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2:39 PM
Does anyone see a reason to not migrate this to ask Ubuntu?
Q: How to create linux USB discs that do work on Apple Macs?

Sorin SbarneaIt seems that there are several problems releated to incompatibilities between Apple-EFI and UEFI that do prevent Apple users from easily using USB drives to install or even run other operating systems. I am planning to make this a quick guide, so others will not loose precious time encounterin...

@bmike I don't.
@stuffe well, most of them. You still have your CG_, CA_, etc. (the Core * things), and you have the UI things. It seems that most new APIs use an abbreviation matching their name, I.e. GK* for GameKit, I think BT* for Bluetooth, etc.
SK for StoreKit
3:00 PM
@bmike that sure reads like an Ubuntu question to me.
It's clearly on topic here, but would seem to get much more traction from people that really know Ubuntu elsewhere...
3:27 PM
On second thought, It seems if the several problems were listed then a proper answer might be possible.
1 hour later…
4:56 PM
@bmike Did the OP request migration? It's on topic here. I'd recommend migration, but without an OP request, I'd keep it here.
No - but I saw other problems with it and wanted to toss that suggestion here since one person doing too many activities on a question can be seen as less helpful than intended.
it just got an edit that may clear it up?
Sorry to butt in, I just thought he was starting a wiki, not really a question
Don't be sorry!
We're all equals here, except @bmike ;)
I posted here so that more eyes could help.
5:02 PM
and... I don't think his edit made that much difference
yes 4 legs good, 2 legs bad
all animals are equal but some are more equal than others
Here's the things that make it hard to answer IMO:
I would take out the "I tried this but it doesn't work" stuff. Other than that, I think it's OK.
1. You can create a USB drive for ubuntu from Windows, OSX, Unbuntu and many more OS - but those are the ones that are officially supported.
The latest ubuntu is 13, not 12.
maybe get him to change "latest" to LTS
2. We already have a question on how to make USB drive for ubuntu so unless this covers new ground / narrows things, I'm not sure why it's not a dupe of
A: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on Mountain Lion

SimonThis can be achieved using Linux USB Creator For Mac. Instructions: First just select the linux distribution you want to use. You can either select from the list or browse for a Local ISO file to use. After choosing Ubuntu you can browse for your USB device. The program will then download the ...

