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5:14 PM
@ManishEarth have any idea how to get a site's API key from a userscript?
API key?
@ManishEarth Or API name, you know.
sites don't have API keys
oh that. Um, /sites should have a search option
@ManishEarth Yeah, but I want to from a userscript.
look around the page
5:16 PM
Ah, we'll just use the domain. That works.
5:46 PM
in The Bridge, 38 secs ago, by Wipqozn
We could use this to set-up a cron script to post Rebecca Black every friday!
			type: "POST",
			url: "http://" + domain + "/cinder/flag.php",
			data: argstring,
			success: function(data)
					var obj = JSON.parse(data.toString());
^ @ManishEarth how do I parse teh JSONz?
How can data be undefined there?
5:51 PM
I have no idea
@Undo `debugger;' it, then you can run the console in that context when it breaks
@ManishEarth how do I do that?
oh, that was dumb :P
wrong ajax thing :P
@ManishEarth You know that mod thing that shows a button to show deleted comments next to posts? Can I haz teh HTML?
in The Bridge, 1 min ago, by Unionhawk
I have no clue how that hapened
in The Bridge, 12 secs ago, by ManishEarth
@3ventic it uses the API which .... yeah
that's how
6:06 PM
6:32 PM
@ManishEarth @hichris I think Cinder is just about ready to go.
ooh, I should put it on the real server :P
@Undo spoiler alert
@ManishEarth heh, seen it ;)
my goodness, this seems to be chatflag day.
You didn't get what I meant apparently. Oh well
@ManishEarth oh, now I'm curious as to what you meant ;(
^ Hah!
What's that?
6:46 PM
@3ventic Alt text for the XKCD above
oh lol
What are the charcoal links in the room description, by the way?
@3ventic Oh, just for easy access.
@3ventic Want a Charcoal login?
Seems like something I could be a part of
@3ventic Ok, I need an email address to send login details to.
You develop it?
6:49 PM
Yes. Me and hichris and Manish
(awesome address, I know)
got it
yeah, nice
Let's hope it works again and I actually get the email to my gmail
6:50 PM
Well... let's hope my automated email sender gizmo works first :P
Sometimes I have to go looking for it in the original mailbox
He-heyyy it worked
So it works like flag reviews?
@3ventic Kinda sorta.
You go through the list and click the show context button, then select all the comments in the thread that should be flagged, and click valid. If there aren't any, you click invalid.
Then you go to the top and use Manish's Javascript Generator Gizmo and click the generate button.
What's the (please-delete) thingy?
6:53 PM
@3ventic The reason it's in the list
"Manish's Javascript Generator Gizmo"
go through all the valid/invalid and then click generate at top?
Or do however many you want.
top or bottom generate?
@3ventic Whichever one has the little green orb thingy on it.
Probably top
6:55 PM
Oh, alrighty
Probably have to check my available flags too?
@3ventic Yeah, that's a good idea
Otherwise it'll just do as many as it can
@3ventic there's a little help thing that gives info
@ManishEarth don't see it
@3ventic It's a little question mark
Oh, there
easy to miss
Very nice site btw
6:57 PM
It would be ugly except for the Bootstrap part :P
Site sans bootstrap :P
@3ventic But thanks ;)
Mods are gonna hate me :d
7:24 PM
They already hate me, welcome to the club.
Unless I become one
But that seems highly unlikely...
7:43 PM
@3ventic me would vote for you. but me can't vote ;(
@ManishEarth Hah, it's picking up the foreign language sites!
8:35 PM
Bridge folk?
We allow them in here? :P
(read part of the transcript in school. :P)
You could call me a part of bridge folk
Oh @hichris123 Cinder is almost done
@Undo Yay! So will Cinder feed into Smoke Detector?
Always nice to get recognition in open source
@hichris123 No, if anything the other way around.
8:37 PM
@Undo wait, why not?
@ManishEarth Oh, we could do that, couldn't we!
@hichris123 Maybe
@ManishEarth Yay for recognition!
random discussion starts with me
Maybe make it "if-two-people-find-it-spammy-smoke-detect"
not sure
(that's the Mozilla Monument)
@ManishEarth Ooh. :P
@ManishEarth Trademark it. Now.
