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@AlanMunn They won't terminate the production I think. After all, only two brands can sell "Swiss army knives" -- why destroy one of them? It can be useful later
@AlanMunn that forum just introduced some spam taking over the firefox tab. I think I'm never going to visit them again ;)
@tohecz I have AdBlock so I didn't notice.
So the question is: they say they need up to two extra days for shipping. Would it arrive before Friday?
@tohecz On that, I have nothing remotely useful to say. :)
12:09 AM
@AlanMunn I know, it wasn't meant as a question to be answered ;)
well, I'll leave it after I get back from the Netherlands I think. Which OTOH means that I need to buy a toothbrush
How about this?
@AlanMunn People saying that finite brains cannot generate infinitely many sentences should read some Borges. Or decide that the natural numbers don't exist.
@tohecz It is called Kukri.
You are really a good teacher of TeX. :-) — Harish Kumar 21 mins ago
@HarishKumar I have my 12cm Opinel. I need an universal tool :)
12:14 AM
@HarishKumar Thanks
@egreg OTOH, sometimes the crucial information is so deeply hidden in the answer that it takes just too much time to get it :)
@egreg If you believe that what is to be modeled is the output of the system, you can easily arrive at such a stupid conclusion.
@AlanMunn And only read Aristotle, because he already said everything.
Hey, Sigur is from Brazil! And he lives near my city. :)
damn, I'm running out of Coldrex
12:24 AM
Recent [?]
01/12 @ 19:19 : East Lansing, Michigan, US
01/12 @ 19:15 : Hortolândia, BR
@AlanMunn :)
@egreg I wish I follow you in maths site too. My pure maths is getting rusty these days. I blame it on my work on applied physics/engineering. :-)
@PauloCereda Pondicherry too is close to Bazil ;-)
@tohecz Kukri is an universal tool for Gorkhas - Starting from beheading and ending to digging mud. :-) They use it for virtually every thing.
@HarishKumar I can imagine
@tohecz Nepali Gorkhas are brave soldiers who fight ferociously until death. British admired them a lot when they occupied India.
@HarishKumar Also as a substitute for toilet paper? :P
12:38 AM
@egreg Oh, Come on, Go to bed ;-)
@HarishKumar In a few minutes. :)
@egreg We don't use toilet papers in India and Nepal. That is western practice. :-)
I mean we use water ;-)
@HarishKumar I'll bring some with me when I visit you.
@egreg Sure. But when. I an eagerly waiting. :)
Hey Stefan Kottwitz's Birth day according to facebook. Happy Birth Day Stefan. May god shower his blessings on you. @StefanKottwitz :)
@HarishKumar Just 10000km, via Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Good night all!
12:45 AM
@HarishKumar @egreg measures all distances by scooter.
@AlanMunn There can be some small problems with visas. ;-)
@egreg In some of those places I think that visas would be the least of your problems.
@AlanMunn :)
@egreg :-) Good night. Have sound sleep.
@AlanMunn I just discovered it. He is using Vespa it seems. :-)
@HarishKumar If by Vespa you mean Honda, then yes. :)
12:50 AM
Hi, I am using $\mathcal{R}$ to denote a relation but I would like to make a symbol like $\not\mathcal{R}$ to denote two things that are not related
the only problem is that adding the \not changes the spacing; anyone encountered something similar?
@AlanMunn Honda is car and vespa is Italian scooter as far as I know :-)
@HarishKumar Vespa is a brand of scooter. But Honda makes scooters too: powersports.honda.com/2013/silver-wing-abs.aspx (same as what he drives).
@AlanMunn Oh. In India they make scooters. Honda activa. But we take honda for cars at least in foreign countries :-)
1:06 AM
@AlexMardikian don't you want your R to have relation spacing (like <) \mathrel{\mathcal{R}} (\not is designed to do the right things for relatiions (only)
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for input, I will do this. Now I just need to figure out how to make the not more noticeable. Probably wont use \mathscr
Hi @DavidCarlisle Still awake. That is great :)
@HarishKumar for 2 minutes then I'm offline:-)
@DavidCarlisle Oh. Good night then. :-)
good night:-)
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4:13 AM
@AlanMunn Did you say egreg drives silver wing? Awesome. I am really upset that Honda doesn't make that for India.
But for that price, we can purchase a car here :-)
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
> This is a quote.
Time to go to São Paulo. You guys behave. :)
1 hour later…
7:45 AM
@HarishKumar Yes, that's the guy!
@egreg I envy you ;-). But how much that costs there in Italy? Website says the price is some 9000+ dollars I think. In Indian rupees it will be around 5 lacs, for which we get a car :-). But It is cool.
@HarishKumar It was about 7000€, which is the price for a very small car.
@egreg Since Italians use Honda, Vespa has come out to India ;-)
@egreg Oh MG!
@egreg: It is around 590000 Indian rupees for which we get a very good (not very small) car. Uh!.
8:20 AM
@HarishKumar That's expensive.
8:38 AM
@HarishKumar We're richer! ;-)
@FaheemMitha Obviously :-)
@egreg Beyond doubt ;-)
@HarishKumar I was reading your answer to the cases question; \phantom is not necessary, \hspace{2cm} is sufficient; but some vertical space between the two parts is definitely needed.
@egreg Last year I wanted to purchase a BIG bike (in India) for around 1 00 000 Rs. My wife objected because the bike had around 500cc engine and she was afraid that I will go fast :-)
@egreg I am on it Thanks.
@HarishKumar Mine is 600cc. ;-) I used to have a Vespa, several years ago: 50cc only, but a very solid and comfortable scooter.
@egreg Edited. Hope it is fine now.
@egreg Vespa with 50cc? Un-believable!
@egreg How fast 50cc will go? And how fast is 600cc?
8:51 AM
@HarishKumar \hspace{2cm}{}+... The empty group makes for a correct spacing.
@HarishKumar A 50cc is allowed up to 45km/h. My 600cc can go, maybe, 170km/h
@egreg Now my scooter has 110cc and it goes at 60-70km/h. Above that it trembles :-)
@egreg Thanks and edited.
@egreg Here it is tvswego.com/# with coffee brown colour.
@HarishKumar This is my version.



