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12:00 AM
wooosh? Me can see deleted messagez? Oh, another thing with the 2k?
@Izzy On chat?
Or on the main site?
@Undo main site
Yeah, you can.
I noticed :)
2k on beta site == 10k on graduated sites.
12:04 AM
@Izzy leave a comment indicating what specific points to improve, and VTC immediately. That produces the easiest workflow for everyone.
@Undo Oh, there's an exchange point somewhere? Does it work in both directions?
@Gilles Yupp! Will do! Exactly what I had in mind, great!
The privilege rep requirements are just different on beta sites.
For an answer, it's a bit different because when the answer is deleted, that deletes the inbox notification from any comment under it (except recent comments left by the deleting mod).
12:05 AM
@Undo Ah. So I collect 2k on some beta site, and then move them up to 10k on a graduated? 0o
I try to remember, as a mod, to leave a comment before deleting an improvable answer, but it sucks when someone's already left such a comment
@Gilles did they removed the "your answer was deleted from X" messages from the global inbox?
@Gilles I cannot yet VTC answers IMHO. I rather had the Qs in mind.
Yeah, if you stay at 2000 then when the site graduates you'll lose your mod tools
@Braiam there never was such a message. Jeff would roll in his grave and he isn't even dead yet
@Izzy I was thinking of you flag → mod deletes
12:07 AM
@Undo OK, I stop kidding. I was playing at "earn 2k here, and have them converted to 10k elsewhere". Looks like I didn't find the correct phrasing for that :)
Rep fraud! :D
@Gilles Me too. But I flag (doesn't hurt anything, except for adding to your queue). Deleting then is your decision. But at least it doesn't "slip through" this way.
@Undo Yeah! Now you got it #D
@Izzy No. When you flag as VLQ/NAA, you're saying that you want to delete, and the only reason you're not deleting is that you don't have the privilege
and it seems that I can somehow build my own SQL queries
wonders why the heck he had to read something before hand
@taz I noticed that you've been plagiarizing in quite a few of your suggested tag wiki edits.
12:19 AM
@Gilles Partially disagreed. It means I'd like to put it on hold. OR see it deleted.
For example, these three: this, this, and this.
Content from Wikipedia generally isn't acceptable as a tag wiki anyway
And plagiarism is just wrong - it's essentially stealing.
Plagiarized content puts the entire site in a bad light, so we don't want to do that.
@Izzy for a Q, you vote to close. For an A, you flag to delete.
on hold is just a confusing synonym for close
Basically, Plagiarism is not cool
Please, take this as a warning. If you don't do it again, nothing will happen.
And @Izzy when you review tag wikis, please check for plagiarism, it's very common, usually from Wikipedia.
When I see a well-written tag wiki, I google a random sentence. Usually it's from the Wikipedia article :(
In addition: Wikipedia articles rarely make good tag wikis, they have generic definitions but we want content that explains the concept in relation to our community
For example, the tag doesn't need to define what Ubuntu is (beyond state that it's a Linux distribution), but should explain how to find Ubuntu packages, mention the Software Center and PPAs
@Gilles smashhead yeah, an answer cannot be "put on hold". I was still talking about the Q.
@Gilles I know. Caused a little confusion back then when they introduced that term :)
@Gilles Yupp. OK, will cross-check a little closer. I also often use Wikipedia as inspiration. But when "copying", I only take parts and mark quotations accordingly (with reference link). At least I hope I didn't forget that anywhere...
12:54 AM
Did the default SR room die?
Oh nevermind.
@DanteTheEgregore Nope. Netsplit :)
Wasn't showing up.
@DanteTheEgregore Uh? Why should they ban you? -_-
They didn't.
12:56 AM
I'm not sure what was up actually. o.0
But yeah, looks like more than half of the folks came along here :)
Was popping up the Meta SO room every time I was clicking chat from the top bar on Software Recs.
The new MetaCollider™ can be confusing sometimes...
Seen my sticky one?
Have Stylish?
Check the screenshots, maybe you wanna give it a try :)
12:59 AM
Stylish scripts also work with Grease Monkey, right?
17 messages moved from AutoReviewComment script devel‌​
@DanteTheEgregore There was some way for that, yes. I just forgot the how.
I'm using Stylish and Scriptish in parallel currently :)
There's an option on userstyles.org to install it as a userscript that seems to work fine outright with GreaseMonkey. Can't see any problems so far. o:
@DanteTheEgregore Glad to read! You might wish to check the source for some additional gimmicks (I've commented out some things not everybody might like, which you can easily activate)
Awesome! I'll give it a look. :D
2:04 AM
Q: Is it OK to ask for a software having a particular feature?

