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12:04 AM
@Wyck not positive that that's technically a sandwich, but it certainly is business-man efficient O.o
you are probably right, Lord Sandwich himself would be upset
1 hour later…
1:13 AM
honest stats from Chinese factory supplier
everything is exactly(!) at 100% before a refund would be possible. totally convinced me to trust them.
3 hours later…
4:05 AM
@kaiser Chinese precision delivery
2 hours later…
5:47 AM
@sven Do not misuse back ticks to highlight keywords. They are for code only. Thanks.
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
I am so sick of adsense. My application was disapproved; it tells me to go to google.com/adsense to resubmit. When I visit google.com/adsense it redirects me to google.com/adsense/disapproved, where I can do nothing. Any tips?
8:19 AM
@toscho Is this related to one of my answers?
@Sven it isn’t even related to you
Okay, I wasn't sure because I always get the notifications in my inbox :/
Perhaps I should change my name :/
@Sven You got a notification for my message??
@toscho Yes (...not for the first time)
Seems like @sven === @Sven
@Sven That’s a bug, report it on meta. I have used a completely different user ID
8:30 AM
@toscho Okay, I'll do this :)
1 hour later…
9:37 AM
Shall I report it on http://meta.stackoverflow.com/ or http://meta.wordpress.stackexchange.com/ ?
May this be a global issue?
@Sven chat issues belong to meta.so
9:51 AM
A really cool (and accessible to non-programmers) way to create a web scraper. http://kimonify.kimonolabs.com/kimload?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kimonolabs.com%2Fwelcome.html /cc @skyefleur
dapper with less convoluted interface it seems :)
10:19 AM
@toscho thx
Q: Wrong inbox notification for chat messages

SvenI've encountered the problem, that I'm getting all the chat notifications of other users with the same but different name in my top bar inbox. Recently someone mentioned @sven (with all lowercase chars) in our chat (that's not me, I've set my display name to @Sven with a capital S), though I had...

Seems like I've to change my name...
10:35 AM
@Sven Or, more likely, @toscho's method of sending users messages via chat does not work that well
@bungeshea I am using the user ID
it's a bug, superping is supposed to be using id, not name string
Ah, I see. That's strange…
@Rarst Would be great if you could add your comment on meta :)
why me, @toscho did it?
10:44 AM
hahaha, I've never had so many notifications before!
everybody is mentioning @sven and @Sven everywhere xD
...@Sven @sVen @svEn @sveN...
11:01 AM
@Sven do you mind if I make a major edit to your question that changes it radically or would you rather raise a separate question for the actual issue?
(on MSO)
@kalina It'd be better to ask another question (and if its helpful to do so, reference the original).
ok well in that case the issue you're experiencing is more likely related to the way super pinging works than case sensitivity
the history on the message you linked says @sven but @toscho apparently used @@userid to get to a specific user
the fact it pinged you means chat translated @@userid to @sven and then pinged all users with that name
@kalina What do you prefer? We can do this, but I also like the point of @StephenHarris
I don't mind, the fact your original question wasn't closed as a duplicate means it probably needs to exist
11:17 AM
@kalina Okay, I'll add it to the question in a couple of minutes
11:31 AM
which one runs first functions.php of a theme or a plugin file?
@kalina I've updated my question. Would be great if you can take a look at it, just to make sure I clarified the issue :)
12:01 PM
I've edited it again
should be nice and clear now
@kalina thx
1 hour later…
1:30 PM
@Sisir, it seems to be that plugins are executed before a theme functions.php
2:16 PM
@all anyone else considering moderator position? I want to be on top of all the latest scoops!
well right now me kaiser and revo win the election purely by default
no. unacceptable. i cannot allow that.
What do existing moderators see on the nomination page?
Existing moderators nominating themselves?!
@TomJNowell this
I hear that mobile phones are a plot to prevent people from easily leaving the matrix
2:22 PM
makes sense. also, casual games are a convenient way of doping the masses
warcrack was invented by the CIA
2 hours later…
4:06 PM
4:24 PM
Oh, I'm getting excited. First public FREE plugin is nearing completion!
Might need help by someone getting it into the plugin repository when it's ready. :P
you just submit it, they review it. it takes about a day
they'll kick it back if there are big problems
4:58 PM
and the svn part
oh. yea well that's not so scary. TortoiseSVN for the win
2 hours later…
6:41 PM
trying to add bullets between <li> elements using :before selector, but it is pushing everything down..
nvm. <a> was display:block
7:04 PM
I'm nominating @GhostToast as the media rep for this election.
2 hours later…
9:28 PM
We still got &$this in core...
@#&$this shit!
found a bug with gravity forms quiz addon
opened priority ticket since i'm dev license holder. get emailed a new version. now has 2 bugs.
Regression Bug Session
i wrote back and asked if they had debug turned off
9:45 PM
why are there just three candidates?
we've been oversharing about mod life and too few are now nuts enough to volunteer
we need at least one more to prevent disaster
Moderators get nice things from Stack Exchange! T-Shirts, stickers, business cards!
where in wordpress does it parse the stylesheet to learn the theme name? been trying to find that in theme.php
9:49 PM
hope that helps
@toscho and a hat!
not for me
why? still waiting for my cards...
never asked for it. and I don’t wear hats anyway
@GhostToast get_theme_data()
9:51 PM
@Rarst deprecated. but replaced with wp_get_theme() i guess
real magic might happen in wp_parse_args() ?
.@humanmadeltd responds to @photomatt his claim of them code reviewing #WordPress Core http://bit.ly/1daYjCK
hmm. interesting
i would think the code review would just be ceremonial, and donation received for PR
I would run through PhpStorm inspection and say "here is first zillion issues to get started on" :)
ha, where is that graph with all the hook/filter connections
10:07 PM
I had a funny discussion with Konstantin Kovshenin last year about the lack of a code review in WordPress core.
@toscho and how did the wordcamp chat go? or was there no time
no time :/
oh, come on, there was plenty time on contributor day :) everyone was just drained to bother to do something :)
@Rarst you were drained. probably everyone else was hungover
I was sick :(
10:14 PM
if WCEU was anything like WCSF
yeah, people drunk until bars closed pretty much :)
yikes, WordCamp Norway in a week, need to churn out those slides...
@toscho I'd still love to see the topic show up in a future WordCamp
@toscho business cards? I have the rest already, I was even promised highlighter pens but they still havent arrived =(
10:35 PM
business cards and hats are mod level swag
pictures or it didn't happen
Just like Obama's birth certificate.
Man's obviously a clone.
manchurian candidate!
wait. the WPSE 2014 plot might be thickening...
@GhostToast you don't think... one of the mod candidates :O
but which one ?
10:45 PM
rev- I mean, could be ANYone.
A: How to merge two queries together

