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12:03 PM
Payday 2 anyone?
I'm at work
and I hate you
lastnight i did the stupidest thing ever
day 3 framng frame
all the gold out
all the bags out
tripped the alarms
@3ventic don't own the game...
I still don't know what tripped the alarm.
@RonanForman I think I got too close to the lasers in the vault
It's stupid that it prevents your escape after completing all of the objectives though
12:07 PM
@3ventic thanks
@kalina Well the whole point is that we frame him. It's not a framing if he has proof we did it.
@RonanForman well maybe, but lest you not forget we broke EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GLASS IN THE BUILDING
@RonanForman Exactly.
us leaving before the police arrived wouldn't have tipped him off who did it
12:08 PM
It was the lone dominated guard who killed his colleagues and broke all the windows because he found out his boss was doing drugs.
Then he realized what he had done and decided to cuff himself.
And he came up with a cover up story of 4 guys raiding the place and planting some drugs
well nobody is going to believe him when he claims 4 peeps with masks did it
That's for sure.
thing is, it's not even 4
since we normally breach with 1
so its one dude in a mask took out four guards, 3 cameras, dominated one guard, put him in his own cuffs, stole the gold, planted the coke, and left
That sounds even more convincing than 4 people doing it!
So classy
stupid mask
need dlc
need dlc now
WTB armoured transport
12:16 PM
Q: Xbox 360 gamepad doesn't work an all games

MythiqueI have a problem that's getting annoying, I use a wired xbox 360 controller on my PC (Windows 8) and it doesn't work on all game. I used to have problem with it on Super Meat Boy and Walking Dead, but I fixed it following this advice. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with some game I'm havin...

I played Payday 2 once. It was a good time.
@Sterno Why don't you play more often?
Getting 1-2 hours of consecutive free time is difficult.
Q: How do I fix this glitch?

David TohThe glitch is as following: I was fighting against a minor settlement and when I was about to win, a pop-up appeared, asking me if I wanted to Continue the battle (to run down the remaining few troops) or to just end the fight. I wanted to finish them off. So I clicked continue. However, even ...

diet coke tastes AWFUL
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY don't you have any proper drinks with actual sugar in them
@kalina Diet Coke is delicious.
Q: Unhinged: How to have reversable storage of excess mercury

coiaxAfter centrifuging a large amount of redstone, we're left with at least a stack of mercury cells. Is there anyway of emptying those cells and saving the mercury for later? Any method that consumes the cells isn't acceptable, and we should be able to put mercury back in the cells later. (Running...

Q: What to do with all these Iron ingots?

DevlinSo I have about 10 iron ingots, but not sure what to start using them for first. Which is the more important thing to invest my ingots? I know armor swords and tools are important, but what is my priority?

Diet Coke must contain different chemicals in the US
12:40 PM
It might also be an acquired taste. My mom never bought non-diet soda growing up.
I prefer diet pepsi to normal pepsi, and coke/diet coke/coke zero tastes horrible to me now
I drink fizzy drinks that contain sugar
except the 'Max'/'Zero' varieties, they're tolerable
You all have horrible taste. Except for @kalina ... and that's rather disturbing.
The only Diet soda I've had that seems to work alright is Diet Sprite
and even that isn't as good as regular, it's just not ass
12:49 PM
EVE Online

Proposed Q&A site for expert players of EVE online.

Currently in definition.

@Wipqozn BAM BAM
there is a big difference depending on where in the world you are
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Yeh, no.
in the US coke without artificial sweetener is sweetened with corn syrup instead of sugar
Everything in the US is sweetened with corn syrup instead of sugar.
12:53 PM
Q: "EVE Online" Proposal is already covered under Arqade (gaming.stackexchange.com)

kalinaProposal: EVE Online This proposal is already covered in its entirety by our gaming Stack Exchange - Arqade and should be closed as a duplicate.

