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Q: Can I safely play Dead Rising 3 in Germany?

ExaI'm planning to buy Dead Rising 3 for XBox One from the UK or Austria since it is banned in Germany. My questions is: Does Microsoft enforce the law of your location? Will they restrict me from playing a game that is banned in my region? I like the online features of XBox One so playing offlin...

I have returned!
/me goes away
Do you know what the best part of christmas shopping for yourself is? Christmas shopping for yourself!
12:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You seem the right person to ask this: should I refrigerate Jack Daniel's ?
@RavenDreamer No. Chill, maybe, but not to the temp of a fridge.
@MBraedley So just leave the capped bottle room temp?
@RavenDreamer Yeah, that's fine.
I wouldn't store it below 10°C (50°F)
1:13 AM
So, just finished a final. I hope my sense of humor went over well...
The question asked, "what RAID architecture would you use for your network storage and why?"
Because bigger is better!
@RavenDreamer Yeah, there's really no reason to refrigerate most alcohol.
I replied: "RAID 2 offers reliability without too much adverse impact on performance, which is important when you have as many animated cat GIFs as I do."
Sometimes you'll chill/freeze to serve it, but otherwise, there's not much benefit.
Ideally, you want to store most beverages at what's loosely defined as 'cellar temperature', which is ~40-60 f
@Yuki I'm trying to imagine how many .GIFs you'd need to make a RAID backup a sensible investment.
1:17 AM
@Ullallulloo Good try, though.
Gorram it, nickelodeon. How do you not support firefox?
@raven whatever that number is, there are at least that many animated cat GIFs.
Every time one of their videos cuts to a commercial, it fails to load an ad and hangs.
@Yuki This is true.
The final episode ever of The Best Show on WFMU is in 35 minutes aaaaaaaaaa
cheating at merry clickmas is fun!
1:32 AM
@spugsley HI
Christmas is coming :3
55 mins ago, by MBraedley
Do you know what the best part of christmas shopping for yourself is? Christmas shopping for yourself!
@MBraedley :D
I may have done a little of that today. I was in World Market and they had old fashion sodas...and I bought some....
(I was supposed to be Christmas shopping :p )
It's a very emotional song.
1:40 AM
Q: Why is Shadow Escapers crashing?

Memor-Xi have Shadow Escapers on my iPad, even since i updated to the new version of iOS every time i start it up, about 5 seconds later it shuts down which is problematic as the loading takes far more then 5 seconds. There hasn't been an update for it since iOS 7 came out and it took me a while to get...

