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3:03 AM
tempfile.ru/file/1595517 Guys, how do can estimate the English? Don't estimate the music, I'm interested to know how the lang sounds for you (It's Sergei Kureykhin)
3:59 AM
PS link for downloading = grey strip at the middle of the page
4:21 AM
Seriously, why do get nothing fut horrible attitudes when I ask questions on this site?
ask me. I ' ll answered you
I wanted to know the past tense of RSVP.
What is the RSVP?
What do you mean?
What? I don't know what is RSVP
4:30 AM
Répondez S'il Vous Plaît
Oh! my favorite lang!!!!!!!! This I understand!!!!! Studied it from 7y.o.
In the USSR were superb handbooks of French, for children. The teacher entered the classroom and said to us: comensount notre lesson
we sang at our lessons Marselleeiis Marchons marchons notre batallions.... Pity I forgot it at all in fact But I liked French very much, liked the lessons
Since then I fell with love to French culture..... admire it
5:04 AM
Of course, the shit from Russia that visits France it's just bandits. I have no any possibility to visit Paris, e.g. Only bandits have this possibility.
Frankly.... be better if you don't alow them to entered your country..... Nice etc ... oust them as straying dogs
4 hours later…
9:15 AM
Wow, so I come here thinking that today can't possibly get worse than yesterday, and then the first thing I see is my mother-in-law getting labeled a bandit, shit, and a straying dog.
Mad world.
That blows.
To top it off, our faction is also being annihilated.
9:31 AM
Well, I came to the war 4 hours after it started. That's 24 battles I could have fought but haven't. So I am not disheartened in the least. Let them have their way.
9:56 AM
hehe :)
10:08 AM
Lenin was a mushroom and Abramovitch is a bandit or a looter who build a yacht for people / nation money
War Metal Tyrant chat detected!!
What is wrong with "keep getting", "keep using" etc?
Q: My questions keep getting down-voted; is it revenge down-voting?

kiamlalunoNine questions of mine have been down-voted in less than fifteen minutes, and another one has been down-voted one minute ago. It sounds like revenge down-voting to me. Can anything be done, about that?

past tense of RSVP: JRM
J'ai repondu, merci :-)
Of course not all from Russia visiting France are bandits. My sister visited it , she was invited be her (girl / female)friend. She lives 200km from Paris. My sister was charmed by her French family
10:25 AM
Q: Is there a word "rucksack" in English?

romaninshIs there such a word in English: "rucksack" and what is the right pronunciation?

No, all from Russia are bandit!!
@RegDwight Ping!
It got closed faster than you could flag it.
I didn't even get to close vote on that. :(
10:26 AM
This is not how we do things in the West, comrade!
Fastest Close Hammer in the Soviet Russia.
I also posted an answer to another question, for the first time in centuries. With a graph and all, as a friendly wink to Jeff that we can always do better and this site is still run by the very same people who made it great.
> No, all from Russia are bandit!! hahahahaahha
@trg787 That should be "Every from Russia is bandits!" Sheesh.
In the mean time, a war is on, and I am off to the other room for a while.
@RegDwight And it certainly is a good answer.
10:30 AM
Actually it's true.... abt bandits
Abt bandits?
They a special kind of bandit, not quite apt, though?
@MrDisappointment It is not really a false friend because the meaning of bandit in Russian is fairly similar, it's just not the first word we would pick.
When a bandit is able to buy Chelsea club he is turned into smth pheww.. but he's a bandit in essence
In fact it's a one big Kremlin band....... they fu** their nation
I admit we have a financially significant business over in London that is really nothing more than the legitimisation of international banditry. So sorry about that.
10:38 AM
You have no fault on this I understand
I met a Russian businesswoman -- no bandit -- who was very anti-Putin, but not against all oligarchs, she said that Khodorkovsky was her hero. I didn't really understand as it seems to me that all the oligarchs are crooks.
BTW, @trg787
Russian Language & Usage

Proposed Q&A site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Russian language.

