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12:52 AM
@terdon Still around?
@Seth yup
@terdon I'm looking at your meta question now. I can definitely highlight the official part, but I don't think adding the "excluding" part is a good idea, especially since we have the "This is not the right place for" right below it.
@Seth either is fine for me. I do think it would be a good idea to change the link target though.
I'm still thinking about derivatives vs flavors
@terdon ah right. That was the other thing. Let me look at that.
My thinking is that referring to "Recognized Flavors" is safer because 1) there are no other mentions of flavors on the page, only the recognized ones 2) it avoids needing to talk about "official _derivatives" vs "non-official _derivatives". We could now refer to "Recognized Flavors" as on topic and "Ubuntu derivatives" as off-topic.
1:00 AM
Hm. Yes, changing the word to flavors might be a better idea. I don't want to change the link so much, the one you propose is much more confusing than the current one IMO. Would changing the word to "flavors" be enough?
Like this:
Just my 2 cents, changing derivatives to flavors makes a little sense since to someone who knows nothing about linux kubuntu magically/intuitively seems more like a flavor of ubuntu than backtrack/kali/mint. I'm not looking forward to people trying to game that logic and having a surge of ultimateubuntu instead of ubuntu ultimate edition etc...
@hbdgaf The main reason to change it to "flavors" over "derivatives" would be because the official derivatives page calls them "flavors".
I don't know about gaming it..
I understand the reason. I just think it's semantics to make things more clear, and whoever wrote the official derivatives page probably had similar thinking on magic recognition.
@Seth I'm not disagreeing at all. Just saying I hope we don't see that.
The best way of course, although it means more work for our side, would be to maintain a page, preferably that help page, that explicitly lists the specific Ubuntu versions that are considered on topic.
@hbdgaf Yep and I'm not disagreeing with you either.
@terdon Hm, that's not a bad idea. They don't change often.
1:10 AM
I really think that would be best. You guys have direct access to the help pages then? So you (the mods) could maintain it?
@terdon Yep
Just like any other edit page. (it's actually written in HTML o_O )
I've just been surprised by the amount of drama the on-topic thing causes here, so listing them makes sense.
@Seth what did you expect?
@terdon markdown actually.
@terdon you can say that again facepalm
Some users take it too far.
@Seth Oh. No point since it's not there for public editing I guess.
@Seth Tell you what, maybe I should edit that meta Q and suggest that?
@terdon Guess so.
1:12 AM
@Seth I hope I'm not on that list. ;P
@terdon Good idea.
@hbdgaf I don't think so ;)
Oh hey, congrats on the mortarboard @terdon :D
@Seth heh, thanks, I wasn't expecting that :)
I had to go and double check my rep
It's always a fun badge, except for when you're right on a privilege border.
@Seth heh, exactly, then you want your REEEP! Tell me what you think of the updated meta post btw
2:18 AM
You know what would be neat? A clone of the solarwinds engineer toolset on Ubuntu...
2:35 AM
ok, this guy asking same question three times - askubuntu.com/users/250093/user250093
@Mateo sounds like something i'm not going to touch. it looks like a nuisance user.
Is Ubuntu touch on topic?
Bugs in U-touch are not, but general touch questions are.
2:50 AM
Damn, that is certainly not clear (or even mentioned) in the help
@hbdgaf are you sure? Is there a meta thread about that?
it has its own tag. it's on topic.
@hbdgaf Don't know about AU but generally, having a tag does not make things on topic. There are also , and aren't there?
Q: Beta/Alpha/Development versions are said not being covered - so Ubuntu Touch questions are not welcome?

NilsBI just read the comment "Ubuntu Phones is in development, so it is off-topic here at Ask Ubuntu. We do not support Beta/Alpha/Development versions." Are questions welcome regarding Ubuntu Touch only after it has been introduced officially? I have seen a few questions referrring to this topic: ...