kaiserA single query Thought about this a bit more and there's a chance that you can go with a single/the main query. Or in other words: No need for two additional queries when you can work with the default one. And in case you can't work with a default one, you won't need more than a single query no ...

or him ^
WP_Query and PHP SPL FilterIterator. Works surprisingly well.
Having a good time here. How are you?
damn. redacted already.
10:47 PM
i am fine. off to the store or something.
Er... Yeah.. "Toast"... enjoy the store... :/
@kaiser I like the idea of destroying the traditional loop. It feels cleaner, though admittedly many would probably be reluctant to use SPL Iterators
How many mods are there to be elected in this election?
Wow… so all three would get in at the moment
10:53 PM
Wait, does the election have to yield three mods, even if one of the candidates gets destroyed in a voting phase?
that’s why we need more candidates
@boscho I was just wondering that…
@kaiser, nice solution +1. It was tempting to try out a meta_query with EXISTS or NOT EXISTS for _thumbnail_id, but that gave me nonsense as expected ;-)
@boscho If you'd try the same thing with a traditional loop, then you'd literally have to loop over each loop and save each post that you don't need into a new array. Now all this happens internally. If I'd compress the actual Iterator, it would be a really small solution.
@birgire that's where I started as well :)
@kaiser It's... it's beautiful
10:57 PM
@boscho you cannot vote against
@Rarst ...but you can downvote?
@boscho let's be honest: It's only beautiful until @toscho decides to jump in and show off. :)
Right now we have one guy who has never seen the review page and the most impatient man I’ve ever met. We need more candidates.
@boscho no, final voting is STV
@toscho don't know about whom you're talking
10:59 PM
if i have a widget
and I create a new widget of the same type
@Rarst Ah, right - you can only downvote in the primary. It's all come together, now.
I assumed it would grab the html from the wp install via ajax
yet I now have a widget with markup thats identical to the existing one
but only markup no js attached =s
widget works fine once i save it
@TomJNowell gist?
NDA code, I need to figure out an isolated test case
it's essentially a select input with select2 jquery lib applied to it
what is a "wiziwig"?
Q: Wordpress TEXT wiziwig dont insert <br> on return

mvaneijgenIs there a way to don't insert tags in to the text when working in the TEXT wiziwig and adding returns. I want it to behave more like a code editor where i can structure the code so it is easier to read. right now my code has to looks like this: [one_third][team_member image_url="team_member...

