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1:16 AM
Q: How do you force Linux to detect a PS/2 device (e.g. mouse) on demand?

trusktrI plugged in a PS/2 mouse while inside my Gnome desktop, but Linux doesn't recognize it. Linux will only recognize the PS/2 mouse if it is plugged in before booting the machine (like a normal scenario). In this case, I forgot to plug in the mouse, plugged it in when I got to the desktop, but re...

1:36 AM
Hi there, I need to know how do I make my bluetooth dongle work, I'm getting root@maiko-cce-lin:~# hciconfig hci0 reset
Can't init device hci0: Connection timed out (110)
@MaikoID Try posting a question (you should probably include more details though)
@MichaelMrozek ok I do that.
I already post my question and what I've tried to solve it. unix.stackexchange.com/questions/17104/…
2:02 AM
Q: How do I make my USB Bluetooth dongle work? (Can't init device hci0: Connection timed out (110))

MaikoIDI've a USB bluetooth dongle root@maiko-cce-lin:~# lsusb | grep Bluetooth Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode) that isn't working properly, hardly-ever it works but stops working in my next reboot. what I've tried it isn't software blocked...

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4:07 AM
Q: Process substitution and pipe

TimI was wondering how to understand the following: Piping the stdout of a command into the stdin of another is a powerful technique. But, what if you need to pipe the stdout of multiple commands? This is where process substitution comes in. In other words, can process substitution do wha...

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5:35 AM
Q: Why is there a '.d' in 'init.d' ?

Tim PostConsider that we have (on many sytems) init.d that contains executable scripts and symbolic links for run levels, sysctl.d that contains text configuration files for kernel tuning on boot and modprobe.d that contains text configuration files to load kernel modules on boot. These are just examples...

3 hours later…
8:39 AM
Q: Multicast on local box

RatzesI have an application i need to interface with that listens to a multicast address. I'd like to be able to run a program i've written and have it interface with the other application by multicast without having the traffic leave the box. How can I go about setting this up and preferably doing it...

9:30 AM
Q: How to sort updates based on release date on debian testing?

user9224I'm a user of linux mint debian linux distro which is based on debian testing. Debian testing is a rolling release distro. The testing nature of this distro cause some package updates to be buggy. I'm looking for a way to sort packages by release date. I want to install updates after a mount day ...

9:45 AM
Q: Disable Keyboard & Mouse Temporarily

Samantha CataniaI would like to know how one can disable the keyboard & mouse temporarily in Unix (i.e. Mac OS X)

Q: Prevent pane/window from closing when command completes - tmux

StewI have googled a bit for this problem but have come up short. In my tmux.conf file I have it configured to open windows, name them, setup panes etc.. etc.. However one issue I have is that if one of the panes launches a command, let's say ls, then the pane closes itself after the command comple...

10:31 AM
Q: Is it possible to install the linux kernel alone?

anonymousI'm just curious if it's possible to install the linux kernel alone, or if you need to use one of the flavours. If it were possible, how would you do it? I don't need a detailed tutorial. I just want to know how it would be done conceptually. I'm not good with low-level stuff, and wanna know how ...

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11:34 AM
@Tshepang Actually pretty much the same newsletter functionality has been available for some time, it just hasn't been given prime-time advertising and a pretty name. SE has been sending email notifications of subscribed tags, various feeds and such via individual site and aggregate on SE for as long as I can remember.
12:00 PM
@Caleb so there was an option to get them weekly like now?
12:27 PM
@Tshepang Maybe not. I only see daily as the max option now, not sure there was a weekly option but I doubt it.
I didn't think about the newsletter being weekly, but now that I think about it I'm a little skeptical. It seems like that's only going to add to the imbalance we already see where bikeshed questions get all the attention.
@Caleb that's fine, so long as some of those attracted by the bikeshed questions remain to make the site better and/or share the links to the site, making the site more famous, and ultimately, THE place for Unix/Linux Q&A
Hi every body
@TeknoSeyfo wsup
1:25 PM
Q: Paritioning Scheme: Arch Linux server & laptop

Fred ManWhat would be a good partitioning scheme for an Arch Linux installation, on a server and on a laptop? My current basic scheme: / [root] ext4 /home ext4 swap I know that the /var partition will contain many small files such as logs or pacman-related files, and th...

Q: Need minimal linux distro, with install size less atmost 250 - 300 mb

I need a distro of Linux with occupies 250 to 300 mb as an install size on HDD... This distro should be able to run C programs (NOT COMPILE!! just execute)... and must be compatible with grub2 (NEED TO USE 'GRUB-REBOOT'). Please let me know if some have an idea that which distro can be useful...

1:36 PM
@UnixandLinux don't we get way too many of these questions?
@Tshepang Yes, we do. “You've earned the "Taxonomist" badge for distribution-choice.” Uh, I created that tag??
1:55 PM
tag is no problem, but the "light-weight distro"... too many; me surprised nobody complained
We have too many "tell me how to pick a distro" questions in general; it's not that hard. It's like posting "what car should I buy?" on a mechanics forum
2:11 PM
Q: When does the order of arguments matter?

