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3:36 AM
@Gagravarr I'd rather just ask them again if they're good and relevant to you. Remember, seeding the site is something we try to avoid. If someone today arrived on Travel and asked what would be a stellar question here, that would probably be okay to send over.
4 hours later…
7:58 AM
ok, @Gagravarr thanks for the nomination
am considering it :)
In other news, I just submitted the beta link to Hacker news, and about to send it to reddit's /r/iwantout subreddit. Expect some traffic.
@Gagravarr I was wondering that too - the ones against Expats - I haven't heard a peep since the site launched
@MarkMayo I was pretty strongly against expats, doesn't mean I want to see it fail or won't respect the rules on travel
I just think all this talk about what's on-topic or off-topic, splitting hair about where travel stops and the whole trouble of getting a new site off the ground were entirely unecessary
@GaëlLaurans we're here to make sure it succeeds, it's not just because it's sort of like travel. Once it's established, we can return to our happy community, or embrace being a part of two distinct communities :)
oh you're in here.
it happens on every new site - travel, english, cooking = needs to be strict early on, or it doesn't get a focus
and then yo uget what happened to astronomy - too wide ranging mess, which didn't have a direction and it flopped
although I gather a new reincarnation is up now
Don't know about astronomy, I have seen many sites struggle (and a few close entirely) because of a lack of activity, I tend to think this is the more pressing issue rather than closing the odd question about being covered during a trip
it's in the first week, over half of the commiters did sign up already, which is a good sign
travel was much slower to get up at this point, from memory
Yes, things are going much better than I expected to be honest
How does this “fulfilled commitment” thing work?
8:13 AM
where are you, btw?
Where? In the world?
I've been wondering that myself
I thought you had to ask 5 questions to fulfill
I am in the Netherlands
but some have done that already
ah right
maybe it only awards 'fulfillment' at the end of the beta (@TimPost?)
I'm in Melbourne, at present
hum “Once you've fulfilled your commitment on a new site by asking and answering a few questions, you'll be able to commit to another site. If you are very active, you may be able to re-use your commitment as soon as the second day of public beta.”
8:16 AM
In two years of beta, Travel had 165 committed members sign up.
Expats has had 148 already
good start!
damn I wrote an answer to my own question, but when I posted it, I see only the question
and...I've gotten a bite on hackernews. traffic incoming.
can you post a link to the hackernews?
Weren't you at some point? (mod on travel)
yeah, from the first month, up until about a year ago
but it's not gotten much traction
so for kicks I posted one of the questions (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7427310) and it's gotten more. oddly, because immediately someone asked why it was on hackernews, and another person replied pointing out that it's interesting there's now an expats.SE, yet it's had more upvotes than the actual link about expats!
sweet, that second comment got upvoted, so it's now the first thing people see once clicking the post
@Dirty-flow 7 votes, and the question just gained a few hundred more views, and I got an announcer badge. Great start :D
8:37 AM
you and your announcer badges...
mark the spammer :D
I'm going for that gold ;)
I'm after the steward badge ;)
hmm, you'll usually win to that one
but I reckon I could get a different gold before that
for sure
Copy Editor, for example
8:40 AM
or electorate
oh true
fanatic is also easy
@Skivvz has asked a question!
(He was the original creator of the Expats proposal)
Question is now on front page of hackernews :P
#24 not bad
Booster badge!
#16 now
8:44 AM
I hate you, my links on hackernews never attract attention
I got electorate on several sites but there aren't that many questions yet
Mi Mark
I'd suggest the question on the guy being not allowed into the states because of being kicked out the UK
you want something relevant and controversial, and ideally US + crime/police centric for front page
Thanks for answer to my question RE getting a job in Oz
8:46 AM
sadly they're that predictable sometimes :P
@DaveDev hey, no worries!
What city are you aiming for
Q: Will my past removal from UK affect my ability to join my family in USA?

user12378I am originally from Pakistan, I was living in UK on student visa tier 4 and wasn't allowed to work on my visa. I had 16 months of visa left on my passport when I got caught by UKBA while working illegally, I am extremely ashamed for committing this massive mistake for which I apologize, now I s...

