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7:00 PM
@Malachi One minute.
@Malachi 'til midnight zulu (7 PM central time).
@SimonAndréForsberg NO serious?
@Malachi No, I'm not serious.
would explain why you didn't get a star
Just wanted to see your reaction :)
7:01 PM
I was going to vote for you, but then I saw you were in South Dakota. Can't possibly vote for anybody in SD.
@JerryCoffin TS LOL
I got +202 today? how does that work?
Accept does not get capped.
You've earned the "Mortarboard" badge. See your profile.
@rolfl oh right
Congrats ... next week we should see you on the leaderboard ;-)
@rolfl I am going to be writing code this week instead of playing Call of Duty on my playstation. I need to see if I can write something that will make me tons of money eventually.
so I need to learn some things!!!
Also, welcome to rep-lost ;-)
An alpha version is probably about 4 hours' work, so a month could be enough time to get a version which is ready to submit for review. — Peter Taylor 4 mins ago
I'd probably spend 4 days just trying to get the blobs' "merge" animation right.
@rolfl I haven't lost any rep yet I don't think. if it was a question vote I was -3 from max. so it would have been even....lol
You have lost rep....
Upvote with no score.
7:07 PM
Also, if you go to the page codereview.stackexchange.com/reputation and scroll to the bottom you will see [0] values ;-)
Now if only I could roll all the rep I've lost on SO over to here, I'd be the top ranked user (by a fairly wide margin).
@rolfl where did you find this?
Magic ;-)
@Malachi Somebody posted it yesterday.
7:09 PM
I have to get BTW
I always have to keep reminding myself that this means "back to work" in @Malachi-speak!
By the way, BTW => Back To Work ;-)
@Malachi Really sucks when you lose (a lot) more than you get to keep on a particular day. I had at least one day that I've have scored well over 1000 rep if there was no cap...
@Jerry - I have an SEDE query for that:
7:15 PM
That would be a rather bittersweet day x.x
Oct 15, 2012 .... you lost 1278 rep
And, in total, you have lost about 37K rep on SO ;-)
tsss that's nothing. Jon Skeet lost much more ;)
Depressing, eh!
Wow. You've lost more reputation total than I have :/
7:19 PM
yeah, me too - actually lost more than 10x the SO rep score that I have!
@Mat'sMug 'tis true. IIRC, Jon would have over a million rep without the cap.
I did his once before....
Oh wow, I've actually lost 50 rep. I didn't know I've ever capped. Weird.
Jon Skeet has lost... A lot apparently. Query is taking forever...
Whoa! He's lost 1,780,029
He would have over 2.5 million rep without the cap
On CR, I have only lost 45.
He's lost 3 times more rep than he has.
7:21 PM
head explodes
I lost 110, 1.55% - peanuts.
And, on April 12, 2013, he LOST 3823 rep
Oh my god... That's 20% of my total rep. I would cry.
that's actually more than all I've built on SO
Imagine in Community automatically collected all that lost rep. o.o
7:22 PM
(mind you, haven't been active on SO since... well since I started being hyperactive over here)
heh, on CR I have lost 1684 .... total.
I think it's a bit strange calling it "lost" reputation. It isn't lost, your reputation doesn't go negative suddenly. You just never get it.
That would actually be really intersting if Community got the lost rep. I have a feeling that it would over flow very, very frequently though unless rep is 64 bit.
Therefore, there's no reason to cry.
Yeah, I was thinking about that too. But I was too lazy to point it out.
It's like someone was going to give you $10 and then they didn't. I didn't lose $10. I just didn't get it.
7:24 PM
Good thing you have me then :)
Semantics... you only 'lose' the rep, the upvotes still count toward things like tag scores, etc.
Indeed :)
Imagine Stack Exchange if you couldn't even vote on an answer when the user was rep-capped! What would @Mat'sMug do then?
Tears. Lots and lots of tears :p
And it would be very difficult giving Skeet an upvote.
7:26 PM
And, talking rep, I see we have a new #2 ... I am sure @200_success did not miss it though ;-) codereview.stackexchange.com/…
nice! Congrats @200_success!
Wow, I need to post more :(.
There's so many people ahead of me who I don't think are even active anymore.
@Corbin have you seen the TopX graph?
Hmm, I guess not?
Hmmm, though, you will probably want to customize the per-user one I put together too.
7:29 PM
Wow. Yours and 200_success' values are crazy.
This is a MSO question that the monkey might like, a bit of SEDE involved:
Q: How big is the Fastest Gun in the West bias?