@tombull89 How dare you post these terrifying sloth creatures here! Oh, wait, the paperbot isn't around.
Am too
@OrigamiRobot Paperbot, creeping in the dark, waiting for the time to strike ... That is, the time a sloth is posted.
@StrixVaria Except Cheerwine.
12:59 PM
user image
You people are monsters.
where you attacked by a sloth when you where a young robot?
Thank god I've never seen a sloth IRL
brb, mailing a sloth to @OrigamiRobot
ordering 5000 sloths, shipping them to North Carolina
1:02 PM
some day soon, @OrigamiRobot will leave for work and realise there is a sloth standing between him and his car
@kalina That will be a glorious day.
I'll just run away. It will never catch me.
he'll turn to run, and realise that there are three more behind him
1:04 PM
We should break into @OrigamiRobot's house one day when he's sleeping and dress him up as a sloth.
That makes no sense.
I'm not afraid of myself.
@Wipqozn turn his fridge off and put a sloth in it
your face makes no sense
so it's crazy by the time he opens the door and jumps out at him
@kalina I rarely open my fridge
1:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot The sloth will open the fridge then.
have a box full of sloths delivered to his work address
addressed to him
buy him socks, with sloths on them
OrigamiRobot, there's a package here for you, you need to sign for it. Uhm...yeah...I think it's a box o' sloths.
user image
Nothing would ever get delivered to me at work.
So that sends up all kinds of red flags
@fredley I had to triple check whether or not that was legit
and then I saw the police chief's name
1:08 PM
@kalina Aw
5000? in one container? they'd be a bit squished.
@tombull89 Baby sloths pumped up on growth hormones
@tombull89 and thus absolutely fucking nuts by the time they escaped
@kalina Think of it more as an explosion of sloths
and these sloths are exactly like the other sloths
except they eat human flesh
and can smell your fear
1:12 PM
Mh..it seems GTA Online players get half a million ingame money as an apology for the problems..
Good morning, Bridge
@5pike the best kinds of apologies are the ones that cost nothing
@fredley I love you <3
@Wipqozn Aw
jeez, get a room
1:14 PM
@fbueckert Negative
@kalina We are already in a room
And I'm an owner too!
@fbueckert salut, comment ça va?
So you should get a room @kalina.
@kalina I'm going to assume I know what that means and say, "Not too shabby."
1:16 PM
@fbueckert I'm not sure why people are starring this, but I feel like starring it now just to feel included.
Q: Getting the signal from a floor pressure plate in the middle of a room

PassidayI have this contraption with a floor plate that causes certain changes in a wall couple of blocks away (ie, firing pistons, etc). The floor plate is on a stone floor, and I wouldn't like to mess up the floor with redstone wire - all the wiring must be under the floor, and the floor must all be at...

French, @kalina, really?
oh wait, everybody has an issue with the French
@Wipqozn Aww, you don't need to feel included. You'll always be the best turtle in my books.
@kalina I'm more confused that you don't, is all.
1:17 PM
@fredley Well done.
@kalina @fbueckert ne parle pas Français
@FEichinger I don't have issues with the French for undisclosed reasons
@TrentHawkins you're missing an r
No I'm not.
All in favor of banning mornings say "aye"
1:18 PM
@OrigamiRobot Physics would like a word with you.
Weird. I don't get it - Firefox is refusing to load a bunch of gravatars, even though they load perfectly fine when I try to open them manually
@kalina Yeah, but half a million is a pretty hefty sum. I can buy the best loft, every weapon + attachment + ammo and still have enough to buy good car upgrades.
Or, y'know, move way up north or down south.
@RedRiderX Sadly I've spotted some errors in it but can't fix it :(
All in favour of buying @OrigamiRobot sloths for Christmas, say "aye".
1:18 PM
Then you get LOOOOOOONG days.
@kalina I reject your reality and substitue someone elses.
@kalina So ... you're screwing one? :P
And super long nights.
@FEichinger certainly not
1:18 PM
@fredley Ah well, that's what you pay an editor for.
The vote passes! Morning are banned!
@fbueckert That wont solve anything.
that top is awesome, I'm going to buy him three
@OrigamiRobot Well, it would give you 24 hour daylight. Or nighttime.
1:20 PM
Morning is any time I have to wake up and go do something.
@fbueckert I don't care about day/night
@OrigamiRobot Then the problem is that you have to sleep. Might want to tell your robot body that.
24 hour nighttime would be SO incredibly awesome
@fbueckert No, sleep is awesome.
@kalina That's what the arctic circle is for
@OrigamiRobot give me your address so I can buy you several sloth t-shirts
and several sloths
1:21 PM
The thing is, I'm not even seeing the requests for the gravatars on Firebug's net panel
The browser just seems to... assume they don't exist and don't load them, for some reason
Whoever gets @OrigamiRob for secret santa should buy him sloth goods
@PrivatePansy is mine included?
Q: What is the ideal setup for multiple Steam accounts on one computer, including guests?