in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Cole Johnson
You fat idiots. You aren't even worth the clothes on your backs! Get a life, and quit complaining about your "small" minimum wage! If you want more money, here's a radical idea: GET AN EDUCATION! You people are so annoying.
Do flags from MetaSO not show up on other chatrooms?
@ElfSlice chat.stackoverflow and chat.stackexchange are separated.
@LessPop_MoreFizz huh. I noticed that I have to actually go to SO to get to the chat for it.
So basically he can say whatever he wants and not get banned
@MBraedley I almost bought myself a PS4 last night. <_<
The Nutcracker Bundle is live with 5 great indie games .. including some PixelJunk Monsters http://bit.ly/indieroyale
^ This bundle is actually dope
CC @Krazer
1:58 AM
@ElfSlice no, MSO has it's own separate base of active users who see those flags and can action them.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That explains why it took like 15 minutes for it to be actioned and it didn't even get validated
I have a Correspondence Stone!
@ElfSlice There was also the whole episode where stack overflow chat was being used as a sexy time chat for indian teenagers.
@LessPop_MoreFizz wat
cc @RedRiderX @SaintWacko @AshleyNunn @EveryoneElseWhoPlaysFallenLondon
2:03 AM
Someone on MSO told me I hate fun
What is wrong with The Bridge
@ElfSlice We just tolerate your fun-hating more than MSO does.
MSO tends to run newer builds of the SO stack than everyone else
including chat
Just kidding
@ElfSlice Oh My.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 39 secs ago, by jmac
You use foul language and post videos a lot -- some with questionable cover art. So clicking on blind links isn't on my list of things to do.
They hate me on MSO too
2:06 AM
Just installed Aaaaaaaaa! on my Nexus 7 and it wasn't the first app alphabetically.
@ElfSlice He's not wrong.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Shut up okay
I'm working on it
I have yet to be flagged in MSO chat
And I was only told that a certain thumbnail might not be okay like once
@Krazer It's fantastic.
@ElfSlice That's great. I'm happy to hear it, and would be the first to say that you've made progress on the matter. Doesn't make him wrong.
@Yuki :O
@LessPop_MoreFizz It makes me really upset that someone doesn't like me.
2:11 AM
Put it under your pillow to help you sleep!
That can't go wrong.
@ElfSlice He didn't say he doesn't like you. He told you why he isn't interested on clicking on links that you post.
Those aren't the same thing.
Are you sure? They seem like it.
@ElfSlice No they are not.
I like you and I still post "ಠ_ಠ" when there is questionable stuff posted.
@RedRiderX This.
@BenBrocka What game is your PSN profile panel from?
2:16 AM
@RedRiderX Yeah but you know me
these people don't know me
@Krazer You look different on MSO!
Q: Where to find those daytime server in Dayz Standalone

WarfaceBeen about 2 hours that I log in and out of servers all around the world to find one with daytime. Some says in there description that they are 24/7 daylight but it's not. It is because it's not implemented yet or all server at on the same GMT time ? Any clue on how to find them with their host ...

@ElfSlice Yeah so doesn't that prove that it's independent of "liking you"?
Do you guys not just immediately dislike someone who does something you don't like?
Also, since I don't think anyone claimed this:
22 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
If you have an Xbox 360 and would like a free copy of The Maw, you should use this code: D29YZYSL7H at http://www.onehotholiday.com because it is worthless to me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz DIBS
2:19 AM
idk maybe
@ElfSlice go to the web page and type in the code
Try to be friendly if that doesn't work move on.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Shit is this america only?
@ElfSlice Could be? I dunno I got it from my mcdonalds fries
2:20 AM
I need a valid zip code for a valid state
What's yours
@ElfSlice 11001 New York should work.
@RedRiderX doesn't appear to do location
It's not me, but it's close enough.
Address SEEMS to be there.
2:22 AM
(That's New York, NY.)
Don't judge me my caps went off.
> You are the potential winner of One (1) The Maw Xbox 360 Game Download!
@ElfSlice Er, is that your actual street? If so, you may wanna remove that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks, seems to have worked.
@FAE Good luck finding it
too late anyway
@ElfSlice mods will remove stuff like this for you, ping @badp
2:23 AM
Q: What counts towards weapon skill?

Dakine83What actions in game count towards your skill with a given weapon? For example, I can get 408 points in a round for a weapon, which indicates it's not simply the 100pts per kill being applied to the stat. My assumption is kill assist points also apply. Does anything else?

@ElfSlice Found it!
@Fluttershy Can you see my pool?
@ElfSlice I can. It looks very clean
@Fluttershy It's not.
Also it's covered up and full of snow
@ElfSlice doxing yourself may be bad for your health.
@ElfSlice your personal info.
Is this legit or is this satire
This has to be satire
@ElfSlice That is not real.
@Ullallulloo Unfortunately it seems to be
Looks like it's only for entry into the Senate though
or something
> UPDATE: Huffington Post is reporting that "according to a tweet from Stand With Texas Women, the Department of Public Safety has stopped confiscating tampons and maxi pads." Burnt Orange report claims that Sen. Kirk Watson ordered the DPS to stop banning the products in question and called confiscating them "boneheaded" and "crazy."
@ElfSlice I know you're ignoring me on Steam. :P
2:28 AM
@ElfSlice Welcome to large swathes of the U.S.
@ElfSlice You know it's bad when you can't tell the real world from satire.
Why do you folks flag any random thing?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks for the game, by the way. I've actually wanted this one for a while now.
Q: Did Texas ban tampons and diabetes supplies from the Senate Chamber while allowing guns?

