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12:15 AM
@Wipqozn we can invite users to private beta, check this out meta.stackoverflow.com/a/107021/234193
@Skippy ooo, that's good to know.
I'll get ashley to send me an invite.
@Wipqozn the person needs your email address.
@Skippy Yes, I'll provide her with it.
@excellent :)
That's why I said ashley, since I trust her with my email.
12:17 AM
oops @ excellent :)
@TimPost ba hahahahha
@Mistu4u well I guess that explains their popularity on facebook etc (cats that is)
@Baarn Yes I think the fact that it is on a site about pets, and with the use of wiki it should be pretty clear that we are discussing euthanasia of animals not people
2 hours later…
1:56 AM
Good stuff.
Well, "The Litter Box" is now one point behind "The Kennel" in the "Name the Chat Room" Sweepstakes!
@JohnCavan Nice! I think it's a definite winner then.
It's catchy, if nothing else.
2:01 AM
@JohnB The Litter Box it is then.
Sounds good! Would you do the honors?
you're too quick
@JohnB aye ya yii
@JohnB I need some Stevia to slow me down. :D
room topic changed to The Litter Box: General discussion for pets.stackexchange.com. Cat gifs welcome. (no tags)
Well, I think it's still up for votes before public beta, but at least we have something a little catchier than "Pets"
2:47 AM
I quite like it, it makes me laugh
The worst part about my cat playing fetch with me is that if he sticks toys in my bed or under me, tossing them away isn't an option - he just brings them back XD
4 hours later…
6:51 AM
@AnkitSharma Hello!
@Skippy Hello to you too! :D
@AshleyNunn hi
I was trying to ping both of you hi lol
You seemed like you might have specific questions. :) What's up?
(Keep in mind it is almost 3 am where I am - I am going to be awake for a little bit yet, I am working on a paper for a university class, but if I all of a sudden disappear, I fell asleep on my keyboard or something, lol)
I wanted feedback.
I stuck my hand up to be a mod and
Awesome, I can totally help. :) What sort of feedback, and on what? :)
6:54 AM
the downvotes seem like people don't want me to be mod
@AshleyNunn 3 am.......hmmm this time zone always make me sick
I am trying to not let this discourage me in my enthusiasm for the site
and trying to discern what the site wants, as a comuunity, vis Q&A quality
@Skippy its always good to see this much enthusiasm
@Skippy Don't let it get you down :) Know that active engaged users are also like totally important or there would be nothing to mod! I can't necessarily speak as to why it got downvoted, as I don't want to presume anything about what people were thinking, but also remember that it isn't the be all and end all of stuff.
I like how involved you are being and how you are asking really awesome questions on meta and hte like - I have to stretch my brain to answer some of them, and I love it. It is great to see how engaged everyone is in making this site amazing.
Yes I like it too and hope we can sustain it
6:58 AM
I hope so! It would be awesome.
it's disappointing to see some of the beta sites just struggling or ending as you know :(
I support, mainly cogsci
and have started a bit on parenting
Yeah, it can be kinda heartbreaking to see sites struggle or go under completely.
I think Peit.se is getting great response in a single day. Public beta doesn't seems too far.
they both have troubles with question rate
Oh, neat, getting involved all over the network is awesome.
6:59 AM
@AnkitSharma I have no idea how to measure this priv beta response, never been involved in on ebefore
@AshleyNunn yes, I think most of us all, if not all of us
@Skippy trust me, Libraries was a struggle from the beginning, so this much participation makes my heart sing
I have to saym there is a nice pack of users, I can use words like pach, herd, flock here :)
hahaha yes
@AshleyNunn ahhh that's a relief
I wonder what the term would be for a bunch of SE users? Gaggle? Murder? Flock? :P
7:01 AM
@AshleyNunn here you can see the progress

Beta Q&A site for pet owners, caretakers, breeders, veterinarians, and trainers.

Currently in private beta.

I loved the comment in chat here about how it's the one chat where posting pics of cats is on topic :) I really think animal lovers are the nicest people
@Skippy That made me laugh a lot. We have a really good community so far, and I can't wait to see it grow!