Currently in commitment.

all IT ppl here hate Putin and laughd at Medvedev
hungry children but prez dubbles with toy iPhone
Hkodorovsky was sentenced because he standed against Putin.
10:56 AM
I can't believe it! I know Putin is truly a man of the people because he drives a nice Lada.
now this tragedy with ship "Bulgaria" on Volga river. 50 children perished..... :(c
my haha I refered to "a nice Lada" not to the tragedy
so far i don't know exactly..... but they say that 2 ships passed near when "Bulgaria" was drowning... And they did not stop and did not help them..... S.O.B.s
11:12 AM
I just discovered the chat rooms and got the privileges to partake, so I thought I'd pop by and say hello! :)
hello, Leif! How are you?
I'm doing good, thanks! It's a beautiful day, and I'm on summer vacation. Loads of time to read outside! :D
How are you?
I'm so-so..... not too good :)
Awh, that's too bad! By the way, is it possible to start private chats here? I guess this chat is specifically for language questions, or how's the general "mood" around here? :)
It's only me who spoil the chat room :) Of course, it's for discussion on English language
but RegDwight forgive me.... my thanks to him. He is a true man
I respect such broad-minded people
11:35 AM
Hehehe! That's good ^ ^
@trg787 It is always particularly sad to hear of these tragic accidents where, I can only presume, simply following proper safety procedures would have avoided disaster. I also recall the nightclub fire a couple of years ago. That was senseless too and I wonder after everything the authorities say, does anything really improve?
Q: What Does TRS Mean ?

SynxmaxI am trying to understand a catalog The TRS rose processing machine has been specially developed to sort roses on the basis of length and quality. And it does this job for all varieties, both smallblossomed and large-blossomed types. The TRS is an integrated rose processing machine, which consi...

@z7sg, if frankly, I don't know..... :( Seems the owner of the club was under criminal pursuit
11:58 AM
@Leif You can create a new room at 100 global reputation.
In order to create a gallery room (where everyone is allowed to read but only approved people are allowed to post) you need 1000.
In order to create a private chat room only visible to approved users and mods, you must be a mod on any site of the network.
Q: Use of "that" in a sentence

kiamlaluno He will understand that I was not joking. He will understand I was not joking. Which of the sentences is correct? Are there any specific rules about the use of "that" in the sentences I reported as example?

