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12:44 AM
Q: Kernel Mode Setting vs. Framebuffer?

user5184With KMS, the graphics drivers are moved into the kernel. Since the framebuffer was already in the kernel, I wouldn't expect this to affect framebuffer operation. Yet, I read that KMS supercedes the fb, augments the fb, requires the fb, and requires fb support to be removed. What the heck? The an...

1:30 AM
Q: How to specify -? option with GNU getopt

mschonakerWhen parsing command line arguments with GNU getopt command, how do I (if possible) do recognize -? as another option? Is there a way to escape it in the opstring? Thanks in advance.

1:40 AM
I want to propose that we start our own blog
Q: browsers don't work(chrome err 137:name resolution failed), but everything is ok in gnome terminal.

xiaomy system is debian 6.0. both debian default brower and chrome don't work. the error is name resolution failed(code:137). I can ping and update software in gnome terminal. yesterday I installed pptp-linux, and pptp did work, I also could surf internet by chrome. Today I can't surf internet by br...

@Tshepang but there was some objection from this sites leaders: here and here
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4:56 AM
Q: warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V4 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID c776ad20: NOKEY

LanceBaynes[root@HOST ~]# yum update Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, ibm-cds-plugin, ibm-repository, langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit Adding hu_HU to language list Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * fedora: ftp.cc.uoc.gr * rpmfusion-free: ftp.cc.uoc.gr * rpmfusion-free-updates: ftp.cc.uoc.g...

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6:26 AM
Q: confirmed exit using trap

CHIDI am trying to trap the Ctrl+C signal asking a confirmation from the user. The trapping part works fine. But once the signal gets trapped, it does not return to the normal execution. Instead, it quits the script. How to make it resume the execution when the user presses no. here is my code hell...

6:46 AM
@Tshepang I don't get it. What would you expect that to accomplish, who would do it and what would be on it?
Q: Reccommendations for a wireless print server supported on Linux?

ptrcaoI have found it difficult to research a wireless print server which will be supported on Linux. I use Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10.04 (also Windows 7 64 bit, Vista, and MACOS Snow Leopard). Everyone in my household using uses a different OS, so it is all the more difficult to ensure interoperability ...

7:21 AM
@Tshepang Not objections, it's just that we're not very motivated to do it. But if you want you can try to recruit people
and I might write the occasional post, but I'm not committing to a frequency or anything
8:16 AM
@Caleb I'm thinking tutorials for example, which don't fit very well with normal Q&A.
People would request blog posts for example, and others would elect to write them.
I myself have 3 posts in mind that I'd like to write, all from my blog, but might benefit many people.
It can be more like putting together the best Unix/Linux blog posts we ever wrote.
@Tshepang Does SE have a facility for this? A group blog linked to our SE monikers?
@Caleb monikers?
I meant that we would republish our best blog posts on the U&L blog.
@Tshepang user names. define:moniker
loeking at blog.superuser.com, username is not linked
@Tshepang Which is where? Is there an example of ...
8:32 AM
@Caleb at first, the blog would live on a temporary place set by SE, and then later, on blog.unix-SE
Posted by Rebecca Chernoff on June 23rd, 2011

Every Stack Exchange site starts with a Q&A site, made up of three pieces that help bring the whole community together:

But wait, there’s more?

A couple months ago, the Super User community took it upon themselves to create a blog run by the community. This effort has been so successful that a couple other communities floated the idea amongst themselves. Internally, we recognized this as an opportunity many of our communities might be interested in and brought the operation in-house.

We are happy to announce that with Blog Overflow, Stack Exchange communities are able to run a community …

@Tshepang I see ServerFault has one too. I've seen posts there but always assumed it was just some of the SE employees talking about the SE infrastructure and never really looked into it. Interesting idea but I'm surprised it's not more integrated ... at least using the identities from the parent site.
I'm not quite sure what content would be more useful to have their than on our own personal blogs. If it's relevant we can always summarize and link to it from answers right?
Personally most of what I can think to write about is rant material which seems to belong on my own site. Perhaps some Unix history and philosophy stuff would be on topic. I'm not sure how appropriate "tutorial" material would be. Could you cite examples?
@Caleb how to create a custom APT/yum repository
which distro should i use for X
(Down low punches about how to configure Metacity's three radio options keep coming to mind, but I can't figure out how to say them without it coming off as a serious put-down, which I don't mean at all.)
Caleb and his advanced English tends to make me scratch my head
@Tshepang That could be interesting. The which distro / unix & bsd philosophy / how to pick software ... questions come up a lot and they really don't fit the QnA format well. A few of us putting our heads together to write a guide could be a good thing.
8:47 AM
@Caleb yeah; and if such a questions pops up, we can just point to the blog post(s)
It can really be an exciting blog. If we find that we link often to external, probably-dated links, we can just create our own, better version.
I have other things to focus on (this minute, and this month) but I'll stick the idea on back burner and maybe in the future we can pull something together. Has it been raised on meta? We're don't have many high rep users so it might be premature, but maybe if the idea is out there and simmers for a while something will surface.
I've gotta get back to work for now.
Gaming blog really looks good:
no one-boxing :(
9:09 AM
Q: Let's start our own blog

TshepangIn the answers, let's put up ideas of the kind of stuff we will write about. To make things clear, let it be one idea per Answer.

