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12:10 AM
thanks to both
12:45 AM
I finished the bash script: gist.github.com/lucio-martinez/9423298
cc @Braiam
@Braiam The faq link needs to be updated.
@Seth yup
Any idea how we get that done?
I bet Jorge would know, but he isn't here.
@JorgeCastro ^
@MarcoCeppi might know as well.
1:11 AM
@Braiam @Seth what needs to be updated?
wow, 2 audits in the close queue
@MarcoCeppi > Documentation resources

Start with the FAQ -> this links to http://askubuntu.com/faq but should maybe link to http://meta.askubuntu.com/tags/faq
I dont' see what's wrong with the au.com/faq link
given the context of the later line: Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use the site.
@MarcoCeppi It links to the about page, which was already linked right above it.
the /faq page on au should probably link to meta/tags/faq tbh
1:13 AM
They both link to the about page.
Also, the comprehensive guide links to meta.askubuntu.com/questions/257/how-does-ask-ubuntu-work?rq=1 which is quite comprehensive
@MarcoCeppi why do you think that? I think it should link to the help center. It would be good if we had a link to that though.
You guys are talking about two different things
the Ask Ubuntu guide links to /about, the faq links to /faq
1:15 AM
But /faq points to /about
click it.
So it should either link to /meta/tags/faq or /help
Recursion is bad :P
probalby /help
the community site is open source, I'll find the project open a bug and patch later this evening
1:16 AM
ok great. Thanks @MarcoCeppi. If I had known that I'd have done it myself.
links at the verrryyyy bottom of the page
> Thank you for reviewing 20 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
but I def think the link about FAQ should be the /help link and should say something like "Start with the help center"
@Seth post the link to the bug, if you write it
1:24 AM
@Braiam Wait, so who is writing it, me or @MarcoCeppi ?
I thought Marco said he'd do. I can do, but I don't want to stop on Marco.
1:43 AM
Huh, LightDM just restarted on me.
1:53 AM
I voted to close this question as a dupe, but i voted on the wrong question, can a mod undo my vote?
Nevermind, found out i can retract my vote!
Yep, you can retract it :)
@blade19899 which was the dupe you wanted? I can re vote
@Seth Thanks for the help budy
But is 3 in the morning, and i am not thinking clearly
I don't know what i thinking was, reason for close vote clearly
oh, ok. so no dupe for the other ;)
Don't close vote it just because it already had a close vote people. Read it specially since I have been up all day
2:00 AM
I've been hooked on the linux bundles that humblebundle have been doing... sad there aren't any linux games this time around.
Am going night night people
@blade19899 later
@Mateo No later. Night, Night.
2:11 AM
@Seth It's coming in 6-8 weeks. — Anna Lear 2 mins ago
@Seth so how's the mod life so far?
@Mateo Well.. Everything is your fault, everyone stares at you, everyone expects you to be correct, they don't give us enough deodorant.. but yeah, I kinda like it, nothing I didn't expect ;)
Actually, tbh, it's been a bit boring. There are currently 0 flags.
and there have been 0 flags for about 4 hours now.
@Seth I buy more than one stick at a time ;) last time I bought they discontinued the type at the store i usually go to
Since I'm bored, I have taken to closing questions in 11 seconds.
@Mateo lol.
Since you got the joke I'll edit that bit back in.
2:27 AM
oh, ok.
@Mateo Wasn't sure you would take it as a joke, you know, everything about being a moderator is supposed to be terrible ;)
Or as Marco puts it "unglamorous".
What will happen to Mint-SE (area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/64098/linux-mint)? How long can something stay in Area51? Any idea? I thought Mint being as popular as Distrowatch claims, things would have progressed much better.
Proposals get closed after a period of no activity. No idea what that period is.
And there's one for Debian. Wow!
@DKBose It probably didn't get much traction because we already have Unix & Linux.
2:38 AM
@Seth, Hi! I know that's why I'm surprised. I'll read discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/questions/12547/… to get a clue. But their followers are climbing steadily. Only 9 more followers needed. Can you tell who the existing followers are?
Mint needs 49 more followers! Doesn't seem that popular then.
@DKBose yeah on the right side
@DKBose You can see followers here: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/62467/debian (some of them)
@DKBose It can take a site over a year to pass through Area 51. Some sites take even longer.
Q: Boot Halts if Time if Reset

GeoffereyI have an old powerbook g4 with a dead battery & I am trying to run ubuntu 10.04 on it. Whenever the power cord gets unplugged the date gets set back to Dec. 31st 1969. Apparently when you shutdown the OS the time gets saved to a file, which is checked fist thing at boot if the date on file is in...

