, by RegDwight
I am here to be about right!
Feb 23 at 11:06, by RegDwight
Lots of echo in here.
Mar 11 at 12:32, by RegDwight
Stop it already.
May 13 at 14:18, by RegDwight
Don't make me go ABBA.
12:13 PM
Now I have Dancing Queen stuck in my head
12:46 PM
Mar 2 at 13:47, by Robusto
I will say this about ABBA, though. They are the best band out of Sweden whose name is a palindrome.
@Cerberus — The finest Dutch mayonnaise is still not a patch on a decent Hollandaise. But go ahead, enjoy.
@Robusto What, why are you talking about Hollandaise and making me terribly hungry? It's not even 9:00!
@GraceNote — Got you thinking about Eggs Benedict, didn't I?
@Robusto Yes, yes you did!
Hey @Rhodri!
@GraceNote — Hehe, my work here is done.
12:53 PM
I bet there's other uses of Hollandaise out there, but who cares? Eggs Benedict!
How are y'all?
@GraceNote I just had lunch, and now I'm hungry again. Thanks a bunch :-)
Doin' fine. Drowning out sea-creature serenades with novel pastures.
Heya @Rhodri.
@GraceNote indeed there are over 19 hours until it's 09:00
@RegDwight (I don't get it.)
12:54 PM
50 secs ago, by Robusto
@GraceNote — Hehe, my work here is done.
@GraceNote — Yeah. I put Hollandaise on asparagus, but I always feel it's wasted. I mean, Eggs Freakin' Benedict.
And I just love the ingredients for Hollandaise: Butter, butter, egg yolks, salt, lemon juice, butter. And butter.
Oh, forgot the tiny bit of water.
Mmm... butter
Haven't you forgotten something?
How can one forget butter?
Stupid noobs.
And more butter.
Asparagus is... I've had some very flavorful asparagus in the past, but I cannot stand its texture.
12:57 PM
Well, if you're going to eat asparagus — a big if, mind you — it goes down better with Hollandaise sauce.
In fact, most green vegetables are much improved by Hollandaise sauce.
Nothing can improve asparagus. It's hopeless.
Most green vegetables are delicious. I've loved broccoli and celery since I was a wee child.
My college choir's annual dinner always started with asparagus in butter. Lots of butter. Mostly this was an excuse to use "Asperges Me" as a grace.
@GraceNote — See, now that's just perverted.
@Rhodri Asperges Me?
12:59 PM
@GraceNote — Canonical (and liturgical) Latin pun.
@Robusto At least I don't like celery-flavored soda.
Asperges Me is a Latin antiphon said or sung at a Roman Catholic Solemn Mass in all seasons except the Easter (Paschal) season and Palm Sunday. It traditionally accompanies the Asperges, the ritual sprinkling of the congregation by the celebrant with holy water, as part of an entrance ritual, symbolising the cleansing of the people. Its words are taken from Psalm 51 (50): {|class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#CCCCCC" ! Text !! Translation |- |Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo et mundabor,Lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor.Miserere mei, Deus, secundum magnam misericordiam tuam.|| You will sprinkle...
White asparagus is nasty. Green asparagus, that is the good stuff.
There's white asparagus?
1:00 PM
@GraceNote — White asparagus is just ordinary asparagus that can't dance.
Asparagus always reminds me of that one girl Lewis Carroll once interviewed. She hated asparagus, and when he asked her why, she answered "well, if I liked it, I would have to eat it, and I can't stand it!"
@Rhodri You sing in the choir?
@JasperLoy I've sung in choirs since I was 10. That's... um... many years now.
1:06 PM
hello @JasperLoy! How is Singapore today?
@Rhodri Do you sing elsewhere? Like pubs or your own performances?
@GraceNote A grey-beard indeed. Literally.
Mar 15 at 0:32, by RegDwight
He's young at heart, but he's one of the oldest users here.
@Rhodri — If you keep shaving, no one can tell you're a greybeard.