Franck DernoncourtI saw some questions being put on hold as too broad because they ask for just a particular feature. How many features must the OP mention in the question? Is it OK to ask for a software having a particular feature, or do we have to list at least X features?

Q: Does the OP have to mention obvious features?

Franck DernoncourtI see in this question that in order to have the questions contain many features for the sake of matching some interpretation of the question guide lines, someone suggested to add having a GUI or being able to work on several files as required features. To me, that sounds pretty obvious, and it's...

1 hour later…
I was going to say yes..
but I guess I'm too late :P
Good anyway!
Someone has to answer those meta questions :S
1 hour later…
4:47 AM
Q: Impossible/impractical requests?

Ira BaxterProgram to search EULA contracts for problems asks for something that appears to me to be well beyond the state of the art. (If not, you can supply an answer). I think it reasonable to "require" that recommendation requests are for solutions that arguably can have a solution that exists at the ...

5:13 AM
@StackExchange yup, I answered that one too
I'm ok with what its about. The question itself needs a lot of love
2 hours later…
7:01 AM
Yanno, I don't personally have issues with game questions in general. They do seem to end up attracting shitty answers a lot of the time :/
7:13 AM
@JourneymanGeek like my question?
@Utkarsh: Oh in that case the question was shitty. And pretending to be your dad was hardly inspired.
But no
@JourneymanGeek ;P
That didn't even get any answers before I closed it ;)
@JourneymanGeek i aske dtwo questions on Soft recs. and both of then were closed. why? then what should i ask here?
@Utkarsh: When I decide whether or not to close a question I always read meta.softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/86/… first
and this is an answer of an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT question softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/1747/…
SPECIFICALLY for game recommendations meta.softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/a/224/125
7:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek can we askquestions like this: I'm looking for a program that would allow me to........... It should have the following features:
@Utkarsh: quite often yes
It might help to take a look at good questions and learn from them
likewise with answers - I basically stole a format that worked for me, and added my own secret sauce ;p
@JourneymanGeek then why was it downvoted? softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/1551/…
Probably cause folks felt it was too listy ;p
I did reopen it, and it was reclosed. So.. can't be arsed.
okay wait let me steal a format, and then add Your sauce ;P
@Utkarsh: Something thats useful, hear more than you say. Might also prevent you from getting suspended in future.
7:26 AM
@JourneymanGeek Calm down, dear :P I was just joking!
@JourneymanGeek you can suspend me anytime and anywhere you want :)as you are my friend :)
I'll keep it in mind next time you're creepy or annoying.
3 hours later…
10:41 AM
any moods arround?
is possible for you top delete some comments wich are absolete now on this question?
A: Software to trim every ID3 fields of my mp3

danijelcPuddletag is solution I'm using on Ubuntu. Puddletag generally looking is very similar to mp3tag available on windows platform. Requested functions: Trimming can be done using function Trim Whitespace (I don’t use this function personally since i do rename all files using my specific pattern...

i can remove mines but not other ones
Um wait
Q: Software to trim every ID3 fields of my mp3

Franck DernoncourtMany of my mp3s have ID3 fields that contain spaces at the beginning or at the end of the field. I'm looking for an application that: can trim (= remove start and end spaces) every ID3 field of each mp3 in the folder(s) I select walk the sub-folders recursively, i.e. not just take the mp3s loca...

