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3:00 PM
@Ste You really make people work for it.
You are lucky I am flush with votes today.
@Robusto - I know but it is my only chance of gold!
Folk are welcome to retract votes once I have the hat.
Teehee, I wonder how many ninja edits we'll get for that after this whole mess is over.
I just popped my quim, as after 21 minutes, nothing hatly had occurred at votes=+3.
21 minutes? Are you jesting? You should be happy if anything happens in 21 hours. Sad but true.
You think those OVER 9000 visitors know how to register and gain the right to vote?
You'd need, like, English for that, dude.
Does German have the word Engerling?
3:04 PM
What do I know.
Een engerling is de larve van een kever die tot de familie bladsprietkevers behoort. De meest bekende is de larve van de meikever, maar ook larven van de junikever en de Johanneskever worden engerling genoemd, naast veel andere soorten. Er zijn wel meer insecten die een larve hebben die een andere naam heeft dan het volwassen insect, zoals de emelt, de larve van langpootmug, en de ritnaald of koperworm voor de schadelijke larven van kniptorren. Levenswijze Een engerling heeft een karakteristiek uiterlijk; een duidelijk 'C'- vormig gekromd rups-achtig lichaam met een zakvormig verdikt ac...
Ah, it does!
That's right up Vitaly's alley.
And for once the picture is correct.
It is eng, isn't it?
Does eng mean both narrow and scary in German (as in Dutch)?
Een enge man.
3:06 PM
That would have to be something with angst or ängst.
@Cerberus furchteinflößend.
What is a Perl file exension?
3:06 PM
Then I wonder why German also has Engerling, because that is a very eng creature in Dutch, but not in German?
@RegDwigнt That's long, yay!
@KitFox that's what I used, but I am sure you'll be told you can use anything.
That's Polish.
@Cerberus ängstlich would be not scary but anxious.
Right, angstig.
3:07 PM
@Cerberus if you think an Engerling is scary, you haven't met my Ph.D. supervisor :)
We also have bang.
@rumtscho he wouldn't remember if he did.
@rumtscho Hello! Indeed, I have not. Is he very furchteinflößend?
See. He does not remember.
Do you have bang?
3:08 PM
I have some interro.
@Cerberus we have "bange" too, but it is an adverb.
Angst und bange.
And it means "scared"?
It means nothing except outside of a bunch of fixed expressions.
3:09 PM
I guess you can say "mir ist bange", but who does that.
"Mir wurde bange" -- "joh Alter, yolo".
It is the normal word for "scared" in Dutch, even "ik ben bang dat ik je niet verder kan helpen" = I'm afraid I can't help you any further.
I'm upset. I have 20 hats. It should be impossible to have 20 hats, shouldn't it? I mean, 20 hats = get the Milliner = 21 hats, right? Right? ... Turns out, you need 20 hats on one site. I don't have Old Hat on ELU. Harumph.
@RegDwigнt Hah, I didn't know German used joh.
@Cerberus I met the other Ph.D. students from our department the last two days. One of them mentioned, "back when I started, after the first three mails I got from our boss, I was sure I will get fired". She has a very aggressive writing style. Not really a bad person, but you wouldn't know it when she writes something to you. So, yes, she is scary.
3:10 PM
Oh, dear. Die Frau Führerin?
@Marthaª you do not have the Old Hat on ELU.
They have to be all on one site.
Also, it turns out the three-hat hat has to be on one site and the same day.
I believe that's what I just said?
@Marthaª I didn't read past "I'm upset I have 20". I went looking right away.
I am fast. I never said I'm also thorough.
Well. I guess I owe you some form of coke now.
Google Image Search for "some form of coke".
OK, so I'm back to obsessively checking the review queue for 2 more late answers (or 3 more reopens). Either that, or semantically satiate two more people. (Two, folks. Two.)
@Marthaª I'm obsessively checking that queue too. race ya.
3:15 PM
@Marthaª I had the same issue. I was so cranky. I got 21 hats, so then I was like, OK where's my Milliner? and then turns out, I had a different hat on another site, so I had to have 22 before I got the 20-hat. Argh!
Also note:
Q: How do I have exactly 20 hats?

Doorknob of SnowI have exactly 20 hats on Stack Overflow: How does that work? I thought that once you get to 20 The Milliner immediately bumped you up to 21. I seem to have it though, which is weird.... Also, I recall having 19 hats before getting those headphones (yay sekrits, it must have something to do w...

