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9:04 AM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on July 11th, 2011

Editing is the backbone of Stack Exchange. Every question and answer pair is intended to be an evergreen, editable resource for future travelers:

The editing feature is there so that old question/answer pairs can get better and better. For every person who asks a question and gets an answer on Stack Exchange, hundreds or thousands of people will come read that conversation later. Even if the original asker got a decent answer and moved on, the question lives on and may continue to be useful for decades. …

9:21 AM
have popped a draft QOTW post for review in t'blog - based on @Hendrik's suggestion of the question on the validity of 90 day password expiry. If someone could review/improve we can publish it.
10:01 AM
@RoryAlsop Don't know to whom you're asking for review. But I cannot do it myself. Link is greyed.
1 hour later…
11:22 AM
Hi @M'vy - the review link is only open to Editors and Admins. But thanks for having a look.
Morning, @RoryAlsop
@ScottPack afternoon
My bowl full of cholesterol destruction disagrees.
@ScottPack that's never good
actually - is cholesterol destruction good or bad?
I'm going to go with good. Granola and soy milk. I strongly attribute it with keeping my count under 100.
11:35 AM
ooh - wouldn't have a clue what mine is. <100 is good right?
Looks like the rule of thumb is that one should try to keep it below 200, and 240+ is actually bad.
That's mg/dL, by the way. Looks like you people might measure it in mmo/L
mmo/L? what the hell is that?
/me shrugs
Hell if I know
Probably one of those made up power of ten measurements
ah - There are two main methods of describing concentrations: by weight, and
by molecular count. Weights are in grams, molecular counts in moles. (If you
really want to know, a mole is 6.022*10^23 molecules.) In both cases, the
unit is usually modified by milli- or micro- or other prefix, and is always
"per" some volume, often a liter.
To convert mmol/l of glucose to mg/dl, multiply by 18
there ya go then - standard European to Imperial behaviour. We just multiply by 18 and it's all sorted
One looks forward to the day that we can all actually talk to each other without calculators.
Looks like it's time to go to work.
11:49 AM
and work together to avoid crashing into Mars...
12:19 PM
But mars just makes for such a beautiful target
Big, red, nearby - yup
I just hope I'm still alive when mankind first manages to smash comets into it (for terraforming purposes, of course)
whooooosh - Boom!
@Scott - any chance you can have a quick look at my QOTW draft post and comment/improve it. Was thinking of publishing QOTW on a Thursday - and maybe shift normal posts to a Tuesday to spread it out across the week a bit
Let me finish up this thing and I'll take a gander.
I also need to clean up that firewall post as well.
I've also learned that I'll need to ship my thesis out to @Neal for review :)
Heh - he's definitely got a sideline as a proofreader
12:36 PM
I really like the sound of this phrase, by the way, "Compliance reduces the risk of penalties of non-compliance"
that's the @AviD special!
(he may have trade-marked it by now...)
It is of a specific circuitous form that forces one to really focus and parse out the language. Which is exactly what we want them to do!
So what exactly is the QotW post? Is it intended to simply highlight a question, or to take one as an example and delve down into the guts?
@ScottPack a bit of either or both - mostly a way to get another ping leading to a question which is expected to be popular (or already is), but we can use it to delve in if we think there should be a delving
('sall marketing really :-)
No worries. I just wanted to understand the intent.
No, no, no, no. I'm not asking what you want, I'm asking what you're hoping to accomplish!
Hopefully people will who have a particular interest in a question may volunteer to discuss it in greater depth
@ScottPack heh
hey @Iszi
12:47 PM
Hiyo... Any particular reason I'm so popular today?
@Iszi ? do you mean two of us saying hi? We're just nice like that :-)
You see, there's this thing called, "manners"....
@ScottPack Hehe... I'm just not used to getting double-pounced when I log on in the morning.
1:09 PM
Hey, do any of you guys still have G+ invites to hand out?
yep - although it's not really invites. More a case of message someone in G+ to get them into it
@RoryAlsop Oh?
will do it - might be later on today, will see how easy it is to do from my android (still learning)
Actually, was kind of asking for someone else. I don't want to jump in myself until they enable it for Apps users.
should be able to do that too
1:13 PM
Ok. I'll get you an e-mail address. Thanks.
(I have G+ for my non-apps persona, and will add the apps one as soon as it becomes available)
no worries
@Iszi I can try to shoot you one out now
@ScottPack ...or that could work...
@ScottPack I'll DM you the address.
yes ma'am
BTW @ScottPack - What happened with Twitter? You un-followed me at some point?
1:16 PM
I have no idea
Over the weekend I noticed that you were following me, but I wasn't following you.
I think it's funny that I get a text notification before the web site updates
@ScottPack Indeed.
twitter seems to have been doing some random things - I have noticed a couple of times that the number I am following can drop
@Iszi Should be sent out
@RoryAlsop I think I've had some others randomly (and unintentionally) un-follow me also. Haven't much paid attention to my followees though.
I got a new follower email and just happened to look to see who all was on that list. Was surprised to see the "Follow" button beside your name.
1:25 PM
Wow... I follow 64 people? Lot more than I thought. Only 12 of those are people I "know well enough" to have as followers.
About half of my followers are from here.
@Iszi It looks like G+ makes it easier to manage the deluge of information. I follow a couple of hundred security folks, most of whom have valuable posts...and some less so, but I have been categorising my 'circles' to make it easy for me to get an update in the areas I want
1:40 PM
@ScottPack My friend sends much thanks for the G+ invite! He's loving it!
Hi there. Talking about G+ did they gave me invites, or anybody can invite now?
@Mvy It looks like anyone can invite by sending info to someone
I will try to add you
@RoryAlsop I am already on G+
But I now have an "invite" link
ahh - I have got people into it without an invite link. (although I have mostly been doing it from my android phone, and it has a very limited UI)
Yeah. The android app is still cool :P
Ok, my StackExchange circle is now rich of 10 people :D
2:06 PM
So that wasn't even you, @Iszi? How lame.
@ScottPack ? Thought you'd read the chat log?
55 mins ago, by Iszi
Actually, was kind of asking for someone else. I don't want to jump in myself until they enable it for Apps users.
I think I actually missed that line
@ScottPack Apparently. Thanks, anyway. You can consider it still being for me, by proxy. The guy you sent it to will probably get one to me whenever Google sets up Profiles for Apps users.
editors and contributors - I have popped suggested schedule dates on a few of the blog posts. Everything is obviously changeable as required, but I always feel happy getting things prepped well in advance
2:22 PM
Anyone hear from @Jin lately? I remember he mentioned something about a preview of the Question pages, and tweaking of the lion logo.
He's a designer. This is probably day 6 of his lunch break.
@Iszi I'm assuming he is very busy - he mentioned also running with images for a couple of the other sites that are close
@ScottPack heh - or this
@RoryAlsop re: QotW -- One big against is stretching the limits of user's memory and/or willingness to remember.
Nothing encourages passwords on post-its quite like high complexity requirements + frequent expiration.
@ScottPack cheers - have you added that or shall I?
Actually I have the admin console open, so might as well do it now
I'll leave it to you.
Keep the tone and voice more consistent.
2:26 PM
What's the most current complexity/expiration suggestion anyway? I've noticed that TrueCrypt gripes about passwords that are shorter than (IIRC) about 20-ish characters?!?!
@Iszi I think the expectation with TrueCrypt is that it will never be changed, so needs to be strong enough to survive a reasonable timeframe
Anyone think this one's a little too vague?
Q: how safe exactly is the incognito window of google chrome?