Questions like this keep me coming back
Hm, are they rebooting the chat server or something? I got kicked out, had problems to log back in, and half the rooms are not there at all.
12:17 PM
i had the usual login problem which they never fixed, and had to use ghetto login
...that plus addictive personality disorder
@RegDwight I don't know, but my browser often seems to be showing the "Loading" page whenever I switch to the tab with chat in...
Yeah, I had that too.
Thankfully it's gone now.
But I just noticed that I am logged in with my ghetto account, too.
Click on my name.
That's not me.
That's me on GLU.
I thought it was you on meth
I never quite understood why one person gets several accounts to begin with.
I think I'll try to relog.
I cleared everything, removed all cookies, restarted the browser, etc, etc.
And I am still not me.
12:28 PM
at least you can login
@balpha maybe I'm too stupid, but I don't see a way to log out as user 17142 and log in as user 977.
I want to be me!
there's something weird can happen StackOverflow's end, because I was using clean browser profiles on different computers and getting 'your login data seems too old'
@RegDwight — I think you mean "I gotta be me!" and you forgot to sing it.
At least Robusto is still number 1460.
12:30 PM
"I've Gotta Be Me" is a popular song that first appeared in the Broadway musical Golden Rainbow, which starred Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé. The musical opened in New York City at the Shubert Theatre on February 4, 1968, and closed less than a year later, on January 11, 1969. The music and lyrics for the musical were by Walter Marks and were composed in 1967; the production was based on a book by Ernest Kinoy. This song was listed in the musical as "I've Got to Be Me", and it was sung by Lawrence's character Larry Davis at the end of the first act. Lawrence released the song as a singl...
I can't be arsed to search for 17142 henceforth, I want my 977 back.
@RegDwight — What, you've been renumbered?
See above.
I got logged out and logged in as a different RegDwight.
Click on my name.
I have only ever posted 22 messages.
You're logged in as DE RegDwight, not EL&U RegDwight.
9 mins ago, by RegDwight
I never quite understood why one person gets several accounts to begin with.
12:31 PM
How / why on earth would it do that?
I like the EL&U RegDwight. So much more likable.
And I don't see a way to log out as one, and log back in as the other.
@Jez It tells me that I already am logged in.
Brb relogging.
Well, at least some things are operating normally. 3I is still slinging.
12:33 PM
That's kind of what I'm getting at, usually you have a 'main' account, and that has to be altered specifically (if changed from your original, I think.)
@Robusto My thoughts exactly...
in War Metal Tyrant, 5 mins ago, by Mr. Disappointment
You know, there's a known phrase: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Am I me?
Ze German you.
Well that sucks.
And again, I don't even see half the rooms I used to hang out in.
Something is completely broken.
@RegDwight — Hey, stop it. I haven't had enough coffee yet to deal with your existential dilemmas. Or crises. Or whatever they are.
Maybe the EL&U mods are being phased out, for doing such a terrible, terrible job - what, with all these jokes flying around and all.
12:36 PM
Yeah, I'm not going to chat under this account anyway.
Hey, we could all be replaced by algorithms.
@MrDisappointment Um, are you still in the WMT room?
I don't see it.
And I don't see the starred message that linked to it.
Ham & Bacon made a mistake with his mod privileges? :-)
Yes, I am.
Oh, now I do see it, but I am told that it's private and I have to request access.
12:39 PM
Shhhi, man...
Very strange.
Even though wise as I was, I actually granted explicit access to my both accounts when I created the room.
> You have requested access to this room; please be patient while the room owners process your request.
Well, I am the room owner!
@RegDwight — You misspelled wiseass.
@Robusto Hah!
@RegDwight And does that mean precisely the owner/s, or is there any way one of us can 'process your request'?
"Even though wiseass I was ..." would make better sense. And it would be more honest.
@MrDisappointment try accessing the privacy settings for that room and see if you can change stuff.
12:41 PM
@RegDwight I know that's not the actual problem, but just wondering.
@Robusto I got it the first time round, but thanks for explaining the joke until it got even less funny than it never even was to begin with.
That's a remarkable achievement.
Without coffee, no less.
@RegDwight — I'm here to help.
I know, that's why I'm appreciating away.
See, I have to keep dumbing it down until you squeal. No squeal, no reward. For me, anyway. And isn't that what it's all about?
@RegDwight No, I can't. It seems I can only delete or freeze the room.
12:43 PM
Well, people, I wish Robusto's tree had fallen on my stupid German chat account instead.
@RegDwight — Well, next time tell your Commie sappers to get it right.
Then again, I wonder who I would be chatting as if I didn't have it.
A: Gerund preceded by possessive pronoun (e.g. "He resents your being more popular than he is")

Gaer E.nonsense, your "less formal alternant" is merely a coy way of describing the vernacular; and, as most can deduce, the vernacular (the word, actually) owes its formation to the fact that 99.9999999+% of the english-speaking masses are unaware of so m a n y grammatical rules that a rationale wa...

@ Gaer E's answer
@Jez That should be at -200.
And yet, only me and one other person voted.
> i apologize for this having become, more or less, a rant; but, this has long been a personal sore spot for me. i meant no disrespect to the author(s) and other contributors.
> Gaer
12:45 PM
Well, at least he was man enough to sign it.
could've been a woman
I'm surprised the femenists didn't come up with an alternative to that one, actually
BTW, I have no privileges in WMT chat, so I can't help.
'babe enough'?
'gyno enough'?
I'll try another logout.
Hey, @RegDwight, I see a button, namely 'moderation tools', and then another that reads 'refresh profile from parent site' - I know it probably won't do any good, but I'm sooooo tempted to push it, anyway.
12:46 PM
Try clearing your browser cache and session info.
Then log in fresh on the one account.
I think someone needs to talk sharply to Joe Blow.
Q: What does “a slightly overblown cartoon figure” mean?

totoro “Harry! Good-o!” said Bagman happily, looking around at him. “Come in, come in, make yourself at home!” Bagman looked somehow like a slightly overblown cartoon figure, standing amid all the pale-faced champions. He was wearing his old Wasp robes again. (p349, Harry Potter 4, US editi...