@DKBose but maybe it has not had publicity yet? if you have active mint people - you could get them to pass the word to other resources, that seems to have helped ubuntu at the start if you look back through old meta posts.
Well, I don't really feel strongly about it but was curious seeing the Meta posts from a few days back. Mint "evangelists" are widespread and maybe they feel having an SE site will reduce revenue from the Mint Forums which present ads (for revenue). So they may prefer people to stay there for real help and to post everywhere else to evangelise. Wild thinking and I will stop here ;)
2:54 AM
@DKBose Here are some interesting blog articles you might be interested in reading: blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/08/unix-and-ubuntu-why-both blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/08/… Most of the proposals for separate sites for things like Mint have been closed as dupes of Unix & Linux.
3:06 AM
Unless distrowatch values are not "real" or what could be the reason for poor response? Even if something is a "dupe" of something else, if SE thinks it would benefit from more eyeballs, they would go for it, no?
@Seth Nice phrase in second link (blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/09/fork-it): the narcissism of minor differences
3:21 AM
@DKBose Distrowatch aren't real statistics
> The DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking statistics have attracted plenty of attention and feedback over the years. Originally, each distribution-specific page was pure HTML with a third-party counter at the bottom to monitor interest of visitors. In May 2004 the site switched from publicly viewable third-party counters to internal counters. This was prompted by a continuous abuse of the counters by a handful of undisciplined individuals who had confused DistroWatch with a poll station. The counters are no longer displayed on the individual distributions pages, but all visits are logged. Only one
They mean basically nothing more than pagehits. At one point in time Hanna Montana Linux was number one.
@MarcoCeppi, I believe that as well but people keep quoting DW as proof. I've given a link. Yesterday someone in AU did the same and I commented here: askubuntu.com/questions/430911/…
They're just simply wrong. Using DW to prove anything other than the curiosity of people about a specific distribution is wrong
@MarcoCeppi wow, not even downloads or anything else...
Nope, most distros don't even publish download numbers
I'm seriously wiling to bet Ubuntu is one of the most, if not the most popular
We're the number operating system in most of the public clouds
a good percentage of servers are running Ubuntu, I think it showed something like 24% of all public servers are running either Ubuntu or Debian (not sure the exact number or if it was Ubuntu, Ubuntu + Debian, etc)
We're the official Operating System of the Chinese Government
I could just keep going on and on
3:54 AM
Area 51 is a mess.
Wait, someone tried to prove something with distrowatch? o_O
Happens all the time
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
I know that we are encouraged to ask questions and answer them ourselves. But can this be misused?
7:20 AM
Q: I am being downvoted for no reason

kamil Can a moderator explain what's happening to my account. I am not sad but I wish to know why I am so downvoted today?

8:07 AM
A: List all files that are larger than 50Mb

StormviruxAWK really is quite easy for this sort of thing. Here are some things you can do with it in relation to file size checking, like you asked: List files greater than 50MB (50000000) bytes: ls -l | awk '{if ($5 > 50000000) print $8}' or using awk and du we can write du -a . | awk '$1*512 > 500...

Mine is the worst answer but why did everybody else other than me get a downvote
8:38 AM
A: How to recover the Deleted folder in ubuntu 12.04

Aatish SaiTo recover the directory you can use extundelete Install extundelete $ sudo apt-get install extundelete Command to recover $ sudo extundelete --restore-directory /home/Documents/ /dev/sda1 Note: in place of dev/sda1 put your hardisk partition name /home/Documents/ is your path to deleted...

why you posted it 2 two times?
user with my name
That question is marked as duplicate
The original question is about recovering folder and the linked question is about recovering file. So it is necessarily a duplicate?
very similar questions - probably should merge the answer so that others who are trying to recover either files or folders/both can use the answers in one place.
@fossfreedom you said "I know the culprits".I wanna know his name? or it is confidential?
@AvinashRaj yep - confidential
8:51 AM
is that mod only know that or any user above 10k?
i think mod only.
mod only
@fossfreedom should I go ahead and do the merge?
Q: How to buid linux kernel for the ubuntu?