The Litter Box when did it became final name ?
Yup. thnx for touching base guys, I wanted to chat and touch base and mention the sensitive issue (mod), but that's finished now.. I will do some posting
@AnkitSharma I also wondered that
hi @Baarn
@AnkitSharma Someone named it that this afternoon, but it is something that is relatively easily changed, so if we find a lot of people aren't happy with it, we can always see about what the community might prefer. I mean it might not change, but it isn't set in stone necessarily either.
7:04 AM
I'll be back, want to try and answer at least one more unanswered question..
hi @Skippy
no way to sneak in here early without someone smelling your presence ;)
@Skippy No worries! :)
@AshleyNunn i will love to see more then one chatroom for this site. All pet lovers are not same and why to have only one chatroom.
7:05 AM
@Baarn giggles we are pet people, we learn from our pets
@Baarn well I am a kangaroo, so yes, I may smell a bit lol
@AnkitSharma to get the community involved as a whole, I suppose - having a lot of chat rooms divides the community, and I am not sure that is a good thing
We want to be awesome and cohesive and stuff.
@AshleyNunn yup its too soon to have more then one chatroom but when we get flood of user sometime more then one chatroom is not bad
Like I know the gaming site, Arqade, has a few other chat rooms for specific purposes, but for the most part, everyone chills in the Bridge and while it can be crazy and chaotic at times, it really works. And Arqade has a pretty giant userbase.
I mean it will ultimately fall out naturally from however the community feels is appropriate, but I would hate to see a huge divide in the community.
Agreed for now ;)
7:10 AM
I suspect it isnt something we should worry over, and just see what happens as we develop. ;)
Alright, I am starting to fall asleep, so I shall call it a night. Good night, all. It was great talking with you!
Have a good sleep :)
Thank you! Have a good time doing whatever it is you choose (because I have no idea what time zone you might be in, haha)
12:45 PM....Office time :(
7:40 AM
Q: Can I use human medicine on dogs?

Ankit SharmaSometimes our doctor advises us to use to use human medicines for dogs. For example, when my sister's Labrador was small, the doctor advised us to administer children's syrup for stomach disorder. Is this good advice or should we ignore it?

@Salketer I think we should leave this question here, as it is GOOD to know NOT to do it and it will, most likely, be asked again. I think this is a VERY GOOD question.. But wasn't sure how I should vote for it.. Up to bump it, or down to discourage the practice. Ideas? — Skippy 50 secs ago
What do people think?
@Skippy In defense i can say
- It could be among most Google-ed question
- if it doesn't become a debate then why not keep it
@AnkitSharma I WANT to keep it
Skippy got a good point
And if community is not ok with it then i have no problem in removal. :)
Problem is some might answer in the other direction...
7:45 AM
I am asking should we vote it up, so it is a popular question, even t
hey I had a thought
we rewrod the title
Why is it bad to give my dog human medicine?
My aunt used to give her back meds to her dog and it didn't seem to hurt him at all... So she would suggest to do so...
+1 Skippy
Exaclty, I am going to vote it up and I'll leave any ideas of rewording it, up to you
@Skippy Why is it bad to give my dog human medicine? will going to change the question. Which seems not rite to me.
@AnkitSharma super!
@AnkitSharma that's fine. It's up to you!
@Skippy now you can see review queue i think
7:53 AM
@AnkitSharma I should add my !! mean excitement, it's all good
lol yes I can
I am quite far. Will buck up soon. If its Movies & TV then i can write 10 question at a moment but on pets my hands are tight.
Even in answering them.
@Skippy I would prefer the answer to be more clear on the "if the vet says it is OK, don't worry" part
as that is the big question in the question
@Baarn sure..
what would you like to see
@Baarn good point
I have no idea, as you already say so. But somehow it falls a bit short with that big quote appended
7:57 AM
sure will fix it, just wanted to clarify what you meant cheers
maybe put that statement about the vet behind the quote?