PacerierI'm concerned how safe exactly is the incognito window in protecting your information (like cookies and stuff like that)

@Iszi and I'm sure we had something similar a while back
@Iszi That does look rather...broad
Q: Anonymous web browser. Is it real?

garikAnonymous web browsers. Does it work? What principals does it use? Can I use it to test access to my web site? When visitor of site using it, can I detect this, what is the different between traditional and anonymous browsing? Thank you to everyone for explanation. ADDED: While I am getting a...

2:30 PM
@RoryAlsop Had a feeling about that, too.
similar enough?
@RoryAlsop I'm not sure the question is, but the answers might cover the same territory.
the question is worded slightly differently, but the answers appear to be useful for the new question too
heh - yep
So, close as dupe?
I reckon. Always better if non-mods vote that way first, otherwise it looks like I have just arbitrarily decided to mod-hammer them
btw - nice hammer @Scott
2:34 PM
@RoryAlsop @ScottPack has hammer?
@RoryAlsop Well, my vote's in.
@Iszi - he has picture of hammer:
15 hours ago, by Scott Pack
user image
@RoryAlsop Ah.
BTW @RoryAlsop - I just noticed that @Dominic effectively rolled back your changes to this post. I re-rolled-back for you, but thought you should know.
A: How does changing your password every 90 days increase security?