5:06 PM
@bmike The question reads to me as though the OP acknowledges that it works up to 12.04.3 but not since.
@stuffe Perfect - let's reopen and give it a chance to get such answer?
All in favour say Aye? :)
(that's what all the cool kids say)
@DanielLawson you're a moderator hence cannot be ambivalent, even if you are a kid
5:10 PM
I certainly can be ambivalent. I am on many posts. On those posts, I take no action.
Which is the default.
LOL, well certainly there are a lot of posts which deserve ambivalence.
Aw, you can't star a deleted post ;)
implied "aye" from me, in case you missed it.
Now that's sorted, let's all take a moment to think about what type of hats we want for Christmas :)
@stuffe All of them.
I want socks
@Undo Good point, I should have said many and until recently
5:19 PM
when is the next election for mods?
Tricky, they are not scheduled quite so punctually as you might imagine for all sites.
I got my mod star relatively recently outside of the election process because we had a mod resign, and I was (luckily) a clear runner up in the previous election.
so there is nothing regular put out by Jeff and minions
oki, not really interested in being a mod, just like voting ;-)
@Deesbek There is no schedule for elections AFAIK. Sites where the existing mod team shrinks or asks for an election get them.
It's hard to say whether it will happen or if it will happen exactly(ish) a year after the last if it does.
right - thx
5:23 PM
I suppose there's a metric say where xxx thousand daily views and moderators less than 3 would get the attention of the SE staff to schedule one whether or not the community asked for one.
@stuffe bridesmaid -> bride
It's done on the basis of need, you never know there may be some churn with people leaving, but it doesn't make sense to continually increase the numbers yearly just because, especially if the mod stats and responsibilities are at manageable levels
@bmike Yeah, they finally got desperate enough to take me :P
I was reading brianbondy.com/blog/id/104/… and then started to look at experts-exchange. Do you think there is any chance of the same thing happening here - where the site becomes a pay site?
5:26 PM
@Deesbek No.
Thank goodness.
@Undo resounding - can you justify?
@Deesbek Sure - first, SE was kind of created to stomp out EE.
Second, there would be a huge revolt if they ever tried that.
Third, they get money off the ads.
Fourth, any community-moderated site needs a steady inflow of users to do the moderating.
Yes, the ads and job classifieds are very interesting indeed. Interesting how google does not show any EE results at all and does not cache them either
Oh, yah, and they make (big?) money off of Careers.
@Deesbek Probably because it's behind a paywall and Google can't get to it.
Yes they would, I wonder when seek and other job sites will start to target or take an interest
clearly Paywalls are getting better, Google used to be able to cache, I just thought it was a policy decision by Google
5:30 PM
@Undo meh. Moderators are overrated.
Our mods are clearly overworked; we must need many more of them. Or not, given that our average flag response time is currently at 12 minutes. That's insanely fast.
@DanielLawson Wow - I might need to work on getting that up.
You've heard of what I tend to do, right?
'Fraid not.
I have... tools to find obsolete comments.
In bulk.
5:33 PM
Comments are different. They're not "real" flags.
They're counted the same in just about every way.
(including for badges)
They don't count for moderator stats, so they're not real :-)
Oh. dang.
You still get some anyway.
Yeah, but they're my lowest priority because they don't add to my mod score.
When see the big yellow badge light up with a bunch of flags and it turns out they're just comment flags I get very annoyed :-)
@Undo Now I know who to blame.
Yup. That would be me.
5:39 PM
@Undo But, you see, mods have powers we can abuse (bwahaha), so you don't want to get us ticked off.
@DanielLawson I've been feeding the SO mods hundreds of comment flags over the past few days.
And I'm not banned there yet!
@DanielLawson I give thee the tool:
(currently in beta)
We don't need to purge every obsolete comment, but you've identified good ones.
@Undo Um, no, I'm not giving you my username and password.
Sorry, but random web app isn't getting my login credentials.
@DanielLawson No no, that's to log in to the app itself.
Registration no worky yet.
I see
Not your SE creds, of course :P
5:44 PM
@Undo Thought it was a massive phishing operation :-)
And if you just happen to land some mod credentials…
lol -
@DanielLawson Exactly. No worky yet.
It's a Manish-Undo cooperation.

Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
Charcoal is used as a filter… nice. It's also an awesome classic Mac font.
Derivative of the Chicago font that was the original system font.
I actually named it after what the comments are after I'm done with them, but that works too :D
5:49 PM
@DanielLawson I hope they would pay the mods if we ever turned paysite ;)
The mods wouldn't have much to moderate if we turned paysite.
What exactly is an obsolete comment? I've not handled one yet I don't htink
@stuffe One that isn't of value to anyone anymore.
i.e. suggestions to edit something in that has been edited in.
And how are you identifying them programmatically?
5:51 PM
@stuffe With an algo.
And unicorn dust.
With Algae?
Yes. I dump them in a pool and the algae eats the non-obsolete ones.
There's a pun on rhythm somewhere, Bio, Algo, Algae...
Algaerythm :) That's it.
Dancing single cell lifeforms :)
Right, It's late, it;s cold, I have to go run around a track a lot and feel sick.
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
Whoa, zoom in on the displays above the support bar in the image mentioned here:
That looks nothing like any iPhone I've seen.
7:38 PM
@Undo Huh? Looks like a black iPhone to me on the screen there.
@Keen Bezels look too small to me.
@Undo Maybe? It's not like it's a picture of an iPhone, I assume it's just a frame around the next few genius bar appointments.

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