@RegDwight Or, failing that, make sure your computer is plugged in at the mains.... oh, wait, ya, try a reboot!
@Robusto I have killed all cookies I have. I even ated the one that was sitting on my desk from last weak.
@Rhodri — Someone has. @RegDwight byatch-slapped him but good the other day. I don't think it helped.
@Robusto Well, I flagged his comment/answer/wrongness.
12:48 PM
What's with the 3I answer?
Why is it a cat?
@RegDwight Has you attempted to alter your parent account? Presumably so.
Can someone please read that crap for me, cause I've had enough...
I have not done anything. Not one thing.
I was actually working, for once.
Then I come back, I got kicked out.
I'm logging out one more time.
Ahh, working, that must be it, see. Disturbing the order, the very fabric of the universe. Go play some WMT and check back in an hour, everything ought've resumed its sensibleness.
@RegDwight — Because cat cartoons elicit knee-jerk upvotes from the incognoscenti.
And ya, that cat, whoa! And, it's kind of irrelevant, IMO.
12:52 PM
@MrDisappointment — And he's usually so cogent ...
^ Irony
@Robusto So much so that no other has the capacity to fully understand him, but realise they must grant him the privilege of being correct.
@RegDwight ?
I have cleared my entire history. I have cleared all cookies. Again. I have rebooted. I am still not myself.
I will try one more time.
Try now.
@MrDisappointment — Yes. I think his "accepted" rate is, like, six standard deviations from the mean. That's more than a little suspicious to me.
I changed it to EL&U and it seems OK now?
12:57 PM
@RegDwight — You can clear your history, but you can't escape your past.
Meanwhile, I have to run for a while.
@RegDwight: Different browser, maybe? Different machine?
1:15 PM
@RegDwight According to you, are you the right you now?
Who are you?
Still user 17142.
I clicked on your gravatar and it says you're EL&U RegDwight.
I have cleared everything: session history, browser history, cookies. I have powered off my machine. And I am now in IE in a VMWare.
I can't do more than that.
@balpha this is seriously broken.
Oh, and @MrD: thanks for the ping in the WMT room, it got delivered to my global inbox, but once I clicked it, I got to a 404 page.
1:19 PM
@RegDwight I'm seeing your ELU account linked now
Look at the user ID.
though you're still 17142
@RegDwight That 'refresh from parent account' button is still lingering, now that I've changed your profile back to EL&U, it might make more sense to push it?
Which button? I am totally confused now.
1:20 PM
It's not big or coloured red, and looks in no way at all to be dangerous.
Oops, chat room just reloaded for some reason.
@MrDisappointment Where do I find said button?
Last option, bottom left. In 'Moderation tools'.
Well, I clicked it but it didn't help and I am not sure whether it was supposed to.
I think I'll just have to wait for balpha.
Meanwhile I'm at 100 energy and stamina.
@Jez I am offered an option "ignore this user", but no option "become this user".
But yeah, at least the account is not deleted.
1:28 PM
Maybe we need to make a human sacrifice to propitiate the SE gods. I nominate 3I.
1:41 PM
BTW people, this question here is not just "not constructive", it's blatantly off-topic as per the FAQ:
Q: what is the best way to learn more words?

munishI used to learn new words i came across few years back although i have stopped it right now. Now according to me there are many different ways to learn new words and the most important thing when you learn a new word is that how long will you be able to retain it!, a day, a week, a month. here ...

