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12:00 AM
@Scootaloo *are about semantics
@Scootaloo That's nonsense. The number of semantic arguments on the bridge is far, far higher than that.
@RedRiderX In fact, 100% of them are semantics.
I tried using my real name...I was roundly rebuked for it.
so back to my old handle
@FEichinger I knew that wasn't pedantic enough.
12:01 AM
@WorldEngineer Yes, because people who change their names are literally worse than Hitler.
@FEichinger Why you break Godwin's law?
@FEichinger Yeah, I hate when people change their names.
Can't you use Stalin or something?
@WorldEngineer Why is your username shortened?
@WorldEngineer Because I'm allowed to do that by nationality.
12:01 AM
The only one that was fine was @FAE, but that's because most people already called her FAE.
@FEichinger But you aren't German
@WorldEngineer Legally, I am.
@World It's only showing "World", and it cut off the "Engineer".
Doesn't mean I consider myself German, though.
@Scootaloo too long a handle
12:02 AM
might also be the space
@WorldEngineer It's showing fine for me. So it's the length.
@WorldEngineer Wait, how is he not German?
@WorldEngineer You have the 30 day cool down on username/handle changes too? I'm not sure if mods can override that sort of thing or not.
@Scootaloo Not a clue
I'd suspect so
12:05 AM
@FAE I'm mostly of British ancestry but German by law. For a variety of reasons I consider myself British rather than German.
@Scootaloo @WorldEngineer It works for me.
@ToxicFrog What does? the username not showing?
It might be, because of my laptop and it's smaller screen.
@Scootaloo I mean, I see his entire username.
@FEichinger Ah okay, was unaware of this. Are they reasons you're willing to share? Just randomly curious, if you'd rather not say.
@Toxic It's probably just my laptop's screen size then.
12:06 AM
I'm also constantly contemplating both an actual name change and a British citizenship, but that takes a lot of effort to get done.
@FAE I'm going to try to rotate squad members as necessary.
And if @Gnome wants a character, he knows how to reach me.
I was going to google something, but now I forget what it was.
@FEichinger Does it really bother you that much? if so then go for it.
@Wipqozn "How to turn on my WiiU and hunt monsters"
@FAE Mostly that I despise a lot about this country as well as family matters.
12:07 AM
@OrigamiRobot I'm done for the night.
Two scoots just left the bridge and one entered.
What sort of witchcraft is this?
What was I going to google?
Man, I hate when that happens.
@Wipqozn banana.
Also, I've only got four people chosen, out of a maximum of seven I can bring to missions.
I blame....hey, where's that wheel of blame?
I need to decide who to blame.
Unlike everyone else I can't just blame Wipqozn.
12:09 AM
@Wipqozn Always blame @Wipqozn ... Oh, wait.
We need to come up with a back-up blame-target.
Someone who can stand in for me when I can't take the blame.
@FEichinger Ah, gotcha.
@Wipqozn Weston.h
@FEichinger That works.
So far, I've got two scientists, and no technicians.
12:10 AM
I blame @WorldEngineer.
I still need at least one melee character.
@fbueckert @Mana.
@Mana I just pictured you as an anime character.
Well, manga character.
@Wipqozn I accept your blame but fault you as is custom.
12:18 AM
@WorldEngineer Fair enough.
@Wipqozn blames @WorldEngineer blames @Wipqozn blames @WorldEngineer ...
And for those of you who have chosen characters, keep this link handy. It's information you can use when making your choices.
@FEichinger I fault @Wipqozn who blames me...
Well, I'm going to go watch Deep Nine 9.
Later gators.
12:20 AM
Still need three more characters! And at least one melee character.
Oooh, sweeet.
Melee character currently gets a buzzsaw. Because that's what I start with for melee.
Q: Should I change the default keybindings?

Ajedi32I've been playing Dota 2 for some time now (I've played about 100 hours total, according to Steam.) One thing that I still frequently struggle with is hitting the correct keys for the items I have in my inventory. I thought about changing the keybindings for my items to 123456 (as opposed to zxcv...

I really should have brought a rover along.
Q: Let's be nice to each other

agent86As a moderator, I'm often staring at a list of the most offensive content currently available on the site. I keep seeing certain patterns emerge, and I think these patterns are potentially dangerous. At least once a day, I see a comment chain that looks like: User1: (unconstructive critici...

