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12:01 AM
@iKlsR NOW?
Where are they?
I found them :)
@iKlsR It's funny, I had just logged on here to search for when you said they were coming..
12:55 AM
1:29 AM
Hats should be here all year
Q: How do you create a water slide

qwertyk31I have built a water slide and pool and I want to make a animation of the water running down the slide and into the pool. The problem is I need the water to be created at the top and go away at the bottom to create a continues stream of water. What would be the best way to do this?

@qwertyk31 Nice hat ;)
Its my only one :P
Too bad they don't show up in chat :/
I just built my new PC
CPU: 8 threads 3.50Ghz
1:43 AM
Not even overclocked yet
Any nice GPU?
Not yet
It renders simple animations almost realtime
BI or Cycles?
1:46 AM
but cycles renders water falling at about 2FPS
Wait no about 4FPS
with 200 samples
also 3TB hdd
Now I need some good steam games for linux
1:51 AM
Should I overclock?
Why are you asking me?
(I have never tried overclocking)
2:33 AM
10 more rep till next privilege!
@qwertyk31 There :)
Dec 9 at 23:29, by gandalf3
user image
did you make that?
(ignore the noise, it's only 50 samples)
I got a secret hat, but it won't tell me what I got it for >:(
@qwertyk31 How's the fluid simulation coming?
2:39 AM
The reviews are always out of my reach
3:03 AM
It says that this question was most recently modified by CoDEmanX (on the most recently active questions page)
But I can't find the modification
And I was sure that post was closed..
Now it's open again!?
@iKlsR Can you explain?
o.O Almost at the max 200 rep cap and it's not even close to tomorrow yet
1 hour later…
4:14 AM
@gandalf3 send the trophy .blend to me I will render it better
4:25 AM
@qwertyk31 Here
How did you make the head render first?
@qwertyk31 What?
Viewport border
How do you turn it off
Ctrl Alt B
Q: Render just part of a final image from Cycles?

Kyle WilleyI'm using an older Nvidia chip that hates running viewport renders, and I need to check if changes to the materials on a few objects not far from the center of my scene are (I'm rendering a floorplan with an orthographic camera from above, so I'm looking down on objects and want to check if the d...

4:43 AM
is there a way to pause a render
my cpu is at 80.C
How do you get a question starred?
@Keavon It could be the favourite button
Ah, I see
Never used StackExchange chat before
I hope you guys don't mind starring two of my chat messages. I'm collecting hats :3
But hey, at least this isn't TF2
ok can you do it for me to
Just starred that message
and that other one too
This is my ninth message
4:47 AM
pause render?
And this is my 10th message
Are you on linux?
star party?
Sure! I'll just go and star everyone's message
4:48 AM
yknow there is a limit to how many messages you can star in a day
Try this:
killall -S STOP blender
in a terminal
when you want it to go again:
killall -S CONT blender
Have two of my messages been starred?
Looks like the cores are cooling down anyway
@Keavon yes
Q: How to pause Blender when the CPU gets too hot?

DarenWApparently my CPU or GPU overheats when Blender renders more than a few minutes. The computer suddenly powers down, taking down all running apps, email I'm writing, etc. This is almost never a problem with still scenes, which finish soon enough, but often with animation renders. The problem ...

Cool, thanks. I guess I have to wait a bit to get my hat then
Thanks everyone. Hopefully we're cool with hat farming.
4:50 AM
I'm imagining a hat farm now
Yay I got the hat
Oh gosh, what would that look like?
Hats, growing on trees? :)
Yay, now a cat is blocking my avatar!
Would you guys be angry if I posted a question and answered it, one of you upvoted the question and answer, then I deleted the question? I know it wouldn't be constructive to the community, but I would be deleting it right after.
Is that even a hat?
The hat is called Sock Puppet
@Keavon I dont think it would be bad if you were very quick
Okay. I'll post it and you upvote the question AND answer as soon as I post the link
Thank you for helping me with this
4:55 AM
Q: Sorry for posting this

KeavonI will delete this question really soon. You never saw this. I am typing more sentences to increase the message count. Here is more text.

