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8:00 PM
New one coming tomorrow anyway
Finally get some payback from all those home insurance payments
@rumtscho what… the… f—?!
Time for a bath, bbl!
@Mien the imagination soars... ;)
An exception class that emails itself.
8:01 PM
@ElendilTheTall These things are really easy to lay aside. I've had a few scares until now, but luckily it was indeed at work, or wherever I thought it is.
@ElendilTheTall You dirty boy, you :P
@derobert Yes, it mails itself to the admin. The admin is a biology professor who has a hard time distinguishing between a database and a Word file.
@rumtscho I think I'd put it in the vertically-aligned breast pocket of my coat, but neglected to zip it up. It was pouring with rain, so I had my arm holding an umbrella, and out it slipped
@Mien you're a bad influence
I don't think I've ever seen an exception class that has side effects beyond, maybe, in debug mode only, calling syslog (or other logging framework)
ok, I think four pieces of paperwork is sufficient to document all the reverting we're doing
8:03 PM
Actually, we developers should be on the list too, but she is the primary admin, and getting a mail with a stack trace is probably not funny.
And I don't even know what happens to the whole thing when the database connection, the smtp connection, or the configuration file parser throws an error.
Well, its in the constructor for the exception. So you probably throw that exception instead.
@derobert in .NET, the exception handler is expected to call a logger class if appropriate.
I find myself wanting something like a cuba libre, but less sweet.
@rumtscho Yes, pretty much everywhere, exception classes are expected to hold some data, and that's about it.
Something with less alcohol burn, more mild, but not filled with sugar, just smooth and tasty.
Any suggestions?
8:06 PM
@Yamikuronue just have the Cuban bit ;)
@Yamikuronue cosmopolitan is less sweet imo
but it's nothing like a cuba libre :P
I am not the person to ask about alcoholic drinks
can't you make one with more lime?
Cranberry juice tends to be sweet and also I dislike cranberry
cranberry is very tart :P
8:07 PM
Tart is also not what I want
I feel like I've had something before that I'm craving but I can't remember what
Peach schnapps and lemonade
can it be something with orange juice?
@ElendilTheTall That would be super sweet
Maybe it was fish-house punch?
8:09 PM
Whisky sour?
That would be sweet and tart both
Old Fashioned?
@Yamikuronue does it have to be a cocktail? A fortified dry wine is not sweet and has less alcohol than whiskey
I don't drink wine :( it tends to be bitter and dry, which I dislike. Bah, I'm probably impossible to please
Have a glass of milk
8:11 PM
You have sweet wines as well
Sweet is relative
Drink some water then
Milk makes me sick and our water tastes nasty too >.> Like I said, I think I'm just impossible to please today
@Yamikuronue I said "fortified wine", meaning portwine & co.
@Mien are you chatting from the bathtub?
8:14 PM
But if you want a cocktail which is less sweet but still smooth, maybe a cream based cocktail is the way to go
I need a cocktail resource that will tell me how things taste in addition to what's in them
@ElendilTheTall No.
Haven't stripped yet :P
@Mien Keep me posted ;)
I knew that I had seen something interesting recently
8:15 PM
I pulled off one sock
maybe a toddy...
@Yamikuronue maybe I should make it and see how it tastes and tell you
but then, I don't know how to describe it well enough in chat.
Pineapple isn't too sweet
what about a pina colada?
@ElendilTheTall byebye ;-)
But even if you make something else, the simple syrup idea isn't bad. You can start with the original cocktail and then add increments of syrup until the sweet-sour balance is exactly where you want it
8:17 PM
@Mien have a good one
I tend to like this one, but not tonight: drinksmixer.com/drink583.html
don't get your toe stuck in the tap
I don't know what it is I'm craving tonight. Something that tastes like bourbon sounds.
I'm browsing the Serious Eats cocktail recipes category right now. Could this be something for you? seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/10/…
Something that tastes like cigars and armchairs. But straight whiskey tastes like fire and death. I don't want fire and death. I think my brain is having synesthesia to deal with stress.
8:21 PM
@Yamikuronue Perhaps something based on coffee liquer?
I can't drink coffee or coffee-flavored things. Too bitter.
Bitter is the "death" part of the "fire and death"
@Yamikuronue a mint julep with extra water?
