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2:00 PM
Twitch faild to update it..
@3ventic You sound annoyed.
@3ventic Your giant sigh a few minutes ago is what sounded annoyed
must... resist urge... to... lifelog...
ah stuff it
@RedRiderX Nifty
ack all these Google smiles have noses.
@RedRiderX Nice snow. Too bad the car is in the way and will probably turn the white snow into greyish goo.
2:10 PM
Chemical and Process Engineering

Proposed Q&A site for a community for Chemical and Process Engineers to discuss plant design, equipment design, control systems, simulation and modeling, but also fundementals such as thermodynamics and transport phenomena. Also includes plant economics.

Currently in definition.

Automatic or manual?
... So, we're seriously keeping ?
@FEichinger Of course. Why would we delete the tag when there are questions about it?
Well, then, let's see what stupid questions I can ask with this new definition of "video game" ...
18 mins ago, by badp
I love it when people get in the "THIS CAN'T BE THE POLICY YOU ARE ALLOWING PEOPLE TO ASK DUMB QUESTIONS" mentality. If it's really dumb, people won't be asking about it in the first place. This usually ends up in people asking dumb questions in protest, creating the same problem they wish to avert but has not really manifested itself in 3½ years of activity.
2:12 PM
@badp Heh true
Also this is least snow we've had in weeks
@FEichinger We don't ban stupid.
@badp And I still disagree that this falls into our scope. It's localized as fuck, the "game" is a non-public mod, and the whole core of it is no longer video games. It happens to pipe into a video game.
It could just as well pipe into a browser and let twitch pick a website.
Is that suddenly on-topic as well? It does the exact same thing.
@FEichinger and the community disagrees. You're not going to agree with the community on every issue.
2:14 PM
@FEichinger It's localized but it's relevant now, so it's not too localized. Virtually all MMORPGs are not FOSS. The mechanics adapt to the needs of the videogame.
Q: The MOUT Course at the end of Basic Training in ArmA II is just acting?

userBecause my vehicle caught fire and I could have been injured.

@Wipqozn I'm not seeing that "the community disagrees". We have a controversially voted meta that barely makes it into positive score.
Also, once TPP ends, it counts torwards our Dead Game policy, so we wouldn't have to delete the question.
@FEichinger Which also means the community doesn't feel strongly enough to ban it.
2:15 PM
Dammit, but some of the best games are "dead"!
We got one of the Guise of the Wolf videos back so far - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB8YRafUfCY
We don't ban questions if there's controversy and there's no clear answer either way.
This is something different. The default should be we keep it open, unless there is a clear agreement otherwise.
"Banned" shouldn't be the default state for new questions.
which reminds me...
of some art I did in another place and another time.
Q: Why does reproduction fall off around ten years in?

clweeksI've played twice now about thirteen years of the game. It feels like my people are doing OK -- I can keep them at 4+ stars and 4+ hearts and they seem to start the game pregnant, so babies come up at first. But then, after a while; certainly by year 10, no more babies are born and the villager...

2:23 PM
@FEichinger I wish the community would stop arguing about whether TPP is on topic on my meta question. Am I really that unclear?
@JasonBerkan I also explained why I disagree with the rest of your point. The fact that it happens to pipe the input into a video game doesn't make it any different from the same setup piping it into a browser.
@JasonBerkan Asking the community to stop arguing about something is like asking the sun not to set.
@FEichinger You have successfully disagreed with me. Others have not.
2:25 PM
@JasonBerkan it has the , why you think we shouldn't disscuss?
Anyone else upload 1080p gaming videos to youtube? No longer sure what bitrate to use for high motion videos. 8000Kbps doesn't seem to be enough for FPS stuff
Q: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for PC: Enemy armies get an extra turn

AlvericIn the PC version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, enemy armies occasionally get an extra turn. Why does this happen? Can it be predicted? Can it be avoided?

@Wipqozn ...by the domed one.
@Blem no
@BenBrocka What's with that mute non-button icon?
2:38 PM
That is so creepy.
Q: Soul Calibur 4 Tower of Souls

HalcyonixusI can't seem to beat this tower of souls, going up. Is there a certain character and item combination that gives the proper stats to reach the top? Preferably a lot of defense, attack, and perhaps life vamp? I have a lot of the items but whenever I try, they just massively out-damage me, and ...

