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12:01 AM
Look at his activity tab and read through all his comments (about wikipedia, wiktionary, Aus SR1, etc). Same brazen behaviour, same TZ. Above all trust Kit. She's a woman...
But could H be faking his ehh... style so consistently?
Time zone. I know you seem to be an Aussie yourself since you're up when everybody else is in bed...
It's a second nature. He can't help it. He deserves more compassion than anything else. Nevertheless detrimental to the site IMO.
Needs to open analyst.stackexchange.com
I shall soon leave you to your own insomnia; I've had a flu for the last 3 days and I'm knackered.
@AlainPannetier Oh! I hope you get well soon.
I have read a couple of their comments, but they don't look very similar.
They may both be in Australia.
But JB's English seems smoother than H's.
But I'm not sure.
By the way, I am travelling in your direction in a few hours...
@Cerberus, neither am I of course. The real litmus test would be the voting beneficiaries.
Going to Burgondy ?
12:14 AM
I should have been in Dijon myself today actally.
We might pas each other in different cars, or something.
How's the weather?
Worse next week.
Oh dearie.
12:15 AM
Well, I prefer anything over heat. Still, sunny 20 degrees would have been nicer.
Hmm... Troyes doesn't look too horrible.
I have never been there, I think. Is it nice?
Oh, it looks gorgeous.
That's another kind of wine: champagne. Not very nice under the rain.