Jesus H. Christ
you have very specific requirements
@rum That might work
I did say I was impossible to please
I said it twice in fact
@ElendilTheTall Hey
8:22 PM
@SAJ14SAJ yo
@Yamikuronue I have never failed to please a lady yet, dammit!
@ElendilTheTall TMI
@SAJ14SAJ TMI is soooo dated
If I had grapes, I would make this one
the new term for TMI is 'overshare'
@ElendilTheTall dont care
8:24 PM
whiskey with grape puree
@SAJ14SAJ bet ya do....
hello @SAJ14SAJ
I are dated.
@rumtscho Hey :-) You you are?
I am sure if I were milk, I would be a week past my sell-by date.
@SAJ14SAJ read the transcript starting with chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/11737217#11737217 to know how I am
It's a roller coaster ride of programming drama
8:26 PM
the story of my day, which made the a little lamp light up in my brain when Yami said "cocktail"
sorry that I am explaining the joke a bit there, my audience present at the time of writing was non-devs
@rumtscho Baby programmers can be so cute!
10 days and counting for me and the big go live.
@SAJ14SAJ yes, as long as the contents of their programmer pampers don't end up in production
@SAJ14SAJ ooooo
Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
Should we all make backups in case your code mutates and takes over the Internet?
8:28 PM
@rumtscho I am sure there are no more than 5 or 10 fundamental design errors in what he did.
Is this the beginning of The End?
@SAJ14SAJ what goes live?
@ElendilTheTall Only if you live in MD or DC and go to one of our hospitals.
Or, you know, crash, and get medivaced there.
@SAJ14SAJ that's what you think
8:29 PM
@ElendilTheTall No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.
"On the 27th October at 13:12, SAJnet became self aware"
Dum da dum DUM.
actually I believe it's 'duh duh duh duh dum'
Dum da dum DUM is Dragnet I believe
@ElendilTheTall No, that is different.
Or dum Dum dum Dum dum Dum dum dum da-DUUUUMMMM
Is yami's synaesthesia contagious now?
8:31 PM
I started with Thus Spake Z-however-you spell it, which made me think of the William Tell Overature, which made me think of the Tchiachovskey (don't ask why, I don't know), and now the dance of the sugar plum fairies is stuck in my head.
And there is only one cure for that, and it is worse than the disease.
Erm... no.
Just no.
To all things Ahnold.
what is willhelm tell overature?
Its a very famous piece of music. By William Tell.
By Rossini
8:33 PM
I am sure you can hear sound clips if you google it.
@ElendilTheTall My way was funnier.
I figured it out. I want a cocktail that tastes like a bass note in an acapella group
ah, you meant overture? I just couldn't head-correct the error on first reading
@Yamikuronue simple!
@Yamikuronue That would be midori and orange juice with a touch of pomegranite bitters.
@Yamikuronue You cannot appreciate the bass if there are no high notes in the background
8:34 PM
@rumtscho Thus the pomegranite.
So I finally opened my copy of the 4th Edition C++ Programming Language and have found a bug.
It's in color.
Programming books are not supposed to be in color.
And the links aren't clickable.
and high notes in drinks are sour, bass notes are bitter, so it is a tart cocktail after all
@derobert Don't do it.
@rumtscho Where did you get that?
@SAJ14SAJ Its too late...
@derobert Denial is sometimes the best defense. Pretend it never happened!
8:36 PM
No no. High notes are sweet. Because ladies are said to have sweet voices if they are high
@derobert this is the advantage of books. Make you read everything you need to know, not just jump around links which sound promising.
@SAJ14SAJ From my own synaesthesia
@rumtscho Ooookay
auto foo {1.1}; ← when did that become valid C++ ....
@rumtscho Then why are there links here????
@derobert C++ left the path of righteousness and is now a tool of the devil.
Turn away, Brother Derobert, turn away!
I give you, as the first exhibit in its trial of damnation: the header file.
(In person, I do a really, really good evil laugh.)
@derobert to let smartasses know that the thing they are just about to get their knickers in a bunch for is explained somewhere else in the same book. I have known people who cannot let a conversation go on without pointing out "but this detail can also blah..." and all of them are programmers, so this is good for them.