FabianFrom an article on Forward Progressives: The Texas Department of Public Safety forced women to hand over their tampons and pads before entering the Senate chamber today. Not only that, but they were also forcing diabetics to hand over sugar packets and other diabetes supplies which are ...

Apparently that's really old.
Explained here though:
This may have something to do with the fact that liberal protestors wanted to throw tampons and pads at legislators; while legal gun carriers had no plans to shoot any legislators. — DVK Jul 23 at 17:13
2:30 AM
@Ullallulloo I remember reading about it back when it got suggested. So strange.
@LpSamuelm It was only for part of one event, it seems.
@Ullallulloo Yeah, I doubt they'd be able to pass that as actual legislation.
> Also confiscated were feminine pads, suspected urine, feces, and paint.
How do you confiscate feces?
@ElfSlice a toilet unless you're uncivilized
A: How should I handle chat flags?

Mr. Peanut Monopoly McManishWhat does it mean? This means that a message on the chat server was flagged as spam/offensive, and you are asked to review it. If you mark it as valid, the number of flags on the message is incremented (and decremented if you mark it as invalid). If it reaches 6, then the message is deleted a...

2:33 AM
@FrostEngineer Lmfao
Feel free to edit that
it's almost Christmas :3
@Ullallulloo Yes. Because throwing a gun at your senator isn't nearly as dangerous as throwing a packet of sugar.
I mean, what if your senator is diabetic?
@spugsley And there's wine!
@TimStone Tell me how to get the Doge hat
2:41 AM
@TimStone yay!
@Yuki The difference being that there were no plans to throw guns.
Q: How much do you think I could sell my extra steam keys for?

Garrett LozanoI have some extra steam keys. I was wondering what you think I could get for them. I am going to try and get $40 for the first bundle, $55 for the second bundle, and $55 for the third bundle. First Bundle: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Killing Floor, Little Inferno for A...

It was just to prevent interruptions.
@spugsley I knoooooow
@ElfSlice Magic.
2:43 AM
@TimStone Seriously, just tell me. I won't tell anyone else
Oh, I have no idea.
@Lazers ... wow.
If I don't get the Doge hat I'm going to delete my account.
@ElfSlice It's not a hat
2:43 AM
I've been dealing with baby (non-)emergencies since hats came out.
@ElfSlice Toodles
@ElfSlice You know we always star when you say you're going to delete your account.
@TimStone New emergency: I need the Doge hat or I have to delete my account
@ElfSlice Stars aren't binding.
PINS are binding.
@ElfSlice Last year there were a bunch of meme/troll images in the hat sprite too, just for the heck of it
2:44 AM
If the Doge hat doesn't exist I don't have to delete my account.
@TimStone New emergency destroy all traces of the Doge hat
I honestly didn't even know there was a doge hat.
Is this a thing, can someone confirm?
The Doge Hat is an object of legend
It's just part of the sprites, that's all
@ManishEarth GIMME DOGE
2:45 AM
2 days ago, by Ktash
@ManishEarth wow
@ManishEarth I want Twilight Sparkle to be real. :(
Q: Steam Trading APIs

Vishwa IyerI've seen sites such as www.scrap.tf, www.tf2outpost.com, www.trade.tf, etc. that all use Steam APIs for trading, bots, etc. How do these sites accomplish this? What is the Steam API documentation?