you could have searched meta yourself if you weren't trying to be difficult
@terdon it was the fourth result for "touch" in a simple search on meta...
2:54 AM
@hbdgaf fair enough, I hadn't even searched.
and I told you it was on topic...
@hbdgaf I know you did, but since the help pages directly contradicted that, I was confused. No offense meant
And you said has tag==> on topic and I hadn't checked your profile so for all I knew you were a new user.
fair point. there's a certain amount of human interpretation between tags that should exist and why we should nuke the mint tag...
Yeah, we've had loads of "How can X be off topic if there is an X tag" meta rants on Super User.
Whatever, I added it to my meta question
@terdon that's where you get to the don't be a d1ck rule
2:59 AM
@hbdgaf yeah. Unfortunately, too many users aren't aware of that one.
yeah. this too is true.
Ubuntu Touch isn't off-topic since there is a stable release now anyway.
@terdon Looks good to me, though I don't think we need the fancy summaries..
^^ and that... but it has been on-topic for a while as long as it's not a how to flash it question....
yeah sorry.
@Seth I just copied them directly from the Canonical page. You're right though, they're just clutter
If there is anything else that is on topic, could someone add it to the list in my Q?
3:03 AM
@Braiam @MarcoCeppi I have filed a bug about the Community page. Hopefully this will make Marco's work easier.
@terdon Yeah we can do that. I don't think there is anything else though.
@terdon Maybe you could break out on-topic words as answers so they could be voted and scraped to magically maintain with a script?
Do you think that's really necessary?
I don't, but I also don't think editing in is... I just read things and know what is on-topic. It's not confusing to me.
They can still be parsed from the original question if necessary but the whole idea is to move that list to the Help Center and maintain it there rather than link back to meta
3:05 AM
@hbdgaf Fair enough.
@hbdgaf yeah, but you've been here a while. It is clearly confusing to new users judging by the amount of OT Qs there are and it was not very clear to me either. For example, I had to ask about Ubuntu Touch
@terdon I get that ubuntu touch is confusing, but most of our off-topic questions aren't because the user is confused... it's because they don't read the faq.
@hbdgaf All I'm saying is that I came here as an experienced SE user and had to read the Help page more than twice to figure out what was and what was not accepted of all the Ubuntu flavors. Hence my meta post.
@terdon I understand a little. Not completely, but I do understand a little. I have a hard time helping with this problem though, because it is obvious to me.
@hbdgaf through I give you that, is not excuse to leave the faq/help page with ambiguities ;)
3:11 AM
@hbdgaf That's cause you're an Ubuntu geek so you know about all of this stuff. I haven't used Ubuntu in years and only ever used it for a couple, so I don't know the differences (and anyway, I don't consider changing a DE to as something that merits a change of OS name!?).
For those of us who are not in the Ubuntu world, there is no easy way of knowing if say, ultimate ubuntu or whatever is one of Canonical's or not
@terdon It's not just a DE, it's all the apps that go with it too.
Theoretically you can install kubuntu-desktop and get kubuntu though.
Basically, it isn't an OS name as much as a special version of Ubuntu customized to a certain environment.
@Seth well, yeah. I didn't know that was even hard. I've always had a few DEs and WMs installed on all distros I've used.
@terdon I don't think it really does either, but having a meta-package to install all the wobbly bits and making a something-desktop package basically means it's on-topic. if people continue not gaming that it will stay that way. if there were an ultimate-ubuntu ppa that had a metapackage that transformed mainline to "ultimate" <-- which it isn't, it might be on-topic. mint being the notable exception since there's a ppa to install it and break everything...
I think we are going astray the topic at hand, the help page needs love, and needs it now
@Seth I know, and it makes sense for people coming from Windows to have different names for different faces. It's just strange for me is all.
3:15 AM
fixing the things that we know are wrong and are fixable bit by bit we can advance
@hbdgaf really? A PPA? I thought you could just point Ubuntu to MInt's repos and install over it.
@terdon That'd be icky.
@Braiam very Zen of you :P
@Braiam Calm down man.
@terdon Yes, I can understand that.
@Seth I would not recommend it no, I just thought it was possible from a technical point of view since the differences between the two are tiny.
3:17 AM
@terdon Hm, might be possible. I certainly don't want to find out ;P
@Seth I'm very calm, just don't fuss over stuff that really doesn't matter to improve the help page (like starting a war over DE's and whatnot)
@Seth I might fire up a VM and find out :)
@Braiam no war! Just friendly banter!
@Braiam We aren't warring over DEs, we're discussing the difference between distros. Also, if you're calm, why use bold?
@terdon Good luck!
@Seth cuz I love * ;)
3:18 AM
@hbdgaf Come on! You know you'd do that if you had the chance!
I have a chance to do that daily... really.
I would... at least once...
unrelated: this seems neat for the people that are talking about cron problems with python pythonhosted.org/APScheduler/intervalschedule.html
there could be a dbus-schedule-python thing to add jobs to that queue and it would be beautiful.
Anyone know if this is even possible? dbus commands can only be issued in a GUI session by the session's owner right?
Q: Use dconf (or comparable) to set configs for another user

Josh The GeekOn Ubuntu Desktop 13.10, I have a setup script which runs as root. It essentially configures the computer as necessary, but I need to set some things with dconf. The script runs in a Terminal window under a regular user with sudo. I need to run the command dconf write /com/canonical/unity/launche...