(I'm under the impression I'm the youngest one here, so I have to flaunt it at every opportunity that someone indirectly notes that they are well aged)
1:07 PM
@JasperLoy Only in filk circles. I have no time for anything more
@MattEllen The same. Hot and boring. But I'm mostly at home these days. Go out now and then.
@Robusto s/keep/start/
Grey beards can be very impressive, so I wouldn't ditch that yet unless you felt it was uncoming.
I last shaved in 1990
@Robusto If you keep growing a beard, noöne can tell you once shaved.
1:08 PM
@Rhodri 1890*
...unbecoming? Uncomely? Un... um...
@Rhodri Is that a lie?
@RegDwight — My beard keeps growing, but I keep cutting it back.
@JasperLoy No, it's the truth. I'd had the beard several years by that point and decided to shave it off. Then I decided I looked fat without it, and grew it back.
That's an interesting motivation
1:09 PM
@MattEllen That message would look way cooler if it had stars on boths sides. Like ★ 1890 ★.
@GraceNote The original motivation was being able to stay in bed five more minutes
@Rhodri Haha
@RegDwight kinda wildwesty
@Rhodri — 1990? Geez, that's like, prehistoric. I mean even Before Teh Internetz.
Let me star a couple messages of mine. ★
1:10 PM
@RegDwight Starred posts. It'll never catch on. Oh, wait...
@Rhodri Indeed. The presence of hair helps to de-emphasize the size of the person.
And I thought I finally lost all reason to try going for long hair.
Similarly small people should not wear tight clothes. It accentuates their smallness.
@GraceNote Sounds like you have a weight problem too.
@JasperLoy Not a serious one, but I could stand to lose a couple.
1:12 PM
@Robusto Oh come on, I was playing with Usenet on the company dollar by then.
But really the best way to keep trim and fit is to eat, sleep and exercise regularly.
I always think girls look cuter with short hair, but since I was younger I always wanted to have long hair, myself. Up until I had long hair and was all ynayhtrh in trying to manage that.
@JasperLoy is never regular?
So I've been back to short hair ever since.
Absenting the use of wigs, of course.
@Rhodri — "Usenet" .... pfft.
1:14 PM
@MattEllen What is never regular? Ungrammatical construction!
@JasperLoy Is "never" regular is the inquiry.
From Usenet to Uselessnet in just a few years... and all thanks to @Rhodri.
@JasperLoy :D pooping on my cornflakes!
@JasperLoy — There is no unemployment among the ranks of ungrammatical construction workers.
@GraceNote Short is not well-defined. I presume you mean shoulder-length.
1:15 PM
@RegDwight ::bows::
@JasperLoy It's a large gradiant. Most keep it around shoulder length but some go slight shorter than that.
May 7 at 13:37, by RegDwight
Or longer, in some cases
Short is exceptionally well defined.
They got little baby legs
That stand so low
You got to pick em up
Just to say hello
They got little cars
That go beep, beep, beep
They got little voices
Goin' peep, peep, peep
They got grubby little fingers
And dirty little minds
They're gonna get you every time
...it's spelled "gradient", isn't it?
1:18 PM
@GraceNote yes
Not if you misspell it.
I do not enjoy supporting the giants of Mispelheim.
@RegDwight you and your descriptivist spellings!
@GraceNote It is 'gradient'. I think girls with hair longer than shoulder-length should tie it up. Otherwise they look like ghosts.
So in general, I like girls with shoulder-length hair or ponytail, not otherwise.
1:19 PM
Eh, long hair has a lot of freedom of style. Free flowing is gorgeous, but so many different stylish ways to tie it up also comes out quite beautiful.
My hair's about 2.5 feet long, but I don't really ever style it, mostly I keep it up in chopsticks.
Also, good afternoon!
According to albums, my mother used to have thigh-length hair.
G'aftoon, @Fallen!
Ya, the bun is pretty cute too.
@FallenAngelEyes You should try backscratchers.
@FallenAngelEyes good afternoon
1:21 PM
Going for a "trim" for me usually means chopping off 6 inches or so.
I wonder how long I'll have to wait for my beard to be 75cm long
I am not sure if they are the eyes of a fallen angel or angel eyes that fell.