I added written advice from a vet, as phone call or verbal advice can easily be misconstrued and I thought it might be good to take a firm safety stand.. I dunno what SEs legal policies are on these things
@TimPost pls advise ^^^
@Skippy looks better but can't upvote it again ;)
@AnkitSharma :)
I like that version, thanks @Skippy
8:05 AM
I am getting multiple pings from you, which is why I answered you three times before :P
@Baarn cool, it's important everyone is happy with it
8 hours ago, by John Cavan
At one point I had 3 cats, 2 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, 3 goldfish, 2 turtles but no partridge in a pear tree. :)
@JohnCavan you really had a pet house ;)
2 hours later…
10:39 AM
@AnkitSharma - I had the space and enjoyed their company. :)
11:06 AM
For me its too much.
I just had expertise of two dogs living in same house with me and one have attitude problem with me that was just enough for me.
@Skippy We don't really have one. Think about it in the context of Stack Overflow for a second, folks copy and paste code they find there into their projects at their own risk - if your enterprise banking system explodes because you didn't understand what you were reading or looking at, well, we can't really help that.
Your answer to that got an up vote from me and might even slice off a piece of my whopping 101 rep on that later, because it's a great canonical answer folks can point to on the topic. I'm sure it's going to come up again.
11:26 AM
@TimPost Hii.... i am just curious to know that does SE assign one community moderator to specific private beta or any free community moderator can handle things on his own.
@AnkitSharma A little of both. Stack Exchange sites have what we call a default contact. This person will keep an eye on things during the private beta and select the pro-tem moderators, and then be their contact within Stack Exchange if they need anything. The default contact is expected to keep up with what's going on with the site, check on the child meta semi-frequently to see if anything needs a response from us, or perhaps guidance.
However, community managers aren't restricted to any group of sites. We're assigned them so that we're sure they have frequent eyes on them. You'll see Robert Cartaino on all of our newer sites, as his major strength is sort of the philosophical side of things when it comes to how / why we do what we do.
@TimPost thanks. I am just new to a private beta so have curiosity to know few things.
uhm… we have and sound like synonyms?
@all do we really need tag. i mean what is its significance over normal tag
Thanks @Tim
Indoor cat, not until the site is much much bigger
11:41 AM
@Skippy but still what is its use over normal cat tag.
@Baarn looks like a synonym requirement.
@AnkitSharma when we are so huge we can't find each other, it will be needed :)
@TimPost thanks
It seems like quite a few Stack Exchange folks are enjoying Pets SE :) You've got Kyle Brandt - the cat whisperer. I'm not kidding he really is a cat whisperer and I have proof.
@AnkitSharma I think it might be useful to tag questions that are specific to this certain type of cat-care
@TimPost omg does this mean he has powers like cat woman
I have to say I am always relieved when men love cats, over here cats are much maligned and are frequently killed , because of our native wildlife, well that's the excuse to kill people's pets
11:52 AM
He just has this way with cats, and servers apparently
@TimPost ohh....great
@TimPost sorry left you 100 million messages
@Skippy you said thank you to tim in various ways. ;)
@AnkitSharma huh?
Ohh you just said it yourself the same thing.
11:57 AM
@Skippy That's nothing compared to the rest of my inbox, which I've given up on keeping clean
and why is it every time you ping me I get three nitifications? @AnkitSharma
@Skippy What browser? That's a known but tricky bug with desktop notifications
@Skippy its because the first answer i given here is on tripod dog :P
@TimPost yes, but some of mine was constructive, it was just taking you through the whole process of childbirth with me you didn't need
guess @TimPost
@AnkitSharma hahahaha I actually think that's funny.. is
there something wrong with that
@Skippy my intention was also the same.....no offense to any pet :)
@Skippy today people are making me sick by pinging me and when i clicked on the link the comment is already got removed by user. So multiple notification for single post is really annoying
12:03 PM
@AnkitSharma of course not.. and btw I prefer the theory that you love kangaroos, which is why you keep pinging me :)
@AnkitSharma only been getting them from you hahaha but I think they may have stopped the last two seemed ok
@Skippy heheheheh......