3:27 AM
Hm. Dconf is stored in ~ afaik.
it is possible. dbus is session OR machine based. it could be a global thing and manipulate individual users as root.
so, no, I don't think that's possible. Unless you su to another use first or something like that.
oh okay.
@hbdgaf Wouldn't it require some configuration before you could use it then? I suppose that's obvious, hence the question.
system vs session bus
@Seth i was responding to the dbus question not the dconf question
@hbdgaf oh :S
anyone has a slight idea how to save this Q? askubuntu.com/q/102396/169736
3:30 AM
16 downvotes? Really?
I guess that got William a badge.
@Seth IMO, is a very very bad Q
i need to connect to the internet. i have xp. i'm not sure how it only got 16 downvotes...
I think meh, just leave it.
It should have disappeared by now I thought.
@Seth it has a highly upvoted answer, that's probably keeping it
3:32 AM
not if it has an upvoted answer... and that answer is too vague due the question itself
I really don't know how to save the answer...
@terdon it's a stock use jockey answer... it's not dedication...
@hbdgaf nah, my bad, I thought that was the OP
The answer isn't too bad..
yeah, but how to make it searchable? it has only ~300 views
I don't know how to write a Q that that answer would fit
Something random doesn't work how do I fix it? Install proprietary drivers. Done...
3:35 AM
You can't give that Q an answer that would fit, it's way to vague. Some of those broadcom drivers are a real pain.
that's the worse approach and I think we already have a Q covering it
yep. "How do i install extra drivers"
oh, you're trying to merge and save the answer?
meh, just nuke it already
the points will not go away since it has more than 3 upvotes and 60 days
thinking about changing my gravatar youtube.com/watch?v=tEVsRLhet2k
1 hour later…
4:42 AM
Q: Unable to download youtube video

RaviI don't know what happened now but I'm unable to download any youtube video. Earlier it was working properly. I'm working on Ubuntu 13.04 ravbholua@ravbholua-Aspire-5315:~$ youtube-dl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONWvX8ESrsk [youtube] Setting language [youtube] ONWvX8ESrsk: Downloading video w...

5:16 AM
Hello! I did a sudo apt-get remove ruby* and then I saw that some grub packages were being removed too
so I went to installed back those packages which log showed to have removed
I set grub to work on my /sda (in general, not any number) when was installing back
should all be ok or should I fear for my system and plan installing/reconfiguring more of grub
5:30 AM
@diegoaguilar did you try that.
5:46 AM
@Seth lol it's not like I know more than one programming language. And that line changes every time we refresh the page.
@AvinashRaj yes I did, actually I asked here before posting the qusestion
it works or not
I think it will
calm, you will have your answer accepted
I just cant afford now to reboot and have grub damaged
don't worry normal grub-install command will do the trick.
did you have Ubuntu live disk?
5:55 AM
hmm I do have
reboot.If it results in grub prompt then run boot-repair.I am with you.:-)
hehehe I promise I will
just Im working now
and kinda not allowed to reboot :P
but thanks Raj
So, you're from India?
yes, i'm.
Mexico here
I think you are good in python.Isn't it?
6:02 AM
well ... not expert
but have been working last weeks
know from my profile or website?
SO profile
stuck with any python issue?
no, i'm just learning it.
please recommend some python tutorials.
well really I rather learn from o'reilly books
@Mitch remove v
Q: I love Ububntu but this little issues

user253614Let start by saying that I started a complete idiot when it comes to dealing with the true heart of the computer is. At first It says all these signs, languages, symbols, any other fucking shit you can imagine. I keep myself diligent as a 42 year old man to learns these thing. My kids thought I ...

7:14 AM
Just got an issue to be fixed. Was wondering if anyone would mind helping me out here: askubuntu.com/questions/427849/…
Well, if anyone of you happen to check that link out, please do post your answers there. Thanks.
7:39 AM
@UserName why didn't you ping me?
8:14 AM
Q: Change minimum encryption of pm utils

Ankit PiseI'm working on college project about linux advanced security. Its about hibernate encryption and I came across pm-utils & uswsusp I configured it and it worked exactly as I want. But the problem is it takes almost 10-15 minutes to generate RSA key file of 1024 bytes. Also its not possible to cr...

