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1:01 AM
@Karlson: i agree, but the OP doesn't
@hippietrail Considering he deleted the question I can't agree.
oh really? i'm just waking up and looking about ...
Amazon Prime RULEZ!
who what where
Amazon Prime
Get Free movies.
Free 2 day shipping on stuff
and so on
1:07 AM
ah sounds like i don't need it
Anton Krotov
just heard of him via a comment
1:26 AM
i gotta go hitching today. been in one place too long
wot no onebox
3 hours later…
4:04 AM
4:47 AM
@Karlson easy. Flip a coin :)
@hippietrail the long-stay-visa is a slippery slope for a tag. I worry people are going to use it for their 'moving to a place for 2 years' questions which is essentially immigration and off-topic :/
(yes, you can move to a place for 2 years temporarily, but many won't see it like that, and use it as fodder for immigration questions)
5:17 AM
@hippietrail I am restarting my machine now.. updated.. so the VM will be offline for few minutes..
1 hour later…
6:21 AM
@MarkMayo isnt that basically what a long-term visa is?
i've lived and worked in the US for a day short of 71 months, but i haven't immigrated here
7:11 AM
@Doc yes, I was on a 'long term' working holiday visa (2 years) and then a 5 year ancestry visa for the UK, but I hadn't immigrated as such. However, it's bordering very dangerously on immigration, which is my worry
5 hours later…
11:58 AM
I think in about 24 hours I'm going to suffer some very serious thermal shock :/
was almost 40 degrees in brisbane today
uk is barely above freezing...
12:10 PM
at least the Qantas first class lounge in Brisbane has real champagne, to help take the edge off it :)
it's a very casual lounge though, I'm wearing jeans and a shirt and I'm probably the smartest dressed person here!
on a related note, if anyone wants guesting into the Malaysian Airlines first class lounge in KUL in about 9 hours, let me know... :)
greetings from a genuine chinese ghost city!
@MarkMayo i thought about that and considered calling it "european long term visa" or "long sojurn" visa, but in our questions it was mostly called "long stay visa" and i thought people would complain about a tag name that long, if it's not too long for the system to even allow
one of the ones with loads of unfinished tower blocks and almost no people?
@HaLaBi: no worries. i'm back on the road in non-touristy areas. this place has a computer but i haven't checked yet for a wi-fi signal
@Gagravarr: in this one all the buildings seem to be finished and very new. but half look never occupied and half look like businesses tried and failed already
but there's also a chance it's some kind of place for university students but my friend near beijing is about to do his finals so i don't think school is out at the moment. i'll get some photos in the morning
to find where i am look for hohhot on google maps, then look for the freeway to beijing. just north of the onramp is the surreal place where i am
12:56 PM
@HaLaBi to earn the tumbleweed badge you need "Asked a question with no votes, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week. " and there were some comments from 29th dec so don't blame @MarkMayo
1:12 PM
man it's not easy getting google chrome to run in english on a chinese system. but it's done now!
@Dirty-flow: but it's fun to blame mark mayo - try it - you'll like it d-;
I will :)
wtf! :)
@MarkMayo I blame you for answering too many question about germany
there's a crowd outside my hotel! how is that possible in a ghost city?
1:16 PM
I blame Germany for being too questionable ;)
feels good doesn't it @Dirty-flow? (-:
yes, it does :)
we should have some offical "apportioning blame week" to cheer us up now that we are all topless
that pent up or something? I don't remember the last time I answered something about Germany
he probably just assumed you answer all questions about all countries. i know i do
1:18 PM
I think it was the question about citi bank in germany
and you wrote many times taNgo bank instead of tarGo
this was the one where the bank has now changed their name or something?
it takes two to tango, but it takes dirty flow to targo
If I vote to close every unanswered question, it'll basically encourage the community to only keep the really good ones, right?
it will convince you'be been possessed by the spirit of a vandal
1:20 PM
@hippietrail this was the question:
Q: CitiBank Branch in Leipzig

Hady ElsaharI'm searching for a Citibank branch in Leipzig. I've checked google maps and it's not really updated because the one that was mentioned in Goethestrasse was changed into a TargoBank.

two bee or knot two bee?
how the hell does travel.stackexchange.com/questions/8484/… have 9000 views??
ah yes targobank withnospaces
it seems to be a popular destination
1:22 PM
I think the latest answer is actually valid, despite the downvote from someone. it does link to a page about the trains
can anyone read chinese? i'm trying to install teamviewer but i can't find an english specific installer or how to set the installer to english
sorry, no
let me try the chinese.stackexchange chatroom then d-:
1:33 PM
bah most SE sites don't chat! why aren't they all friendly and sociable like us?
this is my little ghost city by the way: ditu.google.com/…
@MarkMayo I flagged it as spam, it doesn't answer the question
Q: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code

Joe Z.So, now that it's 2014, it's time for a code question involving the number 2014. Your task is to make a program that prints the number 2014 without using any of the characters 0123456789 in your code. The shortest code (counting in bytes) to do so in any language in which numbers are valid toke...

the befunge answer. Goodness.
yeah i looked at that one a few days ago
2:04 PM
@dirty-flow I was happy that I blamed @markmayo and now you busted that..
Q: Install English TeamViewer 9 on Chinese Windows

hippietrailI need to install English language TeamViewer on a computer in China running Chinese Windows XP. I don't own the computer so can't change the OS. It's in a hotel with a computer but without Wi-Fi. But I've found I am able to install software (I don't know if it will get erased on reboot). I use...