@Cerberus, regarding JB, many of his comments get a +1 very quickly. Which is what raised my suspicions.
@AlainPannetier Hmm...
The system is supposed to notice that.
12:19 AM
and why so many down votes.
and same pattern of received downvotes.
OK, I'll leave it there. I think you're too much of a nice guy.
Hmm many down, yes...
Well, I'm not nice; I just don't know.
What do you mean pattern of received downvotes?
If you take an average user he will have like one down vote every 50 upvotes.
Brazen people will have a much higher ratio
Where do you see that?
They just don't care. down votes are cheap.
Use the reputation tab and then the by-time tab.
Ah, yes.
But the accounts they are linked to seem to be different?
They are active on different sites, with significant rep there.
12:24 AM
I'll have a look.
How do?
I see only Sceptics and ELU.
@Robusto Hai! Which language is that?
You've got a point.
12:26 AM
Hi @Robusto
@Robusto What's it mean?
How [do you] do? It's elliptical. Like a crappy billiard ball. Or an egg.
I didn't know it was used that way. Like howdy or southern Dutch houdoe, or however it's spelled.
"Howdy" is a different way of contracting the same phrase.
@AlainPannetier It could be done with some long-term planning. But...
@Robusto Yeah.
12:29 AM
@Cerberus — Give up the pretense that Dutch is a real language. We'll all feel better.
No I now think these are 2 different profiles. Apologies.
Southern Dutch I should gladly give up.
@Cerberus — What's the "Dutch" term for redneck?
@AlainPannetier Heh. Still, more algorithms could be good.
Let's see how it goes... I'd give a lot to get my hands on the real db though.
12:30 AM
@Robusto Ehh... I don't think we have an equivalent, because we have no sun. But the general sense would be caught in boer, perhaps.
Ah. There it is.
German bauer
How would you define a redneck? A stupid provincial?
Ich kenne boer und bauer egal.
Do the Germans use it that way?
12:32 AM
No. The Germans have Austria for such comparisons.
I could say "that guy is a bit of a boer, which doesn't necessarily mean that he's rude—just primitive.
Heh, do they really use Austrians as stereotypical provincials?
Don't forget, the Boers fought a war with England for who had the rights to oppress South Africa.
I know.
The Boers won. Kind of.
The plural is boeren in Dutch.
12:33 AM
And the present progressive form is BOOOOORING!!!
@Robusto - with Kirchner and the first Konzentrazionslagers
Guys, I'll have to leave you.
*the qualifying adjective to the perpendicular pronoun.
CU on Monday.
Me too. Gotta go get dinner. Laterz peeps.
Yeah that war was nasty. Bai!
OK adios!
See you in a week!
I shall be exploring the Burgundian countryside.
12:42 AM
Bye @Cerberus! Drink some tasty wine!
Thanks! I shall.
Though Burgundian wines are known to be a bit light?
1 hour later…
2:06 AM
Btw , guys, .... do you know the fact: Sikorsky who built all helicopters aviation of the USA. He had no money in Americac. He asked composer Rakhmaniov to help him. Rakhmaninov gifted Sikorsky with $5000.
And we lost such people..... uphhhhhh
4 hours later…
5:48 AM
@Cerberus I hope you enjoy your trip!
I guess everyone is asleep around this time. Except for those of us up way way too late drunk watching Star Trek.
unsuccessfully pretends to be a firefly
5 hours later…
11:11 AM
@Cerberus heh, how would you translate to English -> До през­иден­та дошло, что его нет
it's from the link that I
Of course it can be said "mr. President have understood that he does not exists" but I can't grasp how it sounds in English, nuances etc
Sounds for Englishmen ears, I meant
11:37 AM
hey, I came back just in time to celebrate my 100th bronze badge!
now that's a testament to the power of passive rep
at that rate, I could continue doing nothing and I'll be a 20k user in 5 months; then, my these mad powers, I take over the world
F'x, where are from?
where are you from?
I live in Gomel, Belarus
Maria sharapova was made in fact here. But your parents escaped to Sibiria, after Tchernobyl catastrophe. When her mother was pregnant
PS terrible typos..... :) her parents not your
11:54 AM
@Fx Grats!
It says "♁" right there.
Apr 24 at 21:24, by F'x
anyway, bug apart, I now have the most accurate "location" field of all users of the site
@RegDwight true that! wherever I travel, I usually don't have to change that location field
it's always accurate
Cerberus is lying right now, for example.
yeah, we all know he's on the banks of the river Styx, but you can't really write that in a profile, can you?
Nah, more like the river Seine or Rhône or what have you.
Can't invent a question abt English....... But I like the atmosphere of this chat room.
11:58 AM
That's because we vent regularly!
@RegDwight I hope he's enjoying himself, though the weather is not so great these days
haha :)
(not so great for tourism, I mean; I quite like that it's not hot)
I dunno, I enjoyed this kind of weather while in Paris.
@RegDwight yeah, there was this rabid rabbit-like smell
11:59 AM
And that one day when it was 40 degrees I did not enjoy at all.
@RegDwight big cities are not made for hot weather
right now it's a cool 18°C with some wind, that's quite nice
I dunno, last time I was in Paris before that, that was in winter, and -15 degrees.
And we spent the whole night walking.
It was freaking cold.
We tried to avoid the Seine as much as possible.
So +40 sounded like a good deal in comparison.
And it was.
But on itself... meh.
Anyhow, I gotta go shop for groceries in a few minutes.
and I'll go back to work
Or a few hours, I dunno. Not really in the mood for shopping. Just a warning in advance in case I disappear.
see you!
12:04 PM
Have fun!
(Work on a Saturday? Those French are crazy!)
I have let the wife and kids go on holidays so I can get 10 days of bachelor-style work (day and evening work, night watching TV series, little sleep, no week-end)
Now that is some serious work.
Don't wanna miss that one.
And won't disturb you.
regular EL&U breaks for mental health
see you later!
How do?
12:08 PM
Approximately very!
Meghan Deegan ate a vegan.
Except that I'm trying to convince myself to leave the house.
@Robusto A wise choice.
Scary, that. Much safer to stay inside.
That's what I am replying, yes.
Most accidents happen outside, once you're there.