Jon EricsonOne of the earliest phenomena noticed in Stack Overflow's voting system is the FGITW problem: the first answer is more likely to get upvotes than subsequent answers. Even if later answers are objectively better, the first answer forms a bandwagon that collects more votes than it otherwise would....

You've been a busy monkey
We almost have two full rows of chat users!
@Corbin - here: your competition ... ;-)
@Jamal YAY
7:33 PM
@Jamal resize your window, I have 1 user short of 3 full rows ;)
wait, that's 20 users in here!
If only we had two more ex-dictators to join us...
@Jamal No thanks!
@rolfl that doesn't work right there are only 4 people on there
But wait... two more? Does that mean that the rest of us here are ex-dictators?
7:34 PM
@Malachi Click again ;-)
Wow, @syb0rg has been busy too!
@rolfl the colors are still wrong.....lol
@Corbin ??
much better I like this. slow and steady data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/164480/…
@syb0rg Was just noting that your rate of rep accumulation is insane :)
7:37 PM
@Corbin It is going to be slowing down, not many C questions these days.
Clearly we need to start pimping more answers. :P
:(. I have some old C code I should clean up and post. Had to make a C vector for a project a while back. I should revisit that and post it.
Unless you're into linked lists!
no more upvotes on me until we kick over......please
7:40 PM
@syb0rg Do you want more C questions? :D
be careful when talking to a blond that likes acronyms(textisms) AI probably means "AS IF"
@Morwenn Not right now, maybe in a few hours ;)
I am going to start posting LOGO questions.
I'm busy completing a calc project right now.
I posted a C question 2 days ago. But the fact that I reached the 30k characters limit may be terrifying at first.
7:43 PM
split it up!!!
All you C/C++/C++11 folk need to clear out your zombies.
@rolfl AMEN
@rolfl I tried but some are out of my reach. I don't feel confident at all reviewing concurrency-realted code :p
I think I did all that I can.
7:45 PM
Is something unclear in "This question is about selection tools, not about menus."?
I think these are my top competitors: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/164480/… (DING! @Mat'sMug, @Jamal)
Aw yeah!
@rolfl Working on it.
@rolfl You forgot C11. :-)
@JerryCoffin That still counts as C
7:53 PM
And we still have two more zombies. They're neigher x86 nor MIPS, so I don't have anything to add.
I guess the Python folk have almost as much work to do.
@konijn needs accolades for his zombie hunting in the javascript tag ... check out his 'dent' in the numbers
It got changed from P1 to P4 wow
That makes perfect sense.... no surprise
That title strikes me as something that would show up in the PHP bug tracker >.< lol
@Corbin - that bug has history with skiwi ... ;-)
He found a critical stop-the-world bug in not-yet-releases Java8
Now, apparently the fix is low priority
8:01 PM
Ah. Well, it looks like they found a hacky work around instead of actually fixing it x.x
But, the truth is there were two fixes... the high-priority one switched off the optimization that was causing the break.
The second fix is a lower priority one to restore the optimization in a way that works.
@rolfl I took a screenshot of the user board, since I don't expect the current user ranking to last for long.
It will last, or won't last for long?
Correction... "don't expect the current user ranking to last for long"
8:03 PM
How come people are still answering stuff about menus on one of my questions while I explicitely stated that the question was not about menus? ç_____ç
@Morwenn link!
Q: Centre-based radial selection

MorwennI have heard of a selection tool [probably] known as "radial selection". The user clicks somewhere ("the centre") and the selection area will be a circle whose radius is the distance between the cursor and the centre. For example, in the image above, the user clicked CENTER and dragged his mou...

