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3:01 PM
@kalina Just to complete the weirdness: "Any day of the week!"
@Yuki It earned itself an instant burn.
@Arperum I'm not following.
@Yuki Fredley's burnination script
Well, we can weird it out to the point of horror-weird, but I dunno who is sqweemish here
@5pike Ah.
@EonRustedduPlessis Hehehehe....I posted that a few weeks back.
Hmm, they're supposed to update my PC to Windows 7 after work tomorrow. Since I need to take Thursday off, hopefully my PC isn't f'ed up when I get back Friday.
@5pike Yeah, I was about to point out that had been posted recently.
@Yuki There's a reverse one, where he eats the ducky.
@Yuki I only joined post-recently. I came in like a wrecking ball
3:06 PM
Also, it seems @Eon gravitates towards animated gifs of things coming out of people's mouths.
I need a psychoanalysis, post-haste!
@EonRustedduPlessis It's safe to say that you should get better acquainted with the people you're talking weirding to before going to those levels of weird.
@FEichinger but but.... We need to go deeper ...
into the weirdness
Bad context for the word "deeper".
^_^ english isn't my main language in my defense
3:09 PM
@3ventic Agreed
@3ventic all the flags
That is why we cannot have anything nice.
because we delete offensive posts?
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. joined W3C
internal screaming
no, because people make offensive posts
3:11 PM
@BenBrocka What the ... Why?
Welp, my vacation time is over. Guess it's time to update the resume and start looking for a job.
WHy do people keep using a textfield in a DB to save the sex of a person? And then write "Man" or "Woman" in it. Learn to use a friggin bit people...
@BenBrocka What on earth...?
@Arperum To leave the option for non-standard genders, duh!
@BenBrocka What? Why? How? Why?
3:12 PM
@Arperum You need more than a bit nowadays.
@Arperum MONEY
@FEichinger there's been talks of integrating DRM into HTML5 for a few months. Guess why
@Arperum Story of my life.
@BenBrocka Oh... boy.
@BenBrocka No.No.No.NO.
3:12 PM
@Arperum And when done right, a bit field is actually a trinary!
@FEichinger This is actually important for some people, y'know.
@BenBrocka I'm well aware of that. Didn't expect anything to come of it, though.
glad to see I'm not the only dev here :P
not even close
Well, now it's only a matter of time before the RIAA joins W3C now.
3:14 PM
@FEichinger The fact they didn't immediately refuse it concerned me; this much more so
@EonRustedduPlessis I think devs/programmers outnumber non-programmers here.
I mean, this usually isn't the kind of thing the W3C gets involved in ... And that worries me.
@Arperum Then I am going to enjoy it here.
already do :)
is it bad if DRM gets integrated into html5?
@FEichinger Alien
3:15 PM
@3ventic Yes
DRM = bad. No matter where.
Why exactly?
well that's true
Q: Assassins Creed 3 fast travel problem

user66125I got my two royal pistols the double barrel pistols and every time I fast travel anywhere it always changes one of my pistols to the Scottish flintlock pistols but it keeps my other royal pistol how can I keep both of them