SparrI live in a house with multiple gamers. We are considering installing Steam on our HTPC and using it like a sort of gaming console. There are a few ways to approach this, and none of them seem ideal. Steam installs games into a user's home directory. This means that if I have two different OS-le...

can you see my avatar?
1:22 PM
@kalina Anything hosted on gravatar.com, so yes
Mine is hosted on i.stack.imgur, so it loads fine
sad day for ponies
@kalina Aww, you just wanna come visit me!
1:23 PM
Any sad day for ponies is a great day for the entire world.
@OrigamiRobot no, it's purely sloth related
@Blem Death Metal?
@fbueckert d'awwww, you're so sweet!
@kalina You wanna visit me and be lazy?
1:23 PM
But only on this tab
every time you try to side step what is really happening
@fredley I really want to send @OrigamiRobot this sweater for Christmas.
I order another 1000 sloths to your house
I wonder how much shipping to the USA would cost...
1:24 PM
The gravatar in the other chatroom in MSO loads fine
@Wipqozn Other people know where @OrigamiRobot lives right?
Doesn't @spugsley know where he lives?
I wonder if we can convince @spugsley to divulge his address
@fredley No, but I'm sure @spugsley would help us if it was to torture @OrigamiRobotwith sloths.
maybe some dolan might help ease the information out
@Wipqozn Excellent
1:24 PM
@Wipqozn Glad I can't see it
@OrigamiRobot It's sloth with a santa hat.
36 secs ago, by OrigamiRobot
@Wipqozn Glad I can't see it
All pages on chat.SE, in fact
1:25 PM
@Blem Yeah I only got 12 out of 20 for that.
i got 13
I apparently don't go to IKEA enough.
Why are we torturing @OrigamiRobot today?
@OrigamiRobot I know you can see that!
@Sterno You need a reason?
1:26 PM
Or maybe listen to death metal enough.
@Sterno the wheel of torment actually came up with your name, we figured you were too old to take this much sustained abuse
@kalina I can't see any images. I see a blank message that I assume is the image.
@OrigamiRobot WHY?
@kalina He's at work.
@RedRiderX I missed three or four yesterday :(
1:27 PM
I'm pretty sure yesterday with the wall of ponies was my torment day.
@Wipqozn accessing chat via RDP
should have no issue
@Blem 15 out of 20.
he complains about animated gifs
he's lying to us
@Sterno True.
@kalina idk I'll figure it out later
1:27 PM
In retrospect, my mum took me to ikea way too often.
I have to go to work now
I am a slacker
@OrigamiRobot Just claim you've been abused by sloths and take the day off.
@Arperum What you only missed 4 out of 20?
@kalina Terrible formatting
1:28 PM
That's pretty good.
@fredley your face has terrible formatting
@Wipqozn I am on floor 12. Beware!
@RedRiderX Yup, being a metalhead helps.
@Arperum I would imagine so.
1:29 PM
is a metalhead somebody who has a metal head?
@kalina Yes, yes it is.
@Sterno Oh my. You're almost caught up. I haven't done anything on FLoor 13 yet.
@kalina More like someone who bangs their head to metal.
@Arperum Is a metalhead always male then?
@kalina Fixed.
1:30 PM
@Wipqozn l'd probably be caught up, but story mode has a bonus dungeon level at the start of each stratum
@Arperum their*
@kalina :D
@Sterno What level are you?
@kalina Close call, but fixed.
major victory
mission accomplished
1:32 PM
@Wipqozn 32-33
Time to go home and get intoxicated. Till Monday.
@Sterno I'm ~37.
It just started following me, for some reason.
Long weekend this weekend! Perfect for lots of Pokemon playing!
1:33 PM
@fbueckert Oh right, I forgot that holidays are a thing which exist.
@Wipqozn Yeah, when you're in school, you don't have to worry about it much.
You has holiday?
Is this some crazy Canadian holiday?
You come to value them when you have to work 50 weeks a year.
It's our Thanksgiving day.
Next Monday is a day of dread that I am not looking forward to
1:34 PM
Q: Are there any tools providing integration between Steam and Desura?