@Morwenn - 6. Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code?
Ahhh not CR
@rolfl That's not on CR :p
@200_success I expect you will be ahead of Loki in #1 soon-ish, and will be in the #1 spot for a while ;-)
8:05 PM
Well I understand it is not P1 for the current Java 8 release, but I would have expected it high on the list for the update following release
@skiwi why? The product works.... (now), and the only issue is a slight performance one in a low-volume problem space.
There will be other things to do before that.
well yea, it makes sense
@Morwenn Personally I don't have a clue on how that could be connected to menus...? Then again, I'm not an UI guy.
I think it should be higher priority just for the sake that it implies something is very, very wrong somewhere in the code base. But eh, I have no idea how Java internals work, so maybe it's not that big of canary.
@SimonAndréForsberg I haven't a clue either, but I've already got 2 answers and 7 or 8 comments (some deleted) about pie menus.
8:07 PM
what on earth is a pie menu anyway?
A radial/circular menu.
@200_success at your's and Loki's current rate, I expect you to be #1 before the end of the month.
@rolfl At your current rate, I expect you to be #1 before the end of the next month.
No, not really, 200 is 1K ahead of me, and we are both maxing out ....
Unless 200 takes a holiday, I will never really catch him ;-)
On the other hand, if he does take a holiday, it won't be long before he's in my dust ... assuming I can keep up my pace too .... which is not certain at all.
Q: Logging into WebAPI 2 site from c# desktop application

Sander ObdeijnI'm trying to login into a webapi2 site from a desktop application. After a lot of googling I cobbled together a working prototype. But since we are talking about security I wanted to do a peer review, I'm just starting with security design and I'm not exactly sure about my design. static intern...

8:15 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg at our current rates.... I will cross paths with @200_success at about 30K ..... if ever
8:28 PM
Hello @BenVlodgi and @MattS.
I cans not types
Sup @syb0rg
@BenVlodgi A Calc project.
@BenVlodgi And now looking through some of your answers and voting on them :)
@syb0rg which calc? and thanks!
Q: custom indexOf without String methods

LiondancerI created my own indexOf function. I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a way to make it more efficient. I am practicing for interviews so the catch is that I cannot use any String methods. I believe the runtime of this method is O(n^2) with space of O(n). Correct me if I am wrong...

@BenVlodgi You haven't spend all of your votes today? For shame ;)
And AP calc.
@JerryCoffin My question and your answer made it to the top of this week's newsletter.
The one on UTTT
8:44 PM
Tried to shoot a c++ zombie. Not sure I gave good advice.
Q: Concept based polymorphism

Blair DavidsonI have a concept based polymorphism example listed below. I allow the user to provide any type that implements the draw method and then I add it into a vector of unique_ptr to concept base. If I have a pointer or reference I want to be able to deal with that even though the solution has value sem...

@syb0rg I'm actually a bit new to this stack exchange stuff. how do I even see how many votes I have left
@BenVlodgi On your profile, in the lower right corner there is a counter of how many votes you have spent today.
You have 40 votes a day, so why not spend them?
@syb0rg that is a pretty good point, especially in a beta.
@syb0rg calc was fun.... but it has been so many years since I took that
@BenVlodgi Yep. And if you vote enough, you may someday get up here:
@BenVlodgi I'm just typing up the paper for it in LaTeX. I've already done the math.
8:48 PM
@BenVlodgi It took me less than 100 days to get to the top row.
@syb0rg not bad. I've been coming to SO for so many years but only recently decided to do anything on it... so far it has been a pleasant experience.
Code Review is better ;)
@Mat'sMug I was thinking you could write some sort of inspiring post to counter this:
Q: Let's go on a mission

DoorknobWe've been in beta for 1129 days. Don't you think it's time we get out? We seem to be in a similar situation as Code Review. We don't have enough users with sufficient reputation to gain privileges like voting to close and delete. Here's some quick analysis I did with the API (the percentages a...