Because the internet is built on an assumption of openness and freedom.
@FAE I know it's an important issue for some people, but I oppose the notion of it no less.
but if it's not integrated, it'll just be built around it
3:16 PM
@3ventic Very much so. Very much so.
DRM is the antithesis of everything the current internet is built on.
I just think about our current situation with DRM-required games. A good number of them are nigh-unplayable just because of the DRM.
@FEichinger "oppose the notion"?
50 secs ago, by 3ventic
but if it's not integrated, it'll just be built around it
3:17 PM
this is basically like discussion of religion or politics on the bridge
There's no difference to the end user, really.
so, how 'bout them apples?
@3ventic There will be; if you integrate DRM into the very building blocks of the internet, it won't take long for them to be used in a manner that wasn't accounted for, and it will be abused.
@3ventic The problem is that an OPEN standard is turning slowly into a CLOSED piece of shit.
3:19 PM
the internet as we know it will probably cease to exist within the next decade or two anyway
@kalina I haven't had an apple in a long time.
@kalina I prefer Granny Smith
@3ventic There's a lot of difference to devs, though. Think copyright laws harshly applied to websites, forcing you to integrate DRM measures.
I should fix that.
@OrigamiRobot you eat granny smith?
3:19 PM
@Arperum At that point a large portion of the population will say screw it and start their own standard.
@3ventic Fork the Internet!
@3ventic WHich is bad again, you'll get IE6 situations by doing that.
@Arperum True, but it's probably unavoidable anyway
private and often greedy corporations have too much power
although "it will happen anyway" is probably the worst excuse known to mankind
@3ventic Also: how much chance do you give that new open standard? I give it no chance at all. Since every commercial website is going to use the closed one.
We'll all die anyway. Let's enjoy the ride.
3:22 PM
DRM in its own right is good, but it's almost exclusively implemented really badly and they end up being restrictive pieces of shit that don't even work
@3ventic Yeah. So if DRM must be implemented, let it be built around the open standard, so that the features are not the core blocks of what the internet is all about.
@Frank This.
@Arperum Well, it could bring something new. Fixing some of the big flaws HTML (and even HTTP in itself) has had forever, by getting a clean slate.
Or it could turn out to be a horribly pretentious hackery done by a couple of kids in their basement thinking they're all cool and fancy by defying "teh big corporashons" ...
@FEichinger I don't know, but I suddenly thought of Rashomon. I blame your on-purpose bad spelling.
The latter probably being more likely, since most of us are just going to suck it up because this is our paychecks we're talking about, rather than doing anything about it.
I mean, I certainly wouldn't risk my job for a fight against the W3C.
3:26 PM
It would be good to have it integrated if and only if it's implemented in a way that doesn't restrict the end user too much, but I oppose the idea because it most certainly won't.
I've yet to have a programming job where DRM would even be mentioned in passing.
Q: How do you get horizontal movement with a rocket jump?

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@MartinSojka It's relevant for literally anything that involves content creators of any sort.
That goes from research papers to a video clip.
@FEichinger The majority of business programming does not involve content creators.
@FEichinger I code stuff (well, streaming controlling software) for TV and radio stations at the moment. No DRM in sight for our software, anywhere.
The most we have to do with DRM is "insert that stream into that Cisco encoder there and try to get it out on that other port, hoping it doesn't screw up."
(Note: They do. Damn Cisco.)
3:30 PM
The only DRM involved with my content creation is the HDCP I gleefully and easily crack to record games...and youtube's...not really DRM so much as "making it obtuse to download videos"
Damn Cisco indeed. But I was mostly referring to web programming, where this is very much an important issue at all times.
Crazy Canadian Alert! My office is having an official break in 30 minutes so that we can gather and watch the unveiling of the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team.
@FEichinger The "Make it impossible for other corporations to download our data from our website, but client can't notice anything" part.
@JasonBerkan hope you brought a good book!
@KevinvanderVelden iPhone to the rescue!
3:32 PM
I hate that bit. Since you always have to say: Can't be done.
Any assets you use for the site, stock photos, third-party icons. Heck, depending on how far they take it (if it does get included in the standard), it could also apply to the written word - press releases, company portfolios.
Morning, Bridge
If suits want their "work" protected - or that you use someone else's licensed work - you'll get the choice to either implement that steaming pile of bullshit or go looking for a new job. I, for one, am not looking forward to that.
@SaintWacko Good morning, sir.
@SaintWacko Good morning.
3:36 PM
@Yuki I do. Not exactly sure how to use them
We can hope nobody actually gets this protective of their creations, but history proves us wrong. Think patent and copyright law.
@RedRiderX Attempting to nurse you back to health
@SaintWacko You have my thanks
@SaintWacko I've been using them for Private Dinners.
Since you can't have more than 5 or so Free Evenings and I'm at my max.
@FEichinger Don't forget that the MPAA and RIAA have historically been incredibly scared of technology and try to kill it every way they can.
3:39 PM
@Arperum "Oh, but I know someone that can do it."
@SaintWacko Just sent a request for a Private Dinner to you.
@5pike "I'd love to meet that person. And prove him wrong."
@Frank Not to mention they tend to favor corporations rather than the actual content creators they profess to protect. But that's probably not a surprise to anyone.
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

RedRiderXMeme: "Good morning, Bridge" Originator: @Frank Cultural Height: Pretty much every morning when @Frank says "Good morning, Bridge" and everybody stars it. Yes, it's really a thing

It seems like it should be in there.
@RedRiderX approved
3:45 PM
@RedRiderX I've been thinking of doing that multiple times, never got to it though.
Q: Can you win ship achievements using the TYPE B layouts?