@AnkitSharma yes only one!
hm I wonder if I leave if I will get more hahaha
nd no one here has even stopped to consider that they are talking to a kangaroo and how smart I am at using the keyboard
| cinematography = | camera = | runtime = 25 minutes | company = Fauna Productions | distributor = | network = Nine Network | picture_format = | audio_format = Monaural | first_run = Australia | first_aired = 1966 | last_aired = 30 March 1970 | status = Ended | followed_by = | related = The Adventures of Skippy | website = | production_website = }} Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is an Australian television series created by John McCa...
Weird... How do you get a +8 upvote?
@JohnCavan huh?
oh might be total votes while you slept.
if you are looking at rep per post it will give a total
Ah... figured it out, the 8 out of the 10 brings me to the reputation cap again
12:09 PM
Oh I gotcha
yes I got a +7 for an upvote also
12:22 PM
Looks like the question flood has slowed a bit. We may be hitting the immediate question wall for the private beta participation people it would seem.
I still have some questions up my sleeve
… or in that one text file to be more specific
Saving up for the big opening day huh?
haha no, I just wrote some titles for example questions before committing to the proposal.
@Skippy I once wrote in a message to a disruptive user "You do realize that you're arguing with an ape wearing a Santa hat over the Internet, right?" Was around the holidays, and I had my holiday avatar on.
the question body is still missing, and I have't found the time to write them out
12:28 PM
Save 'em for a slow day. ;)
Looks like "The Litter Box" has taken hold for chat for now, I'm actually surprised.
@JohnCavan It's perfect.
I think it works too. Makes me think I should reopen that discussion on Photo.SE too, the chat name there is dull...
oh, just Photography …
"the photo booth"
I really like the litter box, especially because of that "dump your crap here" twist of that name
That was my case for the name too. :D
I threw up a question on the Photo.SE meta about it, to see if anyone is interested.
user image
I hereby declare pics of cats that look like Beyonce day OPEN!
12:43 PM
@TimPost - I'm not sensing that the cat is happy with the situation, that very much looks like a "I'll kill you later human, when you sleep" expression... ;)
Okk you asked for it lol
It's my election campaign lmao
Hey that's pretty good handwriting for a kangaroo, and you should have a pet as mod Go Skippy!
Oh well I amuse myself :) hahaha
I sense that the lion is going to sneeze on a certain kangaroo...
Oh wow, juxtaposition win!
@JohnCavan I think he's going to eat the kangaroo, while the kangaroo is counting with her fingers!! lol
12:54 PM
Is that the actual Skippy, @Skippy?
@TimPost we speak not of the real skippy
the real skippy is like the real Lassie
Lassie is a fictional female collie dog character created by Eric Knight in a short story expanded to novel length called Lassie Come-Home. However, Knight may have been influenced by another female collie named Lassie, featured in the 1859 story "The Half-brothers" written by British writer Elizabeth Gaskell. Published in 1940, Knight's novel was filmed by MGM in 1943 as Lassie Come Home with a dog named Pal playing Lassie. Pal then appeared with the stage name "Lassie" in six other MGM feature films through 1951. Pal's owner and trainer Rudd Weatherwax then acquired the Lassie name a...
I love Autralian wildlife
and Australian wildlife too
The thing that saves you is that male lions are too lazy to hunt, they get the women-folk to do it for them.
I know!! they are the ultimate harem em.. I have no idea how to say it
administrator LOL
@Skippy i am not going to vote for animals. Moderator should be human not kangaroo :p
@AnkitSharma that' s speciest
1:08 PM
@Skippy yes i am :p
And proud of it apparently!
well my pouch is bigger than your pouch
@AnkitSharma ^^
@Skippy i don't have a pouch but keep a wallet which remain mostly empty ;)
@AnkitSharma hey I'm getting multiple pings
I have moths in my wallet
It's become a moth sanctuary hahahah
I think I'm so funny
@Skippy humor doesn't going to change my view point for election candidate :p
you will appreciate that
man it is too hot to sleep here
we had the hottest October day ever recorded here today
I am sure the domestic violence rates also went up
99 F
1:14 PM
@Skippy quite hot.
@AnkitSharma it's not even half way through spring!!