@Fluttershy It isn't?
I mean, I can figure why it wouldn't be, copyright infringement and all that...
2:48 AM
4 mins ago, by ManishEarth
@ElfSlice Last year there were a bunch of meme/troll images in the hat sprite too, just for the heck of it
@Fluttershy fuck that noise
@Fluttershy Ah. So it's probably not there, due to copyright infringement if they did actually make one.
@Yuki that transformer one seems like it wouldn't be an option then either.
Unless they pulled off some Hasbro deal we haven't heard about. :P
3:04 AM
> $168.00 + $4.49 shipping
> "Instant delivery from USA" "Ordering for Christmas? Then you are an asshole Based on the shipping schedule of Jet Filament, this item will arrive after December 25"
> HE WAS FAST AS &@#$ ! sending it to me also was a nice guy I will be buying from him again....actually my friend and I are right now
Seems legit.
@Fluttershy bahaha that's awesome
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why is there a shipping charge
@Lazers This seems bad.
3:12 AM
@Fluttershy yeaaah,
@TimStone lol I just noticed that you have a hat and it looks really silly :p
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by balpha
@TimStone It's 2013 and you're still using an identicon. Why do you care about custom positioning? ;)
@TimStone Yeah, why don't you have an actual avatar?
@MBraedley He is too cool for an actual avatar
@MBraedley Mostly because I was lazy, but also so I can continue to be faq-famous...although I suppose my name works just as well for that.
3:17 AM
or maybe he looks like that in real life
...Actually yes, what @AshleyNunn said. Both parts. Don't judge me.
Q: How to get great forest 100% ? and withered lands 100% ? and help in some specific locations of Bloodstones . I have 51

user64223How to get great forest 100% ? and withered lands 100% ? and help in some specific locations of Bloodstones . I have 51 . And it seems that there is 54 in total. And maybe someone can tell about some specific locations of bloodstones especially in Great Forest

@TimStone You can still be FAQ-famous - I'll always remember your current identicon
Even my GitHub gravatar is a play on my identicon‌​.
@TimStone Set that as your SE avatar
3:19 AM
Maybe. Maybe.
It was for like 30 seconds one time. Wow, what a time that was.
Speaking of avatars, I don't see how this snorkel and mask are helping; they're obviously too big.
@MBraedley because he is @TimStone
Tim ber and Stone.
See, @spugsley understands. She can totally have some of the awesome food my girlfriend is making.
@Fluttershy ...Now I have a strange desire to go get a beer, huh.
Ah, food is done. \o/
3:23 AM
Okay, I should have gone to bed long ago. Later.
Q: How can I make sure I don't miss my NPC's sidequests?

SternoIn Avadon 1, each companion had a loyalty mission which would cement them to your side. It appears as if Avadon 2 has the same concept. I'm playing a Blademaster, and want a Blademaster/Tinkermage/Mage party, so my other two members are always Yannick and Alcander. I stumbled upon Alcander's ques...

@MBraedley Me tooooooooo
@TimStone Me too please? :P
@TimStone You have pretty eyes.
@FAE he does indeed :3
3:30 AM
Q: Do you need homes for NPCs spawned with Spawners?

Memor-XI was reading on Both Wikis that you can spawn humans and guards, i am wondering if you need homes for them

Q: How do you get rid of a bf bifta

user64225I accidentally "purchased" 3 BF Biftas and want to permanatly get rid of it and all the cars i want are expensive. So if i get two impounded and fill up my garage with crappy stolen cars and then sell those will it get rid of the unwanted BF Biftas? I tried to destroy them but when I tried to cal...

Ugh, I need this night to end so this day can stop being awful. Goodnight all.
@Lazers That seems mistagged.
@Frank I feel bad that I didn't have a clue who you were right away
@AshleyNunn No worries.
It was a name and gravatar change at the same time.
3:35 AM
@AshleyNunn It's fibbikert!
Well I know that now!
Q: Does making a planet a Homeworld remove mobs from a dungeon?