12:25 AM
@StrixVaria have you been writing?
@spugsley There are 2 more chapters you haven't read yet in the doc :)
How about you?
Reading nowwwwwwwww
Instead I'm trying to tow this thing around with the SPS.
It's not going well.
12:26 AM
@StrixVaria no. I had another crisis/meltdown so yeah. That usually keeps me from writing
...I just noticed that @FAE's Aftershock character has a last name of Squirrel.
How did I miss that up until now.
@fbueckert Hahaha what
I shit you not!
12:29 AM
@fbueckert That is because she is awesome!
@fbueckert I did not remember that at all.
@FAE Neither did I!
I don't think I even noticed up until now.
@spugsley Feel better soon.
@FAE :) thanks. It's just the way of my crazy anxious brain
@spugsley Yeah, I hear ya.
12:33 AM
@AshleyNunn So, do you watch Danganronpa?
@Powerlord I don't, should I?
@AshleyNunn You might like it.
adds it to her ever growing list of things to acquire and watch
@AshleyNunn It's only 13 episodes and the dubs can be watched on Funimation's site.
@Powerlord Wooooot
12:35 AM
Note that the last 3 episode haven't aired yet.
It's like a cross between 999 and Phoenix Wright, with a psychotic bear named Monokuma running the show
@StrixVaria +1 the comment that curb-stomping downvoted answers is unneeded
@Powerlord Interesting.....
psychotic stuffed bear, that is
There's a game too (and someone produced an English patch for it), but the game moves veeeery slowly.
and now that I've seen 9 episodes of the series, it's spoilers for the Phoenix Wright sections of the game.
I see
I am rewatching Babylon 5 right now, but when I am done that I will look it up perhaps :)
How do I inline an image?
12:42 AM
@ToxicFrog You use the upload button beside the chat box
Unless it is something that automatically oneboxes, like a youtube video
Aah. There is no upload button.
cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/594762131737566265/… -- attempt #1 at deploying the unified mining stack in KSP.
If you post just the link with a ! in front of it, it should work.
@AshleyNunn Images automatically one-box...
If it's a big image, will it downscale appropriately or will people with small screens be sad?
@Powerlord They do?
(Rawr keyboard)
I usually just upload by hand!
12:46 AM
@AshleyNunn Yes... the monokuma image I posted earlier is from Tumblr (apparently... I got it from Google image search)
@AshleyNunn Aye, if they end in an image file extension
@ToxicFrog it gets booted to imgur
@FAE fffffff I have been wasting my life
@AshleyNunn That's why you see some stuff 404ing when people link it, because the site in question doesn't allow hotlinking or somesuch.
That makes sense
I wondered why thatt never happened to me
12:47 AM
@AshleyNunn The more you know ~~~~*
Also, I saw a Night Vale fanart where they spelled the station cat's name with Russian letters and I realized it can be the russian word for "cats"
Well, let's try
@fbueckert Ah. That makes logical sense. I only was thinking about scout/medic since scouting tends to involve high movement speed or more distance covered per movement in turn-based games, and medics tend to need that so they can get to people need heals faster.
To be honest, I don't know what the roles are.
@Yuki General roles are fine; at the beginning, you all suck at more or less everything.
@FEichinger Sorry for changing my name then.
@fbueckert General support is what I would like to be.
12:51 AM
@Yuki As a scientist, you can't set dynamite, or repair space suits. You can handle one aspect of the support role, but the others are not available to you.
So... medic is the only support option for a Soldier/Scientist?
@Yuki @fbueckert What game is this?
1 hour ago, by fbueckert
36 mins ago, by fbueckert
UFO: Afterlight is a 2007 strategy computer game and the third in Altar's UFO series. Like its predecessors ' and ', it combines squad-level tactical combat with overlying strategic elements in a manner that's deliberately very much like the major 1994 classic '. Setting In Aftermath, the few human survivors of an alien attack were forced into a devil's deal to preserve their race and abandoned the Earth's surface to the invaders. In return, some of humanity was moved off-planet to orbital colonies and to a small Mars colony. Aftershock features the subsequent events on Earth a half-cent...
@StrixVaria Afterlight?
A: Why was this question re-closed?