Answer posted too
Ok, done and deleted
Now to wait about 5 minutes for the hat to appear.
Hopefully it accepts deleted questions
Thanks for helping me with that
Hmm, I also got the Vox Populi badge from my going-around-upvoting-all-good-questions just now.
4:58 AM
@Keavon Thanks for getting me the cat hat, I wish hats where all year
I wonder if that has to do with BioShock Infinite, or if that's a word?
Sure, thanks for helping me get it too.
One hat says "5 reviews"
What are reviews?
Oh, so moderator voting?
good luck I have 7 reviews total
"complete 5 reviews each in at least 5 queues"
What does the "in at least 5 queues" part mean?
5:06 AM
Nice job, that looks awesome
@Keavon there are 6 quews you have to do 5 in 5
@Keavon I dident make it @gandalf3 did I just renderd it better
3 hours ago, by gandalf3
Dec 9 at 23:29, by gandalf3
user image
You mean that I need to do something to 5 different items, each in 5 of the 6 different queues?
5 in each
I see. Well nice job with the render.
5:09 AM
@qwertyk31 Why doesn't yours have the Blender logo?
IDK this is just the file gandalf gave me
Ooh, looks like I'll need 1k rep to do it in all the categories
Dang, it seems I didn't get the hat for the upvoted self-answered question
I should probably go to bed now since it's pretty late.
Thanks for helping me with the badge.
I may return later for more help if that's all good :)
so i get a hat
5:15 AM
I will tomorrow
I used up all 40 votes today in order to get another badge
I mean hat
Which hat are you wanting to get?
Actually I have an idea on how to get the self-answered question badge
I'll make a question and answer it on how to remove the default cube
@Keavon The hello world hat
How will that give you that hat?
Okay I posted my self-answered question blender.stackexchange.com/questions/5574/…
Would you please upvote it so I can get the hat the more legitimate way?
Anyways I'm off to bed for real this time. I have your post open and I'll upvote it tomorrow. Thanks and you're welcome for the mutual hat-helping :)
5:39 AM
Q: How to remove the default cube?

KeavonHow do you remove the default cube that appears in the scene upon opening the software? I wish to start with a blank scene when opening Blender.

6:11 AM
@qwertyk31 Oops, forgot to pack the textures..
@qwertyk31 Nice render :) How long did that take?
@gandalf3 5 mins 1000 cycles 100% res
100 samples would take half an hour for me :P
What beastly CPU do you have?
intel i7
4 cores 8 threds
Ah, nice :)
Intel® Coreā„¢ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 8
6:18 AM
Pfff, GPU accelerate that shit ;)
Last I saw you could get a used GTX580 for $200
ATM my GPU is Intel® Haswell Desktop
Two of those held first place in the cycles benchmark for a while, until two 590's cam along
Is there any point in getting more than 8GB of ram?
Textures? not sure
Maybe if you do any tracking
I only have 3, so I wouldn't really know
6:26 AM
My pc can take 32GB, but I only have 8
I have 8 and I haven't run out of memory so far
Unless you do some really heavy stuff 8 is fine
Is it possible to rotate the editor view so the z axis is sideways?
You mean you want y up?
@qwertyk31 You can rotate the view, but not the coordinates.
@Borgleader yes, i dont need to but I just wanted to know if you could
6:39 AM
Q: Is it possible to make Blender a Y-up world?

user232After learning bits and pieces of Maya, 3DS Max, IMAGINE and XSI I noticed that they all have Y-up worlds with Z being used for depth (naturally). is there a way to make Blender a Y-up world? and does anyone know why isnt it Y-up in the first place?