Memor-XI read that when you make a world your Homeworld you practically control every aspect of it. I am wondering, if a world had a dungeon like a Glitch Castle which has hostile enemies in it, would dungeons like this become empty of hostiles?

@AshleyNunn Oh my gosh that is a fancy Diamond Cap!
Very exclusive!
@RedRiderX why thank you, kind sir.
@FAE Thank ye! ^^
@AshleyNunn Of course!
3:40 AM
@TimStone yaaaaaaaaay
And I asked about the recipe, so you'll get it sometime in the near future. :P
You are the bestest
Almost forgot to watch this trailer today.
bawwww I just looked at wedding photos and now I'm all :3
@spugsley Wedding pictures always make me go all mushy
3:46 AM
@AshleyNunn yeah :3 I have to sort through them to find ones of my grandmother but I got lost in all of them lololol I'm so dumb
not dumb
@AshleyNunn I agree with this statement
Q: Is it possible to get mods to run the GOG Mac version of Fallout?

HebonI want to install Fixt on Fallout 1, but I cant seem to find anything.

Is it just me, or has winter bash increased the number of crappy questions per day?
3:49 AM
Don't worry.
I'm not testing anything.
Nothing nefarious is going on...
@RedRiderX ....are you plotting anything that will toss you into New Newgate with me?
Nothing to worry about
@RedRiderX What wat? That's what the guards would say if they caught you in Oblivion.
3:54 AM
you guys just worry to much
and don't ping me, what ever you do.
Q: Who is a good setter Pokemon?

Shadow ZorgonI am building a tournament grade triple and double battle team, and I need a good setter. By that, I mean a Pokemon who can use Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, or/and Spikes, with Stealth Rock and Sticky Web being necessary. Does even a Pokemon exist who can learn most of those?

Okay. There! Remeber to not ping me or anything!
@RedRiderX ?
Okay fine you can ping me, go ahead
is there a doge hat?
3:57 AM
@qwertie there is
anyone know how to get it?
Now that you mention it...
2 days ago, by Ktash
CC: @ElfSlice
I have no idea how to wear it though...
Ugh it's a little late for me I think, nna.
3:59 AM
@Ktash johnny 3 hats is not there
@qwertie that's not all the hats, just some of them
4:14 AM
back to professional mean talking!
I love it :3 I wish I could do this for a living
@spugsley ??
@AshleyNunn hahahaha whenever someone in my family has a problem with a company they make me write the mean letters. I always get results :)
@spugsley niiiiiice
I have a whole list of shit I've gotten from complaining (and of course, I only complain when it's well deserved)
and I also compliment where it is deserved too :)
Awesome you are my hero
4:17 AM
My greatest accomplishment - a tire. A whole fucking car tire
for free
okay you are a rock star
yes. I am a "professional mean talker" as Ian likes to say :p
so if you ever have a bad experience, let me know, I'll get you some shit :3
time to watch shows with the husband! :D byes
Can't make this up https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4532700
"fitness hack"
@spugsley I was at the E.R. for 7 hours yesterday at the request of the pediatric nurse practitioner because nothing was wrong with my child.
@TimStone (cc: @Sterno)
Q: Crash when trying to use a apiarist database

AndalurSome time ago, I used an apiarist database successfully without any errors. But now I crafted a new one and if it try to right-click with it I get the following error log: Minecraft has crashed! ---------------------- Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered ...

4:25 AM
4:39 AM
A: What is the music played in this room in Postal 2?

Vitharr(Wrythe - On Silent Wings) I was looking for it as well. Just typed in a few of the lyrics, and found it. Cheers, mate! I just realised I was not in the exact place you were on the map, but rather close. I went to where you were, and didn't hear any music. I apologise if I was mistaken. Though,...

