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4:56 PM
Hello! Welcome to chat!
Erm, you were talking to me?
Well. And the others.
I came exactly at the time you posted it.
So I felt honoured.
Ah, well, then you are the guest of honour today.
Now you may feel like you have to stay, but you don't.
Thanks :D
5:00 PM
Unless you want to.
That's seven words already.
Plus a lie.
Or not. Or so.
So, you guys write long stuff here?
Which? What?
I thought there was some writing contest here. The transcript doesn't seem to be full of them though
It's not a contest, just a chat.
We talk about writing. Most of the time I forget or I'm busy and can't come.
We had a good run about a year ago or so.
5:04 PM
Okay. Anything particularly interesting on Tuesdays you guys do?
And we do well around National Novel Writing Month in November.
We sometimes do writing exercises. That's the most fun part.
Cool. It happens to be Tuesday today.
Or wednesday I think.
For some part of the world at least.
So, any writing exercises?
The advertisement was really appealing.
Kind of disappointed.
Sorry. We can do a writing exercise today, but I've got to finish something at work first.
Well, I don't consider myself as a good writer. But I was hoping to see some paragraphs of long awesome texts over here
Which ad did you see?
The Meta post?
5:08 PM
Um, how do I specify it?
It was rectangle
and brown
No, at the sidebar
Above the hot questions list if I remember correctly
Oh, that must be Neil's. On the Writer's site?
On math.se
sorry, on english.se
My bad
That one?
5:10 PM
Yes, that's the one
I actually happen to be here on the right time too!
10 min late.
Well, let me finish this thing and I'll give it my full attention. Maybe you can find some other stragglers in other rooms who are interested.
If you don't mind me asking, what're you doing?
Oh, never mind
I was kind of curious what english experts on this site do as their profession
But, you seem to be a 'business analyst'. Okay.
I thought most english experts would be writers and all.
But your 'about me' brings me back to reality.
:( writers would've been cool.
5:31 PM
See you, bye.
Well, I just had one last email.
So. Anybody feel like chatting, or should we just wait until @Matt comes back?
5:50 PM
Anybody want to see my last poem?
I would!
@KitFox I think I can just share it from Gdocs.
I should post it somewhere.

*My lover, if my poems should be*
lacking all art, do not leave me
oblivious. Instead, be blunt.
Lest I continue, please confront
me with the facts. Let them be free,*

thy private thoughts. Thy willow-tree
curtains pull back so that I see
your heart. I will no more affront

*My lover.*

My always wish is to please thee.
More than move heaven, or earth, or sea
I wish to move myself – to hunt
the selfish out – turn best to front
and give what makes thy life lovely,

*My lover. (If my poems should be
Oh, the italics did not work.
The special formatting doesn't work in the multiline environment for some reason.
I like the first two lines especially.
The italics are optional -- they help the reader see the form
The nude-y form?
6:08 PM
The rondeau is a poetry form from France in the middle ages. I wrote this one for Valentine's day, and learned after I wrote it that the earliest surviving Valentine is a rondeau.
Very sweet.
@KitFox Oh.
And thank you, yes the first two lines are pretty much the poem in a nutshell :-)
It's hard to write valentine poetry for a published poet and writer. There it is, my cross to bear.
Your lover is a published poet and writer?
I went back to read my first NaNoWriMo novel. Augh.
6:24 PM
@KitFox I'm afraid so.
@MετάEd That's something to be glad of, innit?
6:40 PM
@KitFox It's kind of miraculous.
How so?
@KitFox I don't know, because I am skeptical about miracles, but then again, some things are still miraculous.
It's like seeing the first butterfly of spring, or the first robin. It's a rare and lovely thing.
Ah yes.

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