8:40 PM
@rumtscho We would never say YOU do that, Rummi.
@rumtscho but the links don't work. You can't click them.
One sec, a picture to illustrate!
@derobert um... I thought you meant references to other parts of the book
like "more on pointers in Chapter 7"
Exhibit 2: the naked pointer, like unto a naked singularity in physics to the integrity of run time operations in a programming language!
Exhibit 3: ++ and its evil twin, ++
@SAJ14SAJ I have my rough sides. Could have been worse than "smartass".
Like when I tap on "complex", nothing happens.
8:43 PM
@derobert Save yourself while you still can.
Why are there links in this book?
Its a bad style sheet, that is not a link, that is a definition tag.
The links start with the funny S shaped symbol I don't know how to type.
@SAJ14SAJ are programmers allowed to do arbitrary operator overload in C++?
@SAJ14SAJ C++11 adds various auto ptr thingies to take care of those...
In the paper-and-paper version of hypertext,you then naviage to that section by flipping the pages.
@derobert Bah, humbug, that patient is terminal.
8:44 PM
@SAJ14SAJ There is only one in C++. You tell them apart by a magic argument. No, seriously.
@rumtscho What do you mean by "arbitrary"?
@derobert If that is true, it is just more evidence.
@rumtscho Fairly nearly, yes.
A: overloading of the operator++()

Loki AstariShould look like this: class Number { public: Number& operator++ () // prefix ++ { // Do work on this. return *this; } // You want to make the ++ operator work like the standard operators // The simple way to do this is to i...

@derobert I think that in Ruby, you can assign whatever function you want to an operator. Just like in C#, I can override the ToString method of my object to delete everything in the database, in Ruby it is possible to assign the database deleting method to the + operator, so typing 1+2 deletes the database
By definition, then, those are different operators because they have different operands, magic or otherwise :-) It doesn't make it a good thing.
This is how I remember it, but I'm not 100% sure, I don't write Ruby.
8:47 PM
@rumtscho well, you could do that in C++, provided either 1 or 2 were a class type
@rumtscho You can overload the operators in C# too.
I don't think you can do it for operators solely on built-in types
(but could be wrong, its been a while)
For example, I have a hilbert space class for games, that supports multiplication by an integer, or adding two hiblert spaces of the same dimension. Stuff like that. I guess techincally they are tensors, but who thinks that way?
@derobert I don't remember the rules, although 20 years ago I was certified to teach C++/ Wise programmers don't overload operators unless they really are implementing something very close to their natural meaning.
@SAJ14SAJ if it is possible, I haven't seen a class which does it.
@rumtscho It are, I has. Wants source?
8:49 PM
@SAJ14SAJ yep, like how std::cout << 4 is clearly a bit-shift :-P
@derobert See, you found your own exhibit 5.
@SAJ14SAJ No, I believe you.
afk 2 min.
@Yamikuronue see what I found. Whiskey, ginger, cinnamon. seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/05/…
That is my kind of drink! Less the silly cherry and whipped cream.
8:55 PM
what, no cream in your drinks?
@rumtscho "1/4 cup fresh ginger juice" That is not an ingredient most people have handy!
@rumtscho Well, the ice cream was probably made with cream.
Adding whipped cream to a milkshake is superfluous in my mind. Guilding that which is gold, as it were.
@SAJ14SAJ Maybe she has a juicer at home.
Ah, is this a milk shake? I though it is a hot cocoa.
@Francisco Noriega Try "Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes" by Jeffrey Hamelman. It's probably the most in-depth bread book I can think of, with lots of technical details etc.
@sourd'oh Hey.
@SAJ14SAJ How's it going?
(and will that message work to give a notification to someone not in the room?)
8:59 PM
@rumtscho The straw and the cherry give it away. Not to mention the... erm... milk shake glass :-) None of those things would be present for hot chocolate, a fine winter's drink in its own right.
@sourd'oh I think the answer is 'no` unless they came to the room themselves within prior 24 hours or something like that.
ah well, it's out there for posterity, even if it doesn't do him any good.
@sourd'oh What yo ucan do is take a link to where you left stuff in chat, and leave that in a comment for them to follow to the transcript.
@sourd'oh if you can't autocomplete the name, the user won't get a notification
I thought you were going to recommend BBA.