Invalid Flag flags please.
@Fluttershy How did that garner six NaA flags?
@Frank People stopped reading at "I was looking for it as well." That's my guess, at least.
@Fluttershy Apparently a post on SO hit 50 NaA flags, due to the beginning and end looking like a thanks message.
And with Winterbash going on, there's lots of robo-reviewers going for hats.
@Frank So it would seem.
Q: Please help Mineshafter not working. deleted .minecraft again and again not working

bryan12:27:34 ERROR]: Gave up trying to download http://resources.download.minecraft.net/e2/e2ee9a161e2d6ea2452e5320edf8b4b01b63e350 for job 'Resources' [12:27:34 INFO]: Job 'Resources' finished successfully (took 0:06:23.113) [12:27:34 INFO]: Launching game [12:27:34 INFO]: Looking for old natives & ...

5:00 AM
Q: Where is the "gentleman" to locate in Memory 02 of Freedom Cry?

MPelletierAs the question states. I see no golden target in the green area using Eagle Vision. Have I looking in the wrong spots?

It's Done. The Best Show on WFMU is Over. An Era Has Ended. :(
2 hours later…
7:41 AM
Morning Bridge.
Q: Mobile graphics cards - will they cope with the most demanding games

PaddyI'm in the process of thinking about upgrading my laptop. I haven't been gaming for a while, but with a nice shiny new laptop, I would probably look to get into a few games again :) I'm a bit out of the loop, but would a mobile graphics card (something like a Nvidia GT 635M) cope with the deman...

8:07 AM
@Lazers Mobile GPU? I'd go and check notebookcheck.net
Is there a flag for copy-pasting from yahoo answer?
A: Zero and Megaman Zero? What is the difference?

TheClassicBlueBomberThis is my answer. Mega Man X is Dr.Light's final and finest creation, the most advanced robot in the world, a robot capable of human emotions and self thought. X was found by the leading autority of robotics of his time Dr.Cain. Copying X's complex curcuitry, Dr.Cain and X created the reploids,...

@5pike I made it a full quote, now it's obvious.
8:22 AM
@5pike That's a nice randomly generated Gravatar.
@LpSamuelm that is an awesome gravatar.
*rubs eyes*
@kalina take of your diving mask first, that works better
I am awake... barely
somehow I've driven 10 miles also
not sure
8:35 AM
@Wandang lo
@KevinvanderVelden ol
@Wandang morning
Q: How can I toggle/cycle through settings?

WandangFor example if I have 3 nicknames A, B and C and want to cycle through those, or if I want to cycle through different scripts. How does the template look like?

can some1 move that to gamedev?
or should i write it myself?
only moderators can migrate posts, you're probably better off deleting the one on here and making a new one on gamedev
@kalina can i keep the one here until i know if it fits gamedev and wont be delete there too?
8:38 AM
no, that's cross posting
@kalina i will never agree that my stuff was offtopic on here :(
@kalina but discussing it would be a waste of time
fortunately you don't have to, it's not upto any individual what is on topic or off topic
@kalina thats not against you
@Wandang Mhhh.. you could go to the gamedev chat and ask them, if it's on-topic there.
I know, I didn't close your question
8:40 AM
@5pike good idea, will do that
There is a glowy triangle thingy on my head!
@KevinvanderVelden Yes, there is a glowy triangle thingy on your head.
@KevinvanderVelden I don't have that hat yet.
@Arperum neither does @kalina, which is kinda why I drew attention to it ^^
Oh, looks like I also have it
8:52 AM
@KevinvanderVelden people keep downvoting me for the fun of it
get to the end of the day with nothing but up votes, rep capped, and then somebody downvotes
@kalina jeah I read that :(
@kalina That's terrible
meh, happens
at least somebody thinks its funny
@KevinvanderVelden Don't use your phone while driving, but while walking noone cares.
8:59 AM
@KevinvanderVelden So many people walk into lampposts while checking their phone....
@Arperum yeah, cause while walking you can only kill yourself, while driving you can kill other people
If you kill yourself in such a way you'll have done the world a great service by removing yourself from the genepool

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