IQAndreasThere are three achievements for each ship; you start with the TYPE A layout, and when you have completed two of the three achievements, you unlock the type TYPE B layout for that ship. If you are trying to get the third ship achievement (just for the sake of completeness), can you use the TYPE ...

@Yuki Ah, nice
@Yuki Hence the meme status
@Yuki Yes we did, first time we surpassed the original message too.
3:51 PM
We've hit peak meme.
"Good morning, Bridge" gives me that kick in the morning that most people attribute to coffee.
If I don't see "Good morning, Bridge" on the star list when I come in to work, my day ends up horribly unproductive.
@Yuki Whenever I see Franks "Good morning", I know that worktime is almost over
@Yuki 7/9 of the single starred "Good morning, Bridge" were starred by me, I'm kinda curious who did the other two.
@5pike Well, I guess that's uplifting in a different way.
@Yuki It is, yeah.
3:55 PM
5 minutes until hometime!
Ok, resume updated, sent off to two recruitment agencies, and put out my feelers for what's kicking around.
Productivity today: complete.
@Frank Decided to start looking for a job again?
I'll pay you to stop saying good morning.
@Arperum Like I decided when I get laid off. I'm following through with that decision now.
@Frank How long of a break did you take?
3:58 PM
@Frank Good luck!
@Arperum Two months.
@FAE I'll find something. Probably won't take me too long.
@OrigamiRobot Noooo, don't get me fired~
I've heard that getting to Minnesota would be quite lucrative for me; twice the pay for the same work, I've been told.
Herrow Again :P
But then I'd have to leave all my family and friends.
3:59 PM
SAO ep21: "kindof creepy" levels rising...
@Frank Always a tough decision to make.
@Frank All your friends will still be in The Bridge.
@Frank What payrange are you in? Or don't you want to disclose that to the public?
@Arperum I don't mind. I was making 50K at my last job, and I want at least a 20% bump on that for my next job.
what the hell Youtube
4:01 PM
@OrigamiRobot I can't dance with you guys.
@Frank Have you tried?
@ElfSlice Clearly, YouTube noticed you posting that infomercial yesterday.
@Yuki ?
@OrigamiRobot I don't dance with guys, anyways, so, no.
@ElfSlice The one with the bacon grill thing?
Or was that day before yesterday?
4:02 PM
Yeah, hometime. Now I can watch some speedruns. Later bridge...
I have never seen or heard of whatever that is. For some reason youtube shows it in the 'music' category on the front page.
@Frank There are ladies here.
Also, rude!
@Yuki Uh. That's not the same thing.
@OrigamiRobot And if any of them manage to make it out here, I'm dragging them to the studio.
@Frank How long have you been working? I'm around half that...
4:03 PM
@Arperum Uh...roughly six-ish years.
@Arperum Are you in Canada?
Remember, this is Canadian dollars, so do appropriate modifications.
@OrigamiRobot Nope, Belgium.
@Frank True, that makes it somewhat better for me, still ~30%+ under that. I've only been working for a year-year and a half though.
My new year's resolution is 1080p
@Arperum I've found that if you can learn quickly and on your feet, small companies are where it's at.
That's where you go for large raises. It's challenging work, but it's great.
4:06 PM
@Frank I think I might have to look for a different small company than my current employer then.
@Arperum I stick around for about two years or so per job.
At that point, I've learned everything I can, and they've learned everything they can from me, and it's time for me to move on.
I cannot wrap my head around that attitude.
@OrigamiRobot I am starting to feel terribly underpayed.
What do you do?
Web development mostly at this job.
4:08 PM
@Frank I'm not sure how much of this is a difference in person and how much is difference in field, but I could never do this.
@OrigamiRobot Companies are not loyal to their employees. Stagnations and complacency sets in around that point, and you're no longer treated as someone they need to value. If they don't give you a raise to keep you, then it's time to find another job. They'll punt you at the first opportunity if they want to.
There how's that edit?
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

RedRiderXMeme: "Good morning, Bridge" Originator: @Frank Cultural Height: Pretty much every morning when @Frank says "Good morning, Bridge" in chat and everybody stars it. Yes, it's really a thing Testimonials for the positive effects of "Good morning, Bridge": 1 2 3 4 5 6

@Frank I know you've had some horror stories, but you realize that's not the case everywhere, right?
@Frank That's what I'm hearing too. I currently work for a very large company, but I'm told I'd be better off working for a small company
Q: Can Black/White 2 interact with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness?