here :)
@danijelc I have already flagged all of these
il be removing mines in a sec
cleared the flagged ones
10:48 AM
@JourneymanGeek there are a couple more on the first one
Yeah, reading through and deleting them
this and this
I'm out of flags... so :p
actually its k now obsolete ones removed
10:49 AM
one of these days I will have 100 flags per day
I think I average one a day on SU, more or less
@JourneymanGeek you laugh, but it will be a lot sooner than you think
I'm the only person on the site with deputy, and I've raised 158 accepted flags, so I've got deputy twice :p
I don't think I can get those badges here ;p
but meh, I'll live
well, there is a way ;)
11:05 AM
hm. an OP can edit a deleted answer, right?
@JourneymanGeek how u mean
never mind
@danijelc: someone linked a list of software from another SE site. I suggested that he focus on one or two products
I don't remember if you can see your own deleted answer and/or edit it to fix it
yes u can
I just edited deleted answer prior u undeleted it
and u can see it no matter if deleted
ahh, excellent
I'm still new at this ;p
(and old. and I'm pretty well established at most sites I bother with ;p)
@JourneymanGeek bored! what to torrent?
11:15 AM
@Utkarsh: how about a nice linux livecd?
@JourneymanGeek linux??? not again man! anything else?
@Utkarsh download the stack exchange dump
(protip, we do not exist to slake your boredom... keep this up and...)
@JourneymanGeek ;P
@Alex not found! lol
11:22 AM
@JourneymanGeek imagine I'm complete noob occasionally checking AU but I son get bored with gazillions of really low quality questions there and you can hardly help em... since no one bother to explain what the issue is. Most of questions there look like: blah blah blah help me
@JourneymanGeek I never once got abused for saying I'm bored
@kalina designed my new avatar aftr doing so much work!
hardly, you just stole xkcd
11:24 AM
i told you, much work ;p
@kalina: I'd never kick a girl.
(on the other hand, suspending a girl, no one ever said anything about that ;p)
@JourneymanGeek adorable
Gender Distinctions
Yeah, I'm sexist and old fashioned
11:34 AM
I want a VLQ close reason ><
A variable-length quantity (VLQ) is a universal code that uses an arbitrary number of binary octets (eight-bit bytes) to represent an arbitrarily large integer. It was defined for use in the standard MIDI file format to save additional space for a resource constrained system, and is also used in the later Extensible Music Format (XMF). A VLQ is essentially a base-128 representation of an unsigned integer with the addition of the eighth bit to mark continuation of bytes. See the example below. Base-128 is also used in ASN.1 BER encoding to encode tag numbers, and it is used in the WAP env...
Very low quality
tell me i will give a reason
@JourneymanGeek You did it man! it was not VLQ
Taken care of. I do consider deletion slightly excessive in most cases but this was really bad.
11:37 AM
11:55 AM
Oh! Electricity came back!
@Utkarsh how did it go away and what made it come back?
@Alex there was a power cut
and power was restored
12:32 PM
I started closing most of the game req questions that were attracting poor answers.
I was a bit conflicted on it, but looking at the ground rules, and meta, there seems to be grounds for it.
just so you know, I hate you and you can die in a fire
I'm still trying to work out which words I'm going to use in my response to that post
@kalina: I really tried. I even tried to fix up some of the answers.
However, rather than attracting flappy birds, it was collecting guano.
You can't turn me with demonstrations of empathy!
12:53 PM
is it dangerous to swallow chicken bones? what about small pieces of plastic?
i was eating some chicken about 20 minutes ago and I accidentally bit off piece of the plastic fork i was using, i'm worried that if i swallowed it that it might cause damage to me internally, it was a very small piect, maybe 4mm long, but it was the end of one of the fork teeth
only info that offers any reassurance i could find is this: nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=100390
but someone on there is saying they swallowed their toungue stud and they still beep going through metal detectors at air ports
i used to have a toungue stud and i also swalloed it accidentally, but i never had any problems at airports
so i guess i shouldn't worry about it
1:07 PM
where according to Dr. Richard E. Bensinger swallowing a small piece of plastic fork is nothing to worry about
1:26 PM
oh no you're definitely going to die
you should rush to hospital immediately
i dont want them to think i'm crazy or stupid
i shouldn't tell you this, but...
your mum
1:33 PM
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
why did you delete my question @JourneymanGeek ?
delete this also then
Q: Are there any alternatives to Flappy Bird?

