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4:00 PM
mv me@work me@home
at home?
Me moving my ass to my night job!
Working 7 days a week is nothing!
Aight people! latters!
We don't run this site
there is a site wide duplicate answer detector
let you what?
He says he was that i*t with the MAKE US MODS spam
4:15 PM
@nixveloper :)
spam is pretty easy to deal with with
Nice 'sploit, btw :)
You had us so "bogged down"... :)
Yeah, I think they failed miserably with their spamming, but it looks like he thinks it was a success
4:16 PM
@falconer he thinks it was awesome and amazing. Like a desert storm bombing...
everyone is happy now, that is good
@nixveloper what on earth is a "hard-force" test?
I think you mean "brute-force" and it certainly doesn't work like that AFAIK.
I need to install Ubuntu Gnome on a new partition of my disk. Since I already have another Ubuntu partition with working GRUB, is there a way not to install it? Thank you.
PS: no, I can't install ubuntu-gnome metapackage because i need to install gnome 3.10, which screws up unity
@user1763514 If you choose Something else at the install I think it asks for where to install grub, you can disable it there. If I'm wrong, then just run sudo update-grub from your old install and it will overwrite the newly installed grub.
@nixveloper, lame.
4:22 PM
@falconer thanks ill try that
bye :)
It is possible to ping someone with only part of his nick? Because I was pinged for that @fal also. :)
first three letters, as long as its unique
so @jou will work for me unless there's another user with the same first 3 letters
@Jou Ah, good to know )
4:51 PM
Got the spammers under control?
Well I'm off for now. Going to get some things done and waste some time elsewhere.
@slm What spammers? :)
@Braiam - said you guys were getting spammed by new Q's
over on the U&L chat room, was just coming to see what was up
@slm that spamming was not literal
@jokerdino - I missed the smile at the end
so things are under control then?
usually they move from site to site so just seeing if we need to be paying extra attention
4:56 PM
@slm it has been swept under the mat.
good to hear. What method did you guys use to deal w/ them, flag as spam, continuous DV'ing so that community would auto delete?
invoke several mods and destroy the account at first sight
oo the good old spammers are back. love marriage <3 :) not the new I wanna be a mod
@jokerdino removed.
4:59 PM
@jokerdino - OK so you just had mods watching the new accts and Q's being spun up and deleted as they were.
@slm quite.
@jokerdino - OK, good luck!
Q: Is there a way to see only questions related to my favourite tags?

PresbiteroFrom time to time I middle click all my tags to open them in new tabs and go look for some questions that I might be able to answer. I know that outside of this tags it is almost impossible for me to give a nice answer to someone. Is it possible to see only questions related to my favourite tags...

5:36 PM
5:47 PM
Good Night
what an idiot :D
@Rinzwind he cannot hear you ;-)
someone please flag it too D:
@Rinzwind do you ever recognize a ;-) ? - (flagged of course)
but the "too" was you and me >:)
and alvar
6:06 PM
gone already
there @Braiam ;)
so many idiots the past 3 days :X
yep -.-
ah, so you can lurk here even with <20 rep?
6:08 PM
yes you can
you can, but you can't chat.
didn't know that
took me milliseconds to get 20 rep :X
you can lurk here without being logged in...
ah well :-)
now all we need is a serial downvoter and we got a full deck :P
6:11 PM
brb rinzwind made me mad, i be downboating everything.
I got that last week ;)
ok time to make people laugh
How do you know if an elephant got into your fridge? There will be footprints in the cheesecake.
@Alvar I have 10k guys, I can read deleted messages already :D
@Rinzwind NOT IN CANADA!
6:15 PM
@Braiam And I just wanted to be friendly.. hater!
btw, what people thinks I am... so much doge with me....
@Braiam so? we do not want you to read it :+)
instead of annoying people you should focus on getting 20k rep >:-D
here Ill help with another 10 >:)
but, but... for some reason I keep getting pinged!
pinged? Hmm let me see. Like this ? @Braiam
no... like this: @Rinzwind @Rinzwind@Rinzwind@Rinzwind@Rinzwind@Rinzwind
6:19 PM
I heard nothing >:D
no ping or whatsoever
Ubuntu always boots with sound muted and I hardly ever need sound when at home _O-
> You've enjoyed initial successes in your campaign against the rats. Now they're switching tactics. They post watch-rats and employ anti-trap squads.
Q: What are the reasons to downvote answers?

BraiamI'm not asking why a specific answer get downvoted but specifically why would you normally downvote an answer. This should help newbies understanding why their answers were downvoted even though nobody commented. If you want you could add your reasons to upvoting answers. Note, this is limited ...