Maybe means WYSIWYG?
11:04 PM
@s_ha_dum, please don’t make me sad. Nominate yourself now. :)
^ you heard the man
or... read the man.
@bungeshea I guess that's a new kind of artificial hair ;-)
@bungeshea that's awesome and scary at the same time
@bungeshea "witzig" is the German word for funny ...
@g.m. Don’t be shy, nominate yourself to be a moderator.
11:08 PM
I'm not sure how a text/HTML what you see it what you get editor works anyway…
I googled that user and got these search results... I have to go and wash my eyes. OMG. Poor guy.
if WordCamps are too cheap for you... :)
@stephenharris I’m waiting for your nomination.
@kaiser I think I'd start going by a nickname O.o
oh ffs
so as i mentioned before my widgets have select inputs, and i run .select2() on them which works fine on the widgets loaded
to test my theory I also did this:
11:18 PM
@boscho wouldn't be a bad choice :/
    jQuery( 'select.chosenbox').each(function( index, value ) {

                width: "off",
                placeholderOption: "Select your options"
@TomJNowell .select2() does what?
so the counter increases, all is as expected
so I go and pick a new instance of the widget and it's added
considering each widget has 4 of these inputs
and the page had 4 of the widgets when loaded
I see run-4
@TomJNowell one ; too much btw.
I'm expecting something more like run-20
11:21 PM
@TomJNowell you're talking about the added classes?
@TomJNowell Hit jQuery( '.chosenbox' ) in your Terminal in the dev tools. See how many you get.
@kaiser yeah, see the code, when I run select2 I remove the class i used to find it, and add a second class for debugging purposes
none, as expected
why as expected?
jQuery( '.select2-container' ).length
Remove the .removeClass before...
because in the code above i have removeClass('chosenbox')
11:23 PM
@TomJNowell a little too many?
I found more widgets in the other sidebars, but that suggests the newly added one should be run-36
I've just refreshed the page and looked at the value
I've added a widget to an empty sidebar
it's still 29
You have a demo of this anywhere that I can reach?
no, it's NDA code so I need to separate out a test case
without giving away secret sauce
ahh, bummer
basically, when I create a new widget, it has the same markup as the first widget of the same type
saving that widget gives me the desired result with working markup and JS callbacks
i initially thought there was something wrong with my markup generation if a widget had never been saved before
but the select markup was identical
I had code that ran the above on : jQuery( document ).ajaxComplete( QueryWidget.onAjaxComplete );
but it made no difference
though I know that function executed because i had it log to console and I could step into it via breakpoints
onAjaxComplete: function( event, XMLHttpRequest, ajaxOptions ) {
    //if ( ajaxOptions.data.indexOf("action=widgets-order&savewidgets=") != -1 ) {
    QueryWidget.settings.waitingOnUpdate = true;
that's after the page has loaded and I've added a breakpoint and then added a new widget =s
11:34 PM
Does it work without select2()?
how do you mean?
if I remove that part, aren't I removing the work that needs doing?
@TomJNowell The issue doesn't seem to have anything to do with select2(), correct? Just the actual selection and indexing of elements?
exactly :)
Remove the select2() stuff and do a counting again to make sure that is/isn't the problem.
my problem is if i create a new widget, I get a copy of the first widgets markup put in
which includes select2 markup, giving me a broken UI
simply using a select input as is won't be feasible as there could be thousands of items
I assumed it would go and fetch a blank widget fresh from the server
that isn't what happens from what I can tell
right, but ignoring that it seems you have a different issue - the count isn't coming out correctly. So let's make sure the count's working fine on it's own first, yeah?
11:40 PM
the run-4 isn't the counter being misapplied in javascript
it's a previous results markup being copied verbatim
New loop:
runSelect: function() {
    var found = jQuery( 'select.chosenbox');
    found.each(function( index, value ) {
Isn't your problem that you're running it literally for each existing instance?
I have numbers running to 40 in my console, adding a new widget does not add new numbers to my console
I added the .each to try and fix the issue
adding or removing it makes no difference
the console.log( found ) returns 40? For how many widget instances?
it's cumulative
if it was working as expected, I would see 41, 42, 43, and 44 appear
Two questions on a slight tangent: do you only run runSelect() once, and is QueryWidget.settings.counter never reset?
11:44 PM
the counter is never reset, and the runSelect is run once at start, and then again on ajax complete
to make sure i dont run select2 repeatedly on the same elements, I look for the chosenbox class, apply select2, then remove the class so it doesn't get caught in future runs
Didn't you mean to run ajaxStop() instead?
I have jQuery( document ).ajaxComplete( QueryWidget.onAjaxComplete );
Gah I think I'm going to abandon select2
anyone have any problems with selectize.js?

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