Please close off-topic stuff as off-topic.
It deserves the automatic -1.
@Robusto Wow, you're so generous today you even call him a human.
@RegDwight — Well, he might fool the gods.
@RegDwight — It looked like a polling question. We closed it under the only category that specifically mentions polling.
@drm65 do you happen to have a rough estimate how many more questions still have thanks in them, so we know how many more you plan to fix in a row? Thanks.
Speaking of which, I totally pwned Robusto today at that pricey question, and all I got was a "thanks" from the OP. Not even a T-shirt.
And speaking of T-shirts, I am still waiting for the ELU swag.
Should I start stopping waiting?
I'm off to do some work.
@RegDwight — Gracious in defeat, as always.
@RegDwight — Me too. I can't wait to demonstrate my uber-geekness with EL&U swag.
@RegDwight — BTW, you just look like you're trying too hard. Bringing in COCA and all the chart candy is like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly. I make it look effortless. (Which it is.)
2:00 PM
@Robusto I think we can all just stop waiting, it's never gonna happen. See:
> @jimi still working on it! expect 6-8 weeks, hopefully sooner. – Jeff Atwood♦ Jul 8 at 11:45
As we all know, "6-8 weeks" is code for "I have no clue when or if it's gonna happen".
@Martha — Yeah. "Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery" is American slang for "when pigs fly" ...
@Robusto You only address American English while the question is all about the differences between AE and BE. :P
But I'm just venting off.
This is not against Capitalizationists.
Capitalizationist hate is what the rest of the day is there for.
Yawns Hullo all.
damnit i hate that y-word
makes me feel the urge to y...
2:04 PM
@RegDwight — In this case it's about sufficiency of response. I answered enough to demonstrate that AE has both variants, therefore it can't be a BE/AE issue.
Don't hang up on us like that.
It's flyswatter => fly vs. sledgehammer => fly.
@Robusto It can still be a BE/AE issue if one of the variants is more popular in the US while the other one is popular in Britain.
@RegDwight — Ah, so it's just a popularity contest for you. I should have known.
2:06 PM
I no, rite?
I see @RegDwight and @RegDwight is still having an identity crisis. You come up twice when I tab-complete you. Unnerving.
Ping @balpha about that. He hasn't been pinged enough today. :P
@aedia — His MPD is very pronounced today.
You misspelled NPD.
You misspelled NKVD.
2:11 PM
The National Democratic Party of Germany – The People's Union (, NPD), is a far right German nationalist party. It was founded in 1964 a successor to the German Reich Party (, DRP). Party statements self-identify as Germany's "only significant patriotic force". On 1 January 2011 the far right German People's Union () merged with the NPD, and the party name of the National Democratic Party of Germany was extended by the addition of 'The People's Union'. It has been described as "the most significant neo-Nazi party to emerge after 1945". The party is often described as a neo-Nazi organ...
I never.
@aedia Or:
Q: the meanings of "this big"

tatsuyaWhat does the phrase "This big" mean? I saw the video "I love you this big" by scotty mccreery, the winner of 10th American Idol, on YouTube.(I was very touched and bought it from itunes soon!) But I don't interpret "this big". From a dictionary, "big" means "an important person" as a naun. So ...

46 mins ago, by Robusto
Maybe we need to make a human sacrifice to propitiate the SE gods. I nominate 3I.
Honestly people, I dunno which questions to close and which to leave open anymore.
Dammit, I swear I posted the second comment as quickly as humanly possible, but @RegDwight still managed to insert his irrelevant post in between them.
2:16 PM
On an unrelated topic, anyone who's used the mobile version of the site: do you know how to get it back to the mobile view after clicking to view "full" site? I thought at first it might be m.english.stackexchange.com, but that doesn't exist at all.
Ask @Robusto.
He might be looking at the mobile version right now.
@RegDwight I voted to close as general reference. Just because the user was too inept to find the correct answer in the dictionary, doesn't mean it's not in the dictionary.
Although on second thought, this is definitely a non-standard usage, which is not in the dictionary. Eh.
Still, I have commented that it doesn't belong.
I told you I was disoriented.
Meanwhile, this.
Q: Is not liking the answer given for an existing question a reason enough to ask a duplicate/similar question?

kiamlaluno Past tense of RSVP Past participle of a verb created from an acronym The OP of the first question declares he asked a different question because he didn't like the accepted answer given in the other question. Is it a reason enough to create a similar/duplicate question? Considering that the t...