6:34 PM
8,04 serious?!
Q: How to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.04?

user233804How can you keep different partitions for Windows and Ubuntu. I'm not sure if I want to switch to full Linux already, so I need to try it before. Never did it before, can you guide me?

i think ques and answer was posted by same user in askubuntu.com/questions/403037/…
I have no money to buy new sorry :/ — user233804 1 min ago
then where you buy it free??? — user233804 12 secs ago
I... don't know what to say
@RolandiXor You just... deleted him?
@Rinzwind see the suggessted edit.How did tux_ping know that it was ubuntu 8.04
I want install 8.04 with windows 7 alongwidth. — user233804 9 mins ago
6:41 PM
yes the same
@RPiAwesomeness Oh.. guess I missed out on that. made a secret room eh?
Pity too.. I was just 5 minutes too late.
@Braiam did you notice that.am i wrong?I think both r spammers.
We don't normally have this many stupid crazy users at once...
> answered 20 mins ago
6:47 PM
> thank you it worked – user233804 13 mins ago
someone is trolling me
sure looks like it
@Rinzwind installing Chrubuntu is ot...
last time I check out
@Braiam I think I saw something about it.
Q: chrubuntu questions - on-topic or off-topic?

fossfreedomThis question relates to this Q on the main site: Chrubuntu terminal issue Having done the traditional "google search" (other providers may be used) I came across this blog post that describes chrubuntu and how to install it. http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/chrubuntu-one-script-...

hey you commented on that one :=D
@Rinzwind I had to put the other side of the coin... I wasn't here in Aug
@Seth creating tags comes at 1500 ;)
or so says SO help page
6:56 PM
That's only on SO. Read the AU FAQ
that doesn't apply here.
should we move the bar?
meat Q!
btw, I removed twice a new tag called ubuntu-13.10
7:08 PM
Sorry dude, but you probably just completely killed your welcome.
We told you how to contact SE staff.
Breaking the rules will get you purged.
Just like anywhere else.
He's probably just trolling.. but whatever. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
@Braiam He just needs to be told how to pass the EULA
I don't know what Brask is trying to say there...
7:38 PM
@Seth He's autoposting bad answers
@Seth This is the fourth day in a row he's been doing that
that's one of the reasons that I downvote answers... missing the point of what it is being asked
anyone knows how to improve this question SEO, so it appears when people search "replace windows with ubuntu"
8:02 PM
SE needs to do something about the royal pain in the behind that we've had for the past few days...
And something effective.
@Seth nope
Someone else did IIRC
If I did... I don't remember now
and that's understandable
Yeah some cleaning would be the way to go
No they need to devise a way to stop him from getting back in.
He has no plans of working by the system, and we told him how.
He's probably watching the chat all like now.
But he won't do what he needs to do to send his report to SE...
bleh why am I wasting my time discussing this?
@RolandiXor best way is to get some police over to the person :=)
@roland only the moderators can talk to SE.. Haven't you guys told them yet?
8:12 PM
they have been looking at how this will work
Guys, what do you think about using a green screen to put a live video person on your desktop?
8:30 PM
@jrg So they have been notified?
this guy is spamming links to one of his answers everywhere: askubuntu.com/users/231712/mahendra-gunawardena
@Seth I flaged every one of his answers
Is there any news about last night events?
9:03 PM
@Lucio No public news..
@Seth has stop spaming at least?
@Lucio It has sorta stopped.
mods or devs are going to take actions improving the system?
I don't know.. Only a few users from last night got invites to the private room where I'm told that stuff was discussed (and I wasn't one of them) .. So I don't know.
@NathanOsman around? your feed in the Regulators room isn't working..
and I'm not sure how to fix it.
spam in the regulators room guys
special effects!
9:15 PM
and the icon new icon
you look like an alien :P
where can I go poke the CMs?
i need to report this guy again: askubuntu.com/a/403112/10616
he's back
The tavern, remember?
9:17 PM
@Seth i'm on my phone so meh
Well please don't ask me to do it...
i was planning on doing that
@Seth unless one of our esteemed mods is around
if not i'll go poke the CM team again since we had to get them involved on this issue before
Well they're around but they seem too tired out.
@ThomasW. we did?
9:19 PM
@Seth rumor has it, yes...
@fossfreedom around?
@Seth FYI i have poked the Tavern
@fossfreedom If that was you who just nuked 'em, can you tell us if the staff are working on this?
@Seth yep - they are - I cant say what exactly for obvious reasons... but the are more than monitoring the situation.
9:26 PM
@Braiam booooo
@fossfreedom okay, then I'll poke Tavern and make a note that you've said they're monitoring the situation, but if I have to expend another 50 flags for this spam flood, I expect a flags refund from staff
since all my flags will have been for the spam in the past 24 hours
@fossfreedom Okay good. Want to pin something so others know?
@Braiam diamond moderator status
This is the my first time writing this word:
There are two possibilities here: placebo or luck — Lucio 53 secs ago
9:31 PM
@Lucio heh
sorry ... fighting fires ... busy
@fossfreedom Thank you for all your hard work :)
has it subsided?
it did, then it started again.
this time answers
@Seth that was a bulk of the spam last night when you weren't here
was here for that though
9:33 PM
@Mateo did you just cut in a GST filter?
@ThomasW. I was here for a lot of it
@Lucio actually, that is plausible... some windows drivers lock away the wireless card
ah okay
@Braiam O.o
write a comment there then
@fossfreedom M8 you need this
@hbdgaf yeah, not quite sure how to link it yet, making a github feature request
@Mateo I'll look in to it.
9:42 PM
and it goes quiet. phew.
6 mins ago, by Thomas W.
@hbdgaf so we can do brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation. Was looking into it - as the auto on my cam is a bit off, blown out
@fossfreedom lies
@fossfreedom stay on alert, maybe ping the CM godmods to help out if it becomes unmanageable. We should also consider having more moderators to deal with this, too...
9:45 PM
I vote @ThomasW. and/or @Takkat ... I'm a little too hot tempered to be in mod mode ever.
@radurădeanu ... just a friendly reminder - dont worry trying to engage with this guy ... just use your spam flag powers. Thanks.
@hbdgaf temporary mod to deal with this crisis wouldn't be bad, but me without coffee is a hellish force of nature so it would have to be super temporary
@fossfreedom I would close that as unclear askubuntu.com/q/401572/169736
@hbdgaf what's ging on? I was away for a while...
@Takkat spam on AU
lots of it
9:47 PM
@ThomasW. The "make me mod" guy is still around?
still the same - oh noe...
"make us mods" spammer that has been around since yesterday
@GabrielF yes
@GabrielF well maybe
@Takkat make me a mod spammer on AU. simple bot horde that is autoposting
@GabrielF probably still the bots.
@hbdgaf tsk - I had my fun earlier today.
9:47 PM
@GabrielF source troublemaker 'nixveloper' was sniped off of SE by the CMs though
autopost make a mod, then question and edit in make a mod, then post random answers and edit in make a mod... etc etc.
@ThomasW. nixveloper?
@GabrielF troublemaker who is now deleted and banned so it doesn't matter
@ThomasW. Has it ever happened before? Maybe in Stackoverflow?
@GabrielF lets stop talking about it
i'm not in the mood to go back to yesterday about it
9:50 PM
very true ^^
@ThomasW. haha. ok.
who retagged the room?
lol, just saw that
@Oli FYI, the ubuntuforums site is a CC Attribution 3.0 license, so on the specific post that the whole philosophy argument was on is OK with just an attribution back to "Ubuntu Forums" and the user there who posted it, according to the ubuntuforums people.
9:54 PM
@hbdgaf think there would be a way to do a "weather man" type of thing with green screen and the alpha plugin?
it' possible
@Oli but in general, yes, we have to be careful. For Ubuntu Forums linked posts, though, CC Attribution 3.0 means we can simply copy and provide attribution back to who originally made it, as I understand that license.
@ThomasW. There's also fair use... why can't I see oli's messages? Maybe I shouldn't be in this conversations, really? hehehe
@GabrielF stale discussion from >24 hours
Why did it just appear to me?
Ok.. that's was a stupid question... sorry.
10:05 PM
no problem :)
@fossfreedom ping.
look who came back after being sniped.
wow, a post on hold in 13 minutes, that's the spirit!
@Braiam ?
@ThomasW. here
@Braiam ah, nice.
I'm not saying that it's bad... that post needed to be closed
btw, for some reason it seems like a forge thingy
10:18 PM
@Braiam ping, look elsewhere at other channels
Q: Very low quality flag on a question, can't do anything but invalidate the flag?

