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1:02 PM
user image
@badp I wouldn't wish that punishment onto my worst enemy.
1:18 PM
I wonder if comic sans will drive @BenBrocka to delete his account.
Bold italic comic sans? You swine
@BenBrocka Italic is appropriate since @badp is Italian.
I remember messing with the Bridge CSS once and changing everything to comic sans. That was horrible, so I settled on Impact instead.
Impact Bridge was great.
@StrixVaria Did it have a huge impact on your life?
1:24 PM
Impact bridge? Why not Jokerman? Why not Zoidberg?
I keep it in wingdings. this place is already a random stream of weird nonsense, so it works out.
Q: How can I recover in Moonside?

badpI'm in kind of a predicament. I just got wiped and now Ness is alone in Moonside without Jeff or any PP. What do? Is there any nearby hotel- or hospital equivalent to regroup and sleep at?

@StrixVaria That's horrible.
@StrixVaria mobile hitler
1:29 PM
I think all websites should be in Impact by default.
Impact is bad because 1s aren't as wide as 0s
Hell, 4s are wider than 0s
I was going to make the bridge in Jokerman but I apparently don't even have it installed
@badp You should use Courier New.
@StrixVaria I have it but it does not set my world on fire
I want to see the Bridge in constant fixed width font now.
This is pretty nice.
I had to increase the font size, but it's working out.
I wonder what this does, though.
Oh, that's weird.
1:31 PM
I prefer lucida console
Wen Quan Yi Zen Hei Mono
where some of the spaces there are missing
For some reason the world is short on narrow monospaced fonts
Consolas or GTFO
Oh really?
Consolas is nice
Inconsolata is acceptable
I need to copy some words to somewhere else to read them now
1:35 PM
@3ventic That's just a wide monospace font in negative letter width
Dark chat is nice with Consolas
True, but close enough
so is your face
1:36 PM
@3ventic no, not at all, not in the slightest
@fredley needs more comic sans
Q: How can my character bed Diana Allers?

VaishaliHow can my character bed Diana Allers? I am a female Shepard. I really like her smile.

@fredley +1
1:38 PM
@kalina Note: that is not Comic Sans
@fredley it's close enough
If you thought that was Comic Sans, you are to be submitted for Comic Sans reeducation
During which time 50% of all text will be Comic Sans, 50% Chalkboard
You escape when you can correctly identify
@3ventic PONIES
Oh.. I couldn't set Comic Sans, because it's called Comic Sans MS
Good morning, Bridge
1:40 PM
The final fantasy 8 soundtrack is really good. It makes me want to play FF8, which I have yet to go.
Star clearing again?
@Wipqozn It does have a good OST.
@Frank Europe refuses to be stupid taxed.
It seems to be one of the most controversial FF8 games. People either love or hate it.
1:40 PM
@Wipqozn It's very controversial, aye.
The complaints I've heard seem to either deal with something to do with the magic, or the fact it has a large love story.
Mind you I usually hear the love story is good, just that "hur dur i dun wan no roman noavl"
@Wipqozn The junction system is very easy to break very early on, yeah. That said, I still, personally, enjoy the game because it was the first one I played.
@Wipqozn @Jin is a big fan of the story, IIRC.
@FEichinger someone seems to hate the @Frank good morning meme!
1:42 PM
I'm very much inclined to spam stars just in spite of this crap.
@Arperum Aww. That bites.
I have the sheet music for the FF8 piano collections. I've messed around with it a bunch.
@Frank Oh well, it was worth the try.
It is so tempting to clear stars on those messages
You should all congratulate me on my restraint
1:45 PM
noooo, I was just about clear those stars for laughs!
Oh for heaven's sake.
...Stop, please.
okay, that's ctually not me.
I've been replying to work emails.
I guessed as much
I thought starring was rate-limited these days?
1:48 PM
It is, but the limit is around 20 stars.
@Wipqozn No as in I thought there were escalating timers, the same as messages
Yeah, we do.
Looks like only a 1 second delay.
@Wipqozn ugh
Just ban everyone in the room. Problem solved!
1:50 PM
Room timeout is an option
Sounds like Dwarf Fortress in space.
Okay, what the heck is going on with the star list?
It's shifting every friggin' second.
Somebody is star spamming
Someone's being an idiot.
1:52 PM
I have my suspicions, based on the messages which are not starred (since you can't star your own)
Yes, it was me. As I said: This star clearing bullshit is pissing me off.
@FEichinger So, you spammed random stars in protest of people clearing stars?
Just to make sure I have the right picture of things.
@Yuki Yep. Showing the kind of thing star clearing is intended for.
@FEichinger Okay.
As opposed to clearing the Good morning stars every other day.
1:54 PM
@FEichinger Yeah, that's annoying.
I'm not sure who is the one that is clearing the good morning stars, but it's honestly not that big of a deal.
@Wipqozn Yes, it is. Because it keeps happening, and people keep saying it should stop.
It's not worth investing ten minutes of your day disrupting chat at any rate
After two weeks of this crap happening? Sure is.
you're getting worked up over someone clearing an imaginary number on a message on an internet chat room.
It's the exact opposite of a big deal.
1:55 PM
@Wipqozn But I put those imaginary numbers there!
Ooh, star drama.
@Yuki Your imaginary power is going to your imaginary head!
@StrixVaria The most trivial of all drama.
I have been tempted to clear stars on that message every day, but never actually have.
@Wipqozn I don't really care, either.
@Wipqozn It's the principle. The people who can clear stars are on the one hand mods and on the other room owners. Both of which should act in the best interest of the room and its users. That's clearly not what's happening when the result is always the same: "Stop clearing stars!"
1:57 PM
@StrixVaria oh goody, I was about to tell you that you were literally hitler for renaming to something so silly but then I refreshed and realised you have already changed back
People can spend their stars however they want, really.
The part I find more annoying is starring and unstarring.
Is it okay if I clear the spam stars?
I hope you do realize I have unstarred them all myself.
@FEichinger Oh okay, I thought there were some left
I will leave the star list as it is
1:59 PM
There are very few things clearing stars is valuable for: Removing stars from star spamming (like what I just did) being pretty much the only one I can think of. Everything else that shouldn't be on the star list probably shouldn't be in the transcript either.
@fredley Dammit, can't find a good "stopping mid-panic" image.

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