@GraceNote — I think most women have that. Oh, wait. You mean ...
@JasperLoy I get that a lot.
@MattEllen I think next life.
1:23 PM
But even though my hair is really long, I don't have many problems managing it because I'm Asian, so it's pretty thick and won't curl without hours of work, so it doesn't frizz or anything.
@JasperLoy surely not! I must find beard fertiliser
My boyfriend jokes that if we ever need to tow the car, we could just use my braid.
@MattEllen Or you can wear a beard wig, if it exists.
@FallenAngelEyes I have thin hair, so that doesn't quite work for me.
@FallenAngelEyes Then we will have fallen angel hair instead.
1:24 PM
Every morning is a surprise as to how much it changed overnight.
@GraceNote Aw. You can live vicariously through me!
@JasperLoy That just makes me think someone dropped spaghetti.
@JasperLoy Why would you want a wig for your beard? Surely it's hairy enough already?
'lo, @Martha!
1:25 PM
@Rhodri Because Matt wanted it to be 75 cm.
They have wearable facial hair but I don't quite think it's called a wig.
Though you could wear a wig as a beard extension. Props if you go for an afro wig.
@Robusto That is naughty...
@GraceNote ...I think that would look disturbingly close to chin pubes.
@JasperLoy @Robusto is naughty. I thought that was a given?
@FallenAngelEyes technically beard is pubic hair - since it's hair you grow after you hit puberty
1:28 PM
@MattEllen Oh dear, this is becoming XXX again!
@JasperLoy nothing racy in what I said!
@MattEllen Point. I shall never look at beards the same way again.
although it did kill the conversation
@Jasper You should style your beard like Marco Hietala if it gets that long :D
@RegDwight Not true: cheese goo. Aka 'savory toasted cheese'. Melt together "creamy cheese" and butter (this is a medieval recipe, so nobody is quite sure what cheese is meant, but the consensus is something like Brie or Camembert; we usually also add cream cheese, but that can be hard to find in Europe). Meanwhile, roast the asparagus in a single-ish layer in the oven. Spread the cheese goo on top and bake some more until the cheese is all nice and toasty. Eat.
1:29 PM
It might not be a good idea to shave pubic hair. It gets itchy, as I found from experience.
@JasperLoy It gets better the more often you do it.
@FallenAngelEyes Just like shaving a beard. So I'm told.
@Martha Even as a cheese lover, I have hesitation to find that will help improve asparagus in a sufficient manner.
Oooh, someone else knows who Marco Hietala is, yay!
1:30 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Thanks for sharing yours. But of course boys and girls will have different experiences.
Of course, if we make the removal permanent, then there will not be any itch.
@JasperLoy My boyfriend says the same, if that helps?
@FallenAngelEyes I had to look up his name, but I knew who he was as soon as I saw him. He's got a wicked beard.
@brachomonacho He does! Nightwish is one of my favorite bands. :)
Ooh, Marco Hietala is from Nightwish?
1:31 PM
He's the bassist, aye.
Also does vocals.
I used to love them.
@Cerberus Before Tarja was booted?
Oooh. I haven't actually... seen what they look like. Ever.
now we know how to summon Cerberus
1:32 PM
I can say that about... nigh everything I listen to, though.
@MattEllen How? With pubic hair?
@Cerberus Me too, until they picked a vocalist who sounds like Avril Lavigne.
@JasperLoy with Nightwish
Epica is better :)
@MattEllen That was a rhetorical question.
1:33 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Was she the singer? I don't remember, so long ago...
@JasperLoy oh, sorry. It was a rhetorical answer too :p
@brachomonacho I'm not a huge fan of Anette either, but the heart of Nightwish to me has always been Tuomas and his writing and composition.
The only hair I have never shaven is ... anal hair.
They were a hundred times better than their Dutch cousins, what were they called...
5 mins ago, by Martha
1:35 PM
@Martha See, but where does asparagus even come in? Why should I eat cheese with rubbish if I am offered the option of having cheese without rubbish?