Q: How to reload Nvidia driver after "rmmod" (Nvidia Optimus/multiscreen: How to restart optirun after hibernation/suspend)

LucasI use the following scripts to initialize multiscreen setup: #!/bin/bash # Initializes Nvidia Optimus for multi-screen functionality. sudo modprobe bbswitch optirun true intel-virtual-output But when my machine suspends, it goes back to a single screen. I try to restart by terminating and ini...

1 hour later…
9:28 AM
@Takkat r u there :-)
9:42 AM
@AvinashRaj sort of yeah
(but am contantly jumping from one room to the other so I'll not always have an eye on the chat)
@Takkat i created answer for this question and posted that.After it comes to know that op is using vmware.
A: Increase Ubuntu partition size under virtual machine

Avinash RajYou have to boot from Ubuntu live disk.So that you can be able to resize your installed Ubuntu partition on Virtualbox. First Right-click on the Ubuntu virtual machine and select settings option.From the settings menu, select Storage option.Finally choose CD/DVD virtual disk file(choose an iso ...

not virtualbox
@AvinashRaj well, they accepted your nice answer \o/ so proceduces may be similar.
@AvinashRaj its similar
i pinged you because you're so good in Virtualbox questions.
9:57 AM
@AvinashRaj thank you ;)
@AvinashRaj 3 more rep and you'll have chat mod powers :P
@MinatoNamikaze 3 more rep.What do you mean?
i only had 9327
now 9347
@AvinashRaj I mean the global SE rep
you now have 9997
> CIGARETTE:A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other!
@MinatoNamikaze i want to know about chat mod powers.Is there any link?
10:13 AM
mod powers are overestimated these days...
Q: STOP! Look and Listen

Luís de SousaDear moderators this message is for you. Some weeks ago there was a hike in the number of audits conducted in the review queue. Unfortunately it has created more problems than it solved, more specifically: Audits have become a large share of the review tasks, in my case about one third of the r...

10:31 AM
@Takkat More responsibility than power ey? ;)
@hbdgaf did you know about mod chat powers?
@AvinashRaj There isn't a link that I'm aware of, but you could try searching MSO. Generally removing stars, pinning, deleting posts that don't belong to you, locking rooms, and making rooms private.
@hbdgaf 500% more responsibility 0.1 % more power.
why can't people wait until release
@Takkat there needs to be an april 1 "14.04 released early - get it now with this killer new feature" -- "Hahaaa just kidding April Fool's"
@AvinashRaj is this a release-dependent issue?
@hbdgaf loooool
it's about packages.So release dependent issue, i think.
@AvinashRaj yeah I just googled: Cycles was introduced in Blender 2.6
Added note, the only supported release that still runs anything below 2.6 is 10.04 and it doesn't run 2.5 it runs 2.49... so yes. Release dependent.proof packages.ubuntu.com/…
10:43 AM
Dupe to three questions --> too broad askubuntu.com/questions/431640/…
@Takkat Gah My EYES
close them to see better!
how do i see my total SE rep?
1 more
yes i got it
@AvinashRaj - try not to delete too many messages in a row. It throws a ping at the mods because the system thinks there are shenanigans going on...
10:58 AM
this is multiline
SHIFT + RETURN will create a new line in chat.
Leave it to Luis to need more than the maximum text for a broadcom or other driver installation answer ;) meta.askubuntu.com/questions/8662/raising-the-answer-text-limit
Yes... I was reading meta without being banner bombed...
Thing is, I can't read more than 10 lines without having to make a break because of fading sight.
Lines keep jumping, meanings get mixed up.
Sorry man... that only happens to me when I REALLY need sleep.
Almost... it's not an E-book we have here.
<-- always really needs sleep
I can't find the starred comment, but I said something like "needing sleep is part of what makes us useful people"
11:09 AM
what is /dev/md means?
It's a raid device if memory serves
reached 10 k
hasn't touched raid since he was studying for the rhce at community college
inexpensive is what i thought was a lie.
1 drive was expensive enough.
i worked somewhere that was using some proprietary enclosure that supposedly allowed non-identical disks and still did raid across them. and their secret sauce let them use all the disk space, but not require the same sized disk. my co-worker was enthused until it had to rebuild the array once a week for 2 days. looks like some epic special sauce to me (._.) ~ ︵ ┻━┻
11:15 AM
yeah a broken RAID is more than pain.
It always rebuilt fine, but a feature causing a need to rebuild weekly is not a feature. It's a bug.
eagerly awaits the what's a jedi tableflip question...
My answer to "Why do I have to keep rebuilding when I use this tech" was "Sounds like you need a raspi running software raid on some USB HDs. Problem solved."
dpkg -L hadoop
I didn't ask the question, I just edited the title...
One should not make capitalization errors in titles... it said UBuntu and you commented without fixing it ;)
sorry jobin posted that comment.
did you see any chat flags on your profile?
i see chat-flags, but not at the moment.
don't delete questions you want answers to. it makes it look like i'm talking to myself @AvinashRaj
11:31 AM
@hbdgaf sorry.
in chat, where you see ping counters... other top corner in another color indicates pending chat flags. if you click it, you participate in the review task
@hbdgaf i didn't able to see that
in chat, not in your profile. chat flags don't show up in profile anywhere...
i think, i have to logout and login back.
tbh when the bridge is quiet there aren't many chat flags...
11:36 AM
@blade19899 why the FUD interest at the moment?
A: Is Adblock (Plus) a security risk?