BraiamI got two VLQ flags in my queue... actually the question is impossible to understand by normal humans, but I can't handle the flag if I don't either, invalidate (which I will not), or add a spam/offensive flag. What to do in such situations?

Close Votes
Two more to go!
Out of votes now :(
11:22 PM
I was reading this documentation: help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openvpn.html
The first sentence says "If you want more than just pre-shared keys OpenVPN makes it easy to setup and use a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to use SSL/TLS certificates for authentication and key exchange between the VPN server and clients." That's not really a good way to start off. Because what are preshared keys?
@JohnMerlino keys that you already shared ;)
@hbdgaf well, It doesn't look like setting the device in that area is working (at least not in the way the brightness control worked) but these links look interesting, what I was surfing lately: giss.tv/wiki/images/2/21/Webcamstream-v4l.pys , occasionalrandoms.blogspot.com/2010/11/webcam-videowall.html , wiki.oz9aec.net/index.php/Gstreamer_cheat_sheet
In cryptography, a pre-shared key or PSK is a shared secret which was previously shared between the two parties using some secure channel before it needs to be used. To build a key from shared secret, the key derivation function should be used. Such systems almost always use symmetric key cryptographic algorithms. The term PSK is used in Wi-Fi encryption such as WEP or WPA, notably in Extensible Authentication Protocol, where it is known as EAP-PSK, where both the wireless access points (AP) and all clients share the same key. The characteristics of this secret or key are determined by th...
@Mateo the one i saw was a gst sink/source pair that did a transform on the video as it transited. seemed right
@Braiam what keys does it refer to? ssh keys, ssl certificates?
Assume I am reading that article without prior setup of a vpn
11:31 PM
@hbdgaf ah, I was approaching as "launch second app" - different video... that sounds a lot better one app - two videos
@JohnMerlino any key can be a Pre shared key...
ok thanks i read the wikipedia article
11:53 PM
Someone really needs to talk to this Brask guy..

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