\DeltaC{t} = \begin{cases}
  -0.03_{(0.08)} - 0.08_{(0.05)} + 0.09_{(0.18)} \DeltaC{t-1} \\
    \qquad{} + 0.12_{(0.03)}\DeltaBC{t-1} + u_{2t}, & \text{if $w_{t-1}<-0.62$,} \\[2ex]
  0.38_{(0.15)} - 0.12_{(0.04)} + 0.40_{(0.07)} \DeltaC{t-1} \\
    \qquad{} + 0.18_{(0.06)}\DeltaBC{t-1} + u_{2t}, & \text{if $ w_{t-1} > 2.2$,}
@HarishKumar It's like a mosquito. ;-)
@egreg no bad boxes (like mine). Nice. Would you mind if I add these?
@egreg Hey, For us it is the elephant. ;-) But it is indeed.
@HarishKumar Not at all.
@egreg Thanks and edited.
My wife was afraid of riding that scooter at first. Now she too drives. :-) That is the constraint. I have a small car and already one scooter and now this wego. They remain idle most of the time as I am the only regular user.
The other scooter has 60cc and it cries at 40km/h.
Time to go home. Today half day working and 5 days holiday. Yay. We have a festival called Makara Sankramana tomorrow.
Bye @egreg See you after some few hours.
9:21 AM
Wasn't there a closing reason "too localized" once?
9:34 AM
@StephanLehmke Yep, but it was removed a while back. I think we use off-topic with a custom reason (e.g. 'off-topic because of typo in code') for lack of better options.
Q: Did the “too-localized” vote option disappear?

TobiIsn’t it possible anymore to vote as “too-localized” or am I overlooking something ?

@TorbjørnT. Thanks!
2 hours later…
11:48 AM
Q: TeX.SE really are nicer voters

OxinaboxI've heard a rumour, that people on TeX.SE are nicer and more inclinded not to down vote, where as people on Programmers.SE are the opposite. The first is true, where as the second is not. Here are some statistics: ╔═══════════╦════════╦═════════╦══════════╦══════════╦═══════╦════════╦════════╗...

Nice :-)
12:08 PM
How does a style differ from just including a file with the necessary macros. idempotence? anything else?
@JosephWright I think there shouldn't be an apostrophe in question in it's current form :-)
@DavidCarlisle Ah true
Fixed in both places
@FaheemMitha Organization. Version control. Clear way to use parameters (have you seen keyval package?), etc.
use \input for ugly large code for a picture, \include for a chapter of your book and \usepackage for code that's called in the preamble.
@FaheemMitha technically nothing, \usepackage is same as \input apart from a few things that are different, but it is like asking the difference between using \section{} and using {\large\textbf{}} one may be defined in terms of the other but that doesn't mean that they are conceptually the same thing.
12:25 PM
Here we go again. Is "MikTeX is screwed, switch to TeXlive" a valid answer?
Q: Asked administrator rights on every build when using memoir document class

black_fmEvery time I make a build Windows asks me for administrator rights to run MikTex package manager. If I give the rights it builds normally, if not I get "Emergency stop" error. It only happens when using the documentclass memoir (without any settings or with them).