So did anything else new happen while I was gone?
@hichris123 Other than Manish's smoke detector turning into a new-question detector, nope.
@hichris Oh, I made @3ventic a Charcoal login.
8:49 PM
@Undo I saw that while I was in school. :P
@Undo Ooh, yay!
And there were like ten chatflags today. But you probably don't care about that :P
No, cause me no 10k network-wide. :P
Bridge flags?
I didn't see any chatflags today
They come and go too quickly for me to see them
@hichris123 No, some guy unhappy with a mod pinging him in chat and 'making him look bad' :P
@Undo Well then... :)
@ManishEarth Um, your titles are a little... off. :P
@ManishEarth we should probably kill it on foreign language sites. Or at least make it not recognize HTML entities :P
@hichris123 We need a better findspam class that can take in title and site and spit out spamminess
It's the same post it already picked up earlier
8:59 PM
@3ventic it's on bump
@ManishEarth Algo you mean?
Basically, have an array of dicts. Each dict has a regex and an array of whitelisted OR blacklisted sites
That way we can run the sports regexes on every site but Sports, the money regexes on non financial sites, etc
googles dictionaries in Python
@hichris123 If you can make a better method, that would be nice. Don't overwrite the current one.
@ManishEarth I'll make another method then...
9:01 PM
take your time, I'm going to be a bit sluggish on ChatExchange/SmokeDetector development after this
@ManishEarth You actually have schoolwork after this then? I thought college was easy... :)
Oh hell no
Well, it can be easy, but I've overloaded myself
I have...two essays, one assignment, 4 quizzes-to-study-for-in-the-next-week
yay essays!
And I'm organizing a hackathon this weekend so my time is borked. (not sure if I'll participate)
Also, got to submit a patch to Firefox sometimeish
half-written. I have no clue how FF unit testing works. /must figure out
Also other extracurrics
Also life. Must have a life. Can't forget that.
@ManishEarth What is this life you speak of?
9:05 PM
Hey, I do have a life!
commit streak != !life
commit streak is not not life?
\not\implies commit streak == life, fwiw
life is a whole bunch of things, most of which I can't post because they're inappropriate to discuss here
time to sleep for me
gah sleepy
9:07 PM
night night
I literally just woke up
I'm eating
and then I'm going back to sleep again
> I will create remote OS where it begins off with your body and after start up when you back home ...
I don't want to know :P
9:16 PM
@ManishEarth Well that's a false positive..
Same post for the third time FTW
@Undo Do we get a q id from the websocket?
@hichris123 Not sure. Why?
Oh god
"Sorry for the gays"..?
If I remember well, we told you something on a Meta site about using all capitals. As well as the whole "gays" vs. "guys". — Bart 4 mins ago
9:19 PM
@Undo Then we can log q id's and not have it repost multiple times...
@hichris123 You can't log titles?
@hichris123 It gives a link, no? Extract the id from that.
@Undo Real spam titles may be the same... (just thought of that)
@Undo Ooh, good idea.
But if it still exists after it's bumped, it's probably in need of more attention
@3ventic But what if it's a false positive?
9:21 PM
You using the SE API?
@Seth No, the realtime question page
@Undo That's.. odd. How does the same question keep coming up?
I'm going to work on that thingy in a bit...
@Seth Gets bumped.
@Seth I think it's a realtime active question page, actually.
9:22 PM
@Undo Ahh. That explains it.
@hichris123 Then the system needs tweaking, or the post needs an edit.
@3ventic Yeah... all caps is a bit of a problem...
@ManishEarth Blaraghaghhsg
@ManishEarth ROFL
9:56 PM
10 rep... 40 more to go.
Time to flag comments on SO! @Undo Want to help?
10:16 PM
@hichris123 Not right now, /me has Algebra to do
@Undo Algebra. :( What is it?
@hichris123 Algebra II.
"Graphs of Quadratic Functions" right now.
Learned that years ago.
Oh, okay.
When will you be able to flag stuff?
When I am done with Algebra :P
@Undo Same here... boring stuff.
@Undo Today UTC?
10:18 PM
Probably not.