TimIn bash, I am not sure if my observation is correct. For most commands, arguments that begin with --abc or -a can be anywhere in the list of arguments to the command, while other arguments have some fixed position in the list of arguments. I was wondering if there are some written/unwritten rul...

Q: Delete Files based on year from SSH

AshlashI want to delete files into a directory which are created in year 2009 through putty. Can you please give the exact command?

3:01 PM
@Tshepang Don't hesitate to vote to close as a duplicate! Don't count on me and Caleb to vote to close all the time, especially on dist-choice questions which I tend to ignore.
I actually couldn't find a duplicate, I poked through and didn't see it
@MichaelMrozek And no one asked for what he asked for (300MB isntall and grub2) on
That's the problem; there's a infinite combination of random requirements, so these questions can just go on forever
maybe we should have a canonical answer and close all of the upcoming ones with it
You can't have a canonical answer, the answer changes depending on the requirements
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4:33 PM
Q: can i modify an .rpm-based system to use .deb files, apt-get and debian/ubuntu repositories?

ixtmixilixI recently ran into trouble when installing Debian on a netbook. There were three major hardware/kernel issues that I didn't feel like fixing, and since every single forum/wiki writeup reported the exact same problems with very few easy solutions, I decided to try something new. So I just tried...

5:18 PM
@MichaelMrozek But you can have a Canonical answer (Ubuntu)
5:36 PM
Q: Where exactly is the border between apple and UNIX

PhilomathHere I posted an answer on how to disable mouse and keyboard input using xinput, with the presumption that if the question is about UNIX, X specific answers are good. However, turns out, the OP was interested in doing that on OS X, whose GUI has noting to do with X. So, this begs the question, ...

1 hour later…
6:39 PM
Q: Running Linux virtual machine in Linux

jrdiokoI have a machine running Debian Linux (stable), but I'd also like a Debian unstable box to use as a sandbox to test and develop. Is there an easy way to create a virtualized Debian unstable machine on my Debian stable box?

@UnixandLinux See, those are exactly the questions that are technically on-topic, but I don't understand. It's like asking "is it possible to install a browser on Linux". Of course it is, you just do it
7:03 PM
@MichaelMrozek Yes, but there's a real question in there: “Given <my requirements>, is there a better way to choose a VM technology than bringing up Wikipedia and throwing a dart at my screen?”
@Gilles That particular example is a bad one I think because we already chatted with @MichaelMrozek and I had mentioned I didn't actually think it should be closed and wished I could retract my vote.
I'm still not sure ... but this week I was tempted to migrate my answer to the later much more promising thread.
My other thought yesterday when I touched up my answer was to flag all the crazy discussion stuff as obsolete and give it a fresh start.
@Gilles +1 --- wow it really doesn't sound like @Jeff was tracking on your comments.
I think this is a pretty different problem than they face on SO and they are having a hard time shifting gears.
8:07 PM
@Caleb Ok. Your answer is pretty good, but we have much better questions in . Going for the reversal badge?
@Gilles The thought crossed my mind :) Actually the guy made me pretty grumpy, then I started realizing that although he was just being difficult there actually weren't any other answers around that mentioned some of the fundamental differences.
If we get a (lower case c) canonical question going for that particular topic I'd be happy to move my answer there.
Q: how to make a process invisible to TOP Linux

How could you launch a process and make it invisible to the top command, specialy for a normal user not a sysadmin. Thanks.

@UnixandLinux Eew.
how i write rootkit
how i make leet hax
8:28 PM
Q: Biostar GF7050V-M7 working with linux?

oneatDo you know if Biostar GF7050V-M7 motherboard works completely with linux?

@UnixandLinux I thought this was a duplicate, but in fact all I can find is “how do I do it with grsecurity?” and “how do I do it with SELinux?”, not “what are the possibilities?”
@Gilles I like the apple vs refinery thing :)
@Caleb very nice answer
8:43 PM
Q: Disable Keyboard & Mouse input on UNIX

PhilomathHow can one programmatically "freeze" the Keyboard & Mouse temporarily, so that no one could mess with the system? There are several possibilities where this is useful. For instance, I have a laptop and I want to make sure no one uses it while I leave, or I'm doing something remotely so I ...

@Tshepang Thanks ... but don't look at the first version. I started out feeding the troll then had to work double time to make it worth for something on it's own.
@Caleb I've reworded the question a bit so that it becomes “invisible to other users”, not “invisible to the user who started it” (which is impossible anyway, short of installing a full-blown rootkit)
@Gilles I add some parting comments and a link to redirect to your new question, marked Jeff's answer as correct since they claim that's the design even if we don't like it.
9:13 PM
@Gilles It looks like we got one tiny concession out of Jeff:
A: Please re-allow expired close votes to be re-cast

Jeff AtwoodCurrently close votes expire in a 4 day sliding window, once per day, and we limit users to one close and one reopen vote per question. (as you noted, close votes no longer expire ever on questions with < 100 views.) Removing the "can only cast one close or reopen vote on a question" rule wo...