@tohecz MiKTeX is perfectly workable if you install it correctly: probably the 'multi-user' stuff is not such a great plan
1:14 PM
Ack from the economic heart of Brazil! :)
@JosephWright after I convinced mt Dad to switch from MikTeX to TeXlive 3 years ago, he never ever complained anymore about having a technical problem with the distro itself
1:33 PM
@PauloCereda You left very early, it seems!
@tohecz I've switched too, but MiKTeX is usable: Ulrike is a 'regular'. I'm happy to support people either way.
2:08 PM
@JosephWright I know. I posted it here and not as a comment to the answer because somehow it was a joke mixed with my personal experience. and it wasn't meant really seriously.
2:24 PM
@egreg Nice proof:
A: How to prove that a 3x3 Magic Square must have 5 in its middle?

egregThe common sum must be $15$, because the sum of numbers from $1$ to $9$ is $45$. How can we write $15$ as sum of three distinct numbers between $1$ and $9$ (included)? \begin{gather} 1+5+9 \\ 1+6+8 \\ 2+4+9 \\ 2+5+8 \\ 2+6+7 \\ 3+5+7 \\ 3+4+8 \\ 4+5+6 \end{gather} We have just eight ways and we...

@tohecz I did it in my course for elementary school teachers. I added the diagrams for filling in the square.
@egreg someone will just assasinate you simply for being too perfect :)
@tohecz There are two answers: one uses an ad hoc method just for showing that the center must contain 5, the other one shows also how to fill the magic square, with an even easier argument. Guess which one gets more votes. :(
2:44 PM
@egreg The one with more votes is also older, has been accepted, and probably has been at the top the whole time. Simpler explanation :-)
@StephanLehmke @egreg This.
Q: Asked administrator rights on every build when using memoir document class

black_fmEvery time I make a build Windows asks me for administrator rights to run MikTex package manager. If I give the rights it builds normally, if not I get "Emergency stop" error. It only happens when using the documentclass memoir (without any settings or with them).

Hey guys, I need some help with TikZ: actually scaling a tikz picture! I am unable to get any of the usual methods to work.
Am I right here: close rather than a rather weak answer?
@JosephWright I'd vote to close! :-)
2:48 PM
@tohecz Also, the guy with the accepted answer has more rep (on math.SE). So @egreg feels what we all have to suffer when answering a question which was also answered by him ;-)
@kan What did your try?
@tohecz I'm not sure what you mean by version control. You mean version of the package?
@StephanLehmke :)
@FaheemMitha yes
@DavidCarlisle Ok. I assume unlike just inputting a file you can do \usepackage multiple times for the same package and have it loaded once? And that is taken care of by the internal machinery?
@tohecz MikTeX is screwed?
2:51 PM
@FaheemMitha well, I've never liked it. It's just my opinion. Many people are happy with it, so don't listen to me too much in this :)
@tohecz It is a Windows only thing, and I'm unlikely to use it, but it is good to know what to avoid regardless...
@JosephWright @JosephWright My first approach was to try [scale=0.2] but this did not work even after passing transform shape option to every node. Then, I also tried scalebox and resizebox ...
3:02 PM
@FaheemMitha yes but it's not a lot a lot of machinary basically \ifdefined<some csname>\else \makeatletter\input<somefile \fi
3:12 PM
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for the explanation. Like a C header guard, for example.
Here is the code I am trying to scale so that it fits on a page: pastebin.com/TCfis2K1
I would appreciate any help!
Hi everyone. It seems to be not necessary to load \usepackage{filecontents} when you use "filecontents" environment. Is is true?
@ppr No, it's not necessary. The difference is that with the package, the file is written out every time; with the standard environment, the file is not rewritten if present.
@egreg thanks, good to know.
@ppr Oh, with the package you're allowed to have filecontents anywhere in your document. The standard environment must instead go before \begin{document} (preferably before \documentclass).
3:43 PM
@FaheemMitha as I say, I have the feeling that at one moment, its package downloader messes it all up
4:26 PM
Is there a way to typeset < and > without relation spacing? Using then to denote a binary operation $\ast$ on a set $S$, $<\ast,S>$
@AlexMardikian Do you want \langle and \rangle?
@TorbjørnT. Let me test that, I believe that is what I am looking for.
datatool seems to be sensitive to whitespace in certain places. This causes problems. Is this a TeX/LaTeX thing, or just datatool-specific?
Perfect, thank you
Maybe that is too vague a description.
4:30 PM
@FaheemMitha In keyvals?
@JosephWright One issue is that (for example), in:
you can't have spaces in the key list.
This is very unusual.
On every programming language I know of you can space out commas if you want to.
The ones that have commas, that is.
@FaheemMitha @NicolaTalbot will have the definitive answer, but my guess is she's implemented her own keyval stuff
@FaheemMitha In ConTeXt you aren't allowed spaces around the = :-)
Even python with its own weird whitespace significant syntax lets you do that.
@JosephWright Should I report this? She probably already knows about it.
@FaheemMitha Not a general LaTeX thing: the keyval package does space stripping, for example, while for expl3 we have a more powerful version of the same thing.
@FaheemMitha You can ask her, but I'm sure she knows
@JosephWright Does the expl3 have space issues?
@JosephWright Yes, I would expect she does.
4:34 PM
@FaheemMitha Not generally: we have some discussions yet to have on how to handle for example \author{ stuff }: are those spaces significant or should they be dropped (doable)
Why not reuse the keyval package then?
@FaheemMitha As I said, you'll have to ask Nicola about implementation
I think whitespace is stripped pretty much universally? Who would intentionally make whitespace significant?
@JosephWright Ok.
In a token, at least.
4:59 PM
@PeterGrill I've removed my comment.
Thanks. Will remove mine as well.
Can a mod remove the comments for
A: Many documents, same preamble