@badp I'm not sure about that...it doesn't look like a button and it seems odd to make it an LED
Now I'm wondering if you can awkwardly play games with it like the PS3 blu ray remote
@Wipqozn Does pressing "up" from Fight not go to Item?
I thought it did.
@StrixVaria Not in gen 1 it seems/
Clearly this is a clever ruse
2:41 PM
@Wipqozn For a second, I thought Red was looking at his Pokedex in that image.
@StrixVaria but.... how to pokeball?
@Sconibulus It's going to happen anyway
Q: How long will side-quests last for?

ZibbobzI've found myself in a bit of a pickle...I hopped aboard a helicopter ride after a certian quest. Early game spoiler: I had a few side-quests that weren't complete yet before hopping onto the helicopter. Are they still going to be completeable after I return? Are there any side-quests that ...

> for a battle against a wild Pokemon we actually want to defeat.
Therefore, does not apply to battles against wild Pokemon they want to catch.
Digrat evolved?!
@BenBrocka BigDig
Samurai Boba Fett
so many pictures i want to post, better stop and go back to work
@Yuki I'm disturbed by the whole situation, but I don't really have anything interesting to say on the topic. The net result seems to be that we're ignoring the whole shebang, which is even worse than the actual happenings, but at least for me, that's not what's happening.
@Yuki I've read from some news website that the police/whoever is shooting doesn't really care who they hit. They shoot at journalists, medic helpers, childs, ... basically anyone.
@badp My problem is I don't what I can do to help, and even if I find a way to help I probably can't.
2:57 PM
@Yuki We don't even have a government right now that can take a stance on the situation.
ok, one more!
@Blem He is BATPANTS.
@Yuki Donation to groups that can send aid are the most we can often do.
@FAE The problem is I don't have the spare cash to donate and that makes me feel kinda guilty.
@Yuki If you don't have the spare cash, that means you need to take care of yourself too though, which is also important.
3:01 PM
@Blem Why is his head so big? Whhyyyy is his heaaad so biiig?!
@BenBrocka <3 Zim
Well, GIR, in this case, but the series in general.
user image
@Yuki Why isn't the filmer of that movie running after the kid that is rolling towards a road?
@Arperum because he's disappointed he didn't do a sick 900 off that ramp
@Arperum It would've ruined the video.
3:07 PM
@badp @BenBrocka In both cases I fear for humanity...
People die. GIFs are forever.
Also, the kind only has a helmet, I'm just going to assume it's a secret murder plan.
Q: Why can I not join a game on Minecraft xbox360?

T-u-s-t-yI have the gold membership and I am connected but when I open up Minecraft the join game section says no games found. Why Is this happening?

@BenBrocka Board games with high quality pieces are expensive.
3:12 PM
Good board games do tend to cost more than video games.
They definitely do.
I haven't played good board games
Huh. I suppose I don't actually buy them.
Good morning, Bridge
I was considering it as a stupid novelty but I'd rather buy a figure for $80 since both would sit on a shelf eternally
3:16 PM
I'd usually expect to pay at least $50 for a standard boardgame.
If you've never really looked into board game prices outside of Hasbro I can understand why $80 would seem really high to you.
I don't think I've looked at one wantingly since my age had two digits
@BenBrocka You haven't looked at a lot of board games, then.
There are some pretty cool ones out there.
@BenBrocka Does your age not currently have two digits?
@GnomeSlice He means that since turning 10, he hasn't really had any interest.
3:22 PM
@Frank I've seen some cool in theory ones but can't really feel excited to play. Unless you count Cards Against Huamnity
@BenBrocka That's too bad. We've got a board game store here that looks like I could spend a ton of time in, checking them out.
@fae I can totally see how your friend's experiences with call centers can happen
Cubetractor is excellent.
@RedRiderX :( Rough day?
Oh gawd
3:24 PM
Hero Siege is pretty fun too. If enjoy The Binding of Isaac you'd probably like it.
rough few months
I'm basically crying right now and I don't know why
so I'm taking the day off :)
@RedRiderX nods You hanging in there okay?
@RedRiderX Oh no. :( hugs
That's good, get some rest for yourself.
@FAE Hey thanks
I think my cold is a super strong contributing factor right now.
@RedRiderX Yeah, being sick will just wear you down in general and make it harder for you to handle stuff.
Yeah that seems like what's happened
3:26 PM
@RedRiderX Feel better man
Colds make everything 100x worse
@RedRiderX Stay hydrated and get some rest, like laying down type of rest. It can be wearying just sitting up at the PC if you're sick, but your brain ignores it because it's all "Ooooh shiny interwebs clickclickclickclick" then you get up and feel exhausted.
Stay in bed until cold is over
I have a really bad cold right now
although I feel a little better today
@FAE Right very true
Thanks all I'll go and lie down for a bit :P
3:28 PM
@RedRiderX Goodgood. :) Hope you feel better!
Q: Why are mobs spawning on my roof?

