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1:13 AM
your knowledge of arcane shells is terrifyingly large
@strugee I had to google some of them
@Gilles I feel better now
since csh was in the list, I didn't limit it to Bourne-style shells: fish, psh, rush, ...
I suppose you're not counting the different ksh versions, for the rhyme?
@strugee what, you don't pronounce it /kʃ/?
and /pdkʃ/ and /mkʃ/ (no, not that, I don't know what the IPA symbol is)
1:18 AM
@Gilles I can't even recognize that character
seriously, I went for the textual ending
@strugee sh sound
Esh (majuscule: Ʃ Unicode U+01A9, minuscule: ʃ Unicode U+0283) is a character used in conjunction with the Latin script. Its lowercase form ʃ is similar to a long s ſ  or an integral sign ∫; in 1928 the Africa Alphabet borrowed the Greek letter sigma for the uppercase form Ʃ, but more recently the African reference alphabet discontinued it, using the lowercase esh only. The lowercase form was introduced by Isaac Pitman in his 1847 Phonotypic Alphabet to represent the voiceless postalveolar fricative (English sh). It is today used in the International Phonetic Alphabet, as well as in ...
The voiceless palato-alveolar fricative or voiceless domed postalveolar fricative is a type of consonantal sound used in many spoken languages, including English. In English, it is usually represented in writing with , as in ship. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is , the letter esh introduced by Isaac Pitman (not to be confused with the integral sign ). The equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is S. An alternative symbol is , an s with a háček, which is used in the Americanist phonetic notation and the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet, as well as in the scientif...
@Gilles I do pronounce it that way. I'm confused
@strugee most people (including me) pronouce it “kay ess aitche” (or Korn)
I meant e.g. ksh99
would have screwed up the endings
1:30 AM
@Gilles really? I've always just assumed that it was pronounced kay sh
and yeah, when I said "but it would screw up the rhyme" I meant the endings
oh, you meant ksh88 vs ksh93
I was confused because I thought you meant (ATT) ksh vs mksh vs pdksh, which I had mentioned
plus dtksh that I'd forgotten
@Gilles yep
6 hours later…
8:06 AM
@Gilles ok, I haven't googled or anything. is the fake shell lush?
3 hours later…
11:34 AM
@Gilles thanks, I deleted my copy/paste
4 hours later…
3:15 PM
@derobert - I came across this A you gave, unix.stackexchange.com/questions/86720/…. What are tap devices?
4:01 PM
how do I redirect ffmpeg output to a file?
simple redirection doens't work and I have no idea why
should we close this Q?
Q: Online course that covers Unix/Linux Systems programming

Mouse.The.Lucky.DogI am looking for an online course, something similar to the Berkely and Stanford Courses that covers Linux systems programming. A course which could use Stevens ( with some supplemental material covering linux idiosyncracies ) as the text ( observe: could use not does use ). Purpose: I've rea...

I'm leaning towards maybe b/c until today we hadn't had a very specific A that pointed to a single class, well today we got an A, and my fear is that it wil become one of those Q's you see on SO where there are 10 pages of A's many which are no longer relevant.
ok I think I got it, & means file descriptor
4:18 PM
@slm seems like we usually close questions about learning material; we might want to do the same here for consistency
@slm I'd close it, yeah. Asking about courses and learning material feels off topic to me. It is not a specific problem and, as you point out, the answer is unlikely to remain up to date. I say kill it.
@strugee @slm I voted to close copying the relevant reason from super user where this kind of thing is explicitly off topic. A meta post about this might be a good idea though.
@terdon yeah, +1 for a meta post.
I feel like this is covered already but maybe not
4:43 PM
@strugee @slm :
Q: How do we feel about requests for learning materials?

terdonWe recently had a brief discussion in chat about this question which asks for learning materials (specifically, online video courses). I feel that such questions are not a good fit for the site because: They are not about a problem. The SE network specializes in giving specific solutions to spe...

@terdon I found a typo
you didn't capitalize your last sentence
but otherwise thanks for writing it up ;)
@strugee thanks, fixed. Don't you have enough rep to edit?
@slm they're virtual ethernet devices. But you probably got that from the answer... They are used for various things that need to get Ethernet data into userspace.
e.g., if you run OpenVPN in bridge mode, it uses a tap device
5:08 PM
@terdon yes, but #lazy
5:34 PM
But I did try to search for information from my favorite search engine: AltaVista! — linuxnoob 45 secs ago
Hmmm, well, the clear answer is Debian. Because it always is.
But, AltaVista? Hmmm. Troll? Everyone knows hotbot is better.
(Seriously: Altavista doesn't exist anymore...)
Q: in this thread linux users get their jimmies rustled

linuxnoobLinux users get riled up because of a Microsoft user posting nonsense and blasphemy.