Peter GrillThis is a modified version of my answer to an earlier question: How can I divide my book into different project without repeating myself? As others have mentioned place all your style definitions and list of packages in a separate file MyPackages.sty and include them with \usepackage{MyPackages...

@FaheemMitha Done
@JosephWright Thanks.
@PeterGrill Since you are around, have you seen
Q: Automatically creating a table from datatool using references in the text

Faheem MithaThis question is based on Peter Grill's answer to "Table including rows of a master table".. The function \PrintDTLTable takes an optional list of rowIDs (first row of the data file) as its first argument, and makes a table containing only those rows. The rowIDs are also used as labels. BibTeX ...

@FaheemMitha anyone who wants to put spaces between words (and that basically is what TeX is always trying to do)
@FaheemMitha @JosephWright pointed out (here I think) the other day that the etoolbox comma separated list handler allows white space after a comma but not before. Which appears to be a documented feature rather than a bug.
5:15 PM
@FaheemMitha I don't know BibTeX, so not sure I can tackle that one.
@DavidCarlisle Yes, but why at the beginning and end of a string?
@DavidCarlisle That's terrible, IMO.
@PeterGrill BibTeX is just to illustrate what I'm trying to do. The basic idea is pretty simple.
@DavidCarlisle Undocumented feature
@FaheemMitha TeX doesn't have strings
@DavidCarlisle Ok.
@DavidCarlisle Docs only specify some places spaces are stripped but do not mention where they are not
5:18 PM
@FaheemMitha It just has sequences of tokens that it thinks it might have to typeset at some point.
@DavidCarlisle I stand corrected. Tokens, sorry.
@PeterGrill The idea is just to build a table from references in the text, I don't know if this would require going through datatool, but perhaps not. In any cases, any pointers would be appreciated.
@FaheemMitha Yes but token=letter in this context (and space is a token:-)
My solution would be to alter the \ref macro to create a list of references and write them to a file, and a table row would be conditional on the row being in the list of references. This would do the job, but there probably is a simpler way to work with the existing .aux files somehow.
@PeterGrill I thought of something like that. \ref writes to aux anyway, right? But the difficulty would be to distinguish between ref for other things. Maybe one could use a custom command.
@DavidCarlisle I'm going to throw my hands up at this point. :-)
@FaheemMitha That's the spirit, learn from the English cricket team: if at first you don't succeed, give up:-)
5:22 PM
:13161377: If you use a custom \ref then you could make things more efficient, but don't think that two things can have the same label, so it would just take longer to run if altered the generic \ref.
@PeterGrill : so you think it would be better just to stick with \ref?
@FaheemMitha Less chance of making a mistake by not using the "correct" \ref -- unless run time is a big issue.
@PeterGrill No, run time isn't.
@could one not just use the list of refs that is already written to aux and compare it to keys in the table?
@FaheemMitha you just want a longtable where you omit every row if the entry in the first column hasn't been used as a \ref somewhere in the text?
@DavidCarlisle Pretty much.
5:27 PM
@FaheemMitha Sure that would be better, but like I said I don't know how the \ref process works.
@PeterGrill Ok.
@DavidCarlisle Would this bypass datatool?
since it is building the table.
@FaheemMitha It would be easier to test if \label had been used but it can't be that hard (and I wouldn't have thought datatool would help much) I might have a look later (need to drive home, eat etc first:-)
@DavidCarlisle It is using \label. It is inside that macro i defined: nextnuml.
@FaheemMitha No I meant it would be easier to have a table that just included rows where the first cell matched a \label used in the document (rather than \ref)
Sorry for my crappy LaTeXing. I don't really know what I'm doing.
@DavidCarlisle Ok, I see.
5:58 PM
Anyone able to help with getting the Arxiv to process a paper that uses natbib? It keeps saying the citations are undefined, so apparently just including the .bbl doesn't work. I'm having trouble figuring out what has to be done. Mostly I just needed natbib so I could use the doi package and have hyperlinks for doi numbers in my references.
@FaheemMitha now I'm going home:-)
@DavidCarlisle Take care. Drive safe.
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for the answer. That was fast.
2 hours later…
8:25 PM
8:42 PM
@egreg: I woke up early in the morning. :)
@DavidCarlisle Paulo is on travel and Psmith is on holiday
@PauloCereda I saw a message in chat at 4:33
@egreg Now I'm back, just a minute and Psmith will be back. :)
@egreg Yep, accurate time. :) My cat woke me at 4:00. :)
@egreg Just a minute. :)
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The current score is egreg 245 vs. 120 David. So far, egreg is winning.
8:51 PM
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last cricket results:

- Ireland Women 92/10  v Pakistan Women 93/3 *
- Prime Minister's XI v England XI
- Habib Bank Limited v Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited
- National Bank of Pakistan v Pakistan Television
- United Bank Limited v State Bank of Pakistan
- Melbourne Renegades v Sydney Thunder

Our cricket expert David might explain these results later on.
What about women's Australia vs. England?
@egreg Let's poke @David. :)
@PauloCereda His silence raises some suspects.
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last basketball results:

- Timberwolves recall rookie Muhammad from D-League
- Carmelo Anthony, DeMarcus Cousins named Players of the Week
- Thunder hold Durant out of practice to rest sore wrist
- San Antonio surviving the grind to rise back to No. 1
- Ten Before Tip: NBA news from Sunday
- NBA: Foul should have been called in Pelicans-Mavs
- NBA issues statement on missed call
- Leaky roof causes two delays in Rockets-Wizards game
I've seen the clip about the missed call: three blind mice would have called it. ;-)
9:05 PM
@egreg :)
@egreg @David plays LEGO he stole from his son I suppose
@PauloCereda I too had a leaky roof during a game. We were playing at Misericordia in Venice, probably the only basketball court in the world having 17th century frescoes on the walls. It had snowed in the days before and the snow had accumulated under the roof, so there was a leak in a corner of the court.
@egreg Oh. :(
We decided to play on, a boy was continuously wiping the leak
@egreg One of your students, preferably the one who uses Word. :)
9:13 PM
@PauloCereda OUCH
@DavidCarlisle Sorry. :)
is Psmith with you?
@PauloCereda This is the place; it's not used for sport any more
!!/eightball Has the time come for a LaTeX3 successor to 'listings'?
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: I'm too busy thinking about ducks to answer right now.
9:16 PM
@DavidCarlisle Are you willing to write it?
@egreg it seems there are willing volunteers already
@DavidCarlisle Yes, but do they know what they are doing
@DavidCarlisle btw, the question doesn't quite seem to fit in the site. It's very unclear, and very opinion-based.
@tohecz Yes, agreed
@JosephWright do we?
9:27 PM
@JosephWright commented. actually, double-commented ;)
@DavidCarlisle Well yes and no: 'known unknowns' :-)
@DavidCarlisle We know how hard this might be, and some of the 'big picture' issues that would have to be addressed
For example, a regex won't work
@JosephWright I'm just thinking of situations where rational languages don't suffice for syntax highlighting. It is really so?
@tohecz TeX's not regular :-)
@JosephWright that's mentioned in the comments already but actually it would be fairly common to use regex for the tokenization, you could use tex arithmetics or grouping to handle brace matching
@JosephWright still, all syntax highlighters for TeX I know work on a basis of regular parsing, not CFL or CSL one
9:32 PM
@tohecz I've not read the listings sources in detail, so couldn't comment
@DavidCarlisle, @JosephWright: Personally, I think minted has a good approach: it relies on a tool that does the job. Unix philosophy: do one thing and do it well. I think what is really desirable and room for improvement it's the UTF-8 support.
@JosephWright anyway a fairer question is did you know all that needed knowing when you started siuintx..
Certainly things like WinEdt (which do a good job on LaTeX highlighting) don't use regexes
@PauloCereda Possibly
@PauloCereda shocking, next you'll be saying people should use grep for regular expression searching, or a drawing tool for making drawings.
@DavidCarlisle I did know that a better tool was needed, certainly
9:33 PM
@DavidCarlisle <3
@JosephWright this. In the end, there're only few cases when regex doesn't suffice for TeX: one being \begin{\mymacro{35}}
@DavidCarlisle well, you are the one using a good operating system with no good text editor :p