AndalurIt is not. This is a FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) campaign by GMX because they want to display their ads. There is absolutely no security risk from the mentioned ad blockers. They added some crapware to the list to make it look more legitimate. Of course such campaigns are very unusual, es...

would you shut up about chat flags already?
@blade19899 voted
@hbdgaf Ditto!
Awh yeah, better than the accepted answer
11:52 AM
@blade19899 grats. i sort of gave up on ubuntu touch until it's more stable and installs everywhere. when they killed ubuntu-desktop for arm it made me more than a little sad... i wanted to run a custom xfce desktop on my nexus with a really fat top-bar instead...
forking android just doesn't feel right. straight linux on an android device with multi-rom does. it's one of those things.
there is no need to migrate this askubuntu.com/questions/431412/…
@AvinashRaj why migrate something that has an accepted answer. migration paths are usually for won't get an answer here...
@hbdgaf I have a new phone coming next week. Am using my current phone samsung galaxy s2 as testing ubuntu-touch, and Debian phone, etc..
jobin marked that question
12:01 PM
i know... i was agreeing
@blade19899 that's mine
@blade19899 i just use a nexus 7 gen 1 for testing things since it's like the most compatible platform ever.
@hbdgaf: other than maybe the old HTC HD2 ;p
@hbdgaf Didn't they drop nexus support from ubuntu-touch
@blade19899 i don't really care what they do with u-touch... as previously stated. if they did it was because gen2 changed the hardware.
12:04 PM
@blade19899 good work :-0
@AvinashRaj Thanks!
oh it changed to some smiley
@hbdgaf Noted.
@AvinashRaj U just gave me an idea!
being dismissive of an unlocked boot loader chunk of hardware seems like a bad idea to me, but whatever...
me \lol/
12:07 PM
Q: Can we have Ubuntu emoticons in the chat room?

blade19899Can we have the Ubuntu emoticons on the general chat room?

I use the same on my website
yes it would be easy for me.
I have a sneaking suspicion that one will be met with why not a userscript instead of an infrastructure change...
@hbdgaf That would make me sad :(
Someone could make a wicked awesome userscript to do chat decoration and get a job somewhere. That shouldn't make you sad. Infrastructure changes shouldn't be made lightly for something as trivial as emoticons. If it happens it should be a user script that gets eventually added as an include.
That's how I would do it anyway, if I were in the driver's seat.
If i just get my emoticons:
12:14 PM
Q: Can we have the Ubuntu emoticons in the chat room?

blade19899Can we have the Ubuntu emoticons on the general chat room?

12:27 PM
12:46 PM
Q: Set memory allocation for applications in Ubuntu

hatI have an application running under Ubuntu that tries to consume all available memory. Is there a way to specify and restrict the allocations available for a given application?

1:40 PM
Q: My question deleted my answer for no reason!

user255774How to add a keyboard modifier state applet to Unity panel? explains how a moderator uses his power to delete true answers. You can check it!!