Try Shift+Ctrl+Scroll wheel to rotate the view (like a barrel roll)
6:53 AM
@Keavon FYI I'm not angry ;) but I think this should be discussed on meta
(@Proog, that's your cue...)
"Worry not! All normal site rules still apply. If you get suspended, you're disqualified from hats for the duration of your suspension. If you're caught sockpuppeting for hats, you will be suspended, just as you would be normally." from the hats FAQ
Oh dear
Q: Should hat farming be allowed?

gandalf3We have already has some instances of hat farming, such as: This deleted post This conversation in chat So far it's pretty harmless, sometimes even constructive (many suggested edits), but how far should this be allowed to go?

7:31 AM
Anyone know where the user info drop down went to with the knew top bar?
(The thing you used to get when you hovered over your name)
1 hour later…
8:34 AM
Q: How do you create grass?

qwertyk31If you where using a plane as a terrain how would you add grass to the plane and make it bend and flow like there was wind. Also how would you make the grass color vary in shades of green so you would get yellow/dry patches of grass.

1 hour later…
9:40 AM
Q: Why does smoke render as transparent in the openGL render?

gandalf3In the viewport smoke looks fine: However when I render it with the openGL render: It looks white because of the background, it's really transparent. What causes this?

10:30 AM
How do i get blender.stackexchange.com/help/badges/71/vox-populi if i can only cast 30 votes in a day?
Seems that 30 votes gets you the badge anyway
1 hour later…
11:40 AM
Q: Water leaks through obstacle

qwertyk31Every time I try to hold water with a obstacle it always leaks out here is one example I have made The shape has no holes and the water is partially contained but slowly leaks out. this has occurred every time I have tried this. What could be the reason for it

2 hours later…
1:24 PM
@gandalf3 I reopened it. It's not a bug.
You have been warned. Play fair.
1:39 PM
@gandalf3 Your sock is busy...
1 hour later…
3:05 PM
Q: Render a Bezier curve blender game

user1443778I would like to visualize a curve when the blender game engine is running. In the editor the curve is clearly visible: But when I run the game engine it is not What can I do to visualize the curve when running the game engine

3:36 PM
Q: How to get the mirror image of an empty?

AdrienI have a rotated empty object, and I want to make a mirror image of it, relative to the global X-axis. I placed the 3D cursor at the axis origin, selected the empty and used Ctrl-M X. But the result is not what I want. As you can see in the image, the empty is merely translated to its mirror ima...

3 hours later…
6:13 PM
@iKlsR wat?
6:37 PM
@gandalf3 Your sock-puppet
7:22 PM
@iKlsR What sock-puppet?
^ this one
Now I'm really confused..
7:43 PM
@gandalf3 cat
@iKlsR oh
Anyways, welcome ideasman42 to the mod team. He is much stricter than me so... :S
Nice, a dev :)
@ideasman42 Congrats
Yeah.. I don't think he got that.. lulz
7:46 PM
@CharlesL Have you heard? Hats are here!
@gandalf3 HATS!!!
@gandalf3 nice hat btw :D
7:48 PM
lulz, he took of his wizard hat..
New hat!!
yah, I hid my wizard one for now :)
@CharlesL your head looks small.
MUST... GET... ALL... THE... HATS!!!
Is there a way to find out how you got a secret hat?
7:50 PM
@gandalf3 go to meta.stackoverflow.com and look under winterbash-2013 .. it might be there
@gandalf3 you're #44 on the entire stack exchange network: winterbash2013.stackexchange.com/leaderboard/network?page=3
And I've only been around six months
I only have 10
7:54 PM
That's more hat's than most people :D
Have you done ludum dare?
@CharlesL No. what's that one?
I can't find it here
It's a game jam
Oh, it's not a hat..
That rep cap >:(
8:07 PM
what is?
I got about 300 rep today, but I only get 200 of it :/
oh that sucks
hah, Charles your hat looks perfect in chat
@gandalf3 lol lookup @Mysticial on SO he got hit hard by repcap
@JohnB ikr
8:09 PM
A: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

MysticialYou are the victim of branch prediction fail. What is Branch Prediction? Consider a railroad junction: Image by Mecanismo, from Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Entroncamento_do_Transpraia.JPG Now for the sake of argument, suppose this is back in the 1800s - before...