On the other hand, most deaths occur in hospitals. So you'd do well to stay out of those.
12:11 PM
Also, every single non-smoker will die.
Stop reminding me.
Not drinking kills, too.
Who appointed you Minister of Buzz Kills?
First time I hear I'd need an appointment for that.
Well, you already have the Buzz Kill merit badge ... what more do you need?
12:14 PM
Actually I got the Synonymizer badge yesterday.
I think there's a word for that.
btw, I suffer from TB both lungs.......... So, guys
I hear the swamps are on fire again?
Curiously, in the "boiling hot" question, I noted drm65's misapplication of NGrams in my answer, so he fixed his and edited mine to reflect an understanding of his changes. I think it would have been more appropriate to change his own answer to take responsibility for the change, don't you?
12:17 PM
Sound like fun.
Let me see.
I already rolled mine back.
Wow I get motion sickness from all those NGrams.
Even Vincent posted THREE.
Nice to have him back, BTW.
Hey @vincentmcnabb
Yeah. I only posted mine to counter the spurious flat-line of "boiling-hot" ...
12:56 PM
@RegDwight — Hey ... I'm back too. You didn't say it was nice to have me back. Now I'm gonna pout all day.
in War Metal Tyrant, 1 hour ago, by RegDwight
Robusto hasn't been seen in chat for quite a while.
I actually thought that it was that ping that brought you back.
Wasn't a ping. No at-mention.
Click on that link.
You got not one, not two, but three pings.
They didn't get to my inbox for some reason.
See, I can summon you without even summoning you.
I didn't even have to mention Chicago.
1:05 PM
How did you know I was in Chicago?
I didn't.
Tricked, again. Must be your NKVD training.
Jul 5 at 19:32, by RegDwight
Now we just need to mention NY bagles and Chicago to summon Kosmonaut and Robusto, respectively.
Apr 11 at 17:12, by RegDwight
Like, Chicago is even worse than @Robusto, or @Robusto is even worse than Chicago, or something like that. You catch the drift.
It actually did work every single time.
You misspelled bugles ...
Jul 5 at 19:33, by RegDwight
Search the chat for "bagles".
Jul 5 at 19:33, by RegDwight
That's the correct spelling in this room.
Mar 16 at 14:22, by RegDwight
Let the mighty bagle soar!
Now, all these mentions of bagles should actually summon Kosmonaut.
1:07 PM
Or maybe you misspelled bulges.
Bulges is an anagram.
This one will work: Hey, @Kosmonaut, @Cerberus is grousing about Dutch being a real language again.
This will only half work.
Anagrams are my ars magna.
Cerberus won't show up for another week.
1:09 PM
@RegDwight — But his doggy sense will be tingling. Still, he'll probably just pee against a tree or something to alleviate the feeling.
We could go @Martha on him. Like, @Martha @Martha @Martha. No, wait. Whom are we summoning again?
The Thwackmeister herself?
Apr 30 at 14:13, by RegDwight
@Martha But all of those pings were of the most extremeliestest importance! Especially Kosmo's "Hey @Martha, do you see this @Martha mention? @Martha, @Martha, @Martha. Also, @Martha!"
Oh man. The picture right under that post is disturbing.
Wow, yeah. It's like ... I dunno ... wood-rot or something.
It killed F'x, even.
Although it was originally him who posted it.
1:12 PM
Speaking of wood rot, while I was on vacation one of my trees fell on the neighbor's porch.
@Robusto Like, um, just like that?
It decided to fall over and just did?
I mean, if there were some wind involved or heavy snow or something...
No. My neighbor said it was absolutely still.
Effing trees, how do they work?
So, any serious damage to report or repay?
Almost as if there were communists in my back yard, working at undermining my cherry orchard. Wait! Cherry Orchard! They were striking at Chekov's tsarist decadence!
Man, you really are fast to notice.
1:15 PM
IDK about damage. Doesn't look bad, but I'm sure there will be $$ to pay.
Just stuff the hole in the soil before Communist swarms start getting out.
But if there's already a hole in the soil, how can I stuff another one in? Doesn't this involve theoretical physics and n -dimensional spaces and stuff like that?
I dunno, dude. I was merely making an Aerosmith slash porn reference or something and got lost along the way.
Walk this way.
Walking ain't the issue, which way should I talk?
1:18 PM
This way. Sheesh. Don't you know nothin'?
That must be it.
Thank you!
And I posted in WMT.
I can see it.
Don't even have to leave this room.
It's an awesome post.
A work of art.
Thank you. You are very perceptive.
Your count is way off, however.
I count like four. Not both.
1:20 PM
My count?
6 hours later…
7:31 PM
Ha, this is a question for @Cerberus and @Kosmonaut:
Q: Do all words have a part of speech?

John BerrymanDo all words have a part of speech? The closest example I can think of is yes. The dictionary says its supposed to be and adverb, but it doesn't really strike me as something that modifies a verb. Are there any words in common use that simply don't have a part of speech? Or alternatively, are ...

2 messages moved from War Metal Tyrant
2 hours later…
9:47 PM
Q: What is the history of synonyms

TiggerWhen synonyms were first used did people know they were called synonyms ? As in "bold" and "courageous"

A: When did the use of acronyms begin?

TiggerI believe one of the earliest acronyms are Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). Probably around 4-20 years ago.Then they didn't call it acronym they called it initialism

April 1st?
10:00 PM
Q: Where/when did the *idea* of bad words come from in English?

John BerrymanBad Words: f*ck sh*t *ss d*mn b*tch ... Ok, so there's no point in listing them all. The thing I'm interested in is this: Why is it that in English we have a strong sense of a group of words that are bad, while in other languages/cultures, this distinction does not exist? Maybe this is a...

A: Do all words have a part of speech?

AlanIt is intended that all words have a part of speech. As for your second question - "are there parts of speech they don't just teach in school?" Traditionally, The eight parts of speech are: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Students learn...

Seriously, what's going on today?

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