DecencyThere is an obvious failure here of basic reading comprehension. The FAQ forbids speculation about unreleased games. Just because a game hasn't been released yet doesn't mean that every question about that game can only have unknowable or speculative answers. In this case, the question already h...

12:54 AM
@fbueckert is the one playing it.
@Yuki There might be others, but I don't know of them right now.
> There is an obvious failure here of basic reading comprehension.
What a complete ass.
@StrixVaria Reply: There is an obvious failure here of basic social courtesy.
@Yuki This.
32 mins ago, by StrixVaria
Q: Let's be nice to each other

agent86As a moderator, I'm often staring at a list of the most offensive content currently available on the site. I keep seeing certain patterns emerge, and I think these patterns are potentially dangerous. At least once a day, I see a comment chain that looks like: User1: (unconstructive critici...

12:57 AM
@Fluttershy Meta-humor.
Probably only funny to me.
I will make a concerted effort to be nicer to newbies and people I disagree with, but this guy doesn't deserve it.
:11068807 Pinned mine from a while ago :)
Mission accomplished :)
Just in case you didn't see this already...
cc @Fluttershy
Congrats, you won the Internets!
I did see it! And it is awesome. :3
@Fluttershy You are famous :(
1:05 AM
Q: Let's be nice to each other

agent86As a moderator, I'm often staring at a list of the most offensive content currently available on the site. I keep seeing certain patterns emerge, and I think these patterns are potentially dangerous. At least once a day, I see a comment chain that looks like: User1: (unconstructive critici...

@SepiaLazers OLD
@Yuki Oh for fracks sake.
@SepiaLazers Sticky that one too!
"Let's be nice to each other." "NO. -1. MEAN GOOD."
Apparently, this one's going to have Dinobots.
1:05 AM
@Yuki Trans4mers.
Well, if they can do Dinobot justice (which they probably won't), then I'll be satisfied.
@Yuki you mean Maximals and Predicons?
@WorldEngineer I'm assuming. The article said "Dinobots".
@StrixVaria Did you want a character?
As far as doing him justice, step one is "Hire Scott McNeill"
1:06 AM
@Fluttershy Bad. No.
@fbueckert Oh, are you naming doomed soldiers after people on the Bridge?
@StrixVaria Indeed.
Sure! Make me a meat shield.
It's only appropriate given my gravatar.
@StrixVaria I'm a medic! I'll keep you alive.
@fbueckert Can I get a hug gun agaiiiiiin
1:09 AM
2 hours ago, by fbueckert
Ok, characters uploaded. Choose your character!
@AshleyNunn NO. NONONO. Last time you got a "hug" gun, you nearly killed me and @FAE because it was an actual gun that fired bullets.
@AshleyNunn I contest this assertion!
I am quite good at hugging, thank you very much!
@FAE Well maybe he just doesnt know how to hug me :(
1:12 AM
Now I have many sads
Which one would be good with guns?
@AshleyNunn Hugging with shrapnel often doesn't go well, to be fair. <_<
@FAE Who doesn't like a bit of ouch with their hugs?
@AshleyNunn Depends on the mood one is in!
@Fluttershy You can discuss the exception to the rule here if you'd like, but it's about as obvious as it gets that the question being discussed here isn't an example of that exception. There was no necessary action on the question to begin with. — Decency 3 mins ago
And this is where I drop it because it is pointless.
1:16 AM
@FAE This is true!
I've posted an answer on @agent's Meta. Feel free to downvote into oblivion.
@StrixVaria Yeah that sums that up
Because I'm going to dance practice!
@fbueckert Enjoy!
And I should sleep, g'night all.
1:21 AM
Spiders :3
@FAE Sleep well!
@ToxicFrog Should be obliterated from the face of this earth.
@Fluttershy Are lovely and eat the moths in my room which makes them more than welcome to stay.
Spiders own.
I dont mind spiders
But like i prefer them at a distance
(Except brain spiders those need to die)
1:30 AM
@fbueckert No robots :(
@StrixVaria cc @spugsley
Can I change my name back.
@MichaelDunfield gotta wait 30 days
I could change it for you...but why should I? You made your choice.
@MichaelDunfield What did you do?
1:32 AM
@WorldEngineer My choice was dumb
I don't want to use my real name any more.
@MichaelDunfield why did you change?
@AshleyNunn Because I wanted to start being an adult.
@MichaelDunfield and you rescind that decision?
1:34 AM
@AshleyNunn No, but I want my old name back.
@MichaelDunfield First rule of name changing: Don't make it stick across all sites.
I hate my real name.
@Fluttershy vwerb4etrbnxgf
@MichaelDunfield Part of being an adult is learning to live with your decisions.
@WorldEngineer Bah
I wish someone could grate all my zucchini so I could do the fun baking part
1:39 AM
@AshleyNunn I could do it! Grating's fun.
@WorldEngineer The worst part.
A vegan is twelve times more likely to become a cannibal than the average omnivore #fakefact
@StrixVaria Luckily not the only part.
@Yuki My hands start to cramp :(
I would pay you in tasty zucchini bread
I hate how every human being calls it "zucchini" but then in the grocery store it's "green squash".
It took me a half hour to find the first time.
@AshleyNunn It's all about grip. Don't hold the zucchini too tightly, the grater should be sharp/abrasive enough to grate it even with a gentle drag/pull.
@StrixVaria what is wrong with your grocery stores
What grocery store is that? Mine says zucchini.
@Yuki I have nerve issues and stuff that make it harder, but I also suspect my dollar store grater isnt really up to the job
nintendo1ds.com <-- I lolled
1:49 AM
@Powerlord haha nice
This Week In Trolling:
Q: At what point will we have to close Christianity.StackExchange.com for being too localized?