FlykFlappy bird was a side scrolling game released for iOS and Android in which you controlled a bird flying across the screen by tapping on the screen to make the bird move up the screen. This game has since been removed from the iOS app store and from Google Play. The specific features that I'...

*sorry if i was rude. Actually, I wasn't rude ;p
@Utkarsh Closed questions that don't look like any effort is (or can be) made to get them re-opened are deleted as part of routine maintenance.
@Utkarsh There is no call for issuing ultimatums like this. If you think something needs moderator attention flag it. In the mean time maybe it stands a chance of getting opened (upvoted questions are more likely to get good edit attention), or maybe it just hasn't hit the radar yet.
@Utkarsh Please stop apologizing for things you know are not good manners and start not doing them instead.
@Caleb okay :)
<-------adapts good manners from today, 27-02-14, 8:15pm GMT+5:30
3:04 PM
@Utkarsh: oh, leaving that open for now so people know why I closed it. Its a bit like leaving heads on a pike.
I also instakilled a few other crappy questions so, bleh, the weak need to be weeded out. ;p
@JourneymanGeek FYI, he is on ice again for a while. See edits:
A: Why was i suspended from chat?

Caleb2014-02-26: I suspended you from chat for the day. It is unnecessary for me to explain to you why this was necessary since you know full well what reasons there are. For the benefit of the rest of folk reading this meta, here is the brief situation: You were being disruptive to the conversatio...

@Caleb: fine by me. I gave him a bit of a warning and a kick on RA already
(and bleh, a IRC style <X has been suspended> would be nice ;p)
There was drama and I missed it?
you guys need to ping me or something when drama happens
3:21 PM
@kalina LOL Looks like I missed it, too. Busybusybusy... I should ask SE to hire me, so I could chat along all day :)
SE employees don't get to chat all day
except Jin...
@kalina: I actually missed the specific thing @Caleb was talking about
that's no excuse, you can see deleted messages ;)
3:25 PM
Well, I'd need to know it was there ;p
Q: Simple image editor - with simple image browser

JavI would like to find a program that allows drawing simple shapes (rectangles, arrows, dots, text - like MSPaint would be) on images, but with an image browser included (allowing to pass from one image to the other very easily - like any Images viewer). Does someone know if this kind of program e...

^ Migration from AU
@Undo ...
@Undo ...
he reasked the question here.
Oh, wow, he did :P
3:29 PM
Deleted, since the answers were crap >_>
@JourneymanGeek Should we poke the Ubuntu mods and tell them not to migrate stuff here without asking someone?
and AU got a rejected migration, nice...
3:30 PM
New mod ;p
@kalina LOL That's hanging in our office for half a year already #D
@Undo Undo (the post) #D Ah, no longer necessary. Looks much better now :)
Everyone else is creaming me in flag handling today >.<
@Undo: I'm still behind ;p
@JourneymanGeek Maybe for all-time, but not for today :P
@JourneymanGeek Mega-LOL! That's what you think. Here it is again:
Q: Simple image editor - with simple image browser

JavI would like to find a program that allows drawing simple shapes (rectangles, arrows, dots, text - like MSPaint would be) on images, but with an image browser included (allowing to pass from one image to the other very easily - like any Images viewer). Does someone know if this kind of program e...