AnonymousI have White 2 and my brother has Explorers of Darkness. Can we interact with each other with said games?

4:11 PM
@OrigamiRobot Doesn't matter. Two years is roughly the shelf life for any job. Unless they're willing to keep providing large raises to keep me, I'm out. Even then, I need to grow in my job. Just doing the same old thing doesn't fly for me.
Because as much as I bitch about Sharepoint, it was a challenge. And it's a valuable skill set to have.
@OrigamiRobot IT nowadays also tends to have a higher turnover rate than I imagine your field does.
Like I said, I don't know how much it's a difference in field.
I've been here about a year and a half and have come nowhere close to learning everything I could.
Jochem's been at his current job 7.5 and he says that's a pretty long time for a programmer.
@FAE I figure once I'm happy where I am, and I don't mind stagnating, I'll settle in for a job that long.
But that's probably a career ending job.
@FAE Another reason I'm glad I didn't go the computer science route.
4:18 PM
Crap. Job in Minneapolis that pays $55/hour. And I'm pretty darn qualified for it. Except for Perl. But that's not hard to pick up, I don't think.
@Frank How far are you from there? Other than the obvious over the border.
@FAE Google says ~7 hours.
@Frank Oof. Not quite "head home for the weekends" distance, depending on how you look at it.
@FAE Yeah, definitely not. If I decide to take a job around there, I'll be moving.
And I'd be uprooting my entire life.
But for twice the pay...I'd be crazy not to do that.
I have enough stuff right now that I could very easily hit 1000 echoes
4:23 PM
@Frank It can be a tough decision to weigh, especially if you've never moved before. I guess it depends on what the cost/benefit ratio is for your skillset/career versus potential unhappiness/difficulty with moving.
Also how easy it is to get a work visa, move your stuff, etc. If you do decide to stay for only 2~ years, like you usually do at a job, if it turns out you're not super satisfied, you can always look at it as you just have to ride it out for another x amount of time and then you can go back.
@FAE Getting the work visa would probably be the biggest annoyance. Most of the jobs I'm seeing say, "Must be eligible for full-time employment in the US"
And I don't have the slightest clue how to go about doing that.
@FAE I've been programming for 15 years now.
Only two jobs, but my current one is a contractor, so I switch contracts every couple of years.
@JasonBerkan My first reaction was "Wow, are you older than @Sterno?"
@FAE I am.
4:32 PM
My dad contracted for the same company for as long as I can remember.
@JasonBerkan gasp
Although the company recently got bought out and they hired him as an actual employee.
@Frank Do you know if the business you want to apply for even gives out work visas?
@FAE Nope. I'm just poking around online right now, seeing what my options are.
@Frank You might not even need one, I'm not sure.
4:35 PM
Canada -> US? I think you still need a visa for that but one that is much less hassle than, say, an H1B.
H1B's are annoying.
@JoshPetrie Yeah, I was thinking it may be less strict because he's from Canada.
@ElfSlice That's cool
Canada and Australia can 'get in' easier, iirc.
Yeah, I believe so. EU's a bit more tricky.
4:37 PM
Q: How do I find the game ID for a game on Steam?

IQAndreasEvery game on Steam has a different Game ID. For instance, looking on my own computer, Portal has an ID of 400, and FTL: Faster Than Light is 212680. How do I find this ID for a specific game on Steam?