Evan CarrollFellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I have a deep concern in the future of our beloved Christianity.SE. As many of you know, Christianity has been losing steadily to reason and logic, and even to some degree those who identify with it: we call them apostates, but they prefer the term atheists....

@Brant Evan Carroll
@Brant Was waiting for him to stir shit somewhere again
@Powerlord the cones are the new hardhats
1:52 AM
Is "religiosity" a word?
@Yuki yes
it is the state of having religion
or not having it
Q: can you capture an enemy settler before they settle the capital city?

CrubleighCould you take out a civilization before it starts by killing its starting settlers and warriors? On a duel map, could you do this and win without founding your capital either?

I just get the feeling that a lot of people just append "-osity" to something to make it a noun and call it a day.
1:53 AM
@yuki given that Religiosity is used in academic publications, it has a little more weight
Why don't they just say "religious belief" or "faith"?
Heck, "spirituality" works too.
Wait, non-Christians aren't allowed on Christianity.SE?
@fbueckert I'm assuming your mention of me in meta is about the piracy question I reposted, but if not, you'll need to elaborate.
@Yuki ...what?
No I don't think that's right
A: At what point will we have to close Christianity.StackExchange.com for being too localized?

wax eagleOk, I'm going to start at the beginning. This is perhaps the most disingenuous opening I've ever seen. You are not (and don't claim to be) a follower of Christ, so addressing us as fellow brothers and sisters is inane at best, and offensive at worst. Heck you are a primary organizer of a group...