3:34 PM
and I went on a minor warpath on gaming posts.
oh, yay!
goes to look for deleted gaming posts
@Izzy: thats our local copy
@Undo: I think I deleted one of Utkarsh's. I also closed the flappy birds one. Then killed one LQ question totally
@JourneymanGeek Ah! You meant it was deleted on AU?
@Izzy No, 'twas deleted here :P
@Izzy: Guy asked a question on AU, cross posted here, question is migrated from AU, I deleted the migrated copy.
3:35 PM
I'm voting to delete in AU immediately I can
=:-0 Journeyman is in Chuck-Norris-Mode! Man the life-boats! Women, children, and high-reps first!
@Izzy: I'm just finding my feet. All 4 of them ;p
@JourneymanGeek Wuff!
(translation: he found the delete button)
@Undo LOL!
3:37 PM
@Undo: I've also realised I need not fear it ;p
All 4 of them?
same issue as you really. There's a big difference between a high rep vote and a mod vote
@Undo As I wrote: Wuff! I knew what he meant :)
3:38 PM
@Izzy: there's a running joke on root access that I'm actually a dog ;p
@JourneymanGeek Sorry for that, ALF :)
You are a sandwich...
well, that, or a sound thats something like a small chainsaw ;p
3:44 PM
@JourneymanGeek don't go on a mass deletion just yet, two months haven't passed yet!
kinda spend all votes already today :(
@kalina he's talking about crossposted/migrated crap...
I know what he's talking about :P
oh god... kalina knows doge language!
much language, very braiam
3:48 PM
@kalina Some things don't need to be given the time of day, much less two months.
I kinda have noob question what means when flag is disputed?
@kalina: mass deletion? Probably eventually. However I figure its friendlier to delete new questions as they come in
@danijelc: You disagreed with a flag on the flag queue I believe
what flag?
ok, no i see that i have an disputed flag which basically means it was disagreed with, right?
or you disagreed with it
no i didnt
i dont even know how LOL
someone else disagreed on a flag i posted(flagged)
3:54 PM
@danijelc I think I see which flag you're talking about. It was a VLQ flag, right?
@danijelc Some flags (VLQ, NAA) show up to other high rep users as well as mods and those users have the option to agree (by also flaging it themselves) or disagree with the flag. This changes the handling priority in the mod queue.
I trying to understand how it works not disputing this disagreement
@Caleb thanks that actually explains it well
@danijelc So what happened there was the post when to the low quality review queue where it got two 'looks good' and two 'recommend deletions'. Thus Community marked your flag disputed.
@Caleb yeah I'm not talking about horrible content
3:56 PM
Q: How to disagree under the [Flag or disagree...] review dialog?

dasblinkenlightI am looking at a post that is flagged as "not an answer". I think that it is an answer - not a particularly good one, but it's a fair attempt at answering a so-so question. However, when I click [Flag or disagree...] button, the normal "Flag" dialog comes up. There is no option there to say "th...

@danijelc "somebody" (non-mod) I believe disagrees with you
if it had been a mod flag, it would be declined afaik
@kalina not in this case, but that can happen
Q: What is the best way to recommend a new browser to my family?

jcolebrandI have a hard time encouraging family members who are non-technical (like my mother, who is confused when her notebook presses on a key on her keyboard or my grandmother who has a hard time grasping the purpose of the internet at large) to use newer or different versions of their existing browser...

^ Opinions?
@kalina If a mod disagreed the flag would show as "declined" (and show a reason).
@Undo: hmm... baleeeeet oh wait ;p
@Caleb yeah that's what I'm thinking
@Undo shock, disbelief
3:57 PM
thanks guys this actually explains it well I kinda learning how the whole system works
@danijelc Yup, take your time. The system is complicated, but it often works.
it's not really complicated per se, it just has a lot of moving parts
@Undo A keeper.
But... where's the software request?
It's subjective but perfectly fits the good subjective guidelines.
3:59 PM
@Caleb but... it's not a software request
@Undo yeh definitely , see to be frank I was never so much involved as now so lots of things to understand how it works
@Undo It's about the field of recommending software.
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