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5:08 AM
Attention all: I will be attending my grandmother's funeral this Monday and therefore will probably not get the weekly "log" out. As of right now let's just shoot for three post next week. The Qotw, and two others. I'll be back on to see which ones are ready. Also if I've hurt anybody's feelings this week I want to publicy apologize for so doing (@mark @bloodphilia) it was not intentional. Have a great end of the weekend and next week.
5:44 AM
@KronoS I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother... our condolences from us here at SU...
13 hours later…
6:27 PM
@KronoS sorry to hear about that.
I have a post for Monday, and should have another one coming up for probably productive thursday.
So if we can get a couple others up, that would be good.
2 hours later…
8:34 PM
@KronoS It's okay mate! And I'm really sorry to hear about your grandmother!
9:05 PM
I've got an exam on Wednesday and on Friday so don't expect a productive post from me, anybody else is however free to write one...
Q: Top Question of the Week #19

nhinkleNow we're into post 19 of the "Top Question" of Super User in the Super User blog. Please post and vote for your favorite question for this week. Please post any question that you feel is of worth and the reason why. Try not to promote your own questions or answers for publicity sake. We are l...

if someone wants to write one now, I would suggest
Q: Is it possible to run windows without GUI?

BeyondSoraI'm just wondering if it is possible to run windows without its GUI like linux with just the virtual terminal (tty) The reason behind this is that my windows 7 box often freezes whenever some random application hangs up, such as firefox(ya even firefox, chrome doesn't do that), msn, microsoft of...

or the slightly less famous but still interesting
Q: Why do disks fragment?

Simon SheehanAs a part of regular Windows maintenance, I defragment my hard drive. But why does the hard drive fragment on NTFS and FAT* systems? Apparantly ext* does not, why is this? Should I also be defragmenting my USB drives?

As for WTF Friday it might be interesting to cover
Q: Purpose of a 'mystery key' on IBM PC 3270 keyboard

CowanA colleague has just come into possession of a large number of IBM PC 3270 keyboards (don't ask!). It has a number of very interesting looking keys, but the one that most intrigued us is the one at the bottom right of the block illustrated here: In the absence of knowing its purpose, we've nic...

For the productive thursday it might be interesting to cover
Q: What are some tweaks to Windows 7 that can be done for a HTPC?

KronoSI've built a HTPC and would like to optimize Windows 7 to dedicate as much of the resources to Media playback through the HTPC. I'll be using XBMC and Media Center (testing them out, and making a selection later). I'll also be playing full HD content. What are some tweaks to Windows 7 itself t...

9:20 PM
Perhaps an interesting post inviting users to send something in and covering it by a follow up post might be nice for once...

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