SparrI have perhaps 100 games installed in Steam and 50 in Desura. There are even a few duplicates. I can manually add shortcuts in Steam to my Desura games. Are there tools to automate this? To create new shortcuts when I buy/download new games in Desura, possibly providing icons, descriptions, etc, ...

@Lazers Software rec!
Canadians have things to be thankful for?
@kalina Do you dread it because it's a Monday.
@Sterno Yes. We're thankful we're not Americans.
@Sterno Summer. It's short, but we're thankful for what little we get.
@fbueckert no I dread it because I've got to be up at 6:30am, out of the house by 7:30am, on a train by 7:45am, in London by 12:00pm, in meetings up until 6pm, on trains at 6:30pm, at home by 10pm.
1:36 PM
@kalina Ouch. Long day.
Hope you at least get paid for most of it.
6:30am-8:30am are hours that do not exist to me
nope, get paid for a normal work day only
I do get to claim back any food I eat though
@kalina Yuck.
and I've looked at the agenda
this is literally a day of sitting there listening to others talk about common sense processes
Things to add to the list of confusing things: Finnish people are European, because Finland is in Europe, but Canadians are not American, because Canada is in America.
Canadians would technically be North Americans, but the term "American" is usually specifically relating to somebody living in one of the united states
1:40 PM
@kalina Don't explain the joke :(
oh that was supposed to be a joke?
Canadians secretly wish they were American in the same way I secretly love ponies.
10 secs ago, by Sterno
Canadians secretly wish they were American in the same way I secretly love ponies.
saving that before it gets deleted
@3ventic Man, if we were Americans, we'd have to go burn down the White House.
@fbueckert I was moreso thinking because I'm done school and jobless.
1:42 PM
@Sterno obviously from this I take away that all Canadians secretly wish they were Americans, and you secretly like ponies
@kalina @fbueckert can tell you that means "not at all".
Although I have a good feeling that will change soon, since my interview went really well yesterday.
@Sterno I have met Canadians, I know
@Sterno Indeed.
@Sterno It doesn't mean I'm not going to interpret it like that in this instance
1:42 PM
But... Canadians are Americans...
in fact, large portions of Canadians would rather be French
'Murica is the best America.
Which means @Sterno's love for ponies is a fact!
@kalina ... I think that's one negation too much.
@Fluttershy exactly
Sterno is one hell of an Apple Jack fan, I heard
1:43 PM
@Fluttershy It is a fact. Its absence, namely, is a fact.
@OrigamiRobert, I'll be playing some DS tonight! But I won't be home until 8-8:30 ish.
@kalina Ayple Jyak is best background pony.
@Fluttershy true enough
and Rainbow Dash is best pony
I'm willing to take on the mantle of "secret pony lover not in a clopfic way" if it also means every Canadian in chat wants to be an American.
@Sterno I think we can easily twist that statement to be: Canadians don't secretly wish to be American - thus Sterno doesn't secretly love ponies. He's out of the pony closet everyone! he's no longer hiding it!
Net gain.
1:45 PM
@Sterno well you said "secretly", by that fact alone, we'll never get them to admit they want to be American
yet we all secretly know that they do
@kalina acceptable.
Q: Is there a hotkey or shortcut to upgrade all units?