DominicIt helps security if the attacker waits until the 91st day to access your system, simple as that...which is perhaps why Bruce Schneier says changing your password on a regular, scheduled basis is a 99%-worthless security protocol and to change your password only if you think it's been compromised...

Interesting - it doesn't notify on that sort of thing...
Cheers (by which I mean "Thanks", not, "Have a drink" :-)
Wow... I've never noticed the crap-ton of votes that question has, and the matching crap-ton of answers!
2:43 PM
hey guys
@RoryAlsop I've always wondered what that really meant on the other side of the pond.
Hi @Jin
@Jin Hiyo
i havn't had a chance to do another mockup of the question page, but it will be fairly standard. i'm working on getting the Security site converted to css, so we can launch, hopefully tomorrow
2:43 PM
@Iszi - hence why it has been selected to be QOTW #1
I do most tweaking during the actual CSS conversion, so it saves a lot of time.
@Jin - excellent
I'm aiming to launch the site tomorrow afternoon. around 4pm-ish, EST.
Morning, @Jin.
If i get done early, I'll also be converting the Security blog to the new theme as well.
2:44 PM
ooooh yeah :D
it's a lot more involved launching a new site(design wise) now than it used to be...
@Jin Top work, sir
because it's not just the main site's design anymore.
@Jin Sweet! I presume though, that "launch" doesn't effectively mean "finalize", since there's still a few elements in discussion?
2:44 PM
So what happened to the lion? did not check the meta :P
@Iszi oh yeah. I always do a lot of post launch tweaks, based on feedback.
oh u know what's funny?
@Iszi usually means thanks, unless you are holding drinks, it which case it is a toast:-)
the lion in the mockup i put, i left out the fangs..
So it's an old lion?
i had fangs originally.. no wonder why he didn't look too fierce.. i blame illustrator
2:45 PM
@RoryAlsop I think I've seen some use it as "bye" as well.
a defanged lion? o noes! - watch it @Scott
@Iszi - yup
@ScottPack Thesis? On what?
Well, after a few kids, these kinds of things happen.
@ScottPack hahahahaha
hi @nealmcb
@Jin Fangs would help. The look in his eyes and the shape of his mouth (maybe the latter is just due to the lack of fangs) just look weary though.
@nealmcb Hiyo
2:48 PM
@nealmcb Well, if I ever get around to doing the work -- the idea is that sometimes we see a machine that's just acting...wonky. So we want to be able to dynamically tell the IDS array to open up the flood gates and enable every single rule possible on that specific host.
i tweaked the shape of his eyes some.
The technical portion will be developing the infrastructure to do that in a relatively automagic way, followed by an evaluation of the results to show some actual benefit.
@Jin Better. :-)
the most time consuming part of launching the design is converting the css
@Jin Sweet. That looks really good!
2:49 PM
so many lil styles to account for. so i'll leave that header part for last.
I like him
also after looking at the header graphic for a while, i decided to tone down the "tron" lines a bit.
can we call him Roary :-)
@Jin Hmm - on the other hand, do we want to promote the "security department as aggressive control freaks" stereotype?
2:50 PM
@RoryAlsop We're collecting Rory's on security.SE, much like my IT dept collects Daves.
@Jin - I actually really liked the Tron lines - I think they did work as a good v bad symbol
@RoryAlsop i like them too. i'm definitely not getting rid of them. just have them faded a bit more, but still visible.
@Jin stealthy? :)
@nealmcb i don't think the lion after the tweak comes off as aggressive. i definitely didn't want him to look menacing.
Ok I'm going to start a meta-post : HEee, but what is the name of the lion :D
2:51 PM
@nealmcb we all know lions are friendly (cf Narnia)
@Jin Ahh - I think you're right. Good to have some teeth, and multi-wavelength eyes :)
@Jin How much? I likee da Tron lines.
Now the real question. Do the eyes sweep back and forth?
2:52 PM
Animated GIF?
@Iszi not too much at all. i just want them to be tone down slightly, so the emblem and site title in the middle stand out a bit more
@ScottPack Ack. Not sure how I like that idea.
@Mvy Aslan?
@Jin Spiffy. I can't wait!
maybe i should use this gif for the header: gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs/97618_o.gif