... definitely trolling.
5:56 PM
Is there anyone here who gets a pixellated screen upon login using GNOME 3.8 or GNOME 3.10?
6:07 PM
@derobert You just dated yourself :). Damn, that was the 2nd search engine (after Yahoo!) I ever used.
I'm not sure what order it was for me. There were a bunch of others back then.
There was MetaCrawler, too, which searched a bunch of search engines.
And Dogpile...
@terdon @strugee thanks for taking the leads on that Q. I wrote up my opinion on the meta you posted too.
@derobert Never heard of dogpile. How about lycos?
@slm just upvoted you, thanks for chiming in.
@JasperLoy I've never seen that problem. what driver?
dogpile was dabomb
6:12 PM
Yeah, that was around too. There were a bunch of them, forget most of their names. I had an entire folder of bookmarks full of search engines, to keep trying until I finally found what I wanted
ever heard of veronica or archie?
Then of course Google came around...
@slm Yes!
Those all sound familiar.
@derobert - you and I are similarly aged 8-)
6:13 PM
@strugee Hmm, I think it is ATI radeon graphics.
It makes my past two versions of Fedora almost unusable, so I may need to change my DE.
I'll never forget the day I discovered veronica and archie, my mind was blown
Ah, I think I have seen Archie as well.
@slm hehe. unlike some of us :P
I wonder how the troll question got through the review queue?
@strugee got through the review queue?
@slm as search engines or the characters?
6:46 PM
@derobert the first post review queue
shouldn't it have gone through?
@derobert where I find the virtual interfaces manual?
@strugee It did, but it can't be "stopped" there, it's already on the site. The reviewer voted to close
@MichaelMrozek oh, right. that makes sense
@Braiam The what?
you know, to manipulate eth0:0 and stuff ;), I seems to find only people having problems with them but none point to a piece of documentation
7:01 PM
I have no idea where eth0:0 is documented. It's an ancient (Linux 2.2?) way of doing things...
7:44 PM
Is a question like - how to remove the last n characters from every line in emacs buffer on-topic here?
emacs is not exclusively unixy
there do seem to be a fair number of emacs questions here
@slm You really think it is necessary to attend programming courses etc. to learn stuff properly? In general, actual courses I went to have mostly sucked. I've mostly learned stuff on my own.
@FaheemMitha I would go for it
@strugee Thanks for the vote. :-)
8:22 PM
Ok, done.
8:55 PM
@FaheemMitha sure. As it says in unix.stackexchange.com/about: “Applications packaged in *nix distributions (note: being cross-platform does not disqualify)”
@slm yes. I did long ago, my vote has expired
@Gilles Ok, thanks.
How do I get the M-<?
@FaheemMitha M-key is Alt+key or Esc,key
for example, on a US keyboard, press Alt+Shift+,
@Gilles Sure. The string is
M-< M-x replace-regex RET \{,2\}$ RET RET
M-< moves to the beginning of the buffer
Oh, I see. Do I hold down Alt and then what?
left arrow?
9:09 PM
uh? press Alt, press Shift, press ,, release ,, release Shift and Alt
or wherever < is on your keyboard if it isn't a US mapping
@Gilles Yes, I tried that. It didn't work. But if it just moves to the beginning of the buffer I guess I don't need it.
Oh, scratch that, it seems to be working now. Sorry for the noise. Maybe I'm tired.
@derobert how is done now?
9:31 PM
@slm I agree with Stephane here: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/86884/…
@Gilles Agreed, I voted to reopen, needs 1 more
@Braiam with ip you can have multiple IP addresses on one interface
@slm I'm #5, it's open again now
10:29 PM
Hi everyone
what would be the best way to find out amount of data read from disk in case of cache miss for a particular process
@APZ Ask on the site. Make sure to include OS details.
BTW: Is it just me, or is the obvious answer to "why don't cameras have journaling filesystems" that "it wouldn't actually do anything useful"... i.e., my answer here photo.stackexchange.com/a/46715/565
11:03 PM
@derobert thanks, I found the answer, we can get that number easily from /proc/pid/io
11:20 PM
@FaheemMitha Most ppl misunderstand that when you learn things in a formal way that you're going to be an awesome coder or whatever afterwards. They are then disappointed that they are not. Learning things in a formal way helps to give one a overarching understanding of how things build on each other. Think about if you took a karate class. You'd learn the katas but you as the student have to practice to become proficient.

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