BhavyaCan anyone help me to customize the linux kernel for the ubuntu and put into another new disk that is attached to the oracle virtual box?

8:55 AM
But extundelete was already mentioned in that original answer.
@AatishSai what?
@AatishSai - I was in the middle of tidying - the question has been made more generic so we can get a variety of answers depending upon the scenarios - but yes extundelete works for both so you get a +1
askubuntu.com/questions/425049/… in this question I wrote the answer on how to recover a directory but the question it is merged with is about recovering a file
@AatishSai see my previous reply above
doubt it - use your voting powers to describe your thoughts
9:15 AM
if someone posted the same answer as mine then what i have to do?
flag - let us know about it - give a reason in the flag
in askubuntu.com/questions/431251/… question two users posted the same answer as souravc's
you mean "just flag it as same answer" for moderator attention
that can happen with a simple question such as that - people jump in with the same obvious answer.
you can flag with a custom reason if required.
@fossfreedom may i ask question about what the command does?(command was posted on his answer)
Please split and explain the above command for me. — Avinash Raj 18 mins ago
@AvinashRaj Buddy the overall of the command is clear if you wan to learn more about sed please refer to some tutorials or google it. It's really hard to explain all sed here! — Hadi 3 mins ago
If he doesn't know the answer then it would be better to post the link where he got the answer.
yep - that comment is ok - if the OP cant justify the answer then just use your voting powers again.
9:31 AM
if i use my voting powers, i'm afraid i would be a victim of serial downvoting.
... come back tomorrow ;)
no - seriously - dont be afraid to use your voting powers up or down. The system takes care of serial voters - so nothing really to worry about.
9:56 AM
@fossfreedom nothing serious just for query, I think two upvotes on this answer askubuntu.com/a/431257/127327 got reversed. I think it was 5 min passed. Is it some special measure?
@souravc two users upvoted you, get back their votes.
Is it posible to undo votes after 5 min??
undo their votes
i think they undo their votes after 5 min.System would asked him "Votes will be reversed after next edit on this answer".After that you edited your answer and finally it reversed.
ok, I did not know this feature. thanks
And the downvote issue. Last week I downvoted an answer due to technical issues and the user did not hesitate to downvote my answer unnecessarily. This is not constructive. Now I really fear to downvote or comment.
@fossfreedom System take care of serial downvoting. It is good but what about one or two abusive downvote? Should we accept it? It is rather bad feelings than reputation loss. Plz look into it.
10:41 AM
is there any mod here?
@souravc one or two? that's only 4 rep. Nothing really to worry about.
@AvinashRaj How can I help?
@Mitch what happens to Bruno?
Bruno wanted to take sometime off to take care of things. Some R&R tome if you will
Q: What happens to Bruno Pereira?

Avinash Raj What happens to Bruno? Where is his diamond?

11:34 AM
Q: How accurate are times given for when questions/answers are posted?

DK BoseIn How to Upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 13.04, the question is at 2014-03-08 06:44:30Z and the answer is at 2014-03-08 06:46:25Z. My question: how reliable are those times? If accurate, in this case it shows very fast typing or just clumsy rep rigging.

Q: Down voting and its adverse consequences

souravcSome of my answers got down voted just because I down voted an answer of some other user or an user suspects me to be probable down voter as I left a comment on his/her down voted post. Usually my motive behind down voting an answers is to point out technically incorrect instructions in it - pu...

o/ @minerz029 - I agree that the question and answer you cite is suspect
@hbdgaf hello
i cited something? where?
question on meta
nm, it wasn't you. it was DKBose. Similar gravatar at the time he posted
@hbdgaf I'm seeing a lot of that. People play games the system catches them sometimes. If they're very stupid. If they're careful, they get away.
I post self-answers as a scratchpad sometimes, but I think that's acceptable and usually say so outright
@DKBose anyway... i'm reminded of:
user image
11:53 AM
@DKBose "If they're careful, they get away." How?
@hbdgaf, as always, good things can be misused. I've noticed one person waits until a particular blog covers something and then within a few hours that person posts a QandA based on that blog :)
@DKBose Definitely. Rep-rigging needs a lot of napalm. If you've noticed it, send the user-link to a mod. They're generally good people. I tend to like most of them. It will get handled.
@AvinashRaj, if you and I have "arrangement" we could upvote each other but "not that much" and mix things up by upvoting others as well. I think the "system's" intelligence is quite basic. Sorry! Don't mean to be negative.
@DKBose yes . I didn't take it as negative.
@hbdgaf, I had mentioned here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/14172602#14172602 but no response :(
11:59 AM
ask about this to a mod.
mods will see it on meta... just a note. i read meta, but meta readership is limited to mods and people that understand how the site works.
@DKBose People game the system all the time. It's just a matter of time until they establish a strong enough pattern to get a human to see it. The system could find it if there were enough willingness to pursue with maximum prejudice. It's a balancing act between burn and benefit.
I don't like to directly disturb mods.
Q: Al Gore won't leave me alone. How do I unfriend someone on Facebook?