See last comment...
I had a feeling that was going to be
@MichaelMrozek There appear to be more differences between the Trio and 2.0 sites than I first imagined. With as many little sites as there are now you'd think they would garner more careful consideration. Maybe some rules tailored to the total corpus of users/questions.
I got in a big fight over something related to closing; I can't remember what it was. I think I wanted less close votes required to close a question, and kept getting back "it works fine on SO, maybe you should have more 3k users" (not phrased quite that way, but the same idea)
SO used to have single-vote closing, and it was expanded to 5 users because there were so many people able to close, and now we started all these new sites and the idea of letting less than 5 people close is apparently crazy
@MichaelMrozek Well put. The 5 users thing seems like a generally reasonable thing (although I would probably go for 3 on U&L) but adding extra requirements about coordinating and timeouts produces a stumbling block to a clean site.
Do we have any known cases of vote wars?
9:36 PM
I can't think of a case of anyone ever casting a reopen vote. I've reopened a post or two that I'd originally closed, but that's it
9:46 PM
Q: Any LiveCD or LiveDVD Distro whith multi session burning onto LiveMedia

DynaI'm looking for any Distro or LiveLinux for CD/DVD (NOT usb/sdcard usage) which does the following: 1) alle changes to the filesystem are written to the RAMdisk with an overlay filesystem 2) upon shutdown, one inserts the booting media again and the overlay is burned as a new session in the mult...

Q: Pattern Matching Exclude Duplicate Characters

StevenIs there a regular expression for the following that matches characters in a character set but only once? In other words, once a character is found, remove it from the set. If grep cannot do this, is there a built-in utility which can? Example: Characters to match only once: spine Input: (...

According to SEDE, there's been 3
@MichaelMrozek Heh, I was just looking at that query too
Shows I did cast one reopen vote (and it turned out I was mistaken, so I voted to close afterwards)
I didn't think of it for a while, I tried /tools but it only goes back 30 days
@MichaelMrozek Which seems to be epically low. Even much smaller sites have mostly 10x that many if not more. I looked through a bunch and only saw one 2.0 site that had less then U&L.
@Caleb U&L must have the SE record for lowest amount of drama
9:57 PM
I like to think that's because we just don't have many problems, not because we lack the 3k users necessary for major wars
@MichaelMrozek Science Fiction and Fantasy has a lot fewer users, less traffic, and more drama (about average amount of drama per user for SE, I think)
Programmers has 142, many of them with multiple cycles.
@Caleb Programmers screws up the stats of just about any metric you want to measure :)
They were messing up the charts in this post so much I just left them out
@MichaelMrozek Yes, I wasn't even considering them in my evaluation, that was more of a side-comment.
SO has one question that's been through 10 rounds of open/close and hundreds that have been closed multiple times. No wonder they Jeff is uptight about the controls.
Webapps=0, Photography=1
@Caleb There's a post from 2009 (deleted now) that was posted by a mod and closed/reopened six times, including three reopens by two different mods and a final close by a third mod
10:12 PM
Humorously one post on Programmers appears to have been through three close and reopen cycles all at the hand of a single (apparently spastic) moderator.
@Caleb Which one is that?
10:29 PM
@Caleb You around for a little experiment?
@Gilles Sure, what'cha have in mind?
@Gilles I don't see it.
@Caleb Oh, sorry, race condition: someone just did it. Thanks, sorry to have bothered you.
@Gilles NP. What was the experiment to be?
10:33 PM
@Caleb Try flagging a comment that contains the words “accept rate”
Q: How to get {id:value} pairs and copy to another table with the same structure efficiently from the table below with jQuery?

Shore<table id="experiences" cellpadding="0" border="1" width="100%" height="100%"> <tr><th>Company</th><th>Job Title</th><th>Industry</th><th>Job Function</th><th>Start Date</th><th>End Date</th></tr> <tr>...

@Caleb Yeah, that's pretty much exactly the kind of comment that should be killed with fire
Done. Instantly removed ?!?
Was that a function of it being an "offensive" flag or having "accept rate" in the text? I flagged something else as obsolete and nothing happened (as expected).
@Caleb We're still experimenting, but apparently any comment with the text "accept rate" can be killed by a single flag of any type. Gilles stumbled on it, we can't find it documented anywhere
@Caleb I think the type of comment flags is ignored by the system, it's just shown to moderators
10:44 PM
@MichaelMrozek Does a mod still get notified to approve/reject or do they just go off the radar?
@Caleb No, that's the difference; normally we get notified about all comment flags, but in this case they're just deleted
@Caleb Moderators can find them if they go looking (moderators can see deleted comments, since a few days ago), but they're deleted instantly.
I just tried another, this time that was a polite comment but the user had gone from 0 to 98% accept rate, so I flagged it as "obsolete". Instantly nuked.
I think @Gilles is right about the type of flag being ignored by the system; I tried one with a custom message and it still just killed it
Q: Open another file with split windows, and switch between them

MattIf I open vim with: $ vi -o a.ext b.ext I get a window that looks like this +----------------------+ | a | | | | a.ext ---------------+ | b | | | + b.ext ---------------+ Say I want to open another file, c.ext. So...

11:11 PM
Well gentlemen it's past my bed time and I don't have the energy to stay up another 49 minutes just so I can vote again.

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