1:55 AM
Playing Sonic 2 again after falling to yet another Steam ploy.
Get to a jump that I remember. "If you miss this, you pretty much die." I think to myself, "I'm not 8 any more. I won't miss this jump." Miss the jump.
"The only restriction is that they must claim to be Christian..."
@StrixVaria Steam ploy?
1:56 AM
@yuki he's a troll ignore him
@MichaelDunfield Selling a lot of games I'll never play for what looks like a good deal.
@Yuki I dont think that is a) a concrete rule or b) enforceable
@StrixVaria You can sell games on Steam?
@MichaelDunfield Steam can...
C.SE is a secular site
1:56 AM
@WorldEngineer That's one of the mods for Christianity.SE...
always has been, always will be
@StrixVaria Steam can what?
@MichaelDunfield Sell games.
@StrixVaria On your behalf?
@MichaelDunfield Are you being intentionally thick?
1:57 AM
@Yuki "Christianity - Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more. "
OH you mean Steam selling games that you will never play TO YOU for what seems to be a good deal
@Yuki was referring to Evan Carroll
Wax Eagle is a good guy
I thought you meant you sold some games for money to buy something you thought was a good deal
@MichaelDunfield :P
1:58 AM
@StrixVaria No, sorry.
@StrixVaria Did you buy the Sonic Hits set, then?
@Powerlord Yeah.
One of these days, I'll figure out how to get Steam to give me a commission for every game of theirs I convince someone to buy.
@Powerlord Use Gamersgate.
Pretty much every other online retailer does that but Steam because Steam is terrible and horrible.
@GnomieBear You change your gravatar back this instant, young man!
2:07 AM
@OrigamiRobot I don't think that's a rule.
What is it with you and rules?
I was trying to say 'don't tell me what to do' without sounding like a child.
That's more childish.
So I just redeemed Game Dev Tycoon for Steam.
And it's not appearing in my library.
@OrigamiRobot Sorry
2:18 AM
Yuki/Yawus: Literally worse than Hitler since August 2013.
@Yuki Oh, you are Yawus?
@MichaelDunfield Yep. I changed my name since you can't change your name in MH3U.
And I'm pretty sure it was confusing the other dudes.
Probably going to change my name again when MH4 comes out.
@Yuki Hah
2:24 AM
@Powerlord oh my god the solution to the first mystery was lame as hell.
I really hope it gets better than this.
Ok, that's enough KSP for the night.
I really wish there was an easy way to see how many RocketParts a given design will cost to make.
Rawr, I feel bad when I cant do a battle in Dream Team even on easy mode
I kind of want to play something else before bed but I'm not sure what.
I might give up and read something instead
@ToxicFrog A Reckless Disregard For Gravity aka the "Ashley goes nope game"
2:39 AM
@ToxicFrog This is me.
@WorldEngineer nope
@WorldEngineer AaaaA is pretty awesome but I'm in bed with the laptop right now and there's no way it'll run on that
@ToxicFrog I can run it on my 2007 macbook
granted I crank it all the way down but still
2:43 AM
@WorldEngineer this thing has beastly ram and cpu, but no video card worth speaking of
I have a GMA 950
it runs fine
Bah, reader is dead :( First time I have had to charge in like.....a month and a half, though
finding games that run on this thing is like finding Gold
2:44 AM
@AshleyNunn Long live @AshleyNunn's reader
@OrigamiRobot Hey at least this one isnt like killed or suicided yet
It still works, just have to charge it
@WorldEngineer Short moment of elation followed by the crippling realization that your find is near worthless considering the current falling price of gold and the fact that gold has little to no utilitarian value?
but I am between books! I dont know what to read!
@AshleyNunn Hey, I know a thing.
Not to mention that the concentration of pure gold the in the ore that you found is most likely very small?
2:46 AM
@Yuki Gold is wildly useful in electronics
@StrixVaria I could convert that to epub! I never thought of that!
@AshleyNunn read one of the many things I have recommended you :P
Becuase that is really why I am not ffar into it
Reading off a computer screen sucks.
@WorldEngineer True, its use as a conductor is very valuable.
2:47 AM
@AshleyNunn like The Big Con, which I happen to know is sitting on your kitchen table
it's also good for certain medical things
@ToxicFrog Awww crap, that was supposed to go back to you! I read it camping! It was amazing!
@AshleyNunn oh! Awesome! Yay!
@WorldEngineer this has some kind of CPU-integrated GPU whatsit and it's roundly terrible.
Also, I'd have to get it running in wine.
@ToxicFrog roundly terrible is putting it politely. Aggressively lousy is better.
@StrixVaria Do you mind if I make it into a epub? I will still leave you comments and stuff places!
2:49 AM
@AshleyNunn As long as you don't distribute it.
@StrixVaria Nope, it just makes it hellaciously better for me to read
Then go for it!
@StrixVaria Kickass. :D Thanks.
Now to figure out how.
The story of VLC media player
In the meantime, I am torn between the Rithmatist and the Ocean at the End of the Lane
.....although now I am paging through the stuff on my reader and I want to read it all at once
2:53 AM
@AshleyNunn Choose the Rithmatist because I like the title better.
@StrixVaria It's Brandon Sanderson's YA novel, I have heard good things
@MichaelDunfield "Oh s---, it's a .aif file!"
Even better!
@Yuki "That's an obscure ass file type!"
@StrixVaria I thought you might think so!
2:55 AM
@MichaelDunfield "Don't look at me, I don't have the codecs for that s---."
Now I want to make my avatar the cone
I hate VLC player.
Although the MAC version is surprisingly useful for browsing large groups of things like sound effects.
@MichaelDunfield banned
@OrigamiRobot Oh, you unignored me again?
Pretending to ignore you got boring.
Pretending? :/

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