@Borgleader ouch
Wow, he was getting about two upvotes per second for a while there
@gandalf3 yeah Mysticial is boss
Most upvoted answer on so
did he get all the (550) bounty?
@CharlesL yep
He repcaps like every other day
8:14 PM
I still haven't upvoted it yet
waiting for the 9999th vote
Are there any answers/questions with 10k upvotes?
now Imma steal it
@JohnB T^T
Upvoted ;)
8:15 PM
I'll give it the 9999 :D
2 mins ago, by iKlsR
Most upvoted answer on so
I just gave it the 9832nd
That guy also set the world record for calculating pi :O
Just gave that the 6511nth
8:17 PM
@gandalf3 no 6511st
@CharlesL Yh, world record holder
ran for a year+
A: Can a local variable's memory be accessed outside its scope?

Eric Lippert How can it be? Isn't the memory of a local variable inaccessible outside its function? You rent a hotel room. You put a book in the top drawer of the bedside table and go to sleep. You check out the next morning, but "forget" to give back your key. You steal the key! A week later, you retu...

10 trillion digits though... that's nuts
8:19 PM
He's a cool dude too.. hangs in the Anime chat
this one also has a sick amount of upboats
@Borgleader and it probably has some downrivers as well...
@CharlesL only 2 for answer, 41 for question
@iKlsR ah
8:20 PM
Downriver upboats?
Cant get any of those anymore :(
8:37 PM
Should we put a list answer on this post?
Or close it?
Q: Getting started with Blender

Question-EverythingI was wondering what are great free add-ons with Blender. The add-ons can span from rendering to feature set. I found an add-on called LuxRender. Is that great for beginners? What add-ons should I be looking for.

9:14 PM
Q: Can't use Boolean Intersect in a terrain and a plane, help

VicentoVicentoI'll tell you the whole deal so maybe you can help me with ideas at different points. First. I generated a terrain using Sketchup and the Location tool. I had to use a bigger section than what it was possible at 1 time, so i used many (20 or so) terrains and "stitched" them together Second. I ...

Q: Missing markers

Director78787I'd like to aks if blender solve the camera only for marker which is able to be tracked entire whole scene? For exemple i have some complicated shot whit a huge camera move, it moves forwards leaving some markers behind and some of them are not in the shot at the end of the scene but they give n...

10:08 PM
Q: Any good free materials libraries online?

LeifI'm wondering if there's any add ons or online libraries of materials I can download online. I've found one called online_mat_lib, but then discovered it was from 2008 and thought by now something like that might already be integrated in to the program when one installs Blender. Help, thanks. PS...

How do people pull this off T_T
(regardless of 3d modeling app)
10:47 PM
@Borgleader I guess experience
I think I should keep my hat for the next few years
Dont hats disappear after xmas/winter?
I could upload it as new avatar, I was too lazy for years but this one is nice.
@gandalf3 :/ (Means Hi?)
Just saw this 10K upvoted answer, it was outstanding, other good questions get closed (after years) on SO as all of sudden not constructive and blah blah...
From wikipedia:

Skeptical, annoyed, undecided, uneasy, hesitant
This is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons or textual portrayals of a writer's mood or facial expression in the form of icons. The Western use of emoticons is quite different from Eastern usage, and Internet forums, such as 2channel, typically show expressions in their own ways. In recent times, graphic representations, both static and animated, have taken the place of traditional emoticons in the form of icons. Western The emoticon in Western style is written most often from left to right as though the head is rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees. Thus, most commonly, one ...
I was annoying? Why?
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