I am not sure what is the fav weather of kangaroo's ;)
Kangaroos cope well with extremes
Probably not summers
I forgot I was a kangaroo just then hahaha
They do quite well, they rest in the shade during the heat
they are quite delicate creatures, and wallabies
they can die from being stressed, like by people
I had some wallabies caught in our house paddock and I didn't let the kids out
stayed away from the,
snuck out and gave them water
1:17 PM
@Skippy if i have to choose to be a animal , i will be wolf
when the other wallabies were returning in the evening, I let them out and they met up with them in the back paddock
@AnkitSharma I love wolves
I would be a horse, or a bird
mmmmm pie
@Skippy i can't see the image
can u ?
@AnkitSharma yeh I got it
I mean without clicking on it.
Yes, it opens in a new tab
oh no
now I feel like apple pie with ice cream
@AnkitSharma I am going to edit my electoral proposal, so that I can show that I can be sensible.. feel free to help :)
1:22 PM
@Skippy i want to nominate myself too
@AnkitSharma yes! I will vote for you
I voted for others
go nominate yrself I will vote for you
I g2g for a bit
@Skippy i have voted for you but it made you back to 0 because of negative vote previously there.
probably .... 1 - 2 weeks out from contacting folks about that, so you've got a bit of time
@Skippy done my nomination but need to edit it to add something btter.
1:49 PM
@AnkitSharma I saw and voted for you..
@TimPost so I have time to print placards??
@AnkitSharma I prefer this avatar, with the wolf
7 hours later…
8:31 PM
I've just posted this question about moving apartments. Does anyone have and suggestions for more/alternative tags?
i've used but I'm not sure if there should be something more specific about moving homes/apartments....
@TimPost haha! Happy birthday BTW :)
for yesterday I guess (4:30am in the Philippines) :)
shifting sounds like i'm just pushing him off the desk or something :)
"move cat...not now..."
hehehehhe........yup it can be interpretate that way
@Lix I think transportation is a tag better to be used for moving the animal around
how about uhm …
relocation looks better then transportation to me.
8:42 PM
or house-moving or migration?
thanks dict.cc pat pat ;)
Relocation sounds good, I think
migration could be misunderstood as it sounds like migration of wild animals…
I mean a lot of human related stuff that deals with moving calls it relocation, so I think it would also work here
relocation and house-moving are great options...
I feel that house-moving is more specific and really leaves no room for interpretation...
relocating to me sounds sounds more like moving countries where a much much bigger and longer trip is needed...
maybe that's just me...
chose the one you like, if the other should pop up in the future we can still decide if we want to synonimize them
is that even a word … synonimize?
8:48 PM
That works. I think relocation is a good general term, but again, we can always synonymize them
it seems so :)
@Baarn Yep! Just spelled a little differently
@Lix i don't think relocation required a long distance change
awww :( no onebox :
@ank - maybe not... it was just the association it gave me..
8:49 PM
Ah thanks. However, synonymize still gets a decorative red underline ;)
fancy fancy :P
@Baarn I wonder if it is a Canadian English thing?
@ash is there such a thing?
@Lix How did i got ping with only writing @ank
I know of british and american differences... but Canadian?
8:50 PM
@Lix Yeah, because Canadian tends to be a weird mix of British and American
@AnkitSharma The chat will search for active users with that three letter start to their username and ping the first one that matches
@ank - aahhhh! Teach a man to fish and he'l.... ahh never mind... ;)
@ank - 3 character is the minimum you can use to get the notification to the other user.
its like that across the entire network - chat and comments.
@AshleyNunn i am an Indian and still love to mix and merge american/british english
I have no idea about Canadian English. My knowledge about Canada is based on South Park and the backside of maple syrup bottles …
@ash - like /colou?r/
@Lix like Behavior /behaviour
8:53 PM
yes - just like color/colour
but there's no maple syrup in there
All credit goes to american spelling suggestion in my British based writing.
@AshleyNunn @Lix what happens when two active user have same three letters used for pinging
Did both of them get ping?
I am inclined to temporarily change my user name to try this …
but I think the team "fixed" that...
there was a "tim" fiasco in the tavern on meta a while back...
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