@tohecz I have an unpublished paper on a self-modifying syntax highlight proposal. Sadly, I'm kinda stuck in some parts and no time to improve. :(
@tohecz not sure what you mean by just that case, anything that requires knowing the extent of a macro argument can't be done by regex alone.
@PauloCereda finish -> arXiv -> submission. Deadline: January 31, 2014 ;)
@tohecz Oh no!
9:37 PM
@DavidCarlisle yeah, but the point is: when you want to syntax highlight a parameter macro in a different way than whatever other text? And do you really need arbitrary nesting, or is let's say 4 levels enough?
@tohecz: I'll team up with David, we will sell it to the German industry. :)
well, I realize now that the answer is negative: Highlighting a macro definition in a different way than the surrounding stuff would be just impossible :(
@PauloCereda speaking of Germany: Buying something on amazon.de and paying shipping to France is cheaper than buying it on amazon.fr with free shipping :)
@tohecz sure but as I say If i were doing this I'd probably just use regex to tokenize and generate tex groups for {} then tex can worry about brace matching
@DavidCarlisle and what if you syntax highlight a piece of code with unmatched brackets?
@tohecz Woohoo Germany! Did you get the MacGyver knife? :)
9:42 PM
@PauloCereda I don't order it now since I leave to the Netherlands for 2 weeks next Monday. I'm just going to write an e-mail to the hosting institution asking what address should I use to get it shipped there ;)
but first, I need to finish something I promised to do, only then I can ask ;)
Ok, so I've got a problem
Q: AutoLaTeX or LaTeXMk?

Ingo Possible Duplicate: Tools for automating document compilation I stumbled upon AutoLaTeX today and it seems to be very similar to LaTeXMk indeed. Can you point out some differences, and give a recommendation which tool to use?

Is closed, with a link to
Q: Tools for automating document compilation

NovelocratA lot of people write makefiles that say something like paper.pdf: paper.tex pdflatex paper bibtex paper pdflatex paper pdflatex paper To handle re-running TeX to get new/changed references and so forth. Is there a better way to do this?

But that question doesn't actually have the information the first one was asking for
The two relevant answers are
A: Tools for automating document compilation

Matthew LeingangFor completeness, I will mention autolatex (project page). I have not used it. It's implemented with a combination of perl scripts and makefiles. With autolatex you can execute on the command line: $ autolatex -f mydoc.tex This generates the makefiles in the current directory and makes the ...

A: Tools for automating document compilation

David ZLatexmk is one possibility, although I've never used it myself.

NEITHER of which actually say anything about the tool in question other then how to use it; There is no compare/contrast which is what the first question was asking for.
In fact, the first top answer of the list question even says they have never used it!
So now I can't ask about the differences between the two, as we have a dead question for it, but I can't get the information due to the list not having it in any way, shape or form.
9:57 PM
@Canageek Well, the list should be improved, not the closed question re-opened. I think that this is worth opening a discussion in meta. We've discussed those big-list questions before, and usually a goot template was invented, and then all answers edited into this template.
@JosephWright This is :
Q: Is the search feature not working well on TeX.SX?

karlkoellerI'm facing a strange problem with the search function. It seems that it finds threads till December 20th but not over that date. For example, today I've answered this question: looking for Latex editor with good structure tree layout view that can handle verbatim, which contains the word "texma...

@tohecz Done
@JosephWright fine :)
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