LessPop_MoreFizzIn exploring South Park, I met a somewhat curious older gentleman hiding in he bushes over behind the movie theatre. It turns out that gentleman was former Vice President Al Gore. He promptly became my Facebook friend, and asked me to help him place some fancy science equipment around town. Afte...

South Park Stick Of Truth ^
12:03 PM
@hbdgaf, exactly. If they're cautious, say they've been caught once, they will be more careful next time ;) and more difficult to catch with the same algorithm.
@hbdgaf, I post on meta only when I think I'm sure. But somethings are grey.
There's always a way to write smarter stuff.
Yes, but it has to be worth the effort.
@DKBose I'ld loosen up on the meta posts. Meta is for gray area, although you can kind of use it as back-channel mod communication.
@hbdgaf what I meant was making someone's id public without being sure that any violation has occurred may not be nice. And posting in meta without specifics isn't worth it. No?
I have a couple of mods on my "friends" list so i can take things out of band on G+ or something if I want...
stackapps.com/questions/3467/… would be an example of worth the effort. It should be a thing.
Someone indicated that the new closing system broke it, but I haven't fixed it yet.
12:12 PM
user image
@MinatoNamikaze Way! to true!
Am getting me a new Samsung Galaxy S4 :D
@blade19899 Not waiting for the S5?
@MinatoNamikaze When the s5 is out everyone will say: @blade19899 Not waiting for the S6?
@blade19899 Hey, this one is already announced and demoed
i will say, what runs on one that doesn't run on the other...
12:19 PM
Damn! Samsung Galaxy s5 is € 645,74! D:
when it will be released?
What's the price of S5 (in rupees)?
@AvinashRaj No idea :/
Google?(or duckduckgo?)
@MinatoNamikaze knows :-)
@AvinashRaj 50k
Oh at the releasing time of 14.04 :-)
12:30 PM
Q: Is there a script (or some means) to detect a rapid response?

DK BoseI'm seeing some cases of questions asked which get elaborate answers from someone else very soon after the question is posted. I found one case here but I feel there are more. Is there a script that mods (if they have time to spare) could run to check for such cases?

1 hour later…
1:45 PM
This isn't a nice way to start the day here
1:58 PM
above pic still loading on my pc :-) OMG
2 hours later…
3:36 PM
Q: Best solution advice for backup to NAS over WAN

Marko FrelihWhat is the best solution for daily backup of linux folder to NAS server over WAN? I need some guidelines ...

Does someone here use bitbucket?
@Lucio You gotta not take them so seriously.
it is pissing me off
Every single day I'm getting that.
Now I just do not do more reviews.
Your a prolific reviewer, your going to get it every day. I do.
I don't know why it annoys you so much.
Because it make me lose a lot of time.
3:47 PM
Huh. I can usually detect them right away..
I don't review anything in a second, I take several minutes to be sure of what I'm doing.
and receive a big message saying "THIS WAS A LIE!" is not funny.
@Lucio Yeah?
4:16 PM
@Lucio English is not your first language correct?
@Seth ^^ This might have something to do with it. For someone that has to translate things to read them, even if they're good at it, audits might not pop instantly like they do for some native speakers...
@Lucio I have a bitbucket account...
@hbdgaf Ah, I hadn't thought of that. You're probably right.
@Seth is askubuntu.com/questions/431372/what-does-s-permission-means dupe.I give more importance to s.
4:34 PM
@AvinashRaj that's not a dupe. one asks about the charbuffer file type the other talks about setuid. i think it's odd that you suggest a rapid fire self answer as a dupe target and try to get a different higher voted question to point to yours...
is this necessary to downvote the question if it was dupe?
I didn't, but I don't blame whoever did.
:/ - the answer from nux is just bad. rm isn't setuid by default...and it would be a SCARY tweak to put in.
4:53 PM
What a question and what an answer for that question.wow :-)
Q: How can I watch R.I.P.D. (DVD)?

mooseI would like to watch R.I.P.D. (a DVD). The DVD is not broken, because I can play it on a friends computer on Windows 7. My DVD player is not broken, as I can play other DVDs (also with double layer) on my computer => It is not a hardware problem. Codecs I've installed the following codecs:...