Though if you generated me some, I probably could... :P
@Undo Okay, sure. :P More flags for Animuson to handle!
The pencil I have to work with is like two inches long ;(
Get a mechanical pencil. :)
But I like my Tyconderoga's!
(dunno how you spell that :P)
@Undo I don't even know what that is...
10:22 PM
@hichris123 It's a really good pencil.
@Undo Okay, I'll get you comments to flag. Gimme a few minutes.
@Undo reload flags button doesn't work.
@RyanCarlson [status-thats-what-im-fixing-next]
10:26 PM
@Undo If I can figure out how to... :P
@Undo How many flags do you want?
@hichris123 I have 100 max. However many you feel like donating ;)
27 right now... that's why I want that reload flags button. :P
10:28 PM
Me wants it too
var taskList=[10757522,10841159,11645251,12500694,12505417,13197440,13198258,14449114,14432805,14664394,14697849,14702880,14542030,15529372,15548635,15637356,15514318,15529384,15874398,15720575,15886249,15891616,15608656,15615412,15623734,15801061,15806915,15861033,15861342,15863101,15927837,15928039,16076275,16254025,16254041,16254889,16410018,16065891,16663324,16831030,17399209,17399355,17399377,17477511,17477515,17507924,17519014,18743061,18912601,18938649,18944630,19007317,19007554,19007925,19008707,19047737,19047753,19047793,19047845,18603277,18904267,19271466,19271529,19272137,1927215
@Undo ^ There you go.
yay! thanks!
Tell me when you're ready to flag. :P
1 of 100
Flagging now. :P
10:34 PM
Oh, we were coordinating :P
sorry ;(
@Undo Whatever. :)
Animuson's going to have a lot of flags. :P
Ug, someone's handling them. Probably him. :P
On to the reload flags button.
@Undo So is the problem the AJAX not working?
10:38 PM
@hichris123 I don't know
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 27 secs ago, by animuson
Hmmm back below 1,000 flags.
@Undo Gottit!
@Undo What?
I'm not sure what you gottit'd
show context :P
And gottit = got it. :)
10:53 PM
O yay!
pull to main?
@Undo I need to AJAX and stuff first.
@hichris123 oh
working... displays though.
So what are we AJAX'ing to?
10:55 PM
Not sure. I don't think we even have a 'get more flags' PHP file :P
@Undo You want me to make one?
@hichris123 If you want to
Sure, if you don't mind.
go for it
@Undo Maybe not... how the heck do I send them to the page?
10:59 PM
I did not know that comment flags are separate from post flags
@3ventic They are. I didn't know that either.
Just noticed
@hichris123 I would remove all the currently showing comments and add the retreived ones back in.
Does it happen often that you flag a mod's comments?
@3ventic Yes. Oded left a bunch of obsolete comments back in the day.
11:01 PM
@Undo How though?
@hichris123 Um... not sure.
The post itself is removed it seems
@3ventic Just means the comment has been deleted already.
@3ventic Why do you say that?
@3ventic Just mark it as valid and move on.
Ug, we do need that cronjob. @Undo!
11:04 PM
Planning to open it up for everyone when it's done?
Hmm, I don't know. @Undo ^ (two up)
Uhmm... Hmmm
I dunno. Probably.
> 96 flags handled today (UTC day)
@Undo ^ My stat for the day. :P
11:09 PM
> 25 flags handled today (UTC day)
> 13 flags handled on askubuntu
but I had only 10 flags so...
@3ventic You found it! I guess it was good UX. :P
found what?
The user page.
Oh, yeah
Clicking your name usually takes you to your "profile" nowadays
11:14 PM
"usually" ?
Sometimes there's a profile button next to the name
or there's no name to click on
must be self inflicted, I've never experienced this issue
If I click my name on youtube it opens up a menu
Top right corner
11:17 PM
Because you questioned my usually.
A: Generating configuration for an EC2 instance using Amazon AWS CLI

UndoI'm not sure about how to do this from the command line interface, but it's certainly possible (and quite easy, I might add): Jump over to your Instances page. Find and select the instance that you want to duplicate: Under the actions menu, click create image Give the image a name, etc. in ...

^ answer with pictures!
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