2:54 PM
Oh, @Jin - is 4 PM tomorrow EDT or something else?
@Iszi 4pm EST
well, around that time..
we normally launch new sites on Tuesday.
@Jin Ermm... We're in EDT right now.
that's coming on towards bedtime for me :-)
@RoryAlsop Maybe we should move it up a bit so that you can stop in on your way back from your 4:30 dinner.
2:55 PM
@Jin Will the chat room get a makeover too, eventually?
besides the main site design launch, chatroom, offline page, @stacksecurity twitter icon will also be changed
although chatroom theme may come later. but normalyl we try to do that around the same time.
also, be aware of the privilege change as the site graduates.
Sweet. Can't wait! We should totally get some sort of party going on!
that's what confuse some users when the Beta phase ends.
@Jin Crap. That's right.
2:57 PM
you mean scales are not the same?
I'm just a bit over 2k too, so that'll be a lot lost.
@Iszi We won't even be able to cast close votes anymore
@Mvy superuser.com/privileges <- Normal scale.
but.. you probably will gain that back in no time :)
2:58 PM
well 4k for trusted user :D
Yeah, the lack of active participants with management privs is what really concerns me.
@Jin Nah, I think my rep has stagnated a bit.
you guys didn't laugh at my lion naming joke! i said L30, get it?
maybe it was lame. i suck at jokes.
I think it's a pop-culture reference that landed somewhere over there ->
@ScottPack It's a pop-culture reference?
3:00 PM
/me shrugs
The L30 is a 120mm tank gun used by the British Army and Royal Army of Oman. It is fitted in the turret of the Challenger 2 main battle tank. It is an improved production model of the Royal Ordnance L11 series of rifled tank guns. Challenger Armament The Challenger Armament or CHARM project was intended to provide a new main armament for the Challenger II tank and to be fitted retrospectively to the Challenger 1. It involved three components: the gun, developed by the Royal Ordnance Factory, Nottingham, the Depleted Uranium (DU) APFSDS round and a propellant charge for it. After earlier p...
I don't get it.
I'll pick up some PBR on my way home and put on my tortoise shell glasses tonight. I might get it then.
@ScottPack Urgh! PBR!
I can't disagree, but it's a hipster thing. I dunno.
3:04 PM
Although, it does use DU rounds. I can get behind that.
@Jin (I think they got it but were being funny :-)
Sure, you leave little bits of radioactive waste laying around, but when you absolutely, positively, need to penetrate everything your way.... :)
well, i'm off. i'll come back tomorrow around 3pm-ish, to keep you guys updated.
sarcasm pretty much rules in here:-)
Cheers @Jin
by that I mean 'goodbye'
i still like to use the tron robot @Iszi posted for the captcha.. it really fits the whole site theme well
3:05 PM
Have a lovely day, @Jin!
@Iszi PBR?
i'll see if i can get around the copyrights issue, but putting some sort of attribution text in it..
Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) is a brand of beer sold by Pabst Brewing Company, originally established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA but now based in Los Angeles. Pabst Blue Ribbon is contract-brewed in six different breweries around the U.S. in facilities owned by Miller Brewing Company (a few of which were actually Pabst breweries at one time). Originally called Best Select, and then Pabst Select, the current name came from the blue ribbons that were tied around the bottle neck, a practice that ran from 1882 until 1916. Brand history The company has historically claimed its flagship beer was...
@RoryAlsop Pabst Blue Ribbon, or Piss BeeR.
@Jin I think the one I posted in particular was some sort of fan art.
3:07 PM
I just picked out whatever looked good out of a Google Images search for "recognizer".
@RoryAlsop Seriously, the only time I'd drink that beer is if it was free and I didn't want to spend money on something else.
@RoryAlsop It's pretty foul beer, but for whatever reason the Hipster movement has adopted is as the drink of choice.
Even then, I'd probably prefer water.
Crap. The Comms Room is talking about boobs again.
...2nd silly q: what is the hipster movement currently in the US? I know what it used to be in the 70s in the UK...
Yeah, it's a day that ends in 'y'
@RoryAlsop I think it spawned out of the Indy Rock movement.