@AvinashRaj Self answers are fine. I thought your drawing attention to it as a dupe was suspicious. Don't be obtuse.
@hbdgaf i mean question is about one page but the answer is in 1 line.
@AvinashRaj what kind of answer is that?
It's a ragepost or a kde fanboy. Just let it slide as poor and don't give it points
the Q is alright but that answer D:
5:03 PM
I've seen that happen before. Different menu parsers behaving differently on different DVDs. Disc one of Sons of Anarchy was that way, but disc 2 worked fine. Trying all the players to see which one parses which disc right is a pain, but it is a thing...
That's what it is btw. Error skipping or menu parsing.
@Braiam I wouldn't close it as no repro. I would close it as bug and point the OP to sending specific non-working examples to people that work on that software. You can't imagine how frustrating it is when you can't find the "broken" case to fix it... just saying.
@hbdgaf mm? is not my vote there...
@Braiam Okay. I know no repro is your go-to, so it was a reasonable guess. Still, I vtc-ed as a bug and put in the recommendation.
DVD playing is not like DVD recording. k3b is just plain better at burning discs than anything in gnome families, but it's not the same with DVD playing software...
anyone see why this should remain open? askubuntu.com/review/close/232356
IMO is not a good fit for the Q&A format
5:18 PM
for question in questions: if 'BEST' in question.title: question.vtc(reason='opinion')
stack exchange android app is too fast.I'm getting notification before my system shown .
@AvinashRaj Yes, it polls faster
@AvinashRaj I suspect that is by design. In case mods use the phone app to keep an eyeball on things instead of keeping a window open...
@hbdgaf yes, you're right.
in other news, I screwed my arm up at work. my elbow got closed in in the baler door. now everything from my fingertips to my wrist hurts every time I twist my hand. what I wouldn't give for a bottle of pain killers... moves along.
5:31 PM
it's fine as long as i don't twist my wrist. my fingers work fine.
@AvinashRaj not sure. Scroll down. His grub entries show Ubuntu, not mint. I'm not sure why the OP decided to give all that info but most of it seems to be for Ubuntu.
@terdon I agree that if any part of BootRepair identifies as Mint, it should be closed as OT until we have installation details. If it's misidentification, then it should be closed as a bug against boot-repair.
@hbdgaf the thing is that he seems to have an Ubuntu CD in the drive and his grub menu entries all point to Ubuntu installs so I'm not sure. It looks like Mint, but it's not 100% clear to me.
boot repair shows linux mint 16
is this a bug in bt?
It's clear to me that it either mis-identifies, so bug, or it's mint with ubuntu live running boot-repair and mint didn't fork enough settings to identify itself nicely.
both options get the hammer... so i don't have to think about which one it really needs to be.
6:13 PM
OK. I was thinking that he's trying to install Ubuntu (because of the Ubuntu CD in the drive) and already has Mint installed. That would be on topic here right?
When in doubt, unclear ;)
@terdon yep
@terdon boot repair is run live. the boot-repair iso is ubuntu right?
@hbdgaf That's my reading of it but it is most certainly not clear.
@terdon that's fair. once i see either close or close, my brain shuts down though. why it's closed is a detail for later.
How many questions do you guys get per day? Anyone know of a data.se query for this?
6:16 PM
sda9 shows linux mint.It no matters whether he run boot repair from Ubuntu live disk or not.
By the way, what are the on-topic distros here? All official canonical releases but only official Canonical ones right?
Ubuntu only :-)
i think.
kubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu/ubuntu mainline. i don't know if the newish gnome3 barebones is considered on-topic yet.
So ultimate edition etc are not?
I thought all versions released by Canonical are on topic. Which would mean that ultimate edition is not, for example.
sorry all distros which has the name ended with Ubuntu
6:20 PM
> Using and administering Ubuntu, including official Ubuntu derivatives.
@terdon ultimate is not. edubuntu might be.
fork less, make more stuff work <-- motto.
According to the help, I understand that all of these and only these are on topic: Edubuntu,Ubuntu GNOME,Kubuntu,Ubuntu Kylin,Lubuntu,Mythbuntu,Ubuntu Studio,Xubuntu
and the main Ubuntu, obviously.
how to resize lvm2pv partition?
is there any gui tool?
Since this is such a problem on this site, why not list the on-topic flavors explicitly on the help instead of linking out to Canonical?
@AvinashRaj google.com/…
@terdon so they can update official derivatives and reduce site maintainer work.
0_o the one I decided not to skip was a test?
@Braiam I know. My problem is that at the end of that page, there is a link to the unofficial derivatives. I think it would be a good idea to clarify that. I'm writing a meta post about hits now.
Hmm, no, different page. The one you gave is fine, the one linked to in the [help] is the one that I find potentially confusing.
@terdon IMO, the only interesting part is "Recognised Ubuntu flavours", everything else is kaput
@terdon and possibally zentyal because of the "offically supported badge"
6:34 PM
@Braiam what's that?
a mess...
@terdon the 2nd quote links go to the same place
Q: Make the on-topic section more explicit