I've only seen a little, but the Gaming blog looks really good.
10:13 AM
@UnixandLinuxMeta @Tshepang Um .. I took the liberty of re-writing that.
@Caleb looks good, thanks
Q: Linux project work

Anurag Rathoresir. i am a b.tech 2nd yr. student from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology - Allahabad. currently i m doing linux system administration course in this summer. i want to do a project work related to same also.... but i don't have any idea regarding the topics on which projects can be d...

@UnixandLinux Voted to close as off topic thinking that programmers.SE would be a better fit, then decided I wasn't so sure. Do we think it's salvageable as a Unix question?
11:21 AM
Q: How can I build an ncurses based menu?

LanceBaynesOr are there any other solutions for building "menus" in console? I just need an "inter-operating system" (all non-windows :P) solution, are there any good solution to build/create menus in perl?

12:13 PM
Is anyone around here familiar enough with GPL to explain what Section 5 refers to by Modified Source Versions?
Does that include software that calls pristine (unmodified) GPL'ed libraries?
12:25 PM
@Tshepang A "modified source version would be when you take some existing batch of code (say the source to cp) and modify it in some way (say add a progress bar) and redistribute it. I think another name for that would be a derivative work. Your software that made calls to a library would fall under a different section.
You would still have to include the used library under GPL but you won't necessary have to use GPL for your work. You would only have to do that in the case of modifying the source (or borrowing from the source of) a GPL work.
me wonders if this sort of thing would be accepted as on-topic here
@Caleb in that case, what's the use of LGPL?
Why don't people make their non-libre stuff make calls to GPL'ed software?
12:40 PM
@Tshepang works now
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5:44 PM
Q: western digital elements spin down disappear

godModei have a western digital elements 1TB USB drive connected to a sheeva plug with debian installed. for auto mounting USB drives i use autofs, here's the options i'm currently using with that. usb1 -fstype=auto,umask=000,user,rw,async :/dev/sda1 the drive spins down every now and then and when t...

5:59 PM
Q: saving alsa setting

Kejia柯嘉After new update, there is no sound by default in my debian squeeze box until running `alsactl init', but whenever rebooting the computer I have to run the command again to gain sound. How can I solve the problem? Thanks a lot. Kejia

Q: Creating a virtual machine on top of encrypted LVM volume

Let_Me_BeI'm using OpenSuSe 11.4 and I want to build a virtual machine on top of an encrypted LVM volume. I want to utilize the AES-NI instruction (since I just bought a new CPU). The target usage would ideally be a password&boot script. Something like this: map /dev/LVM/private /dev/LVM/decrypted ...

6:44 PM
Q: Routing Tables: What is the effect of the RTF_IFSCOPE flag?

fbrereto(Related to this question I posted a while ago on apple.stackexchange.) What is the difference between the following two routing table entries: default E.F.G.H UGSc 0 0 en1 default E.F.G.H UGScI 25 0 en1 (Where E.F.G.H is...

7:11 PM
Q: Where should a service binary be located in the *nix filesystem

HighLifeI have an application that relies on a service at startup. Where should the binary for this service be located in the *nix file system?

7:28 PM
@Tshepang No, I don't think so. But Programmers is fine with licensing questions, and is ok at answering them (better than most subjects, in fact, if you ignore the “see a lawyer” answers).
@Tshepang If you link something with GPL software, the other thing has to come under the GPL (with a few exceptions but that's the spirit of the thing). This includes dynamic linking.
7:57 PM
Q: Irfanview alternative

Let_Me_BeI'm looking for some very simple image viewer with the following functionality: fast start next/previous navigation (in directory) full-screen mode reasonable format support keyboard controllable

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10:25 PM
Q: Get the number of files that match a pattern in a directory and delete the oldest one

I'd like to do the following: Get the number of files in a given directory that match a given pattern, for example: ExtractBackup_{date}.tar.gz If that number is 2 or higher, delete the oldest file which matches that pattern. How do I go about doing this using a Korn Shell (.ksh) script?

10:40 PM
Q: How to set an xmodmap file for the session manager (or at least SLiM)

MiffTheFoxI've got my laptop set up to boot directly into SLiM as the X session manager. However, the "M" key on my laptop is broken. I've gotten around this when logged in by using xmodmap to remap my extraneous menu key to it. keycode 135 = m I put a call to xmodmap in my .xinitrc file as so: xmodm...


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