it is certainly more friendly
@BenVlodgi We try :)
@BenVlodgi Anyways, if you are looking for stuff to vote on, vote on the newest questions and answers (if they are worthy). And if you can't find stuff there, then you could just look through peoples profiles in this chat room (like I did with you).
@JerryCoffin You know assembly?
@syb0rg When I started, "Programmer" was nearly synonymous with "assembly language programmer".
8:55 PM
<--- Click that picture and then click "user profile on codereview.stackexchange.com"
Has @Malachi voted more than me? Shame on me!
If it were stars, I'd understand it...
@JerryCoffin Back in the day? ;)
@syb0rg thanks for the advice, I certainly shall..... As soon as I get home, because I just finished my 8 hours at work w00t
@BenVlodgi I just learned something new about C# thanks to an SO answer of yours. I had no idea that string values was copied to a new object on s1 = s2;
Loving this, @syb0rg
And so the race begins. For Code Review!!syb0rg 7 hours ago
I actually just created a code golf account just so that I could up-vote that comment
9:11 PM
Nice edit, @syb0rg. :-)
And so it's... TTS? TTGTB? Eh, whatever... good night!
Good night!
@SimonAndréForsberg wait what are we talking about?
@syb0rg I used to be ahead like #2 or #3 or something like that
@JerryCoffin where are you from?
I am not Originally from South Dakota, don't ya know?
9:20 PM
Hmm, Santa has some votes to give away...
Yay Santa!
Hello @midfield99
Santa is
@Jamal The OP said he was practicing for interviews, should it have been tagged with the interview questions tag?
@syb0rg I'm not sure. He states that he's practicing for them, but seems to imply that this wasn't directly from an interview.
@Jamal Based on the tag wiki, "This tag is for questions that came up in an interview.", I think it was good I didn't use it.
Almost 10 upvotes, and no answer yet!
Q: Custom indexOf() without String methods

LiondancerI created my own indexOf function. I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a way to make it more efficient. I am practicing for interviews so the catch is that I cannot use any String methods. I believe the runtime of this method is O(n2) with space of O(n). Correct me if I am wrong....

@syb0rg - I was going to leave it since I am @max... but now ... ;-)
9:35 PM
@rolfl It will probably go to the hot topics list, where you will gain some votes tomorrow.
9:45 PM
@syb0rg Nah--no days yet. It was so long ago, we only had nights.
@Malachi You were some place else and not only went to South Dakota, but voluntarily stayed there? What exactly is wrong with you?
@JerryCoffin Wow! The Dark Ages!
@Malachi I'd have thought that was obvious. South Dakota, of course. :-)
@JerryCoffin that is what I figured. you don't happen to live in sturgis do you?
a beautiful Minnesota Girl and I found each other in the hills and fell in love.
@Malachi No, not even close (I haven't lived in South Dakota in quite some time). Grew up Was raised in Aberdeen.
@JerryCoffin I Live in Pierre right now.
I gotta Get BTW though
something fishy is going on with VBScript and this new version of vendor software
9:49 PM
@Malachi So a state Gov't job?
@JerryCoffin yep
Welcome back @midfield99
@syb0rg Hi @syb0rg
@midfield99 No Code Review account?
No, not yet. I should make one though.
9:51 PM
@midfield99 Yay!
I now have an account!
@midfield99 Yay!
Do you have code to review?
Or would you consider yourself a "guru" in a language?
And... our other 20questions contestant is .......
....... @syb0rg !!!!
Tell, us, @syb0rg - how many nuts do you have?
.... tut, tut, you were supposed to say 65535 ... because after that you overflow ..... :(
10:00 PM
I use some c++,python, and C#. I wouldn't say I'm a guru though. What do you use?
@rolfl That is a lot of nuts. I wanted to make is somewhat reasonable ;)
@midfield99 I consider myself a guru. Whether other people consider that, I'm not sure.
@Calpis I missed you come in, hello!
@midfield99 Keep in mind that you don't have to be a professional to review code. You only have to make some sort of improvement to the code.
Alright. cool.
@midfield99 Also, since you are in this chatroom, if you post your answer here you are almost guaranteed a few votes.
oh, that's a good idea.
255 here
10:19 PM
@Malachi 255?
I'm a Bit short
8-bits short of the nut-case?
256-1 = 255
10:32 PM
Q: Trolling the troll

Erel Segal HaleviA troll has captured you and is forcing you to write a malware (defined as a program that damages the computer that runs it). The troll can read and understand code, but is not so good at spotting bugs. Your goal is to write a program that: Looks like a malware; i.e., a beginning programmer re...

@Malachi I'm a bit tall. What of it?
10:51 PM
Q: How to execute JAVA program by double clicking on icon?

DavdI have written a java program. Now I would like to open my console java application without IDE, Eclipse etc., but just by double clicking on the executable version on my Desktop. I have exported the java project in Runnable .JAR file, but it cannot be opened. When I tried to open the applicati...