terdonThe on-topic help page states: We welcome questions about: Using and administering Ubuntu, including official Ubuntu derivatives. The link goes to Canonical's list of official derivatives. However, that page ends with a link to the full list of derivatives, most, if not all, of which a...

@Braiam which quote? I think linking to that wiki page you posted would be a better idea
> Using and administering Ubuntu, including official Ubuntu derivatives (but excluding excluding unofficial derivatives)
both links points to the same place
still -_-
@Braiam Ah, yes, sorry. fixed now, it points to the list of "Known" derivatives.
@Braiam what does that one mean? I find various meanings for it
6:55 PM
you edited it once, but didn't fixed it ;)
@Braiam -_- indeed. Thanks, it should be OK now.
7:13 PM
Q: how to change partitioning?

piotrekI have a hdd with /, /home. I just got new SSD and I need to change my partitions without any reinstalling. I would like to create a separate /var partition (which is currently under /) and leave it on hdd. Rest of the / (including /boot) I would like to move to ssd. How should I do it in ubuntu ...

@hbdgaf spork more!
vandalism in edit review
@mod's @Mitch @Oli any mod want to burn a user? user number 256208.
7:40 PM
@Mateo you're fully aware of what i meant. sorry i'm a little disgruntled. it will pass.
@hbdgaf oh, sorry. was meant to be a joke.
@Mateo it's not directed at you. i'm generally disgruntled
@hbdgaf I was reading the chat log, ouch, hopefully it wasn't serious how you got hurt
@Mateo we'll see. it will either start working normally again or it won't.
@Mateo User doesn't exist.
7:55 PM
@Mitch it seems someone beat you to it ;)
@Mitch appears to be already deleted. the ones on either side still exist...
@Mitch no... I still see the user?
try user search...
probably just a cacheing problem
ah, wasn't put in the user search yet...
User can't be found
7:58 PM
user still shows for me too, but no questions, no answers. i don't find it to be an appropriate name for SE though
there we go thanks @Mitch ;)
Done Deleted
@Mitch so how's the moding so far?
I asked seth already.
Pretty good.. a lot of things to learn, it might me a lot of work, but it's been fun so far.
Can't complain
8:24 PM
Please help with this question Ubuntu appearance problem
@user3361854 do you have the same issue? Looks like "High Contrast" theme to me.
yes....exactly same issue.....any idea how to fix this?
Tried System Settings > Appearance > Look > Theme change back to Ambiance?
i think you are right but there are no themes other than high contrast and high contrast inverse
8:39 PM
@user3361854 are you on 12.04?
@user3361854 you removed the themes?
you could try to reinstall the theme: askubuntu.com/questions/141328/…
@Takkat YUCK!
gets acid in his eyes
8:42 PM
GNOME can be so ugly.
lets wait another 10 years or so, and such themes will come back as ultimate retro fancy hip
retro would be windows 95 :P
Windows will be dead as a fish & chips bag then.
appleOS googleOS amazonOS steamOS facebookOS and..... Ubuntu 24.04 LLTS :)
(codename still on debate as of today.)
may be that 24.04 will come with a retro GNOME2 classic theme.
There's a @NamikazeMinato here? He can't match up to me though :P
8:50 PM
@MadaraUchiha :P
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