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12:38 AM
Ug... absolute home improvement mess of an evening.
Hall light wasn't on... so I got a bulb to swap with it, unscrew the globe... and its full of water (second floor).
Drain the water, unscrew the bulb (CFL)... and its slippery, drops and breaks.
Can't find the circuit breaker for the hall... and the voltage tester has a dead AAA battery, that I can't find a spare of.
Everything is ok now (though I've got the light awkward/bare so that I don't get any water pooling on the wires again)... but this means I need a new roof come summer.
2:39 AM
aww, I didn't get to read:
was it any good?
3:01 AM
> CRT age was great.

I want to magnify, my only solution is low screen resolution on big screen. I don't want to increase DPI, font, because it is not perfect. DPI option is really useless.

28" HDTV with 1366x768, this is huge pixel.

I already read some said HDTV quality is worse than PC monitor. But I guess their reason is they want high resolution. But I need low resolution.

Is HDTV perfect as PC monitor? Not even slight pixel blurry?
Hardware recommendation.
3:49 AM
@gnat realizing that we're not part of the MathOverflow community (so pokeing in there more than just a reader is probably inappropriate... but this is a good read.
A: Featured MO questions on the hot list: what benefits, if any, do these bring?

quidThe key benefit is its potential entertainement value; some question in there are fun/interesting for many (so one should see this in a more altruistic way, MO is in there since everybody is in there to create better entertainement for everybody). And, this is it seems also the main (sole?) purpo...

Note that MO is claiming that hot + association bonus is disruptive and they're 2x the size of P.SE for questions.
@JimmyHoffa Here's one for you...
Q: Is this a monad in Java? (part 2)

Rob YMy first try was on stackoverflow. I'm picking up on the answer there to improve my monad: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21642731/is-this-a-monad-in-java/21707974?noredirect=1#21707974 My goal is to write an example of a monad. I'm not trying to solve the general case, just come up with on...

4:54 AM
@Ampt for fun... I've got code now that looks like:
@QBReport(start="TRNS", end="ENDTRNS")
public class TestReport extends AbstractRow {
    private String transactionType;

    private Date theDate;

    private List<TestRow> splits;

And has a method in Abstract row that prints out:
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5:21 PM
posted on February 16, 2014 by Stack Exchange

Give us your tips, tricks, tools, and sage advice.

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7:48 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by hichris123
Our network provider is experiencing a bit of increased traffic. We and they are investigating.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 14 mins ago, by Undo
Chat is hosted in Oregon IIRC. Everything else is in NYC
8:08 PM
Q: What just happened to StackOverflow?

tylerStackOverflow was down for a long time here, probably about an hour. Anybody know what the cause was?

8:26 PM
Still can't get to P.SE from here
We have partially mitigated a DDoS attack against our network. We are continuing to watch traffic.
@Ampt it's known to be still down
DDoS noobs
That said, I'm working with the Dark Magic of Java reflection against arbitrary classes.
honestly, that looks like a language problem to me haha
8:27 PM
Workplace is up, Software recs up,
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 8 mins ago, by Doorknob
Mathematica.SE is up now. So is Code Review. And Ask Ubuntu.
Ruby does all of that for you!
You know you've sold your soul when you do f.setAccessable(true);
This is why java can't have nice things
I'd actually say its why Java does have nice things - because you have to go in and say "yep, I'm ripping off the "do not remove" sticker"
There is good reason to try to keep this away from people.
8:29 PM
@MichaelT And this field is this, and this field is this, and this field is this
Nah, I don't know what field is what... I'm writing generic reflection code.
I do have to say "fortunately, java is unlikely to add more primitive types"
    public String exportData() {
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

        for (Field f : getClass().getDeclaredFields()) {
            if (f.isAnnotationPresent(QBField.class)) {
                boolean access = f.isAccessible();
                f.setAccessible(true);  // otherwise the try catch block below will throw exceptions

                String typeName = f.getType().getName();