@SAJ14SAJ BBA is directly opposite to his "non-complicated" requirement, or however he worded it
9:02 PM
I like BBA, Village Baker's Wife, etc, but I think Hamelman's book is the best. It's just a good all around intro.
practically all breads there are started the previous day.
I have BBA somewhere, if it wasn't a victim of the flood, but I haven't looked at it in many years. I also have, safe and sound, Beard on Bread.
And Joy of Cooking.
@rumtscho I could get into that if I could plan ahead better. But it doesnt' work for me.
(in case this transcript is of use, I assume we're talking about Bread Baker's Apprentice?)
I never think that far ahead.
9:03 PM
Yes, Bread Baker's Apprentice.
hi @SAJ14SAJ :)
I think I lost a lot of classic 80s and 90s cookbooks in the Great Basement Flood. But since I never used them anyway, and google recipes on the internet, i am not sure how much I should regret that.
@sourd'oh yes, Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. It is gorgeous for somebody who wants to start loving to make bread - both the writing style and the eye candy.
My 6000 volume book collection of science fiction and fantasy, that I will miss.
@rumtscho I still have my first edition Cake Bible. :-) Love that thing.
Joy of Cooking is probably about the best all around cookbook ever. I like "How To Cook Everything" too, but his ideas about bread are... weird
9:05 PM
@sourd'oh I agree.... up to the 1975ish edition, Joy was the best.....
I never read HTCE.
I have Julia's The Way To Cook. And of course several volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
@SAJ14SAJ I don't have the cake bible. Between Death by chocolate and Corriher's books, I have more recipes to try out than time and eaters to make cake.
@rumtscho I buy cookbooks more for the reading than the cooking.
I will admit.
But I haven't bought but two or three in the last 20 years or so.
By the way, that chocolate layer without the eggs is still in the fridge for drying out. I planned to recycle it into rum balls, and haven't found the time yet.
I think I have books where I did not make one recipe from.
@rumtscho Croutons on ice cream :-)
@Mien I am guilty of that many times.
9:07 PM
@rumtscho Rumtscho balls! They are the best!
I think The Metropolitan Bakery cookbook also had a good discussion of how to start a starter
@sourd'oh Never heard of that one.
Berenbaum has a Bread Bible, but I haven't gotten it. I don't know how you can be a world class expert on cakes, and pies, and breads.
@Mien Eeeeew?
@SAJ14SAJ You don't like her balls?
Ball bearings are not tasty!
At least, that's the type of balls I'd assume a robot has.
Good night.
@Mien Erm
9:11 PM
@SAJ14SAJ I flagged an answer of yours :o
@Mien Really? Why? I try to be quite scrupulous.
Your answer on the steak question :)
What you say is true
but it is not an answer on the question
Actually, this is a special case: it is an answer to the question, in the sense of "what you want is not possible" :-)
Somebody else might have the same problem but proper storing beforehand
I certainly am not going to answer the main question when there is a huge food safety issue looming.
9:14 PM
We'll let the mods decide :P
@Mien Then they can ask a good question, and we will refer them to my model thawing question / answer :-)
I would think the answer is ok since there is so much "should" in the question. What they "should" do is... not eat it.
Two out of three of our active moderators are activists to including everything. The third will react badly to the stupidity of the question. So I suspect my answer is safe :-)
9:28 PM
We'll see :)
I'm going to bed, see ya!
@SAJ14SAJ Almost all of the answers in the popcorn question are adding fat...
@sourd'oh Ah, I only read the new one, since it wasn't that interesting to me :-)
I have never been a popcorn fan. I don't know why.
I loath the smell of microwave popcorn. One of my two "just because i said so and I am the boss, dammit" rules when I owned my own company was no microwave popcorn.
ok... I think this mess might be resovled now
9:45 PM
@Yamikuronue Yay?
yay indeed
I am now totally spent and my energy is fading fast.
Too bad I have to drive home... :(
Bon voyage!
I'm off to bed.
@Cerberus before me or are you really late this time?
10:00 PM
@JohanLarsson Nope I'm early, being a good dog.
Being sick helps with bed times.
@SAJ14SAJ I'm with you on popcorn. I think I eat some popcorn once every 3 years or so.
Good night!
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