Q: Old Japanese Wii games on US Wii U

CheweegeeCan I play imported Japanese Wii games (not Wii U games) on a US Wii U in the Wii mode? I want to know if it will work before I invest in importing a Japanese Wii game. Thanks

A fast search says I can get it at the border with a job offer in hand, and I can prove my qualifications.
And it'd be good for up to three years.
Huh. That sounds..awfully easy.
Anyways, off to play more Gundam!
@Frank: Doubling your income is quite a lot, but I don't think I'd say you'd be crazy not to do it.
You'd be making double the income, but at the cost of needing to reboot your life basically.
@Wipqozn Yes very this.
Both of those things would be a bonus for me
But I suspect not everyone is the same in that regard
It would help if you knew some people there or something.
Or if you've ever been to that city.
4:42 PM
@RedRiderX I can't remember if any bridge members live there.
Or close to there.
Hah we need to update that map I guess. :P
@Wipqozn I can't recall anyone here off the top of my head who lives there. I have a friend who does, but they're not a user here.
@RedRiderX Yeah, it's usually advisable to visit a place before you move there. Some people don't have to and will just up and move somewhere, but if it's for something like a big career move, often advisable to check it out, see what cost of living is, etc.
Clearly we should all just move Minnesota with @Frank.
@FAE Yes very this
We'll all get a huge house and live together.
4:45 PM
Double the pay isnt' that great if it's +25% to live there.
or whatever
Making twice the amount of money may not help if stuff like your utilities and such are more expensive.
Yeah, exactly.
Heh. The temperature distribution over the northern hemisphere looks funny. Especially over North America.
Does anybody know how to remove a contact in gmail?
Q: How to hack Elder Scroll Arena using hex editor?

HunterI have read many posts about hacking save game file (editing) and spells using any hex editor. I thoroughly checked but cannot find how to hack this game. Although I have hacked many games using Cheat Book Hex Editor (provided by Cheatbook Database) but unable to hack this game. In this post the ...

4:49 PM
I just got a chat request from someone, replied and found out I don't know them, and I want to remove them.
Just delete your system32 folder. That'll solve everything.
@ElfSlice Nope, don't know that guy either.
also don't actually do that because that would be dumb
@Wipqozn I'm not as think as you dumb I am
@ElfSlice go to mail.google.com, click on Mail in the top left, select Contacts
4:50 PM
@ElfSlice Go to Contacts, select said contact, under More is Delete Contact.
@SaintWacko Ah, there we go.
Check the box next to the contact you want to delete, click more up above it, and delete
'She' isn't there.
I hate gmail
Oh wait
if you just block them and then refresh they go away
@ElfSlice ah, I was just about to point out the stuff in the hover menu
@ElfSlice You probably have to look under "Other Contacts" - they won't be an official Contact, but just someone you've interacted with.
4:53 PM
@JasonBerkan Oh, yeah, there it is.
As much as I love profile pictures of boobs, I don't really care to have random people from across the internet in my contacts.
From Wizard101's ToU: You may not impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your identity, including by using another person’s account information. We may suspend or terminate your account for any failure to comply with these Terms of Use, any terms related to any service offered through the Site or for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason.
Why is that last part there?
@Meraj99 So they don't have to explain to you why they delete your account if they choose to do so.
@ElfSlice facepalm - Also, Gmail has a surprisingly good search feature, which you can also use to find people.
@ElfSlice Terrible reasoning. :P
4:55 PM
Q: Does Link Between World's Hero Mode impact the street pass battles?

StuperUserDoes any aspect of a Hero Mode game affect the street pass battle feature of Link Between Worlds?

@ElfSlice ...
@Wipqozn What.
At least I didn't post it
Maybe you should just show better judgement when replying to contacts then? If it's just a picture of boobs, 99% chance it's no one you know, and is just a porn site type thing.
I couldn't see it when I approve it
all I had was a name
I was hoping it was somebody sent from my portfolio or vimeo profile
Turned out not.
Deleted now, all is well.
4:58 PM
@Meraj99 flagged as "requested flags"
@Meraj99 Get your own thing!
@ElfSlice I think it's safe to say that anyone with that username probably isn't anyone you know.
That wasn't the username
The username was a normal woman's name
@ElfSlice @kalina then why is this allowed XD
@Meraj99 why?
4:59 PM
@Meraj99 flagged as "asking questions"
That doesn't look flag worthy to me.
@Wipqozn Low Quality I guess
@Wipqozn Um, flegs?
@Unionhawk WHY!?!?!?!
It looks like complete crap, but that's not something we flag for.
Downvote it.
4:59 PM
@Meraj99 Don't make people hate my thing.
@ElfSlice Hate... what thing?

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