I had a dream last night that I was going bald, and when I woke up the cat was licking my hair.
@Robusto Aw. (Also, envious.)
@Marthaª me too. I wish I had hair.
Ghost of Winterbash Past coming soon.
3:16 PM
@Marthaª -Could you please vote on this and this? I'm 99% of the way to the gold hat!
@MrHen Yeah, that's where I checked before coming here, which is why I already knew what RegDwight told me.
@Ste what badge is that? populist?
Anybody needs more votes? Because I haven't visited the site in a while, so probably haven't voted for any of you. Please put in requests quickly, I want to turn this computer off in 5 minutes and go home
It will get populist and trigger the gold hat
@rumtscho - Can you vote this up please: english.stackexchange.com/a/130385/20739
@Ste I did the two of your last message, it reminded me to write my offer :)
3:18 PM
@rumtscho - thanks! :)
@rumtscho and english.stackexchange.com/a/142144/20739 if you will!
@Ste Both of those already have my upvotes.
And for people other than me to get the site count up:
@rumtscho and do drop by later for the secret Unicorn hat.
3:22 PM
@Marthaª - no worries. I just need one vote on the accepted for gold hat. I am giddy at the thought!
@RegDwigнt what do I have to do for it? Just visit the chat twice on a day?
It's a long shot but this is my closest candidate for populist
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 - well now you're one closer! :)
@rumtscho no, you have to post five comments on our meta. We have a dedicated place for that, so it only takes two minutes, but it does take the two minutes.
@RegDwigнt ok, thanks for telling me. I will be online again today, I just don't want to sit at work anymore. Almost everybody has left for Christmas anyway.
3:26 PM
@rumtscho see this meta thread. It's quite strange, isn't it? All these comments about points... Just post a couple comments of yours. You don't even have to be witty. But make sure there are five comments of yours in total. That is all.
Yay, I now have Upboated and a total of 33 hats!
You can do that any time at your own leisure.
We'll keep an eye on it.
And yeah, I myself am only still at work because there'll be free pizza for everyone in an hour.
I'm also drinking beer right now.
And typing here, of course.
Nice job.
On a second thought, I did write invoices for half a million Euro today.
So. Prost!
3:28 PM
That's going to be a tad annoying to get
@RegDwigнt Web Applications have stolen a 300 hat lead on us!
Wasn't it 290?
I hate Web applications.
I say that in my capacity as the Web guy.
Possible, I just looked at the summary totals...
It's like 394 actually.
Can you find out how Kalina got the Eureka on Meta SO?
3:31 PM
Did they put on a hundred hats or did I just count wrong the last time around?
We will never know.
@Ste you can ask @KitFox to ask her.
@Ste We had a big discussion about Eureka yesterday but none of us figured it out.
I think they are like so.
The real problem is that the people with Eureka don't know what they got it for, and I have grounds to believe them.
1 vote needed on this for gold hat please: english.stackexchange.com/a/130385/20739
@Ste The problem with this query is that 99% of those people already have the Hi-Ho Silver hat, and the other 1% aren't participating in the hat thing.
@Ste bump the question. A stray vote will come your way eventually.
3:33 PM
Bump with an edit?
it's cool, I voted
@Marthaª then again, it might get some people their UpDos.
can you make simple sentence for inundate(v) and municipal(adj)?
One upvote is not enough for that, but if many people are looking at the same list, chances are someone will get more than one.
I just got wind of the unicorn hat in meta. It's five upvotes on a comment, no?
3:34 PM
@IceGirl The municipal authorities were inundated with phone calls after the press conference.
8 mins ago, by RegDwigнt
@rumtscho see this meta thread. It's quite strange, isn't it? All these comments about points... Just post a couple comments of yours. You don't even have to be witty. But make sure there are five comments of yours in total. That is all.
@Marthaª Can we edit the query so that it shows scores of 24 and the user doesn't have hi-ho silver?
How ya like me now?
@Ste Unlikely: the hat data isn't part of data explorer.
@Robusto that's one bushiddy hat.
3:35 PM
Why is Ghost of Winterbash Past a samurai helmet? Is that what Marley wore?
@Robusto no, because the last year that's the hat you got for Necromancer, too.
@Marthaª I need one sentence for each one
Some of those words weren't in the right order, but you get the gist.
Ah. Tradition. Then it shoulda been a yarmulke.
how do you get the samurai?
3:36 PM
@MrHen necro.
You should be there soon.
@RegDwigнt Sheesh, I do that all the time. Apparently none of my answers have 5 yet?
Everyone just remember not to upvote more than a couple posts of the same user per day. Otherwise they'll get regarded as cheating by the script and retracted.
Oooh - I am standing by for gold! dances
3:37 PM
If you had patience you would get a Yearling gold.
@IceGirl The municipal building is in need of repair. During last week's flood, it was inundated with sludge from the factory next door.
@RegDwigнt Amusingly, this whole event would be fantastic data for tuning their cheat detection. :P
@RegDwigнt Get him to fight Gamera.
3:38 PM
@MrHen I dunno about them but I am plenty sure the NSA are keeping a close eye on this.
@Marthaª Thank you
My son is getting the one with Garmatron this year. From Santa.
Hah, we left those Unix & Lunix pikers in the dust!
@KitFox I got that one just for that stupid two-storey figure. Wasn't too disappointed, actually.
Now Web Apps. That will be an uphill battle.
3:39 PM
Good to know. The youngest is getting Malibu Mansion Attack.
@Robusto worse.
8 mins ago, by RegDwigнt
Did they put on a hundred hats or did I just count wrong the last time around?
A: Prodigal vs. Spendthrift

MrHenDictionary definitions show that the words are very similar. Especially in the sense that they are using each other to define themselves: prodigal — adjective wastefully or recklessly extravagant: prodigal expenditure. giving or yielding profusely; lavish (usually followed by of or...

