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5:09 AM
Q: Why does the catcher decide what sort pitch the pitcher has to throw?

kartshanI have been reading few baseball related comics and, in all the comics what I have observed is that,the catchers always signal what the pitcher has to throw. It is as if the catchers are the brain behind the variations in the pitches thrown at the batter. Is it always the case or can a pitcher ...

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7:22 AM
Q: When a tennis player comes out of retirement, what happens to their points & ranking

KharoBangdoIn the game of tennis, in ATP & WTA tournaments & Grand Slams, the player's points & rankings play a very important role in the qualification & seeding for the tournaments. When a players retires from professional tennis, he/she is obviously removed from the rankings. But if the players comes...

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10:59 AM
Q: How counter-productive would having two coaches be?

SteMy golf game is coming along nicely, largely in part to having a great coach but I have the problem that, currently, I am working 300 miles from home so I can't book in any lessons. There are, however, a lot of golf facilities near where I work so I am thankfully still able to get plenty of prac...

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4:31 PM
@waxeagle You here?
@Gugg yep, what can I do yah for?
About signals... Are pickoffs to first pre-signalled?
I only remember my own team signalling pickoffs to second, but maybe that wasn't standard either.
To clarify: pickoff by the pitcher (not the catcher)
@Gugg depends really. Pick offs to second are harder because they are behind the pitchers back
but throwing to first can be the pitcher's decision, the catcher's call or even ordered from the dugout
the firstbaseman generally doesn't know when it's coming though
he's alreayd in a position to receive it and it will be a straight throw (hopefully). So there isn't much need for him to be aware it's coming
4:42 PM
And towards second base? Does the pitcher indeed lift his pinkie or wiggle his right ear?
5:37 PM
Q: How is lucky loser in tennis tournament determined?

MartinHow is lucky loser in a tennis tournament determined? Is it the player with the highest ranking, who lost in the final round of the qualifying? Is he determined by draw amongst losing finalists in qualifying round? Or some other method? Do the rules for this differ between various tournaments?

@Gugg not likely. tbh the second baseman/ss moves towards the bag and the pitcher decides to throw or not
I believe votes are being fixed.... i.stack.imgur.com/2CfGA.jpg
nah, people are just over ESPN's Jetrimony
@edmastermind29 Why is this US-only?
@waxeagle lol
5:47 PM
@Gugg it is? i'm not aware. there are "international" votes counted also.
@edmastermind29 now that Tebow is gone and in the media black hole that is NE, they're thrashing around to find the next big story and they've naturally turned to their old standby...Los Jets
Tebow to the Jets was their favorite thing evar
@edmastermind29 That's a picture/map with Alaska in a weird spot of the US. So, the things to vote for are US?
@Gugg The caption states "International Poll Results." If you are asking if both plays are US-based, then the answer is "yes.
@Gugg that's a normal location for an all 50 state map. Alaska is ridiculously small in all of those
5:51 PM
@waxeagle Certainly. Or the Dallas Cowboys.
@edmastermind29 yep
Either team is always good for a story, that's for sure
@waxeagle I just find it funny that the state of Ohio is taking it upon themselves to try to get the 38-time worst of the worst champions off their "throne"
@waxeagle except the Cowboys have some talent.
@edmastermind29 true story
@edmastermind29 I hadn't realize it was just Ohio. I was realy hoping it was the entire nation
@waxeagle they did miss the playoffs last year by a finger (i know a multitude of other reasons, but still...)
5:54 PM
@waxeagle hence, my comment about vote fixing...because the rest of the nation and international votes still overwhelmingly choose the buttfumble
@edmastermind29 makes more sense now
@edmastermind29 yeah, I'd have to guess they have a good shot this year if things go their way in their division. NYG are hit or miss, Philly and Washington are both unpredictable and potentially unstable.
@waxeagle yup. that's probably the most unpredictable division to determine right now...
and Garrett's definitely in a make or break year (that's every year though)
I think to some degree it's a make or break year for Romo too. He's got plenty of tools, he's got to use them.
and a giant new contract
Apologies for interrupting. What, roughly, has been the age of the oldest MLB player in recent history (say, since the 80's)?
40, 45, 50?
Found it...
Below is the List of oldest Major League Baseball (MLB) players, with their last season in parentheses. Only baseball players who played at least one game when they were older than 45 are included on the list. Active are players in bold type. Oldest players in the regular season Pitchers * 59 - Satchel Paige (1965) * 50 - Jack Quinn (1933) * 49 - Hoyt Wilhelm (1972) * 49 - Jamie Moyer (2012) * 48 - Phil Niekro (1987) * 48 - Nick Altrock (1924) * 46 - Nolan Ryan (1993) * 46 - Jesse Orosco (2003) * 46 - Charlie Hough (1994) * 46 - Tommy John (1989) * 46 - Hod Lisenbee (1945) * 46 - Randy...
6:16 PM
@waxeagle Garrett isn't much of a head coach, hate to admit it.
@waxeagle a bit premature imo
@Gugg i was going to say Jamie Moyer....
6:33 PM
@edmastermind29 yeah he's the most recently active old dude, looks like he finally retired. What he did he could have kept doing for a while, but getting hurt like that....

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