I swear there's a correlation between "JAVA" and bad questions. Where the hell did "JAVA" come from anyway? Drives me insane.
Also, the language is called Java, not JAVA. — syb0rg 21 secs ago
Just Another Vacant Asker ?
10:55 PM
Seems so... It's especially bad on SO. A title containing "JAVA" is a near guarantee that the question will be complete and utter garbage. It's maddening. If it were up to me, I'd make a filter on SO that rejects any title that has JAVA in it :).
You can do that ... ;-)
in the search have [java] -title:JAVA
Ooo! Today I learned.... :D
Meh, it is not case sensitive .... damnit
Didn't know title searching was case sensitive
Q: How to execute JAVA program by double clicking on icon?

DavdI have written a java program. Now I would like to open my console java application without IDE, Eclipse etc., but just by double clicking on the executable version on my Desktop. I have exported the java project in Runnable .JAR file, but it cannot be opened. When I tried to open the applicati...

10:57 PM
Ihave some favourite questions, like -[css] title:css is:question
Then, retag ;-)
I think there should just be a filter that's like "Hello. It seems you've used the 'word' JAVA. Your question probably sucks. Please find out what your language is called and come back."
@Corbin The sad part is that even when they capitalize Java correctly, they're just as bad... :-)
That's a good idea for tag auditing
@JerryCoffin Hah :o
Wait... we can actually edit SE's chat messages?
@Jamal Yes. Click the up-arrow with the focus in the edit window. Only for a couple minutes though.
The pencil on the left indicates a post that's been edited.
10:59 PM
I know. I feel that I shouldn't mess with it, even for the lulz.
Where there are downvotes, there's still an upvote...
Q: How can I accept Char input in C?

user3408205So i try and compile I get a warning: comparison between pointer and integer [enabled by default] error, what am I doin wrong...? int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { char x; printf("What would you like to do today?\n"); scanf("%s", &x); if (x == "slm") { printf("You SLAM a Faygo!"); } els...

Probably either a pity upvote ("oh no! this is a terrible way to be greeted a new website!") or someone with very similar homework. And, to an extent, I sympathize with the question asker. I'm sure he has no idea that what he's asking is so basic and ridiculous. We were all beginners once, and C is a rather harsh language to start with.
@Corbin Hmm, that's debatable. It all depends on how you start.
@syb0rg It's all subjective of course, but I know very few people who would disagree that lower level languages make for a rougher start, especially if a teacher isn't present. C isn't hard at all to pick up the basics of if you have a competent teacher or book, but if you have a bad teacher or if you're just trying to google random stuff, it can be hell. This question is a perfect example of it. Every other language just uses == to compare strings. Why would C be any different?
Then again, the use of == implies that he's not completely new, in which case he should know to look into a language a bit before just jumping into it. And he should have at least some concept of an array....
Blerh, I don't know. I tend to feel overly sorry for beginners. I think it's my PHP roots shining through lol.
@Corbin True. I did read a pretty good book.
11:15 PM
Technically, I started with JavaScript. :-)
Well, I guess that is one really good thing about starting with C. There is a ton of material on it. A ton of really high quality material. Compare that to certain languages like PHP or JavaScript where high quality learning materials were near non-existent until like 2 years ago.
@Jamal Ouch. Hopefully post-Crockford era JavaScript and not the crazy JavaScript of days past.
@Corbin Every other language DOESN'T use == for string comparison though. C++ is the only language I'm familiar with that compares strings with ==. VB, Java, ObjC don't compare strings that way.
@nhgrif True. I didn't literally mean every language. But a lot of them do. Python, PHP, Perl, C++, Ruby, etc
@Corbin I have no idea. I took it around '08 or '09, and I can't remember any of it.
It's probably 50/50.
11:19 PM
Yeah, probably so.
Hmm, I wonder if github is running slow or just my Internet
It's github. I couldn't push at all earlier :(
Figured it out!
11:27 PM
I'm not able to push at all right now either.
a printer was not connected or something, when I removed the printer from my system, my application created the forms like it was supposed to. so now that I have been here at work 3 hours longer than I needed to be it's fixed and I didn't really do anything
I hate that so bad
I just tried again, and nor can I. github.com is super slow too.
@Malachi Ouch :/
I will probably just flex it out or they might give me OT
time to go home
not 3 hours. 2 hours.
@nhgrif no stars yet
11:42 PM
18 minutes until reload, and I still have some votes left. I'll take care of that.
11:58 PM
I am trying to embed brainfuck code into C++ code. That's fun.

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