And the OP of the dupe in question actually makes an interesting point in the comments on it.
> The answer isn't what I was looking for and at the bottom of all questions it says, "Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged *participle *acronyms or ask your own question." So I asked my own question. – OghmaOsiris 1 hour ago
@Robusto, do you happen to know - if you are looking at the mobile version and you click the footer link to view "full" site, is there a way to get back to the normal mobile view?
@aedia — Hmm ... I never, ever ask to view a full site on my Droid. If they have a mobile version I just leave it at that. Sorry.
2:24 PM
@Robusto If there are links there I click 'em without fear of what'll happen to me. Unfortunately.
@aedia — See, that's your mistake right there. You can point to it.
I have a rather long commute and a rather large screen, so I often use my phone in place of a real computer, with varying degrees of success.
@Robusto Ha.
wow, it's only 9:30 and EL&U is already telling me that i've used most of my votes
@JSBangs You stay up too late last night maybe?
@RegDwight yeah yeah yeah, I had to fix a few inlin editing issues first :)
2:31 PM
no, i wasn't on at all until this morning
voting spree, i guess
mostly downvotes. lots of people are wrong on the internet today
i have -27 rep for the day
@JSBangs — We took a vote while you were gone. We reduced your vote max and added the difference to our own.
(of course most of that is because of a 100pt bounty that i started)
so... anything interesting going on WRT the big group sob from yesterday?
@JSBangs — You misspelled S.O.B.
i disbelieve in punctuating acronyms in much the same way that i disbelieve in initial capitalization
good on you for picking it up from context, though
I only added the punctuation for emphasis, so people wouldn't think I meant you forgot to put the caps lock key down.
2:39 PM
@RegDwight: I'm sorry - am I stepping on your toes here? It looks like a lot. And FWIW, I'm not only removing "thanks"; I am doing some real editing. Please advise on how I can go about editing without cluttering up the "active" page.
@balpha Yay! Our saviour! I don't know how much longer we can cope with two Regs.
@Rhodri — Which one is @RegularDwight?
@drm65 you can't edit w/o cluttering up the active page. alas. i would ignore the haterz complaining about it
but you might also limit yourself to a smaller number of edits per day
@JSBangs Well, Jeff's indicated he's not 100% opposed to my proposed FAQ change
A: Are questions about ununderstood English-language jokes on-topic?

psmearsI totally agree with Jeff that The quality of the questions and answers is paramount. Joke questions pose a real danger, because (a) everyone likes them, and (b) they can easily end up trivialising the site. However, I can't help but think the policy in the FAQ at time of writing is overly re...

@Robusto The one with all the backslashes, of course.
2:41 PM
@Rhodri — I'm not talking about RegexDwight. He's already been escaped.
@JS: Or further between. How many would you suggest?
I'm usually on here in quick spurts
So I try to get a lot done.
But as for the general writing off of our efforts as having "serious quality issues", no change or explanation as far as I'm aware :-/
@drm65 — Please, no graphic or off-color language.
@Robusto: Joke? I don't get it.
Jokes are off-topic anyhow.
You are only allowed to get jokes elsewhere.
2:44 PM
@drm65 — Well, I've already been accused of being Captain Obvious with my jokes [looks at @RegDwight], so you'll just have to work it out for yourself.
@Robusto: What's off-color?
My money is on sepia.
@Robusto: Sorry, but I don't know what you meant by "Please, no graphic or off-color language."
@JSBangs And hey, I'm not a hater. I thought I'll just ask drm65 myself before some actual haters do.
"Chorus is a verse. Work it out, grasshopper." — Lew Ashby
2:47 PM
@RegDwight no problem, i didn't mean to imply that you were a hater
@drm65 After following the link chain back, all I can say is you have a purer mind than I. Which isn't hard, now I come to think of it.
yesterday, by RegDwight
Huhuh, she said hard, huhuh.
@psmears I am so tempted to follow @Kos's comments with "See? Dead."
::checks again:: No, still a he.
@JS, @Reg If you don't answer, I'll go right up and clog up the system with another 50 dozen edits...
Sorry, I didn't have a male quote handy.
Stupid English with its stupid genders.
2:49 PM
@RegDwight — You misspelled genderless.
@drm65 Well, a spurt of 5-10 then a pause would be most welcome.
@Rhodri haha... though I feel we're a little cruel killing this joke so effectively - the poor thing was barely alive to start with!
@drm65 btw, i don't actually get pinged unless you include at least 3 characters from my name. so @JSB works, while @JS doesn't
@JSB: Ok. That helps!
I'll relog once again.
Apr 16 at 16:34, by RegDwight
Yay! That looks more like me. All hail @balpha.
Though I do see two viscachas in the avatar list now.
2:55 PM
yeah; reload the page, user merging isn't a function that the UI understands
the other user doesn't exist anymore, so it can never leave :)
@RegDwight Enough with the spurting, already :-)
Hooray! I am still me!
@balpha Well, @Reg always was omnipresent.
All hail balpha some more.
Um. Except for just one minor thing.
Lemme post a screenshot.
@RegDwight I don't see your viscachas. I am still seeing the text going on and off. Trippy. Is that what you're seeing?
2:59 PM

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