it's meant to be good for families with a reasonable climate
it's on the stackexchange hotlist already
I'm coming from Ireland so I'd melt anywhere else!
8:47 AM
@DaveDev hi from sunny Melbourne :D
Lol, St Kilda (beach suburb) is full of Irish :)
melbourne might be a bit hot for you ;-) there's always tazzie!
I love the Irish, but I'd like to keep a relative distance when I go to a new place, if you know what I mean - nothing worse for me than going on a holiday and spending it in a local Irish bar
yeah, totally
8:48 AM
But I'm wondering, how did you get a job? Did you go there first or find one before you went?
Did you get a reception from recruiters?
I rocked up first
I've done that a lot in the past few years
Is it way too early for me to be trying to contact anyone, if I'll be going in October?
but I learned it in London
My strategy is probably ugly
basically apply for anything on job sites that is even semi-close to what I do
3-4 months is probably about right
that gets you onto the radar of a LOT of recruiters really fast
and inevitably they call me up about a job that they have that isn't yet advertised anywhere
My last 5-6 contracts, only one was actually advertised on a job site
8:50 AM
Ah yes, I get you! Not a bad idea.
out of London, Christchurch, Vancouver and now Melbourne
So you're working/travelling around the world? Sounds awesome. I should have done that years ago. Now I've got a missus and kids, so that's a no-go! We're going to move and settle there.
yeah, the downside of it is not settling long enough for a missus yet ;)
I can suggest a fantastic IT recruiter here if you like
Irish woman, actually :)
Yes, please do!
er, anyone know the policy on posting email addresses in chat rooms?
Well the company is ECareers
and I'll post the email, then delete the post in a short while
Let me know when you've copied that
8:54 AM
Got it, thanks!
I'll fire off an email
@GaëlLaurans why don't you nominate yourself for a mod?
Do you want me to mention you?
I don't particularly want to be one
And that wouldn't solve the issue I raised as I am also from travel.SE ;-)
@DaveDev yes please do. If you want to mention, something along the lines of 'Mark Mayo who you got a contract with Seek, suggested you'
ok, then nominate another user, just like @MarkMayo did
8:56 AM
@GaëlLaurans who are you on travel
I am Annoyed
I definitely will.
was wondering why your travel account isn't linked to your other ones
My travel account?
8:56 AM
@DaveDev and if you want to email me, check marksmayo.com - there's a contact form and I'll get back to you, if you have any questions
I created my travel account to complain about one of jwenting xenobphobic rants and I didn't plan on staying there
@DaveDev sorry that was for @GaëlLaurans (the travel account line)
@DaveDev of course, any other expat questions are welcome on this site too ;)
@Dirty-flow #10 now!
@MarkMayo Yeah, it awards once you've fulfilled the commitment (participated enough)
@Dirty-flow Yes, it's an idea
@TimPost what's 'enough'? (curious)
8:58 AM
@MarkMayo I think it's a secret
cool. Sometimes you can get a bit of a bonus for referring people, so that's handy when dealing with recruiters. I've copied your suggestion in to a draft mail. Looking at your site, it seems you're having an awesome adventure!
Somewhere near-ish to ~10 posts or so, I don't think we make the actual number public, but it's no closely guarded secret either as folks have figured it out in the past
@DaveDev yeah the blog is behind, there was a lack of internet in the stans, and then I sort of didn't enjoy updating it as much when I wasn't actually travelling
but looking to go travelling again in July, so it may be back in action then :)
@TimPost fair enough
@Dirty-flow only one post has >80 views. It currently has 680, and rising.
It's also behind, I think that particular event runs weekly to be honest, so you might well have enough now and just need to wait.
Oh good grief, #3 on HN
9:01 AM
@MarkMayo Were you the one who asked about countries with no restrictions on passports expiring soon?
@TimPost no worries, it'll happen eventually
@GaëlLaurans something along those lines - yeah, for NZ passports
Ok.. I'm going to get off this thing now. I'm in work and the boss is due to come in any minute, and it's not a good idea for me to be chatting here when he pops around! Thanks Mark and the rest of you for helping. I'll probably be around again with a bunch more questions!
And? How does it look like? Are there a lot of possibilities?
@MarkMayo maybe you want to confirm that you accept the nomination by writing a comment, not everyone is reading the chat logs
No worries, good luck with the planning and job hunting!
@Dirty-flow I've not accepted it yet
still debating it
Right, gotta go meet a friend in town. chat later folks, looks like the HN question is really taking off now
9:07 AM
c ya
2 hours later…
10:45 AM
hmm I think that
Q: UK provisional driver's license without sending passport by post

AmberI am looking to obtain a provisional driver's license in the UK, so I can start taking lessons. All the forms and documentations indicate that they need to be mailed to Swansea along with your original identification. I only have a full valid passport as identification, from a different EU memb...

is duplicate of
Q: Is there a faster way of renewing my driver license?

