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1:54 AM
Y'know, I've seen many weird Christian reinterpretations of Jewish law, but eating the weasel is a new one! (Well, it's an old one, but it's new to me.)
2:23 AM
Q: What does the fox say?

KitFoxIt is true that as a fox, I should know this, so consider this a spoilers warning. In a recent post, Geek Girl mentions that the mating call of the fox is a series of sharp, eerie barks and that this is called gekkering. This is supported by a citation in Wikipedia, but the reference is not one ...

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3:38 AM
@TRiG I'm blissfully ignorant of most weird Christian reinterpretations of Jewish law, and until just now, I was of that one. 8^P
@TRiG That is an acceptable example.
4:11 AM
@IsaacMoses If I knew how to do one of those neato burrito postings of a screenshot into the chatroom I would do one of my reputation changes, but here's the best I can do:
A: What does "Baruch shem k'vod malchuso l'olam vaed" mean?

YEZשם - a name refers to reputation, or how something is known. טוב שם משמן טוב (Koheles 7:1) means a good reputation is better than oil. One who is מוציא שם רע - וְשָׂם לָהּ עֲלִילֹת דְּבָרִים, וְהוֹצִא עָלֶיהָ שֵׁם רָע (Devarim 22:14) - has created a bad reputation. The idea of a name is that w...

Thanks for the vote of confidence!
yesterday, by Isaac Moses
Also, +20 for an answer like that is just not enough, IMO
@YEZ Thanks in advance for your help with closing questions that need closing and reopening questions that need reopening.
@IsaacMoses or at least voting for as much
@YEZ Such votes are pretty powerful. It only takes 5 to make things happen. And it only takes one to get things rolling.
@IsaacMoses it ended up being +40. Plus a fun comment discussion.
@YEZ +440 :)
4:27 AM
In my continuing .SE education- why do some people have a different rep beneath their names in chat than in their user profile?
4:48 AM
@YEZ chat rep is the total of your rep across all linked sites. For example, my 60k gets 14k from here, 12k from Workplace, 12k from EL&U, 8k from MSO, and several smaller ones.
I wonder if there is a minimum threshold or something, since yours doesn't seem to add up. Though maybe that's caching. :-)
5:13 AM
@YEZ 455. (15 for the checkmark.)
Q: How do you find or understand acronyms?

shmuelI've heard that the acronym in a sefer usually appears in the sefer in its full form somewhere before the acronym does, and in many cases I find this, but sometimes I do not, and cannot figure out the acronym, and others fail to know also. How do you know what it means? Is there a dictionary or w...

^ is on the hot-network-questions list.
5:31 AM
Wow. Two people in my relatively small frum community are currently in the ICU. ("Leah bas Chaya" and "Sarah Raizel bat Hada" are the names I was given. The owner of the latter name is, I hear, improving, baruch Hashem.)
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2:58 PM
All: Delete judaism.stackexchange.com/a/35761 as off-topic on the site, since it doesn't answer the question from the perspective of Judaism?
3:11 PM
@msh210 Were that to be the case then deletion may have been appropriate.
If you want to edit out the suggestion that Devarim was written in the time of Yoshiyahu you can, I guess, but the rest of it is fine.
@DoubleAA Oh, sorry, I missed the phrase "and in Liberal Judaism". Very well. No need to edit out the Deut. stuff either, then, I guess.
4:04 PM
Q: Feedback for "Purim - Mi Yodeya?"

Isaac MosesIf you downloaded or read "Purim - Mi Yodeya?," we would love to hear what you thought of it. Are there any improvements you'd suggest? Is there anything about it you specifically hope we don't change? Do you have any interesting stories about using it on Purim? Anything you can tell us along...

@Meta-Man ^^^ please ignore for now.
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8:49 PM
@geminiman Congratulations, you fanatic.
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9:53 PM
@DoubleAA TY. Why so few people with this badge?
@GeminiMan Try living on the east-coast and logging on every motzai shabbos before 7:00 PM
or erev shabbos after 7:00 pm in the summer, I suppose.
@YEZ of the US, that is
@IsaacMoses Stam east coast = east coast of US.
if you're in England, both coasts are not too far apart. If you're elsewhere in Europe, there's no real east coast. If you're in Asia you only have an east coast, no need to identify it as such. If you're in Israel, we have better names for that area, if you call it a coast.
And while I'm at it, Canada and South America will have the same problem.
@YEZ How could you leave out Africa? In February, no less!
@IsaacMoses Touche.
10:08 PM
@YEZ Also Australia, for that matter. The west coast of Australia is home to the Jewish community that is the most distant from any other Jewish community.
@IsaacMoses OK OK I admit it, I was a math major and never learned geography.
Q: The Fanatic Badge

TzviHere on Mi Yodeya, one can earn the "Fanatic" badge for visiting the site for 100 consecutive days. Is it halachically possible to earn the fanatic badge in the Diaspora?

@MonicaCellio If this discussion was on Mi Yodeya and I was aware of it, I would be clever and link it now, but there is a famous question of what someone who isn't sure if they are Jewish should do on Shabbos, since a Non-Jew is forbidden from keeping Shabbos, and one of the answers is that days for non-Jews are day then night - Yomam valayla lo tishbosu. So they do work on Friday afternoon and Saturday night and they are covered.
10:25 PM
A: Can a gentile go to Synagogue on Shabbat and what is forbidden on Shabbat for a gentile?

rosenAccording to one rav, a goy can keep shabbos without doing a single melecha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUWtj1qiFcM I just thought I'd throw this out there.

though you'd expect it to be here:
Q: If a person isn't sure he is Jewish, does he have to keep Mitzvot?

MichaelSLet's say that a person has a reason to think his mother might be Jewish (there is some evidence, but only a little), and it is likely that the person will never be able to know for sure. In such a case, does he sin if he is Jewish and does not keep Mitzvot? Is there a precedent or a standard r...

@DoubleAA I'm not even a little bit surprised that you found that.
@YEZ Eretz Yisrael has no east coast!
@DoubleAA It's mentioned in an answer there.
@GeminiMan I'm pretty sure I covered that in my remarks above. "if you call it a coast" - the Jordan/Kineret.

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