Asparagus is white gold.
That's racist.
@Cerberus Who are you thinking of? After Forever? Within Temptation? Epica? Delain?
Within Temptation! (Are those others Dutch too?)
1:37 PM
@RegDwight I'm just offering up my experience. Cheese goo is what convinced me that asparagus can be edible. You can of course just have the goo on bread (mmm... baguette slices...), but the subject was asparagus, not cheese.
I really like Within Temptation as well actually.
Sharon Den Adel's got a great range and their live performances are amazing.
Hehe oh, OK.
I've seen them twice, once in Belgium and once in Rotterdam.
I was actually there for their latest dvd filming.
I saw them once at Lowlands.
Oh, cool.
1:37 PM
I've never been to Lowlands.
@z7sg widerlich.
@MattEllen OK, I had to look that up!
@z7sg Scale that up a bit and you could have proper materials to build a fort wall.
But they weren't as good as Nightwish, in my puerile experience, at least.
1:38 PM
@RegDwight Ist doch lecker!!
@FallenAngelEyes Love 'em!
@JasperLoy :D edumacational
@GraceNote I love it! Asparagus fort!
@z7sg Fubbes.
I think Nightwish's composition was more advanced and complex at the time in comparison to WT's, but WT has really refined their sound over the past couple of years.
1:39 PM
@RegDwight Also, I think the "roast in a single-ish layer" part is key. Roasted veggies are usually much nicer than their otherwise-cooked counterparts.
Wie kannst du so sprechen von den kleinen Schätzlein...
(Do correct my German.)
Was ist Fubbes: "Ich kenne das Wort von der Generation meiner Eltern und Großeltern, die damit schmierige Ölreste meinten. Man macht sich also nur die Finger damit schmutzig und es hat keinen Wert mehr."
I'm going to a musical festival this weekend in Utrecht, but that's not symphonic metal. I'm looking forward to it though.
I only know guten tag, ich liebe dich...
@FallenAngelEyes Ah OK, I believe you. When next I land into a metal/etc. phase, I will check them out as well!
1:40 PM
They just released a new album a couple months ago, and it's great.
Oh, what festival?
Summer Darkness.
I can just count. Used to be able to count to 9. Now I'm... down to five.
Hmm never heard of it, but the name sounds appropriate, hehe.
Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf...
1:41 PM
@cerberus How was the sandwich? You misspelled 'mayonnaise'.
Fünf is fun to say, though, so that's sufficient enough anyway ♪
It's a gothic/industrial lifestyle festival thingie. I'm going to see VNV Nation and Angelspit. :)
That's still enough, you only need to count to four to march in step.
@GraceNote ...sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn, elf, zwölf, dreizehn, vierzehn, ...
@Martha lol, you said sechs
1:43 PM
@Cerberus You sound like Horst Schlämmer.
@MattEllen //giggle
Sieben is what usually throws me off.
@GraceNote What do you have against sieving?
@RegDwight Pfft
@FallenAngelEyes Sounds cool. Tivoli is always nice. And they even have concerts on Dom Square! One might be tempted to walk by even without a ticket...
1:45 PM
(Actually, wait, that goes a little differently anyway. Oh well, still worth a chuckle)
@Cerberus The market there is open to the public all weekend
I've never been to Tivoli. I've actually not really explored much of Utrecht at all.
It's the city in the Randstad I have the least familiarity with.
Utrecht is a nice student town.
Where do you live, if I may ask? :)
1:46 PM
Like Leiden, but twice the size, and instead of Bible-belters you have lots of southerners.
You Delf, right?
Are there really a lot of Bible-belters in Leiden?
@Cerberus What is a Bible-belter?
1:46 PM
(That was not a typo, just the Medieval spelling.)
Ah, gotcha. :)
@GraceNote or mediaeval in BrE, though medieval is the preferred Oxford spelling.
@JasperLoy Holland has its own (admittedly ragged) Bible belt: a geographical area where comparatively many practicing Calvinists live, shaped a bit like a belt.
Such Calvinists one might call Bible-belters.