It's doable, though. I think Arqade is a stretch.
Here we go, that's a good candidate for necro.
Crap I can't upvote you today. Too risky.
Will check back.
I'm keeping tabs. All 15124985 of them.
3:40 PM
@RegDwigнt 2,266 vs 2,643. We need to find at least 400 hats somewhere.
@MrHen - you got mine.
@Robusto I am somewhat sure it was but 290 this morning.
Though some 600 yesterday morning.
Might have been a caching issue.
Fluctuations gonna fluctuate.
I answered my own question about ten minutes ago, but so far no hat.
Also, no revival hat. WTF?
3:43 PM
@MrHen oh and yeah. They'd only block out their most active contributors.
Who cheaters the cheaters?
@Robusto is the answer upvoted yet?
... and it is not.
@RegDwigнt Uh, no.
... and now it is.
Forgot that part.
Rules are hard.
But you could might need two.
@Robusto how about shopping?
A: Is English particularly well suited for so-called "natural language programming"?

RobustoThere are too many ambiguities in English as a whole to make it useful as an NPL. Even in languages that use pieces of English, prepositions like in and from can point to the same idea but yield drastically different results when the implied meaning "looks right" to the human eye but causes the i...

@RegDwigнt Even if I Photoshop the rules, they'll still be the rules.
3:46 PM
@Robusto not if you subsequently nuke them.
I have a hand to lend in that.
And a nuke.
There's a low quality post in the review queue. I already have enough of those. Anybody else want to pounce?
I now only need Reopen Votes. 549 of them.
What's the link for individual leaderboard? Oh, never mind.
Might as well save them up for the next Winter Bash.
I bet they'll ask for another gold badge then.
@Robusto it's on the winterbash page.
3:48 PM
@KitFox hai!
@tylerharms it's the third time he asks that question. It's okay.
Did we figure out Eureka! yet?
@MattЭллен I never see you anymore. Happy Christmas!
@Robusto Nope.
@KitFox I know :( Merry chirstmas to you too :)
3:48 PM
that hat's got to restrict brain power.
That is hard for many SE users.
So @Marthaª will be getting the Bounty Hunter from me.
Who will I be having the Bounty Hunter from?
As far as Kit's question is concerned, I'd rather take the IG88, thanks.
There is no evidence that any natural language would be better suited than another, and I am strongly inclined to believe that there is little difference. Apparent ambiguity is a feature, not a bug, of natural languages, because it is extremely efficient for humans. — Cerberus 16 secs ago
I tried to make my answer crappy enough, too.
I would like to see an unlit bulb that could be awarded to questions and answers that make no sense at all.
@Robusto A dimlit hat?
3:51 PM
@Robusto I think you get a waffle toaster.
English is no different, all natural languages have this problem.
@Cerberus You are focusing too much on the language part; not enough on the programming part
@Cerberus excepts that English is the best language
@MrHen I don't think so.
@MattЭллен I think that's Latin.
3:52 PM
@Cerberus no, see, Latin died, so it's clearly not very good.
@MattЭллен Ssshhh! We're trying not to tell @Cerberus about that. He still believes in Zwart Piet too.
@MattЭллен Latin didn't die, it just changed its name and multiplied.
@MattЭллен Blasphemy!
3:54 PM
@Robusto What do you mean "believe"? They exist! They flock the streets!
@Marthaª That happens to women, too. They change their name and multiply.
By the way, your icons are all totally unrecognisable.
Except Matt's.
@Hugo has the bunny ears. Gah.
@Cerberus My icon seeks neither your recognition nor your approval. It is kabuto!
Kaputt, yes.
3:56 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 You just need the one vote now
Robusto + kaputt = kabuto? Sounds like a pleonasm...
@Cerberus Buchstabierst du noch einmal, bitte.
Habe ich doch schon getan.
Kaput, nicht kaputt.
Dat sollte ausreichen.
3:57 PM
Unless you're talking about German golf.
When Bernhard Langer goes over par he is kaputt.
@Robusto THWACK!
(That felt good.)
Both languages have kaputt.
And, yes, I'm using a dictionary as proof, shoot me!
@Cerberus Bang!
Hmm, kaput obtains as well.
I dunno. Sorry for getting all up in your grill.
3:59 PM
@Robusto I think the golf term is pronounced poot? Or am I mistaken? I don't play golf.

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