@RoryAlsop Don't ask me.
3:10 PM
I can't possibly explain to you the music I like because you've never heard of it.
Hipster is a slang term that first appeared in the 1940s, was revived in the 1990s, and continued to be used in the 2000s and 2010s, to describe types of young, recently settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with musical interests mainly in indie rock. Other interests in media would include independent film, magazines such as Vice and Clash, and websites like Pitchfork Media. In some contexts, hipsters are also referred to as scenesters. "Hipster" has been used in sometimes contradictory ways, making it difficult to precisely define "hipster culture" because it is a "muta...
Oh, you have? Well, I used to like them before they became all popular and sold out.
@Iszi Well I guess each rooms has it's special "recurrent theme", like in "the Bridge" :P
@Mvy "Food" in general used to be pretty recurring here.
3:12 PM
@Iszi Ahhh - so it's not a crossover into Emo then, but still Indie
yeah we have them here too
And, if "beer" can be counted as "food", and if "PBR" can truly be counted as "beer", then it would seem we had indeed come back to it again today.
@RoryAlsop That linkage actually surprises me, to be honest.
@Mvy Read up.
(in addition to our Folk alias Acoustech, we are seriously considering EmoTech as an option for playing student gigs)
3:13 PM
oh :D
Maybe Indie means something different. The great atlantic music divide
Oo! Hipster Fashion!
definitely student clothing style then
@ScottPack Hey, who's that cutie on the right?
@Iszi I wish I knew. I just did a google images search for 'hipster' and saw that pop up.
@RoryAlsop Indie meaning 'independent'. So somehow not a part of one of the big recording or publishing companies.
3:15 PM
@ScottPack isn't google wonderful:-)
@ScottPack yep - same root over here. I'm just assuming the music is different.
Death Cab for Cutie is an excellent example of Indie rock. Or, at least it was before they became well known :)
@ScottPack LOL
Here we go
@RoryAlsop I just refreshed your QotW post. I didn't realize you pulled that one-liner wholesale. That gave me a bit of a chuckle
Should someone write a blog post to commemorate the site launch?
Hum I think this could be cool.
Does not require too much effort to achieve good quality on the topic I guess. So this is cool
3:27 PM
@ScottPack ... which bit?
@AviD's law of compliance?
'Nothing encourages passwords on post-its quite like high complexity requirements + frequent expiration. '
I do, however, really enjoy @AviD's law.
well I liked it - I didn't use the other sentence, as it was sort of covered by the "it annoys people" line and the other bits
@ScottPack Note that that's been favorited. (Or starred, or whatever they call it here.)
AviD's law?
@Iszi a few times, I think
@Mvy Compliance reduces the risk of penalties of non-compliance
first mentioned in regard to a PCI question ages ago (that I think I link to in the post)
3:30 PM
You did
Isn't it some kind of tautology?
@M'vy - I think we will need a go live blog post! Anyone want to volunteer - I think you are right that it doesn't need much effort to do a good post on this
@Mvy not quite - just makes you have to think
right - gotta catch my train home. Catch you later all
4:28 PM
@RoryAlsop Thanks for the QOTW post. I added some references to relevant research and a question on complexity policies also.
Does wordpress have a way to track versions of posts? Without that it is hard to know what changed and it feels risky to edit someone's post....
Probably not
1 hour later…
5:59 PM
@Jin Does the red in the lion's eyes signify the insider threat?
@thisjosh I'm not sure the red (in the lion's eyes, specifically) is really meant to signify anything, except maybe bad-ass-ness.
6:23 PM
@thisjosh it signifies that the lion has been up for so long, his eyes are bloodshot.
he needs moar coffee
@Jin That explains the "tired" look.
@Iszi he's stressed. because his new SSDs just failed
btw look forward to the Security.se swag post soon too.
@Jin He shouldn't be too stressed, 'cause he's got good backups/ghost images, riiiight???
Sure, he just hasn't tested them yet, and feels real bad about it
@ScottPack LOL
If anyone's got ideas for this, please have at it:
Q: List sub-folders at a certain level, with modified dates.