I haven't been to A'dam in a while. I mostly only go to Schiphol nowadays, rarely to the city itself.
1:49 PM
Heh. Well, Amsterdam isn't too bad. Concerts, Museums...
@Cerberus Are those hervormed or gereformeerd?
I, on the other hand, can't remember the last time I visited Delft.
I see you are well informed.
@Cerberus It is so busy and tourist-y though that it often puts me off of just wandering. :( I did go to a concert at the Melkweg though last year. And another in...
Dang, I can't remember.
Their name alone shows how petty the movement is/was...
Oh, the Paradiso!
1:50 PM
@JasperLoy Medieval is hard enough to spell already, but if you're going to make it hard might as well go all the way to mediæval.
Yeah, both nice venues!
I really like how small they are!
Such a different experience than the large arena concerts I've been to in the US.
@cerberus It could also be used in the sense of 'belting out a song', so that Bible-belters become preachers.
But that is metaphorical usage.
The thing is, you shouldn't come near Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein or Dam Square or the Central Station if you want a nice walk; but along the canals you can walk without constantly bumping into weed-smoking tourists.
1:51 PM
@Cerberus In the course I did for Code 2 Nederlands, our docent gave us some reading because a bunch of us kept asking about what the exact difference was.
@z7sg Same thing with encyclopedia.
I thought it was because they used their bibles as an aid to corporal punishment.
@JasperLoy And pædophile, fœtus etc.
@Cerberus Haha, true. Another problem is the train tickets are a little pricey for 2 of us to go just for a daytrip and parking in/near A'dam is a nightmare.
Oh hullo.
@JasperLoy Ah, I had never heard of this musical term!
1:52 PM
I'm just wondering how far I can go with stealing all these region/town names and using them for sword names before I get found out.
@Cerberus I read it in Jose Carreras autobiography. He described how he envied those tenors who could belt out a high C before their first cup of coffee.
@FallenAngelEyes Understandable... I used to go to Delft to borrow books from the library, because all those technical students weren't using them anyway, and I had free train travel.
@JasperLoy No, please, I don't want to try it! I need tea anyway...
Also I know what you mean regarding Delft as a city. There's... de Oude Kerk and de Nieuwe Kerk and... well, that's kind of it. Though it's still very touristy in summer. Though there are lots of very small museums hidden around the city.
@Grace Here is a list of towns in Wales. You will find that each of them works wonderfully as either the name of a character in a fantasy novel or the name of a weapon they wield.
@Cerberus You sing too? I prefer to tea to coffee too. Tea without milk is good for my singing.
1:55 PM
The Prinsenhof...
@Mana I know too many Welsh
Ystradgynlais <- this is why Welsh didn't take off as a language.
Prinsenhof, all the Vermeer stuff, het Legermuseum, there's a small museum with antique Delft blauw tegels...
Q: How many new words per day to learn?

VitalyPWhat do you think - how many words is enough to learn for everyday learning? I just want to know how it is for other people. Because for me it's normal to learn 3 new words per day. If i try to learn more - i forget it.

@MattEllen Totally going to be a high class sword there
1:56 PM
Actually I have once visited Delft as a real tourist. It was very beautiful. And both my grandfathers studied there. We actually visited my maternal grandfather's house, where his picture was still on a collage somewhere. But it was now a girls' house...
@RegDwight Looks off-topic to me
@RegDwight Done!
@JasperLoy I don't! That's why I do not recommend it... do you?
I like living here, in general. We live in the south bit, so not as near the center, on a... um... there's no English translation for "singel," is there?
@Cerberus No, I am actually baritone. Can't reach high C.
1:58 PM
"Street that has a water parallel to it" is kind of long...
@FallenAngelEyes do you have a picture? I can tell you what we'd call it
@FallenAngelEyes What kind of water?
@GraceNote Oh I know, I just wanted my people to have some fun closing.
@FallenAngelEyes ah. well canal road maybe
@MattEllen In Dutch, a "singel" is any road/street that has a canal next to it, if I'm recalling correctly. It can't be a singel without water.

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