Mark RogersAt certain points in the game, a variety of upgrades become available to your existing units. Unfortunately this produces a really tedious management issue, where the user has to select each individual unit and click on each type of upgrades. Some people mentioned that you can upgrade multiple ...

my ipad really, really didn't want to let me type "clopfic"
@Sterno That's nothing. SwiftKey on my phone, set to aggressive mode, would not let me type "damn", "fuck", "ass" and a bunch of other swear words
holy shit what is wrong with the world
I just google'd the meaning of clopfic
brb I need bleach
1:48 PM
@kalina You really didn't know before?
@kalina I'm not even going to try
@kalina secretly writes clopfic.
Wonder if @kalina knows about cupcakes...
@Lazers User reworded the question.
@FEichinger no way, I avoid coming into contact with stuff like that
1:49 PM
@kalina You .... Out of all people. Sure. Totally buying that.
I'm sad now. My iPad no longer has any objections to "clopfic".
@fredley r34 MLP fanfics, basically
@FEichinger I am being totally serious
Does raise the question how you managed to avoid it, though.
@Sterno I think if you long press the suggestion you can remove it
1:50 PM
@fbueckert I'll even upvote that. I like that question.
I am still struggling to find a way to get SwiftKey to not autocorrect "autocorrect", of all things
@Wipqozn I even retracted my close vote! I'm glad that's something we can do now.
Q: Will Crimson Spread In My Ice Biome?

ZibbobzI have heard many, many conflicting reports on whether or not Crimson will spread in my Ice Biome. Some people say yes it will, others say that no, it only starts during Hardmode. Still others say it becomes a special kind of biome when it spreads through during Hardmode. My current base of...

@fredley ... that is considerably worse than advertised. :/
1:53 PM
@TrentHawkins Yes. Yes it is.
@TrentHawkins You clicked a link titled 'clopfic.gif'. You disgusting human being.
@fredley Clopfics are, uh, you know, fics
@fbueckert how do we do this?
@kalina Click the close button again.
The popup has a "Retract Close Vote" button.
at least I learned something that didn't result in large numbers of my brain cells suiciding today
1:56 PM
Laura Shigihara has a soundtrack for a new game laurashigihara.bandcamp.com/album/rakuen-official-soundtrack
@Wipqozn It's pretty great.
If Bridge has a fanfic, does it also have a clopfic?
@fredley Oh man, I hope not.
brb, writing Bridge clopfic
@fredley nope. nope nope nope.
1:57 PM
@fredley Exactly as expected. I had to click to doublecheck though. Same way as this morning I assume?
@fredley If the fanfic is r34, and the users on the Bridge are ponies, does that make it clopfic automatically?
@Arperum Yup. You still click, see.
What's a "clopfic"?
@MartinSojka Google it.
1:58 PM
@MartinSojka look it up in google images with safe search off :D hint: don't do this
@MartinSojka Best not to know if you don't already
@MartinSojka You don't want to know. Don't google it.
@fredley or, you know, use curl
@fredley Even if I knew what it linked too. Damn you and your mindgames!
@MartinSojka Ignorance is bliss.
1:58 PM
Oh ... ok, so I rather don't want to read the answer then.
@MartinSojka You don't. Just pretend it's puppies.
@Wipqozn That's dangerous.
@KevinvanderVelden Never turn safe search off on GIS, there is no search that does not turn up porn and/or gore.
Yes, puppies. We're writing about puppies on the Bridge. Lots and lots of puppies.
@PrivatePansy sick

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