SklivvzI discovered that my Italian drivers license has expired. I need to renew it but I'm an expat in the UK: The Italian Driver License agency won't touch my license with a 10-foot-pole The English DVLA says they can give me a UK license (yay!) but it will take 4 weeks and they want the only copy...

but only the second one got answers
In fact they face the same problem but they don't realize it
One has a license, wants to exchange it, the other want to pass the exam in the UK
If I needed a provisional license, I wouldn't look for questions about exchanging/renewing foreign licenses either
It's a completely different situation
when I see such questions I ask myself if I'm really ready to be a mod
@MarkMayo your (first) link to expats.se on hackernews is now #9
Well, I don't think you need to do much, just wait to see what people think
and we're getting many new users
The threshold for voting is low, you can wait and see
I think spam and the like are the most pressing issue for mods
10:55 AM
I think the spam will not be a problem at the beginning
probably it will take months to become a spam target
btw we have our first quesiton on the hot list :)
11:10 AM
I lost my edit rights with the upgrade to public beta, will have to spam the review queue…
me too
but you're very close to 1k reputation
11:37 AM
@Dirty-flow oh wow, here we go
oh geez, so much ... junk
reviewing and editing as fast as I can
probably we entered the public beta a little too early as we don't have any users with >1k. rep
normally wouldn't matter too much, just not usually this much traffic this fast
hopefully someone from SE-team can review the suggested edits
11:55 AM
damn, one of our users is just 29 short of 1000
@MarkMayo Who is that? I am not seeing the same list apparently
ah, yes, I had the reputation for this month only
Thank you for reviewing 20 first posts today; come back in 11 hours to continue reviewing.
-> never reached the limit on travel.se
maybe now we can do some!
just had an edit approved, Tim must be online
remember earlier when only 1 question had more than 80 views? Now 9 do
12:07 PM
my question is still on the hot list, 203 views now
travel has 3 on the hotlist
25% new users in the last 3 hours
lunch time, brb
12:38 PM
I was about to put SztupY over 1000 but I have no votes left :-(
how many SE employees do we have on the site? is it just Tim and Anna Lear?
as far as I know
I wonder if we need to go on meta.se and ask for a few more volunteers, at least for a few days until we get enough 1k and 2k users
12:53 PM
I think as it moves off hacker news, it'll slow down again
and a bunch of us are 1-2 days from 1k
it's just like the first day, really, where there were a ton of crazy questions
@TimPost but if you're around, we could use you about now!! ;)
Currently SIX expat questions on the hot list!
Tim, we've had a TON of traffic in the past 4 hours
if you have some editing approval time, that'd be handy ;)
I'm on it.
1:01 PM
Edit queue cleared, I'll check it every hour
Though, with this traffic, probably some privileges going to rain down today
I knew this was going to take off quickly after switching to public beta, that's why I put out the call for mods early
yeah, it's on the front page of hacker news at present
1:16 PM
@MarkMayo I just saw that you accepted the nomination, and I think it's the right decision - it's not fair to cause so much traffic and let the other users deal with it ;)
1:40 PM
Just missing Reddit
oh it's there
but not as much interest
and has two downvotes >:(
It seems I've completely missed the fact that we have a chat site :(
@SztupY was wondering if you'd make it in here!
where abouts are you based?
you mean?
1:55 PM
as in where are you right now?
ah nice. Well we hit a bit of traffic on hacker news earlier, so lots of new questions for ya ;)
looks like you'll hit 1000 today!
Hope so
Also did some advertising on social networks since we're public
50% new users in last 5 hours
I think we did a really good job making this site welcoming with very little 'fuzzy' criteria on what and who can ask.
It's not a free for all, but you'll probably have a good experience asking a question here if it's really about something that's complicated by you not being a citizen of the country in which you reside.
2:03 PM
I'm also curious what new types of questions we'll get
As the site did slow down a bit in the last 2days
always slows down after the initial committers flood
then after a few more questions, google organic traffic starts to kick in a bit more
@SztupY Didn't really slow down in participation, just questions. We still saw answers, a lot of tag tweaking, edits, meta picked up a bit. It's pretty natural for that to happen a few days before something goes public. We had a heck of a private beta, blew the doors off the criteria to go forward in the second or third day.
It also helps that a less than trivial number of people working here are also expats :P
@TimPost, yes I meant about the questions
2:09 PM
@TimPost how does one get working at SE as an expat traveller like yourself?
@MarkMayo I just applied. I'd been an elected Stack Overflow mod for a couple of years, very active and vocal in how the network was coming together, and I'd been around since just after SO opened to the public.
Joining the community team was something that would require almost no training for me, I just took on a lot of responsibility, and got more diamonds.
My last job in software left a really sour taste in my mouth, so I was looking for something different.
yeah, I can understand that
my last three contracts I've been going 'just one more, see if it gets better'
then this one it actually did, a bit
but I'll likely be finishing that up in June/July then doing some more travel
@TimPost I know that feeling.
2:16 PM
How did you guys start this whole travel/expat thing? I mean at one time you just said to yourself: I'm going to travel, and the next time you were like: I'm going to settle here for a while?
no, sort of by accident @SztupY
I needed out of NZ for a bit, and did the OE (Overseas Experience) thing back in 2007 - went to London for 2 years like so many other Kiwis, Aussies and Saffas
then I got the travel bug, got a new Ancestry visa
then did several months in south america, got the long term travel bug
few more months contracting in London, then backpacked overland to Mongolia
by then I wanted something different, so back to NZ for 6 months, got a visa, moved to Canada
got a contract there, worked for the 1 year visa, did 6 weeks travelling, then in last week, while in DC, decided on Melbourne
I went to Germany to study and decided to stay here... I don't know for how long...
so flew here
and now living in Melbourne....for the next few months :D
@Dirty-flow - Gold :D
Publicist badge
I started a proposal for expats back in 2010, it fizzled out, not a lot of interest.
Have I already said today, that I hate you
2:24 PM
The last few years have seen a lot more globe hopping, so - it popped. This is exactly the site I wish I had in 2005, boy is it.
(10 years living abroad for me now)
@TimPost haha, yeah sometimes you need the sweet spot of culture, internet and luck
And our first spammer has been destroyed.
2:32 PM
@SztupY nice, however if you want more privileges you can nominate yourself for a mod :)
@SztupY Congrats. You're the first one to make it. :)
Q: How to deal with traffic offences in United Kingdom?