T-u-s-t-yOn Minecraft PE I have this small wooden house with a mine inside and wooden flooring But would there be any reason for mobs to spawn on my roof of This house?

Goat Simulator coming to steam.
Old news, but I hadn't seen the steam trailer before
You can lick things now and they stick to your tongue.
CC @LessPop_MoreFizz
Q: Disney Infinity - Download toy boxes without Xbox Live?

ShadowmanMy son has an Xbox 360 and Disney Infinity, but NOT Xbox Live. I know there are downloadable Toy Box levels available from Disney that you can install from the game itself. Is it possible to download them to a USB stick or hard drive and install them into the game? Or do I NEED to have Xbox Li...

A steam powered goat stimulator? Is it safe for children to use?
3:39 PM
@MattЭллен simulator *
oh! right. of course.
who would want a goat stimulator? That would be silly <.< >.>
Why will noöne think of the children?
@MattЭллен Because it's silly
a silly billy goat.
3:47 PM
@KitFox Interesting spelling of that word.
@Lazers hey there. I'm going to get my eyes lazered next month it seems, so I just wanted to offer you some kind regards in the hopes that you'll put in a good word to your eye-lazer friends.
we've always been buds, right?
me and lazers. like a match made via the stimulated emission of radiation.
[lazers intensify]
do not look into intensified lazer with remaining eye
@agent86 Getting LASIK?
@Fluttershy yeah, seems that way.
3:51 PM
@agent86 I believe it's Ztimulated
Good luck!
@Fluttershy high-five
@agent86 Good luck! Should go pretty smoothly; I had mine done 10 years ago.
@FAE thanks as well. I have worn glasses for like... over two decades now. I'm going to a really good guy, supposedly. my corneas look A+++ would fry with lazers again, supposedly.
It's not as terrifying as I make it seem! I promise!
3:53 PM
@StrixVaria the diaeresis is used to show that the o is a new syllable. I think a lot of character names in Lord of the Rings use it.
@MattЭллен Or you could just spell it "no one" like everyone else.
@StrixVaria sure, but that makes it look like two words
@agent86 Yeah, when I had them done, I'd been wearing glasses since I was 5. You'll probably suffer from "ghost glasses" for a while though!
@MattЭллен Which really isn't an issue.
@Fluttershy you... make it seem terrifying? I missed something :P
3:55 PM
@StrixVaria it's an issue of style
@FAE I think the hardest part is going to be not touching my eyes
@StrixVaria I'd usually go with "no-one" or "nobody", but I don't see anything wrong with "noöne".
Sticking an umlaut (or whatever non-German-specific word you want to use for that specific diacritic) in the middle of an English word is probably not the best stylistic choice.
@agent86 They'll give you some sleeping glasses kind of things to wear for the first couple nights so you won't rub your eyes in your sleep.
@FAE yeah, I just tend to do it compulsively, trying to train myself not to do that anymore
3:57 PM
In any case, I just had never seen that before in my 27 years of being a native English speaker, and thought it was curious.
@agent86 Oh yeah. I've talked about them sucking my eye out of the socket a bit, causing me to completely lose vision in the eye as it's held open... The smell of burning tissue as the laser burns away the inside of my eyeball... The nervousness of someone lifting the eye flap with a little hook-shaped thing... The fear of straining my eyes to the point of the flaps opening back up, or mistakenly rubbing them too soon after...
But it's really not all that bad.
@Fluttershy Shut up!
@StrixVaria You mean, like in "naïve"?
@Fluttershy yeah, they put me through like 20 minutes of videos of excruciating detail. I get a vallium though, so yay drugs
@MartinSojka Rare exceptions are made for words directly sucked from other languages.
3:58 PM
and I've had elective surgery on another bit of my anatomy that is a lot more... sensitive, let's say. this is positively a walk in the park by comparison.
@agent86 Yeah, it's hard to break the habit.
@agent86 But if they do yours like I had mine, I'd be really surprised. Mine was done by an army doctor. And the Valium really does help. They had me take one before, so the actual process wasn't scary. It was the looking back on it with a clear head that terrified me. :P
@agent86 Gonna guess vasectomy.
Although "naive" is perfectly fine (and generally preferred, due to the lack of ï key) in English.
@Fluttershy I think they used to use a blade to make the flap, that looked like nope.avi to me

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