@HaLaBi: I blame you for making dirtyflow blame you for blaming mark!
3 hours later…
4:43 PM
While traveling, is there a way one could find and meet psychics ?
Also, since one is traveling is there a yardstick to measure their accuracy ?
psychics = cons
or liars...
uhhmmm.. all of them ?
@happybuddha if you insist, I can send you my account number, I will be more than happy :D
psychics, or fortune tellers or prophecy tellers
also, if you really insist, go to Nigeria...
4:47 PM
like Nostradamus
I personally do not believe in them.. so for me all of them are liars... again, personally..
ok.. you give me a presdiction, and if it comes true, I will send you some money :)
you will meet someone sometime soon
and that someone will be the reason from something that will happen to you.
I remember seeing this on cable wwaaayyy waaaayyyy back when I was a kid may be 8 or 9. There was this African clan leader... and his clan was hungry traveling for days and finding no animals to eat
and that something will happen to you, will be something either good or bad.
4:49 PM
so this guy, leads his clan to a shore and using his religious staff, draws something on the banks, and sings a song, and lo and behold, fish start jumping out from the river and his clan eats them all
even whales can do that!
for real ? Thats some thing I can predict myself :P
wait.. I will try to find the video on youtube,,,,
I have tried like crazy, didnt find any
It was from the very early days of Discovery channels pilot, I think
22+ years ago
i am talking about the whale that draws a line on shallow water.. and then fish will jump and they eat it..
4:56 PM
hmm... lemme know if you find it
@happybuddha got it! they are dolphins:
so, that clan leader must be doing something similar.. he learned from another sea creature. he was not being a psychic
also killer whales do something similar, using air bubbles...
amazing how that guy had this type of knowledge
looks like a scene from that movie life of pie
i guess, these people posses some kind of knowledge and they do not share it, they just use it to impress people so they follow him...
I was looking at the question Andra asked about hte new year time zone.. and the answer had these islands
Kiribati and Samoa
Whenever I look at these tiny islands/countries and I see how populous they are ... I always wonder what the circle of life is. How did so many people come to inhabit this place? How do people in their society become rich/ poor ? How does the economy of any country work ?
Does anyone else think on these lines ? If so, what are your findings ?
that's a good question..
i have seen a long documentary about how do people reach these parts of the world..
and how that all people have originated from one part..
5:10 PM
what is your view on the cycle of money ?
maybe if you go there 200 years ago then things would have been different..
maybe they used to trade stuff for stuff... don't know..
but really that's a good question...
right now, globalization made all societies look the same in many aspects..
When I wonder about money, I think all the money goes into the Earth. Either for minerals, or for food.
you eat sushi in Africa, and eat big mac in china...
i never understand how money works to be honest..
i mean, why don't the country just prints so many bills and give it to people.. i am so ignorant in economy to that point...
My ignorance of basic economics is never gonna let me get rich
can't wait till pot is legal down in the South. Then I guess, some marijuana farming may look promising :)
well, how about living in the most rich country on earth? with over 80 large gold mines and basically on an ocean of oil... but 80% of population living on rented houses?
5:17 PM
so what
Recently I was in Singapore, and am told almost 80% of the population lives in govt. subsidized apartment homes.
or rents them from the govt.
so, being poor or lets say middle is an option of the country... at least here...
which country is the richest country on earth ?
look at Qatar or emirates, the poorest one is considered rich in other countries...
money is always controlled by a very small group of people.. and that's a global thing..
seriously ? are you Arab guys even poor or middle ? I always thought you guys were filthy rich
i do not know, define richest?
you mean as minerals and oil? or you mean as money in banks of that country???
@happybuddha that's what fairy tales say...
5:19 PM
I was asking you which country you are from (from your question : well, how about living in the most rich country on earth? _
in reality.. no.. we are middle class people.. most of us.. some arab countries like Egypt per capita is around 2000 usd maybe...
Saudi Arabia is a rich country, rich government.. most people are not!
most people are having Toyota, and living in apartments..
Saudia should annexe itself with the USA. :)
income is fine, but for the country income, it is considered trash...
with all the oil and all the weapons, we can be the bullies of the world. :D
it is already!
that's a fact...
without USA, saudi would have been nothing! and without Saudi, USA would never made its wars in the area...
5:22 PM
I am saying we should become one country
hey Saudi Arabia already reads SA. Just a U away from USA
dude.. am still waiting for you to search me a job
let me google the physical height/weight restrictions for a commercial pilot
pilots can be big.. i have seen some biiiig ones..
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ones..
wide bodied one!
A380 ones...
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11:45 PM

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