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3:41 AM
@IsaacMoses @MonicaCellio welcs.
Does anybody here understand what the question here is?
Q: Why were Joab killing all males in Edom?

Jim Thiohttp://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Kings%2011&version=NKJV? 14 Now the Lord raised up an adversary against Solomon, Hadad the Edomite; he was a descendant of the king in Edom. 15 For it happened, when David was in Edom, and Joab the commander of the army had gone up to bury...

@MonicaCellio The question is "Well?"
(Sorry, not helpful, I know.)
@IsaacMoses ok, it's not just me then. Good. I brought it up here seeking either clarification or close votes (without saying that). It's on hold now.
1 hour later…
5:05 AM
@mods - sometimes when I write a comment, and I make sure to start it with @ ping, it does not show up in the comment, (and so the person doesn't get pinged).
Why is this?
@msh210 ^^^ This happened a few days ago on this question: judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/23548/…
And it happened again today. It allowed me to write the name of the person and thern the name at least showed up, but when I put the @ in front of the name, nothing showed up.
5:36 AM
@MoshePeston Was this it?
Q: Eeeeek - what happened to my @ salutation?

Mark HendersonI just posted a comment beginning with @username, and my @username part of the comment disappeared (it was the first word in the comment). Is there a lolcat inside the Stack Exchange database nomming on notifications? May I suggest you feed it? P.S. I'm guessing this is a brand spanking new f...

@MoshePeston If it's what @IsaacMoses just suggested, then the appropriate person got pinged (most likely. I know other cases where someone should've gotten pinged but didn't).
2 hours later…
8:02 AM
Q: Have you seen this man?

Vector Please see this article, which I wrote: Hazmat . ...I caught Tarhaka Bey red handed spamming the site a few days ago, when he first showed up. I saw an article I didn't like the looks of and clicked on it - I saw it was Tarhaka Bey - and he already had about 10 articles posted. I st...

10 hours later…
5:59 PM
Q: Halachic status of milawi

DanielWhat bracha do we make on milawi? Does it have the same status as bread, or do we treat it as a cake or cookie?

I move to close any "what's the bracha on X" question which doesn't provide an ingredient list/recipe.
6:31 PM
@DoubleAA ... or something like a WP link, perhaps? Seconded.
@IsaacMoses thirded (cc @DoubleAA). I see that this one has an answer that provides a link, but in the future we should require that that be in the question. (And maybe we should edit the question here; I haven't yet read the answer.)

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