                try {
Find all the fields annotated with a given annotation, iterate over them, get the data from them.
8:33 PM
that code looks great!
ship it!
There is a unit test for that... that I wrote before I started this method.
just wait til java9 comes out and they rename all their primitives
you have to specify int sizes now(u_int32t)
Aww... this is 1.5 code level... no swtich(String)... because thats actually a not bad use case.
@MichaelT typo "primative" => "primitive"
switch statements are cool
actuall, you should just nest trinary statements
8:36 PM
@gnat Thank you.
if "int".equals(typeName)? sb.append(f.getInt(this)):if "long".equals(typeName)?b.append(f.getLong(this)): etc
@MichaelT also, I'd extract this chain of if-else into a class (passing this and typename via constructor)
... crap. Ice dam on my roof, water damage I mentioned before? Yea... its a nice sunny day... its raining in my hallway.
(just went down, got basin to catch most of the water and towels under that)
@MichaelT raining in your hallway is similar to what reflection makes to nice plain object Java code
having words nice and Java near each other sounds a bit weird
8:46 PM
@MichaelT be careful. Falling off your roof and breaking your legs/hip/arm is a Great way to start the year
Nasty icicles are elsewhere.
although I will say drywall + water do not mix
@MichaelT and it's slippery as hell I guess
Thats part of the problem.
In the hallway? nope.
8:48 PM
Steps a bit bad... thats another problem...
You can see the drop of water falling from the fixture. The fixture is loose so that it doesn't pool in the electrical bits.
Also notice the discoloration next to the fixture? thats water damage.
@MichaelT looks like you've got some repair ahead. Any chance for it to be covered by insurance?
8:55 PM
@gnat There was roof damage when I got the house, I didn't repair it before this to get this damage covered.
And yea... this summer is going to have some repair and construction work done.
(new windows, move garage, redo driveway, new roof, new siding, deck on back of house)
The new windows were things I was putting off, but will drastically (should) cut down heating costs. I've got most of 'em caulked because of cracks in the sill.
consider igloo
8:58 PM
The driveway has some spots where the ground has settled under it and has cracked the cement. When shoveling, I can hear some spots are drum like.
The garage, I want to redo. Current one is a slightly sloped flat roof - not good for this area.
Pushing it back to the edge of the property I'll be able to make it a two vehicle garage (which would make for lots of room for me, or a significant +++$$$ when I sell - very few two car garages in the area, even fewer that can fit a truck with a plow on 'em)
There's the garage idea.
But yea... I know there's a significant bit of work to be done this summer.
9:06 PM
(oh, and the DIY it type will also note the non-romex wiring (lacks a ground) and the larger picture you can see electrical tape rather than a wire net on the connection)
Oh, this is neat... not a working product yet, but oh man... thats a nice idea.
@ChrisF (yes, I know this isn't DIY) but look at that Romex Splice that is being thought of. melni.org/product-offeringdevelopment/all-products/romex-splice - think of how convent that will be.
Apparently it's bobsled time:
9:29 PM
that's the best wiring for your house @MichaelT
Thats... curious. Though I'm not sure that the electrical code here allows for that.
Nordost High End PURE SILVER Audiophile Teflon 2.5m + Silver-plated Banana Speaker Cable US $196.84
@gnat What's it rated for
I'm guessing by the Audiophile rating, not great haha
Two and a half... meters? Sheesh.
@RobertHarvey it's for music, not wiring haha
9:36 PM
14 or 16 gauge stranded copper, like the kind they use in extension cords.
@MichaelT you have a truck witha blow?
That's all you'll ever need for speaker wire.
@Ampt laugh if you wish but I had cables like that in my system when I was an audiophile. Compared to money spent on the music and on the room treatment, prices like that felt minor :)
@Ampt I don't, but many people up here do. They can't park their trucks in a garage.
@gnat Well if you're gonna wire your house with the stuff, you may want to check that it won't burn up the instant you turn the fridge on :P
9:37 PM
Audiophile speaker wire. The world's most overpriced (and overrated) product.
@RobertHarvey snake oil
@gnat you were an audiophile? how did you de-tune your ears so you could listen to everything esle haha
Actually, over the last 30 years, it's become much easier to get very good sound.
The excellent sound, of course, you will still pay out the nose for.
@Ampt kids did that to my ears
Age did it to mine. Although I still have pretty good ears.
9:40 PM
@RobertHarvey true, digital technology along with common sense made a long leap to affordable good sound
@RobertHarvey midrange stays with you in any age
Kids are mostly midrange. :)
Are you saying that I don't need platinum coated gold wires with extra electrons infused in the wire for optimum sound quality?
@RobertHarvey oh yeah
@Ampt define optimum
the guy at best buy said this is what the studios use to make music!
The guys at best buy work on commission.
@Ampt Just don't use bell wire. Yes, I've seen it happen.
9:42 PM
actually they haven't for a while, but they still don't know shit
They drank the Kool Aid a long time ago. Peddling Monster Cable makes them look like they know something.
@Ampt he lies. At studios they need to hear everything to make the right mix. At home, you need a sound to listen to for 6-8-12 hours without fatigue (assuming of course you want to return your investment into music and sound) - that's different
Best buy probably makes a lot of money on Monster Cable. They sell it to the kids who buy those long-excursion woofers that make the entire car vibrate.
"Dude, it's oxygenated copper."
Yeah, oxygenated copper is that black stuff you see on old pennies.
@RobertHarvey most of best buys profits come from add ons like cables and wires
@gnat I think you can get a pretty good mix of both. My AKGs are very comfortable for long listening sessions but are pretty precise as well
granted the headphone market is about 100x easier and cheaper to get in to compared to the speakers
10:03 PM
Sennheisers. That's all I need.
10:16 PM
@RobertHarvey I'm looking at their new HD8s and reaaally getting itchy with my trigger finger
I'm sure they're great cans. I have a pair of HD650's and a pair of HD595's.
I love them both. The HD650's are like standing 10 feet away from the band. The HD595's are like standing in the center of the band. But otherwise, their sound is almost identical. I use the HD595's when I need extreme precision of detail.
really, you like the 595s more than the 650s?
10:34 PM
No, I like the 650's better overall. But the 595's are great for picking out specific details.
And they're a closed design, so you get a bit better isolation.
Interesting. I've always found that open backs give me more precision than closed, but maybe that's just me.
The 595's are a closed design, sorry.
I need a decent pair of closed backs for commuting on the train though, so thats why I'm looking at their new line
The 650's are the open design.
Yeah, but DJ headphones on a train?
better than my current ones lol
10:36 PM
Hmm... got a bug in there somewhere...
they're very large and Very green
plus their open back and I doubt everyone loves Dave Grohl as much as I
Thats a few too many \n
@MichaelT feature.
@Ampt you really should give that 30 day trial of Idea a try... granted, it also involves learning a new IDE which means that it will take a bit to work efficiently with it.
10:39 PM
@MichaelT perhaps to start the next quarter
As I've been using it fairly significantly for the past few weeks I've found that its really good.

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