ppumkinI know in the United Kingdom you can fines issued by the Traffic Police Department, for speeding, illegal parking (on public roads) and also you can get fine "Invoices" from private companies that monitor parkings, mostly for example. What are my rights between the two types of fines? As in t...

another example of a question that really isn't an expat question
the only expat question is : Can i get points on a non uk license?
2:52 PM
>200 questions! wow!
so earlier when we had 1 question with more than 80 views?
we now have 17
and 2 with over 500
and 23 posts with a score of 10+
great day!
but it's now 2am, so I must sleep. there's that work thing I have in the morning.
Work is overrated.
So is sleep. :)
good night Mark
Q: What should our help center 'on topic' text be?

Tim PostWe're closing questions and pointing folks to the help center to see what kind of topics they can ask about, but that page is currently profoundly unhelpful. Here's my first stab at what should go as the middle paragraph with a bullet list, please vet this as soon as possible so that I can get i...

Can I please get the bat signal on that ^^^^ we need text in there pronto
I don't want to feature it as we're currently seeing a whole bunch of users
3:02 PM
it might not contain everything but it's unlimited times better than the current one
+1 on that, going to get it ready to post now and wait about an hour, if nothing drastic is suggested out it goes.
Actually, saved it - can always edit, at least it's in place. I closed 2 questions about 30 minutes ago.
3:31 PM
A: Who should the moderators be?

StrongBadI will throw myself into the moderator ring in response to wanting someone who is not actively part of Travel.SE. I am pretty active on TeX.SE and use it as a resource to ask questions and learn and answering when I can. I am also active on Academia.SE where I try and help people find the informa...

now we have the first self and non-travel.se nomination :)
Could start a new band .. The traveling moderators
(I'll get my coat)
a coat, in Manilla?!? surely it's much too hot there.... ;-)
4:07 PM
and a 4th mod candidate :)
4:21 PM
@MarkMayo You still around?
in theory he has been asleep for a few hours, but who knows when it comes to Mark!
I'd like to see the manager, there's not enough Mayo on my site.
4:38 PM
Tim, is someone going to cover the mod queue when you head to bed, which I guess will be soon?
@Gagravarr The rest of the community team. I may appoint mods as early as tomorrow.
would that be a new record?
Robert Cartaino will check on things periodically to see if something needs immediate attention, otherwise I can handle whatever is in the queue in about 8 - 9 hours. Close votes, at this early stage, is something I'd love to see the community do without me stepping in, but I have on a few occasions so far.
ta. have a good rest!
5:47 PM
WooooooooHoooooooo!!!!!!! I am gaining on @SztupY :)
I think we need to have someone from the Americas as a moderator. Just to be able to cover timezones...
6:17 PM
Eeek, I have to do something! (like go to sleep :D )
do we have any americans who haven't run off elsewhere?
@Gagravarr There are a few.
2 hours later…
8:00 PM
@Gagravarr Have you ever applied for a permit for a non-EU family member?
I am asking because I don't know exactly how it works in the UK but in France if you have a problem with an administrative decision, you get a chance to send them a letter (called a “recours gracieux”), laying out your case and if you have good (legal) arguments it's often enough to make them back down without actually going to court
I wonder if that would apply to your scenario
(Usually, you should always start a formal complaint as well, to make sure the decision is suspended in the meantime)
3 hours later…
10:41 PM
I'm thinking of the case of when you + family member just arrive at the UK border
I haven't done it, but a friend of mine (not on here) is seriously considering it

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