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1:12 AM
@ChristianRau You're right about the legal ramifications - there was a time when not everyone had to be credited - those days are long gone due to the unions and legal reps. Agents still negotiate placement of their clients' names too - reminds me of that old 'Towering Inferno' question. Someone go dig that up, eh? ;)
1:34 AM
Q: What happens to the money used to buy the car wash?

JaredDuring the end when Walt is found out to be Heisenberg, the DEA and feds etc went and seized all his assets (like his and Skylars home) but what would happen to the Car wash? Since this was purchased with illegal drug money to Bogdan Wolynetz, I would have thought that the government could not r...

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5:35 AM
Q: Why was Jane going to shoot the Red John suspects with tattoo?

Arjun UTowards the end of S06E06 Jane asks Bertram, McAllister and Smith to move against the wall. Then we hear a gunshot. Bertram and Smith make it out alive so I'm guessing it was McAllister that Jane shot. But why was he going to kill the three of them? He needs to find out who Red John is, doesn't h...

5:54 AM
@ChristianRau credit scene's are just a promotional stunts this days. They mostly don't add any value to film. Some are really nice. I like the credit scene of X-the-last-stand, even more then the film itself.
18 up-vote to single answer in less then a day....amazing. And even no edit suggested by any site-mate.
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Q: Why does Walter try to poison Brock with Lily of the valley when he could with ricin?

LesterWhy does Walter try to poison Brock with Lily of the valley when he could with Ricin? He had made Jesse to believe that Gus was behind the poisoning then why would he use Lily of the valey?

Q: Planet where time slowed/stands still and fight ants on ledge

user6800I saw this movie (from the 50s?) on TV as a child in later 60's. I recall it being b/w. I recall somewhat clearly a number of 'explorers' on a distant planet moving up a narrowish path/ledge along the side of a mountain. Heading to a City/Building they had seen at the top. Key point was them ...

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10:06 AM
@AnkitSharma Muhahahaha!
@Nobby It was a general question with a Towering Inferno answer.
@ChristianRau ahh....so we entertain this kind of question too but have problem with ID.....not fare.
10:39 AM
Posted two Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. question. Not sure if they should be merged or remained isolated. Suggestions will be appreciable.
Q: In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Extremis shown is a post Iron Man 3 version of virus or pre?

Ankit SharmaIn first episode they indicates that, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. falls after Avenger's but the first episode also have Extremis in it. So is it pre Iron Man 3 version of Extremis or post. I mean if its post then why didn't they already have the Extremis solution (Which is used on Pepper Potts). So wh...

Q: Where does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. falls in Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline?

Ankit SharmaIs it ever made clear officially that what is the timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe and where does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D falls on it?

@AnkitSharma Well, if you mean this "aligning names on posters"-question, that is just like any other production-question. While I for myself am not the biggest fan of these (though having asked one on Thor 2 myself), they seem to be perfectly on-topic. Apart from that I cannot see what this has to do with ID at all.
@ChristianRau i like your thor-2 question but this question is about position of character name on poster, which i am not fan of.
ID thing was just said for comparision.
10:56 AM
@AnkitSharma I guess it's a grey area. I noticed that you used it as comparison, but to be honest, that comparison was "not fair". ;-)
@ChristianRau hehehehhe......
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1:07 PM
Q: What's unusual about the name Ford Prefect?

LiathIn The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy an alien from Betelgeuse visits the earth and calls himself "Ford Prefect" I get the impression that this is a joke which has been lost as the story has aged. Is there a double meaning for Ford Prefect which viewers/listeners at the time would have found fun...

Q: Why did Cass distrust the Doctor

LiathIn the webisode The Night of the Doctor we meet the pilot Cass who is extremely fearful (or perhaps angry with) the Doctor once she realises he's a timelord (bonus points if you can tell me how she realises the the phone box is a Tardis as most Tardises have a functioning chameleon circuit). Why...

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4:20 PM
Q: Why is the name of the movie usually repeated as part of the end credits?

Pat DobsonWith most films, they always have the 'important' people flashed up in the end credits. I get this bit. However, then they say (for example): Directed by: xxxx Produced by: xxxx A film by: xxxx xxxx Name of Film xxxx And then the 'full' credits roll So, they repeat the n...

5:07 PM
Q: Is this the grave of a child in Akira Kurosawa's dreams?

Saint GeorgAkira Kurosawa's Dreams is a strange symbolic film. My question is about a possible relevance between the first dream (nightmare!) and the last sweet dream in a cyclic story! The following under quotation paragraphs are quoted from Wikipedia: The first dream: Sunshine Through The Rain: " There ...

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7:20 PM
Q: Wall-E: Why the name of the main spacecraft is "Axiom"?

Saint GeorgIn Wall-E the name of the main spacecraft which is the new home of humanity is rather questionable. "Axiom"! The main problem here is that "Axiom" and "Axiomatic Systems" are abstract mathematical (logical/philosophical) notions. In the first view this abstract mathematical name seems inappr...

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8:40 PM
Q: Cymbaline from movie More (Pink Floyd Musical)

RameshI love the song "cymbaline" from the movie More. The music was composed by the band Pink Floyd. However, if you see that song, the actors look really stoned. Their eyes become reddish and the way they react after smoking pot looks pretty much real. Did they really smoke up pot for this song?

9:13 PM
Q: What is the scene where Skyler's face is reflected in a microwave?

user1306322What's the scene that was discussed in Talking Bad, talk show about Breaking Bad, in the episode that went live directly after the last episode of Breaking Bad? Breaking Bad's Director tells the audience that accidentally, and not on purpose, the camera shot a certain scene at such an angle that...

10:06 PM
Q: Animated movie that aired on Cartoon Network about a world of toys

JimmyKThis has been bugging me for a LONG time now and was hoping someone knew the title to this animated movie I saw a long time ago on Cartoon Network. When I say long, it possibly aired on Cartoon Network in the UK over 5 years ago. It was a animated movie with a very cartoon-like style and I haven'...


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