I was only testing...
2:00 PM
Q: No wired ethernet connection

GabrielI'm using elementary OS (based on Ubuntu 12.04) and yesterday I woke up to no wired ethernet connection. As far as I can remember I changed absolutely nothing, it was working at night and not anymore the next morning. If I plug in my USB wi-fi antennae it picks it up immediately so it's not my c...

2:11 PM
^ This legit?
I would tend to doubt it...
2:34 PM
@AskUbuntuMeta BOOM!
@blade19899 it is...
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L and this is why we get so many elementary q's
3:00 PM
@Braiam is that --dry-run and -s are same?
i'm going to delete that dry-run part from askubuntu.com/a/431605/202806
3:44 PM
@Braiam Thanks!
Q: Keep son from touching his dirty genitals

Emilio M BumacharMy six-months-old son is in the habit of reaching and grabbing his own penis, as soon as I open the diaper. This becomes a problem about twice a day, when his diaper gets really filled up and his penis and scrotum are dirty with feces. The trivial solution is to hold both his hands with one of ...

... This is why i love stackexchange. Its a funny place.
4:13 PM
+1 for "body block". The only thing I'd add is to watch out for the "golden shower" that little baby boys are famous for. With this method, you're right in the line of fire. At 6 months, I'd say you're not quite safe from that yet. — Jax 13 hours ago
@blade19899 Yes. This is for all elections. Got two from that already xD
And also, you get swag in contests
4:28 PM
Q: cursor freezes often

user255928First I am confused as heck by this site. I thought I was at the Absolute Beginners page but who knows. All the answers to similar questions previously posted are way over my head. I have a new Asus X200CA. Ubuntu is preloaded. It is updated. My cursor freezes. Often. I have installed nothing z...

so much hate
nice edit btw. I'ld stay away from the "please guide me" phrase though. It's upsetting to some people that get spammed by "How to hack website, please guide me" type of stuff. It develops a negative connotation over time.
Q: Can a GIF be used as the Ubuntu Splash Screen instead of the boring purple one?

user256269I'm using Ubuntu Builder and I really want to change the splash screen. It's my first time using Ubuntu Builder, and most of the work is being done offline (limited access...). I have code for the Terminal to install a wallpaper as the splash. So I was just curious to know if I could use an ani...

one more reopen vote please
Good Night
already reopened :-)
@MinatoNamikaze why?
Damn but getting Ubuntu to run in a VM is hard. Keeps crashing.
Have canonical ever given their reasons for having the buttons placed on the left? I know it's been that way for a few years now but how do they defend that choice?
4:46 PM
People read left to right, so the first place you naturally go for buttons is the top left. Hence the unity launcher being there...
You should be aware that I don't use Unity any more. I went from hating it because of habit-lock, to understanding it, to wanting more performance and having to turn it off...
Also, the buttons being along the left hand side is probably to change the top-bar expectation less.
@AvinashRaj are you aware that you voted to close it, what changed that now you vote to reopen it?
@terdon This is what my desktop looks like: i.imgur.com/xw5yLpL.png
@Braiam where?
4:55 PM
Q: Can a GIF be used as the Ubuntu Splash Screen instead of the boring purple one?

user256269I'm using Ubuntu Builder and I really want to change the splash screen. It's my first time using Ubuntu Builder, and most of the work is being done offline (limited access...). I have code for the Terminal to install a wallpaper as the splash. So I was just curious to know if I could use an ani...

@Braiam i didn't put any reopen vote on ^
@Braiam The answer is no you can't. It's a feature request bug.
Unless there's a new feature coming up of which I am unaware...
5:13 PM
@hbdgaf heh.
if the PPA was added in sources.list file, does it can be removed by running ` sudo add-apt-repository -r` command or it is intended for removing the repositories which are in sources.list.d directory?
i remove things with rm. i don't even know if that switch exists...
@hbdgaf is that chat flags are empty?
and now you're on ignore...
Are you got angry with me :(
5:26 PM
i'm not angry with you. you won't shut up about chat flags. it's not something that normally happens. and you keep beating the dead horse. shut up already.
i don't want to hear about it any more... so the only choice i have is what?
@hbdgaf sorry ,
11 mins ago, by Avinash Raj
if the PPA was added in sources.list file, does it can be removed by running ` sudo add-apt-repository -r` command or it is intended for removing the repositories which are in sources.list.d directory?
@Takkat i got 50 rep bounty for that question :-)
5:49 PM
@hbdgaf Last line needs fixing? Live > > love?
@DKBose it actually say like...
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