IsziChallenge for you guys, here: I need some method (preferably built-in, but F/OSS third-party apps may also be considered) to generate a list of sub-folders, at a certain level, along with (or, better, filtered by) their "modified date". Example: For folder structure: C: \---Reports +----T...

Does anyone else just get a real odd feeling when they see a "How secure is..." question?
7:38 PM
@Iszi No odd, but my answer gnomes get switched to education mode. 'How secure' without a 'relative to', or an 'against this threat' is meaningless. For me its compareable to how fast is this computer?
7:57 PM
oo, I see I've missed a lot of happenings here...
@RoryAlsop that's what SHE said! ;)
@Iszi that's what SHE said!
@ScottPack @ScottPack!
@ScottPack that's what SHE said! :P
okay nuff of that... just couldnt resist....
@ScottPack howy'all?
Not too shabby
We're about to go live. Didja hear?
oo yeaaahh
still catchin' up on all that....
though I still don't quite dig the lion bit.
Should be tomorrow afternoon
8:01 PM
also, it looks a bit... tired.
no, not tired... maybe sad...?
no, hungover.
I dig the laser eyes
The teeth should help a bit
that's it, we have a hungover lion - red eyes and all :D
Now it's a vampire lion that shoots laser beams from it's eyes.
NOW I understand why thats the logo for this site!
@ScottPack hehe, I wanted laser beams....
but on the sharks...
speaking of, @RoryAlsop why you not liked my winged bears idea...? ;)
I can think of few things more terrifying than ursine death from above.
8:03 PM
also, @Jin, can you try to make the hungover lion's shield look a bit more... shieldy? As it is it can be mistaken just for an artistic shape-frame around its head, and the shield implications can be lost.
ursine ...?
ah, ursine.
Bears are mammals of the family Ursidae. Bears are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans, with the pinnipeds being their closest living relatives. Although there are only eight living species of bear, they are widespread, appearing in a wide variety of habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and partially in the Southern Hemisphere. Bears are found in the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Common characteristics of modern bears include a large body with stocky legs, a long snout, shaggy hair, plantigrade paws with five nonretractile claws, and...
cool! new word!
Well, maybe new to you
how about... ursine death from above... with frikkin laser beams on its head??
or, t-rex in an F-16....
I prefer laser eyes
Come on, that's just silly.
calvin reference....
Can you possibly imagine a T-Rex handling the stick with those stubby little arms?
8:06 PM
I gotta say, that bear picture that wikipedia chose, is really NOT terrifying. Not at all.
What is that, a red bear?
@ScottPack hmm... so, a t-rex flying an f-16... and cant steer?? possibly worse.
American Black Bear, Ursus americanus
according to the caption
Must turn darker as they get older.
Incidentally: They also have great physical strength, having been known to turn over flat-shaped rocks weighing 310 to 325 pounds (140 to 147 kg) by flipping them over with a single foreleg.[30] They move in a rhythmic, surefooted way and can run at speeds of 25–30 mph (40–50 km/h).[31]
From wikipedia
@Mvy yknow, I was thinking about that... I was going to edit my answer to this:
A: Laws of Computer Science and Programming

AviDCoined this one myself: AviD's Law of Regulatory Compliance: "Compliance reduces the risk of the penalties of non-compliance".

@Mvy but then I realized, that's the exact subtlety of compliance: its NOT a tautology, its a risk management decision... and, there are times where it is appropriate to break the tautologiness, according to the letter of the law...
anyway @RoryAlsop thanks for the "retweet"... (can I use that outside of twatterville?)
8:23 PM
btw @RoryAlsop was gonna try to work on a blog post this week, but I have OWASP conference issues to sort out. Last week of the CFP... need to jump on some of the planning issues.
Lazy bastard.
@ScottPack heh. Didnt even have time to read all the queued posts yet... :$
glad im not the blog moderator / editor, too.
barely have time to keep on top of all the questions and chats here....
@AviD I know how you feel. My project queueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueue is getting silly.
@ScottPack I mean, I manage just fine juggling clients with project development, and all the administravia that comes with being independant (okay, not really, but whatever...), and squeeze some time for modding here and volunteering at owasp... but now with the kiddies on vacation, keep bouncing into my homeoffice every few minutes, what chance do I have?
Thankfully, the little one's school only closes a few weeks out of the year. I'm not looking forward to when she gets old enough for public school and having to figure out what to do.
8:34 PM
Sweet! @ChrisS gave a great answer to my PowerShell question!
A: List sub-folders at a certain level, with modified dates.

Chris SPowershell: gci C:\Reports\*\* | where {$_.LastWriteTime -gt ((get-date)- (new-timespan -day 7))} | select FullName,LastWriteTime | ft Breaking it down a bit: gci (aka get-childitem) does what it sounds like, treats the supplied file system path as an object and pulls the child items (files o...

@Iszi powershell rocks!
as you said, I too have a lot of learning to do on it.
though every time I see it, makes me want to dive in some more
on the other hand, Fortify sucks rocks.
9:03 PM
@ScottPack my youngest also has her's thru most of the summer. but the next one is out the whole 2 months, and he insisted on not going to camp... and his older sister is not helping things too much, either :S
@AviD And you at home to care for them. Yeah, home office FTL :)
Speaking of going home, it's after 5 here.
@ScottPack exactly. summers really offset the whole benefit thing...
though I admit I am happy I dont have to go outside at all in this searing heat...
boat-time tomorrow!
@ScottPack see ya later...
next time I see you, we'll be live!
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